Season 4 Episode 19

In Dreams...

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 11, 2005 on ABC



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  • Quotes

    • (Arvin Clone's in custody at APO)
      Arvin Clone: To think you could call this actor (looking at Sloane), this clown, Arvin Sloane and make me doubt my own identity.
      Jack: Tell me how do you account for the fact that in the recent past this man created and ran an international relief agency called Omnifam, the world knows his face as Arvin Sloane.
      Arvin Clone: He's a CIA stooge with my good looks and I can prove it, the affair in Santiago, I noticed that both Marcus Dixon and Sydney Bristow, were in on that mission, it begs reason to believe the same two Agents would ever work for the man… who killed their loved ones.

    • Sloane: (about Arvin Clone's actions assuming his identity) I'm going to rectify this Jack… I will clean up this mess, that I have made.
      Jack: I'd like to believe that Arvin.
      Sloane: But you can't.
      Jack: I've heard it before.
      Sloane: I know… well all I can tell you Jack is I'm trying, and every day is a struggle… every day.

    • Sydney: I saw it on your face. You knew. You knew what he did and you ignored it. I want to know why.
      Jack: Sydney-
      Sydney: He's sick, dad, can't you see that?
      Jack: He was at the height of his obsession with Rambaldi, but he abandoned his scheme.
      Sydney: You still trust him.
      Jack: I trust that when he laid the seeds for this crisis, he thought he was doing something good, that he didn't see this as a trigger for global genocide.
      Sydney: So he's simply a delusional megalomaniac with benign intentions?

  • Notes

    • Greg Grunberg does not appear in this episode.

    • Jennifer Garner directed this episode when other directors were unable to direct; she has said she does not intend to pursure a directorial career.

    • When Arvin Clone states that some of Rambaldi's inventions and plans were follies, it's most likely a jab at the Rambaldi clone plotline that dominated season 3. JJ Abrams has been openly critical of the writing of season 3.

    • As of this episode, this is Jennifer Garner's directorial debut.

    • This episode averaged 10.14 million viewers.

  • Allusions

    • When the APO team captures "Arvin Clone", Jack interrogates him, Arvin Clone, mocks Jack's methods since he says, Jack himself trained him to withstand torture, like the one he faced with "McKennas Cole's needles of fire". Arvin Clone's alluding episode "The Box 2" when McKennas Cole breaks into SD-6 to recover a Rambaldi artifact.

    • When Nadia is coaxing Sloan back to reality, she says "Be Brave". If you can remember, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawn tells this to Buffy as she coaxes her to realize she must come to terms with reality that she isn't in heaven anymore.