Season 5 Episode 11

Maternal Instinct

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2006 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Tom Grace is talking to Sloane and Devlin at APO the wrong eyebrow is scarred. It is usually over his right eye, but in this scene the scar appears on his left eyebrow.

    • Number 47: the cypher Sydney gives to her captors is LEO 47 NORTE.

    • Of all the unconvincing things to occur during the birth scene, the thing that struck me most was Irina catching, swaddling, and handing the baby to Sydney all in one very quick fluid motion. What happened to the umbilical cord?

    • When Jack and Irina break into the safety deposit box at Queens Bank in Vancouver to recover the Horizon, Jack uses a spray solvent to disable the locking mechanism of the box. He then carefully opens the door from the bottom and removes the drawer avoiding the sizzling and steaming area he sprayed. However, in the same scene seconds later, Jack closes the front door of the box revealing it looking completely unmarred and not harming Jack in any way when he touches it.

    • With both her parents present Sydney gives birth to a baby girl.

    • It's in this episode that Sydney realises it was Irina Derevko her mother who was holding her captive on the boat in the episode 'The Horizon'.

  • Quotes

    • Marshall: I love secret conspiracies… you know, as long as I'm a co-conspirator.

    • (Sydney, Jack and Irina go on a mission into a bank)
      Bank Manager: It's so sweet how your daughter wants to please you
      Jack: She's our pride and joy.
      Bank Manager: She'll be a wonderful parent to her child.
      Irina: Thank you.
      Bank Manager: She has such lovely role models.
      (The Bristow's all forcedly smile)

    • Jack: Here. (hands Sydney a gun) Cover your mother, I'll take care of Peyton and her men… be right back, what ever happens keep that pointed at your mother, if she even blinks-
      Sydney: I'll shoot her.

    • (Jack confronts Peyton and her men)
      Peyton: This is really no place for you grandpa.

    • Irinia: You should know something Sydney. I've never wanted to have a child. The KGB demanded it. They knew it would insure your father's allegiances to me. You were simply a mean to an end. And when the doctor put you in my arms, and I looked at you, so fragile. All I could think was I could have made a such terrible mistake, and at that moment I was sure of one thing: I couldn't be an agent and a mother. I'd either fail at one or both. And I chose to fail at being a mother.

    • Irina: (to Marshall on the phone) Tell the team they'll need diapers.

    • Monk: (to Vaughn) My brother. I have some good news. You have a baby daughter.

    • Irina: We're going to be grandparents.
      Jack: I'm trying to ignore that fact.

    • (Jack discovers Irina's plan to steal the Horizon)
      Jack: Call off your team, right now!
      Irina: They're not my team.
      Jack: I don't believe you.
      Sydney: Dad!
      Irina: You need to believe me, because if Peyton's here, she's here to kill me too.
      Jack: She's going to be very disappointed, because I'm about to beat her to it.
      Sydney: Hey Dad!
      Jack: I thought I killed you once, this time I'll be more thorough.
      Sydney: Dad… baby's coming.

    • Sydney: (to Jack and Irina) Your grandchild keeps kicking me.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: August 26, 2007 on Channel 7
      Slovakia: April 8, 2010 on Markiza

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