Season 5 Episode 14

I See Dead People

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 10, 2006 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Once again, if you remove a full ammunition cartridge from a gun and hand it to someone, the weight will give away that the gun is empty.

    • In the scene when the fake Sydney extracts the second half of the computer chip from Vaughn's chest in Nepal, we see Sydney digging around with tongs under his skin, find the chip, and slowly draw it from the wound to show the audience. We then see blood across the top of the chip but none on the bottom when Sydney turns it over and none on the tongs themselves.
      Also, Vaughn claimed not to know the chip was in his body for the last 30+ years. With as many times as we've seen him injured and hospitalized over the course of the show, how would repeated body scans, MRI's, x-rays, etc. miss a foreign object planted so close to the skin's surface in such an accessible part of the body?

    • In this episode, Sloane asks Peyton to retrieve a book from Geneva.
      However, when Peyton arrives in the city to fetch the book, the caption and city shot shows Zurich.

  • Quotes

    • Sydney: (placing a flower over Nadia's casket) How could I have trusted him again? After everything?
      Dixon: You thought he had changed.
      Sydney: Nadia didn't… I convinced her he deserved a second chance… I showed him compassion… I won't make that mistake again.

    • Sloane: (to Peyton) You think I'm having a conscience crisis because I killed Nadia? Let me be clear… no one will stand between me and the fulfillment of Rambaldi's ultimate vision… no one.

    • (Sloane's haunted by a vision of Nadia)
      Sloane: What do you want from me Nadia?
      Nadia: I don't want anything.
      Sloane: Why don't you understand Nadia? ...Every sacrifice I've ever made has been for the greater good.
      Nadia: Yet every sacrifice you've ever made, has come at the cost of someone else's expense. (touching the wound on her neck) Or have you forgotten?
      Sloane: Oh no, I haven't forgotten, you are always on my mind… the irony is, for all those years I was worried for your well being, and now I realize, in the end I had no choice.
      Nadia: (laughing) You still believe that don't you? That your actions are controlled by fate... that you were chosen, why dad? You must have asked yourself why would Rambaldi choose you, you're not a man of honor, you're not particularly courageous, you're charitable but only when it serves your own interests, and last but not least, you murder the people you claim to love.

    • (Anna posing as Sydney reveals herself to Vaughn)
      Vaughn: Who are you?
      Anna: It's a pity you'll never know.
      (she pulls the trigger, but only a click comes out, Vaughn dangles the clip in front of her)
      Vaughn: Sydney and I never went to Cartagena. (after a short struggle Vaughn subdues Anna) And just for the record, you're a terrible kisser.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: September 16, 2007 on Channel 7
      The Middle East: October 6, 2008 on MBC Action
      Slovakia: April 15, 2010 on Markiza

    • In the first shot of the baby on top of the washing machine, you can hear a baby crying, but you can clearly see the baby is happy and smiling, not crying. On the second shot however, the baby is crying.

  • Allusions

    • Title: I See Dead People
      This alludes to the movie, The Sixth Sense where a boy sees dead people as if they were living. He utters the famous phrase to the character played by Bruce Willis.