Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2002 on ABC

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  • Syd returns to the States after proving she's not the subject of the Rambaldi prophecy,only to learn that the CIA is looking for her mother.The connection has been made that Khasinau,the man behind Sark and Cole's actions,was Laura's superior at the KGB.

    Sloane"You should know by now that my interest is in protecting Sydney.It's always been my pleasure to fill in for you when you were indisposed."

    The mom plot grows over and over.We learned that Khasinau,the man behind Sark and Cole's actions,was Laura Bristow's superior at the KGB.Syd is determined to find her mother which that damaged a little bit the relationship between her and her father whom we find drunk in a bar.Jack showed another aspect of his character-more sensitive-which means that he hasn't got over Laura yet.He must have loved her very much.It was touching to see a tough man like Jack so crushed.

    In this episode we had the introduction of a new character Noah Hicks.He was Syd's boyfriend five years ago.We learn that he left without leaving any sign,but the truth is that he tried to inform Syd by sending her a message that she was supposed to receive from her junk email.Ironically,she had set up her computer to throw out junk emails.

    From the time Noah took off his mask i took a dislike to him.Noah is really really ungly and i wonder how a beautiful woman like Syd could fall in love with a guy like him.However,i have to admit that Noah is a clever person with lots of humour and he must have guts to kid McCullough.

    I want to say that i really liked all the "rubberneck" style of Sydney on her mission to Arkhangesk with Noah("We're Americans,we're Americans!","Is there any chance to conduct the american embassy?")


    -In the information that Syd was looking for the name Irina Derevko appeared.

    -When Syd retrieves the "slightly chilled" data core,she falls and the glass in her helmet starts to crack.Few seconds later,Noah carries her out to safety,but now there are no cracks in the glass anymore.

    -Despite the fact that she had pulled off her engagement ring,i thought Syd hadn't got over Danny.

    -Syd will have some explaining to do to Will and Francie when she returns home.

    A very exciting episode!!!
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