Season 3 Episode 21


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 02, 2004 on ABC

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  • Just when you think that some things are going to get right, you only find out that no one has changed. Sloane is still the same old betrayer, Lauren and Sark never rest, and help comes when it is most unexpected.

    Well the Passenger was found. Nadia. Sydney's sister. But now she's missing again, Because Sloane, her father, is more dedicated to Rambaldi's legacy, then to his daughter, his own flesh and blood. He told the Covenant where Nadia is, in order for himself to get away, taking Nadia with him, to an unknown place. Sloane proves that although he made everyone think he has changed, he is still the same old betrayer. He prefers a prophecy 500 years old, over the life of his own daughter, which he was looking for for years.
    Lauren. We got used to know where her loyalties lay. But she's got one step too far, when she made fool of Vaughn, faking her love for him, in order to find the location of the Passenger. Vaughn is now angrier than ever. He wants revenge.
    But when it seems that everything's dark and nothing's good can happen, reality reveals otherwise. While Sydney and Vaughn got to Chechnya to find out where Sloane is, they were caught. Out of nowhere came Colonel Katya Derevko, Sydney's aunt, and got them out of there. She flew with them to USA, after almost blowing her cover. There, she helped Jack Bristow to find traces of Sloane.
    Another source of unexpected assistance was Toni Cummings, the imprisoned security systems' builder. She even took active role in the release of Nadia, knowing that helping opening a system designed after her ideas will get her out of prison.
    So Nadia now is a free person. But Sloane, and the Covenant, are still after her. It is her the only person who would transfer Rambaldi's Endgame. But since Sloane haven't reached the end of the action, seeing that it'll cause Nadia's death, the endgame's location is not fully discovered. Sloane is missing, because of Vaughn's will to revenge. But now the waypoint is getting to Rambaldi's endgame before the Covenant do.
    To conclude, it is a very revealing episode. It shows us that some people can never change and can never be trusted, while help can be found in the last place you'd expect.