Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2002 on ABC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Sydney struggling to climb a huge rock face. She reaches the top and looks out over a beautiful landscape. She radios the FBI to prove that the Rambaldi prophecy cannot be about her because it stated that she would never have seen the beauty of this mountain.

Later, back in Los Angeles, Sydney thanks her father for helping her prove her innocence. He tells her that the FBI is now searching for her mother, whom they once thought was dead. Jack had broken into a classified file about Laura Bristow and discovered that a team of people, including Sloane, had discovered evidence that she had not died in the car accident so many years ago, but chose not to tell him.

Sydney asks for Vaughn's help in getting as much information as she can about her mother, but he tells her that he regretfully does not have the authorization to get the files and help her. So Sydney goes to visit Sloane at his house and requests time off from active duty so she can start her search.

We go to Francie and Will, who are arguing about whether or not to put chocolate chips in the pancakes. Before Sydney leaves the house, she asks Will if she and Francie can go to his awards dinner and Will adamantly refuses.

At SD-6, Sloane briefs Sydney on a mission to retrieve a microchip detailing what Khasinau is going to spend $250 million on. She is going to meet with the agent working undercover. Marshall interrupts the meeting when he walks in with a hives reaction from a dermal pigmentation capsule he has been working on. Sydney confronts Sloane in his office. She is angry with him for putting her on active duty when she took off time to look for her mother. He explains that Khasinau was her mother's superior and this mission might give her a place to start. Sydney informs Jack that she asked for Sloane's help, and he is very worried.

We go to a masquerade ball, where Sydney and Dixon enter in disguise and begin to dance. Meanwhile, Jack goes to Sloane and tells him he is upset that he would agree to help Sydney, Sloane basically says he doesn't care. At the ball, a man cuts in and tells Sydney that the agent that was supposed to give her the microchip is dead, he is the second agent. They leave the room to find the chip and recognize each other after taking off their masks. After taking out a couple of guards, they escape to a storage room and find the dead agent's body. The second agent cuts into the stomach and manages to pull out the microchip. Dixon is attacked by guards and finds his car wheels deflated. Sydney and the man run outside as Dixon pulls up with a horse and buggy. Back on the plane, the man is called Noah as Dixon warns Sydney to be careful after what happened 5 years ago.

In Los Angeles, Sloane is upset with Sydney for extracting Noah, Noah claims he would have been killed if she didn't. Sloane sends Noah to McCullough for debriefing, and then he tells Sydney that he has done her a favor and one day he will expect her to return it. McCullogh interrogates Agent Noah Hicks, asking him if he has had any romantic relations with anyone. Noah refuses to answer.

Sydney meets with Vaughn, who shows curiosity and a little bit of jealousy when she talks about her history with Noah. Then he asks if she has seen her father, whom they haven't talked to in a while. Sydney finds Jack in a bar. She suggests that he talk to a counselor, but when he refuses, she says that Devlin had made it an order. Sydney meets with Noah to help him study the microchip. Francie and Will, on their way to a basketball game, find a return ticket from Italy in Sydney's coat pocket.

At SD-6, Sloane briefs Noah and Sydney on their next mission. With the $250 million, Khasinau has bought two high-tech computers that will help him find Rambaldi artifacts. Noah and Sydney are to go to Arkhangelsk and destroy the core of these computers.

Jack meets with a CSI counselor, and admits that he is upset with Sydney for searching for her mother after she betrayed them so many years ago. The counselor says that she doesn't believe a word he said and she orders weekly meetings. Sydney and Noah are captured by Khasinau's guards, but using Marshall's invention they escape to where the core is. They get it and are about to go when Sydney is knocked down by a robot arm and passes out because of the extreme cold. Noah rescues her with CPR and they escape with the core.

Francie and Will contemplate why Sydney wouldn't tell them about a trip to Italy.

Sydney and Noah go to an SD-6 safehouse, where they call for extraction in 6 hours. They have a conversation about their old relationship, then begin to kiss…
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