Season 5 Episode 11

Maternal Instinct

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2006 on ABC

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  • Bristow Family Values... Revisited

    Jack: Here (hands Sydney a gun) Cover your mother, I'll take care of Peyton and her men be right back, what ever happens keep that pointed at your mother, if she even blinks-

    Sydney: I'll shoot her.

    Bristow Family Values, revisited.

    But hey, never a dull moment.
  • Overall, this episode had the benefit of bringing back a beloved character, but there were a number of plot elements that didn’t seem to fit the previously established continuity. Such issues have arisen before; the writers may be trying too hard to shoc

    It’s quite likely that this episode was the result of changes to the season arc following the betrayal of the ABC network, reducing the episode order for the final season. There was a great deal of evidence that Sydney’s baby was at the center of Prophet Five’s plans, and while that may still be the case, it’s been complicated by the fact that Irina clearly says the Horizon was P5’s only concern. So what is the truth, and what is a lie?

    The implications of this episode are fairly complex, but they also bear the mark of something cobbled together under less than ideal circumstances. If Irina is working for Prophet Five (or for that matter, running it), then why would Payton and her team act as though she’s an outside agent threatening their plans? The obvious conclusion is that Irina offered her services, as she mentioned, shortly after Prophet Five re-emerged after the incident in “Before the Flood”.

    Since it was already revealed in the fourth season that Irina’s organizations were always designed to counter Sloane’s desire to fulfill Rambaldi’s prophecies, it would be easy to assume that the same logic applies to the goals of Prophet Five. Irina could have been advancing her own agenda, trying to derail or defuse the P5 endgame from within.

    Everything Irina says in this episode seems to support that. She tried to warn Vaughn that something was about to happen (which is within continuity), and she was trying to save Sydney’s baby while achieving the goals of Prophet Five, which indirectly threatened the baby, give the methods employed to find the Horizon. The fact that Peyton seemed ready to turn on Irina suggests that P5 was always wary of her involvement.

    Logically, if all of this was true, it would have made sense for Irina to save Vaughn, since it would in essence be a mitigation of the damage inflicted on her loved ones by the larger Rambaldi mess. (Still assuming, of course, that Prophet Five is directly related to Rambaldi in some way.) That may no longer be true, however, if the writers were forced to take a different direction with the story to fit the shortened timeline.

    All of which hinges on the idea that P5 is not, in fact, interested in Sydney’s baby, which doesn’t quite fit within the continuity established in the first half of the season. The most obvious conclusion is that Irina is lying to Sydney, since it wouldn’t be the first time and certainly won’t be the last. And it’s the fact that Sydney and Jack know that, and know her history, that undermines one of the key plot points of the episode.

    There is literally no reason for Sydney or Jack to trust Irina as far as they can throw her. Sure, her true intentions over the past 30 years or so were placed in context in the fourth season, but that doesn’t change her actions and choices. Irina just shows up with tons of information about Prophet Five, and not once is she questioned regarding her sources and activities since “Before the Flood”. It simply doesn’t make sense, especially when Sydney and Jack act shocked and appalled at the idea that Irina would use them.

    Of course, the writers were trying for the unexpected yet pleasing notion of Irina and Jack delivering Sydney’s baby together. Yes, it makes for a touching moment, and it demonstrates that Irina’s axiom that “motherhood and spying don’t mix” may not hold water, but it’s otherwise a huge plot contrivance. And that doesn’t even begin to cover the many, many ridiculous aspects of the birthing itself.

    After all the issues with getting Lena Olin to appear in the fourth season, when her presence would have made a lot of sense, it’s surprising to see her so involved in these final episodes. It’s certainly not a bad thing, but it does make the long-term fan somewhat wistful for what might have been. Will the writers try to place Irina’s decisions over the course of the series into context? Or will her motivations always be up to debate?

    The worst part of this episode was the fact that Sydney, Jack, and Irina had to talk about the past 30 years, the Horizon, Prophet Five, and Irina’s involvement thereof without once bringing up Rambaldi. Even if Prophet Five has absolutely nothing to do with Rambaldi, it’s well past time for someone to mention how damned familiar all these elements are to what they’ve encountered in the past. It’s been well established that the Alliance was used to locate and acquire Rambaldi devices and artifacts for Sloane’s true purpose. So when the connection to SD-6 is tracked down and an artifact lies at the heart of it, how can Rambaldi stay out of the conversation?

    All of which is largely overshadowed by the worst plot secret on the planet: Vaughn’s return. Was anyone genuinely surprised by this? Of course Vaughn was still alive. The producers practically told the audience to stop worrying and just let things play out. Did the short-sighted “fans” that all but destroyed the series’ future listen? Of course not. And now, which fans are tearing their hair out over the impending series end? How very predictable and sad.

    Anyway, Vaughn’s return is hardly a surprise, but there is an implication in the previous scene that could be stunning if true. With the baby born, Sydney asked her father to take care of something, and in the very next scene, Vaughn (in apparent hiding) is informed that he has a daughter. Could Vaughn’s “death” have been staged by Jack and Sydney, all so Vaughn could investigate Prophet Five without their knowledge?

    If that’s where the writers are going with all of this, then it would be an interesting if troublesome development. Frankly, the implication is that Sydney’s investigation into Prophet Five would have been a smokescreen for Vaughn’s activities. If so, why would Sydney place her child’s life at risk by being the decoy all this time? If Jack was in on it all, then he could have still led the investigation without Sydney being front and center. This is especially true given Rachel’s involvement.

    This smacks of a major retcon, all designed to simplify the end of the season by allowing Vaughn to report on discoveries he made while in hiding which would otherwise have been uncovered by APO. It would have made more sense for Vaughn to be assumed dead and taken into custody by Irina for the purposes of her agenda. That’s still a possibility, since the intersection of scenes at the end of the episode could have been designed to mislead the audience into just these assumptions.

    There are a number of issues just related to the fifth season that still need to be explained, without even considering the lingering plot threads from the first four seasons. Just what is Grace up to, and how does it relate to Prophet Five? What are Irina’s true goals in working for P5? What is the Horizon and what does it have to do with Sydney and her baby, if anything? Who runs Prophet Five, and is it connected to Rambaldi? If those questions are answered, then there’s still a lot regarding the overall mythology to be addressed as well.

    Hopefully, the remaining episodes will allow Rachel to be in the field more. Rachel was supposed to replace Sydney in the field, especially with the hot outfits, and it just hasn’t happened as much as it could or should have. Rachel is mostly stuck sitting around being manipulated, and it’s unfortunate. Similarly, Rene is not nearly as compelling or sexy as the producers seem to believe. If anything, Rene looks worn out, and her attempts at dangerous sexiness make her look like an aged Parisian hooker.

    With only six episodes left, there’s not a lot of time for explanations and connections to be made. The promos all promise that the mysteries will be resolved, and the producers say the same thing. But what are the chances, when the most obvious connections are still not being made? Will the audience be forced to sit through some scene where Prophet Five is revealed to be connected to Rambaldi, and everyone gasps in shock? That would be laughable at this point, and the series deserves to go out with a lot more style.
  • Lena Olin is back! Wow have I missed her so. I sat though this episode with a huge smile on my face. I just loved every minute of it.

    Lena Olin is back! Wow have I missed her so. I sat though this episode with a huge smile on my face. I just loved every minute of it.

    So Spy Mom is back to her old mischievous ways again. She once again used Sydney's love for her to get information. She manipulated Jack. She caused a car accident and killed somebody in the middle of a street. And yet she was the only one around who could deliver Sydney's baby in the middle of a mission. I loved it, only on ‘Alias’.

    Well apparently Spy Mom is not the head of Prophet 5. The way she had no control over what Peyton and her team did shows that she more likely is freelance, working with Prophet 5 but not directly a part of it, if that makes any sense at all. Also the Spy Family mission was too much fun. The Italian accents were a hoot and I just loved seeing the three of them interacting with each other once again, makes me miss the good old days of season two.

    Peyton finally proved herself a villain today. The way she shot down that helicopter was pretty damn awesome. That scene with her walking away and the helicopter falling in flames in the background was bad ass and I have now accepted her as a worthy villain. For now.

    I can't believe Rachel just helped Sloane erase evidence that he is working with Prophet 5. Yes it was unintentional but I am now fed up with her, she has now proven to be as useful to the A.P.O. gang as a piece of stone. I will now refer to her as A Stupid Stone, or A.S.S. for short.

    So Vaughn is alive! Okay no surprise there. Rumors of his return have been circling the internet for months and those ABC promos basically gave him away. It's still nice to have him back though and I look forward to seeing him be more involved in future episodes.

    All-in-All...This was the best episode we have seen in a long time. If every episode for the rest of the season is like this, this may turn into one of my favorite seasons.

    Memorable Quotes:

    -Jack: “Where is the beacon?"

    Irina: "It's in my bra."

    -Moreau: "I'm sure she'll be a wonderful parent to her own child. She has two such lovely role models."

    Final Rating: 4 out of 4 stars

    - Tim Bronx

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  • it's really great to have seen a Syd in action

    it's been a great moment in Alias, Syd had birth her daughter with the help of her \"bad\" grandmother, however the pick moment is like a familiar cause parents and daughter are together helping Syd to bring this world the new life and the reason of life of double agent Bristow. who wanted her a lot.
    I have a lot to say, but I don\'t have the right words to do it. just I love this episode and what it happend on it, so I recommend you watch it! go go, what you waiting for?
  • Review

    Loved this episode, seeing Lena Olin back in action was something I miss from season 2. The beginning started off kind of slow, but it got better as the episode went along. The investigation involving the APO was kind of boring and filler, but they made it seem somewhat pulse-pounding and interesting. That and it wasnt a huge part of the episode, so that was good.

    The scenes at the bank were really well done. Jack and Irina have great on-screen chemistry and I love how when she went to stab him in the back he caught here. Sydney giving birth was a relief, hopefully we will have our butt kicking spy back for a little while before she leaves this life behind. (Only ending for the show I could imagine)

    Overall, this episode picked up where the other two could not and I can only hope the season finishes out stronger then ever beginning with this episode.
  • Sydney, Jack and Irina all go on another mission once again...but half a through a new member of the family is added! Alias at its best!

    This was one of the Greatest episodes ever, possibly the best one! Sydney gave birth while holding a gun to her mum's head! Ahh..Alias. I love seeing the whole family together again, I just wish Irina was on the good side! So any twists and turns and VAUGHN'S BACK! How awesome! I just love the fact that Irina helped Sydney give birth, but not so find of the fact she ran away after delivering the baby! And a baby Girl! How COOL! Another Spy girl added to the family! I just hope that they will all live happily ever after!
  • Another great family episode featuring the Bristows! There is nothing bad I can say about this episode. Very well done.

    This season has had it's ups and downs, but if you asked me, or probably any other Alias fan out there, this one was a very well thought out and planned episode. Not to mention how amazing it turned out. We finally see Irina again! Which I really enjoyed, because you can't ever have too much of past time characters. Also, this was one of the most revealing episodes yet, other than very close future episodes. It reveals more of what side Irina really is on, which always has me confused, personally... And who can forget the deliverance of Sydneys new daughter. Plus both her parents were there to witness it. I would, however like to say the whole time watching this season, I would have liked to see her deliver her baby in the hospital, instead of out in the field. But hey, I loved it both ways. OH YES, almost forgot.....Vaughn's alive! I should have known, no one ever dies on an episode of "Alias"
  • Syd\\\'d back and still waddling, I guess taking an example from her mother she wont quit. Irina\\\'s finally fully exposed as the theif in the night she truly is.

    The plot thickens, Syd has her baby under seige trapped with Daddy Dearest and Mama Maniacal. Peytons troops are storming the bank. Irina\\\'s escape chopper is shot down by Peyton in a very stimulating visual of a hot chick wielding a rocket launcher(which she never got to do on Angel). I\\\'m really liking her character and I hope she gets to stay til the very end, assuming there aren\\\'t many fire extinguishers there to take her smoking hot a** down with. I mean seriously how old is jack, does he need to be signing up for AARP. The rest of the APO crew were there usual selves and of course Marshall had me rolling. I still dont get why noone unloads a clip into Arvin Sloane, does noone know evil when they see it?
  • Good but still painful to watch!

    As the show is winding down a bit and that
    Everybody will be moving onto other projects as Syd has
    Her baby! Wonder if the baby will be like her mom!
    Like a spy for the CIA! Betcha that the baby will!
    Vaughn is alive! Vaughn is alive! Again it is going to
    Hopefully end with a bang! Will miss the show though!
  • Same old Alias. When things are consistantly never as they seem, it gets kinda obvious... whats supposed to be a shock twist is almost expected anyway.

    Sydney\'s reaction to her mother\'s re-entry into her life is, well, weird. Granted, they left on good terms when they were last together, but Sydney\'s almost unquestioning delight to see her mother and her apparant desire to trust and help her mother seemed out of place, out of character.
    If this was all just an act on Sydeny\'s behalf - I was fooled.
    Aside from the usual \"Why didn\'t they just do this, or that\" moment in the story, its was the usual Alias stuff with the kind of plot twist at the end that we have come to expect. Not the best episode but it sure sets up the remainder of the season.
  • Escellent!!!

    I always love eppis with Irina and Jack together. And this one didn\'t dissapoint. I\'m so sad the series is ending. And what about the ending! WOW! Syd is back and I reaaaaly like that. Why does it have to end, why? And having Wise back was a great move, now the only thing missing is another great round Syd/Ana espinosa. PLease, one more time for old time\'s sake and of course a reference to Rambaldi, the Derevko sisters and a cameo of Will Tippin. Five years and now it\'s ending. Well, at least they were good. I\'ll watch it endlessly on my DVD.
  • Sidney get involve in a new case with her parents, trying to found the truth of why her baby is wanted. Of course she´s to deliver her, to find it out.

    Wouw, A great episode, revelling what is coming, and surprising everyone.

    It seems to be that Vaungh is back , Unbeliable !.

    The best part of the episode is when Sidney deliver the baby, and of course, it is a baby girl. That it means that in the future, could be the Sidney´s daugther, the girl from the Rambaldi prophecy?, Why not?.

    What is clear is that in the next episodes we will know the truth of why Sloane is getting dark againg, why Irina is allways so misterius, and the more important, why is Vaungh alive, and Sidney and Jack didn´t tell anyone.

    Well, even though you could see this one coming, I am still in shock. Where has Vaughn (or whatever his name is) been, who put him there, and WHY? These are questions I hope are answered really soon, like before the show finale. I think I still have goosebumps. Poor Sydney, first her mother revealing her evil while Syd began having labor pains. Who wants to hear that they were not wanted while they're beginning to give birth to their own child? Even if you think those things about your child, you should NEVER say them out loud. It broke my heart.

    What a butt kicker Jack is! He's going to be a terrific grandfather!
  • Sydney has her baby. Irena returns.

    ALIAS came back after a hiatus with an explosive episode. The story has evolved over the hiatus and becomes a very good plot, with everything finally coming together. The plot keeps you guessing with more than one twist in this very pivotal episode. The acting in this episode was top-notch, as always. There were also many instances of suspense that will keep you guessing. The episode never get dull or boring. The helicopter exploding was one of the best effects I have ever seen on a network television show. With only a few episodes left, you can bet the episodes will get better and tie everything together.
  • All in all, the return of classic Alias made for a good, solid hour of story telling. The return of familiar faces were an added bonus. It truly feels like everything is coming together for an all out explosive series finale event!

    Wow, this was a fantastic return to Alias form. I unfortunately missed the first hour (since my VCR is crap) but I was able to get the second half, and I was blown away. It truly felt like I was watching Alias from S2. Amazing.

    Watching Irina ram that ambulance and then kill Jeffrey so coldly only to inturn show up at Sydney's apartment to act like her Mother to retreive the information she needed - classic! And so cold. Lena Olin truly makes Irina Derevko a delight to love and hate at the same time.

    All in all, the return of classic Alias made for a good, solid hour of story telling. The return of familiar faces were an added bonus. It truly feels like everything is coming together for an all out explosive series finale event that will truly live up to Alias style! I feel re-energized and confident that Alias will deliver an amazing end to an amazing series!
  • We see the return of two major players and the arrival of Sydney and Vaughn's baby.

    I enjoyed this episode much more then S.O.S. The action, the dialouge; all classic Alias. This episode kept me on the edge my seat the whole hour. Can't wait until next week's that's for sure.

    Some very interesting scenes between Irina, Sydney and Jack especially after Irina's reall agenda is revealed. Even though in the end Irina comes through for Sydney you have to wonder how long it's going to last.

    It will be interesting to see what Tom is up too and who the Cardnial is. Once again Sloane will do anything for Nadia but when he realizes that her own mother is keeping her in the coma what will he do then?

    And then there's the return of Vaughn; for those that thought he was dead shame on you. This is Alias after all and peopel come back all the time. The thing is did Sydney, Vaughn and Jack orchestrate his death? And how much do they really know about Irina's agenda that they're not telling?
  • Nice double meaning in the title and some amazing action shots.

    This was a super duper action episode.

    Syd's mother shows up, making for a little awkwardness. This time, Jack is none too happy with her returning. Sydney, however, is uncharacteristically grateful to have her not-often maternal mother around as the time for her childbirth approaches.

    The very much pregnant Sydney has to endure some pretty harrowing chases through an office building.

    There was one very dramatic explosion in this episode. It certainly increased the suspense when it happened.

    Oh, and as for the title of the episode - it was very, well named. The often untrustworthy Irena is not such a cold fish after all.
  • Well...that was kinda expected.

    It's the age old saying: People don't know how to die in Alias. We see that Michael Vaughn lives, and the explanation we can expect will be like Vaughn's clone died because he was doubled in the Helix project.

    Sydney runs into her mother, as well as gives birth to a girl (just like Jennifer Garner). We also get a good amount of action.

    I don't know, but I still find Alias extremely entertaining. What can I say, seeing people come back to life NEVER gets old.
  • Irinaaa is baaack.. yaaaay!!!

    Well, I love this Irina-Mom thing that goes on and on all the time. Tell me people, didn't you laugh in this episode, they seem to provide a sense of humor the rest of this season, cooool :) Syd wattles hehe, Irina acts as a good Mom and tricks Syd to talk, didn't you find that hilarious!!! Touching as well, while watching the last minutes whaen Irina took the bag and wanted to leave Syd with the pain, I wanted to throw the screen from the window, but then when she came back... soooo sweeet. Dunno what's hidden for Irina in the future, I hope she turns out to be of the good guys, as she said (Truth takes time).
  • My god. The most disfunctional family around is back. \\\"Whatever you do, keep the gun pointed at your mother.\\\" & \\\"-Exhale through your mouth. -No!\\\" Didn\\\'t like that Getty didn\\\'t seem to know his wifes name.

    My god. The most disfunctional family around is back. \\\"Whatever you do, keep the gun pointed at your mother.\\\" & \\\"-Exhale through your mouth. -No!\\\" Didn\\\'t like that Getty didn\\\'t seem to know his wifes name. The footage of Vaughn seemed to be old footage, and how they are going to be able to explain his being alive is anyones guess.
  • It was a long time coming...we have been waiting too long, and this waqs worth the wait. Finally, we have our ALIAS back.

    After some sketchy episodes (sans Sydney) and some really CRAPPY storylines trying to keep the ALIAS spirit alive we finally have something to get excited about. It's too bad we are witnessing the end of an era.

    I wish we were not witnessing the end of the series…there should be more…why must this be the end. This was a great episode and, as always shows that there is still life in this franchise. Maybe we can pray for a movie…or a special...or something in the future.
  • The long awaited return of Alias! Sydney escapes from the boat where she was being held and her baby's on the way. Meanwhile APO continues to investigate Prophet 5 which might mean investigating some familiar faces.

    The triumphant return of Alias was no less the spectacle than I expected it to be. I loved every minute of it, from the team sneaking into CIA headquarters to Sydney having her baby. I am really looking forward to seeing how JJ Abrhams and his writers are going to finish up this in-depth series! I hope they are given enough time to wrap up all the plotlines that are still loose within the series. What is Irina really up to? What's this new guy's german connections? Will Sloan be caught helping the terrorists? Will Nadia ever regain consciousness? What does this all have to do with Rimbaldi? AND What's going on with Vaughn?!?

    I give this episode 9.6 out of 10. (Can't wait for the 100th episode!!)
  • If I had to wait longer then Apr. 19th I seriously would have chopped someone's ear off. Alias is back to the good ole' days when they said it was going out with a bang they weren't kidding.

    Spoilers!!! You've been Warned if you haven't seen the episode

    Awesome Awesome Episode probably one of the best in the whole Series and I have a feeling that these last 8 hours will all be the best in Alias history.

    The APO team is trying to find out who purged the Echelon server erasing any evidence of where Syd was being held and who the mole is at Langley. Marshall informs everyone that the only person who could have wiped the hard drive was someone with Alpha Black clearance the highest in the Agency. Jack informs the team that only 7 people have that high of clearence. He decides to call all of them to a meeting and figure out the main man by using some genius on Marshall's part.

    I won't tell you who the person is but I will tell you that Devlin returns it's great to see old faces. Anywho Jack shoots the person who's cell phone rings and interrogates him in front of the others. (By the way this happened in S.O.S. now on to Maternal Instinct) After Jack gets the info the perpertrator is then transported to some undisclosed location when out of nowhere a huge Semi slams into it. After the guards are killed he steps out and gets shot in the knee we see a figure in high heels walking up and it's none other than SpyMOMMY Irina!!!! :) It's great to see her return because LO just adds so much sparkle and itrigue to the screen.

    Everything was so fast paced in this episode it really felt like Season 2 my brain was seriously in a power surge during this episode. I absolutely loved it and the acting, storytelling and music really show why I frikkin' love this show.
  • Finally! alias is back! doing what it does best kicking butt this episode rock it has all you could want sacrifice, camaraderie, and of course betrayal.and one hell of a ending

    Wow that was a top episode.
    alias came back with a bang what i found intresting about this episode was that it was gripping and at times slighlty funny .
    the scene in the car between Sydney,Bristow and Marcus Dixon is funny and serious not alot of show can pull that off.
    alias never disappoints me with the twist and turns and the end of this episode was no exception.
    bringing people back from the dead seems to be this show trade mark i must admit i never get bord with it.
    but bring Vaughn back was the best move they could every do his relationship with sydney is one of the things that makes the show. the only thing i found odd about this episode was the scene when sydney is giving birth it was i can\'t put my finger on it but it seem so strange she was so quite but saying that if you in a situation like that you have to be right. sydneys mother Irina Derevko i dont know if i like her of hate her when you think you got her figured out somthing happens that changes my mind.
    all around i enjoyed this episode so much.
  • the plot deepens and the show is really on fire. Welcome back guys.

    Well I don't even know where to start. 2 hours of Alias in the same day is not really what I had planned but man it was good. Ok there were a lot of new character developments and the new guys are starting to blend in very well but all this was simply dwarfed by the last 30 secs. of the episode. Vaughn is alive ... man there have been some surprises before but this is the one that I like the best. I really liked him as a character and he did bring a kind of equilibrium to the overall environment of the show. This is going to be a very memorable 2nd half of a season.
    As far as the writing goes it is very good for an action TV show. You have the aspects of motherly love, sacrifice, camaraderie, and of course betrayal.
  • Summary: Alias is back and Lena Olin is as good as always! Sure, it’s good, but it almost feels like I’ve watched this before.

    Damn, Irina (Lena Olin) sure is the sh*t! She’s as evil as usual, like when she tortured Sydney (Jennifer Garner), and at the same time awfully good, like when she both saved and delivered Sydney’s baby. The best scene in both of these two double episodes was when Irina just had delivered the baby and simply walked away and at the same time called Marshall (Kevin Weisman):

    Marshall: Flinkman.
    Irina: Listen to me very carefully, Marshall. Jack and Sydney are in Vancouver, Queens Bank. They need extraction.
    Marshall: Okay, ehm… Is this who I think it is?
    Irina: Tell the team they’ll need diapers.

    I hope she’ll be in the next episode too. Speaking of which; Vaughn is alive. “Surprise!” ... yeah, I know we already knew that, because in this show everybody dies and then goes back to being alive again. Anyway, I’m glad he’s not dead. It’s almost like I’m longing for the next episode. What a dolt I’ve become.

    Oh, and by the way while talking about baseball; what the hell is up with Jack’s (Victor Garber) left ear? It’s HUGE! Totally abnormal.

    The scene where Irina, Jack and Sydney are pretending to be Italian; no way! Sometimes Garner and Garber get it right, I can give them that, but Olin is outrageously bad. It’s a mix between English, Swedish and... I don’t know, German? It’s not Italian at all. I do love Lena Olin, but I almost blushed during that embarrassing moment.

    Okay, so what does this all mean? The episodes were, besides Lena Olin being back, actually pretty average. I hope the 100th episode give a little more. You know, that extra thing. Will and Anna... and hopefully Vaughn will be back for that! Hurray!
  • Wow this episode was soooo good! It reminded me why I and millions of other people are addicted to this frikin good ass show!! It felt like "classic Alias" again. And I hope that it will stay that way. I seriously cannot wait until the 100th episode!

    Wow in this episode "Maternal Instinct", I was so speechless, yet I jumped for joy and laughed when it was so funny. It had action, drama, the best cliffhangers , great actors with great chemistry, and amazing things that we found out! lol For one thing, Vaughn is alive! haha which we all knew! lol C'mon no one dies on Alias! (except for lauren but she's an exception). Wow everything was just soo riveting and compelling. I loved how the spyfam did another mission together. lol I was laughing my ass off, on all the irina/jack moments and scenes! And of course I was so surpised on how Syd and Jack almost fell for Irina again. lol and it was pretty funny on how Sydney is almost having a baby and she is still keeping that gun to her mother. Wow, they had so many good lines! They were so unforgettable. It's like every cast member had an unforgettable line/moment/quote. I also loved the heartwrenching birth of Syd's baby. Wow, Irina helped get the baby out. And I'm so happy that Jack comforted Syd so well! And you can't forget the ending! My gosh! My mouth was practically wide open and my eyes didn't blink until I realized that Invasion started. I'm so happy to find out here the hell Vaughn was!!!!!! dammnnn that man is fine! But anyways, that episode was so compelling and made my heart beat fast! Whoooo yay!! I typed exactly 2[b]47[/b] words!!!
  • Finally! alias is back! Loved this episode! Jack was kick-butt in this episode.

    Finally! alias is back! Loved this episode! Jack was kick-butt in this episode. This is just the beginning for all our questions to be answered! Can\'t wait to see what happens next. Hope this continues with the drama and action we all come to love. And less not forget the fine acting these actors have brought us these past years! Kudos to all the cast of alias!!!!!
  • The show is back with many favorits. Weiss helps APO track down sydney in the first hour and in the second hour, they find Sydney and she gives birth while on a mission with jack and irina. Vaughn is shown to be alive in the last 2 seconds.

    Overall the entire two hours was amazing. I knew Vaughn was coming back, but I just didn\'t know when. I felt it was kind of cheap to advertise the return of Sydeny\'s love and then only show him what amounted to about 2 seconds. I realize that that is just Alias\' style, but I still felt a little jipped, especially since that was the moment I was waiting for the entire two hours. Anyway, YAY, Vaughn is back!!
    The major thing that had me going \"WHAT?!\" was when Syd and Jack so easily trusted Irina to go on that mission to Vancouver in the first place. I mean come on! HOW many times as she betrayed you!? Are you really going to trust her that easily, after just talking to her for like 5 minutes? Even Syd and Jack aren\'t that stupid! Which means there must be something else going on that we don\'t know about it. There is no reason for them to have trusted her that easily.
    Other than that, I thought the show was back in good form. There was alot of action, even with Syd being pregnant. I can\'t wait to see the TRUE return of Vaughn (IE: more than 2 seconds), and these last 5 episodes should really be a blast (so to speak).
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