Season 5 Episode 14

I See Dead People

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 10, 2006 on ABC

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  • Here is another amazing episode changing the story line as they go on...

    Ok. The episode titled, "I See Dead People." Wasn't as amazing as previous episodes were, but for certain reasons, I loved it just as much. First of all, we all must take a moment to say goodbye to Renee. She was a good friend of APO's and it will never be the same without her, OK, now that that is over with....SLOANE IS SEEING NADIA'S GHOST that is a bit more creepy then the firt time he saw weird things when it concered the death of Emily the first time she died after he poisened her. Pretty creepy, BUT, I did like the little bit about the note he slipped Sark on the way out of the church at the end... SARKS BACK, I mean, he was for one episode, but you never know if he'll ever show up again...he did, and I believe he will play a pivitol role in the season finale.
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