Season 3 Episode 21


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 02, 2004 on ABC

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  • I kind of like working for the good guys

    Marshall (to Toni): be honest with you, I kind of like working for the good guys. No

    Hmmm... and the "good guys" would be the CIA?

    Alias is an immensely enjoyable TV series. But it's fiction. We watch it. We have fun. But we never forget that it bears no resemblance whatsoever to reality.

    We know that how?

    Because the CIA is depicted as the "good

    Note to Vaugh: It's a lot easier to use the riflescope if you open the front lens cap as well as the rear.
  • Dr.Zhang Lee:"I said no disturbances..." Sydney:"I'm sure you can make an exception for an old friend."

    Dr.Zhang Lee:"I said no disturbances..."
    Sydney:"I'm sure you can make an exception for an old friend."

    I liked this episode.I really did.It was action-packed,it had lots of character development,some really cool special effects and I have to admit that I was touched by Maestro's performance.Plus,they brought back some old faces for a change,which was something refreshing and enjoyable.And Lauren,whipping out the rocket launcher from that car,managed to surprise me again..but this time in a good way.

    The main plot of the episode revolved around Sloane and Nadia.I'm glad Sloane spared his daughter's life.Although I prefer him bad,I think it's a good thing that the writers didn't turn him into a complete monster.Yeah,Sloane is much more fun when he kills hundreads of people,betrays those closest to him and manipulates everything and everyone in order to get his hands on a Rambaldi artefact,but it is these moments of humanity that provide so much depth to his character and make him one of the few likeable villains on TV.

    And while Sloane amazed me with this sudden act of compassion,it seems that Vaughn is becoming a whole different person because he is possesed by his hatred towards Lauren.I didn't expect in the slightest to see him do what he did to Suit and Glasses.Do I like this new Vaughn?I really don't know.Certainly,this is not the Vaughn we have come to know and be fond of.On the other hand though,it would be interesting to see what this new dark side of his will impel him to do.The episode ends with him holding a sniper rifle,determined to kill Lauren.And I think he means business.

    Another big part of the episode focused on Nadia's backround.We learnt that her last name is Santos,she never had a family until now,and that she grew up in an orphanage.When she was still a child,the Rambaldi followers subjected her to torture by injecting her with the green elixir.Now,she's been treated as a lab rat by her own father.And after that,how can't you love her or at least sympathise with her?Everyone on this show is living his own personal hell,but perhaps the most dramatic character of all-after Syd-is Nadia.And although at first I was taken aback by her telling Syd that Sloane protected her,I understood her when I thought about it for a while.Nadia never met a father,so this is why she forgave Sloane.Because she has a deep desire to get to know him better.I would be glad to see some father and daughter moments between the two of them next season.

    My favourite scenes here were the ones where an entranced Nadia was drawing on those pieces of paper and the ones where Sloane was trying to piece together that giant symbol on the wall.I found it mind-blowing and creepy at the same time.Was that symbol the eye of Rambaldi?cause it looked a lot like it.The equation that it depicted is Sloane's endgame and the key to Rambaldi's mystery,according to Syd.Suit and Glasses said it leads to Rambaldi himself.Well...i'm looking forward to seeing what will happen next.

    As I said before,I really enjoyed watching this episode.So,what is keeping me from giving it a ten?The reason for this is that the writers took almost everything we've come to know about Irina's past and threw it into a complete disorder.And so I felt cheated.Plus,the fact that Katya decided to become a spy only because she wanted to find her niece,seemed a bit silly to me.Generally though,this was a very good episode.



    --I just loved Syd's third encounter with Suit and Glasses(his name,by the way,is Dr.Zhang Lee as we learn here)."Hey,you remember me?Red hair?You liked my teeth."

    --The sexy,mysterious,charming Katya has returned.The scenes between her and Jack were,once again,priceless.Katya is a lot of fun.I still prefer Irina,though.

    --Everyone in this show is such a bad shooter.So bad that it makes me go mad.First,the two guards who were protecting Sloane,started firing at Syd while she was bending behind Nadia's table and no bullet managed to hit her.How laughable is that?And then,Vaughn has Sark and Lauren in front of him(literally) and he misses them!!At least now he has a sniper rifle,so missing Lauren would be unacceptable.

    --This episode's language skills:Spanish from Syd.

    --This episode's locations:Novgorod and St.Petersburg,Russia;Kyoto,Japan;and beautiful shots from Cienfuegos,Cuba(supposedly)

    --This episode's sexy desguise:Syd was absolutely hot in her bikini.

    Notable Quotes:

    Katya:"I find you sexy,Jack.Deal with it."

    Sloane:"You're gonna be okay,I promise.."
    Nadia:"No,I won't.I guess the angel isn't coming."

    Toni:"I want you.."
    Marshall:"Come again?!"
    Toni:" work with me."

    Hope the season finale will live up to my expectations.

  • Review

    It was a decent episode, but nothing I found amazing in the episode before the finale. The mission at the end of securing Nadia and rescuing her from Arvin was the only real highlight of the episode. A lot of the "drama" scenes weren't as good as Alias has made them out to be this season. Vaughn has become overcome with revenge and hatred, which is very odd coming from his character. I dont look at him and see most of the things that Im seeing, which makes me think the writers are trying to reach Sydney and Vaughn getting back together into well into season four, not anytime this season.

    The finale is the next episode and I wonder where they will go from here. Arvin has escaped and Sark and LAuren have as well. I almost think they need to have some closure with Lauren and Vaughn, just to stop his character from going crazy. Kind of dissapointed the finale isnt written by JJ Abrams, but hopefully it will not dissapoint and live up to its precedders "Almost Thirty Years" and "The Telling"
  • Just when you think that some things are going to get right, you only find out that no one has changed. Sloane is still the same old betrayer, Lauren and Sark never rest, and help comes when it is most unexpected.

    Well the Passenger was found. Nadia. Sydney's sister. But now she's missing again, Because Sloane, her father, is more dedicated to Rambaldi's legacy, then to his daughter, his own flesh and blood. He told the Covenant where Nadia is, in order for himself to get away, taking Nadia with him, to an unknown place. Sloane proves that although he made everyone think he has changed, he is still the same old betrayer. He prefers a prophecy 500 years old, over the life of his own daughter, which he was looking for for years.
    Lauren. We got used to know where her loyalties lay. But she's got one step too far, when she made fool of Vaughn, faking her love for him, in order to find the location of the Passenger. Vaughn is now angrier than ever. He wants revenge.
    But when it seems that everything's dark and nothing's good can happen, reality reveals otherwise. While Sydney and Vaughn got to Chechnya to find out where Sloane is, they were caught. Out of nowhere came Colonel Katya Derevko, Sydney's aunt, and got them out of there. She flew with them to USA, after almost blowing her cover. There, she helped Jack Bristow to find traces of Sloane.
    Another source of unexpected assistance was Toni Cummings, the imprisoned security systems' builder. She even took active role in the release of Nadia, knowing that helping opening a system designed after her ideas will get her out of prison.
    So Nadia now is a free person. But Sloane, and the Covenant, are still after her. It is her the only person who would transfer Rambaldi's Endgame. But since Sloane haven't reached the end of the action, seeing that it'll cause Nadia's death, the endgame's location is not fully discovered. Sloane is missing, because of Vaughn's will to revenge. But now the waypoint is getting to Rambaldi's endgame before the Covenant do.
    To conclude, it is a very revealing episode. It shows us that some people can never change and can never be trusted, while help can be found in the last place you'd expect.
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