Season 4 Episode 18


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 04, 2005 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Considering that Nadia looks more like Irina than Sydney does, (as seen in photos in the episode "Ice,") wouldn't she have been a better choice to pose as "Laura" for Jack's "hallucination"?

    • Nadia's APO network login is: AGENT_087SANTOS

    • It's been established that Kradic is very why does he discuss his plans in front of the waitress? Even if the waitress wasn't Sydney, she would be a liability.

    • As of this episode, six actresses, have played the part of Irina Derevko/Laura Bristow.
      Lena Olin: Season 2 Regular. Has played Irina, for the longest period, is usually associated with the character.
      Uncredited Actress: Season 1, episode 6. First person to portray Irina, in picture's kept by Sydney.
      Uncredited Actress 2: Season 1, episode 19. Second appearance of Irina, this time in a KGB briefing video, discussing her relationship, with Jack.
      April Webster: Season 1, episode 22. Used in the last shot of season 1, to set up Irina as a major character in season 2. They were still auditioning for the full time role of Irina, and Lena Olin had not yet been cast.
      Mia Maestro: Season 4, episode 4. Lena Olin was not available to create a set of pictures used in this episode, so Mia Maestro, who play's Nadia, her onscreen daughter, stepped in, to replace her, as Irina. She is also the 1st of two, series regulars, to play Irina Derevko, in season 4, the other is Jennifer Garner.
      Jennifer Garner: Season 4, episode 18. Jennifer Garner played Irina in this episode to extract intel, from her father Jack, who, while unstable, believes she is her mother Laura [Irina].
      Besides Lena Olin, Jennifer Garner has had the most substantial screen time, as Irina, and she is the only actress to play Irina, as her alias, Laura Bristow. She is also the second actress to play Irina, while playing a another main character on the show, the other is Mia Maestro.

  • Quotes

    • Marshall: Oh, hey, did you hear the news? I get to run an initial analysis on the Hydrosek this afternoon, I love Level 4 biohazard toxins.

    • (Elena invites Nadia for dinner)
      Nadia: Are we free for dinner tomorrow?
      Weiss: Dinner? Food? Are you kidding me? Yes!

    • Sydney: I remember the time. I don't remember them. My dad. . .was my dad. He was never around when I was a kid. He was always away on business. My mom. . .I don't know what my dad was like around my mother, or what she was like around him. I don't know how to do this.
      Vaughn: Syd, it's just a job. It's another alias like all the others. Just trust your training. Follow your dad's cues. Follow his leads. Besides, I've got snipers everywhere if he starts to get inappropriate.

    • Sydney: I don't know how I'm gonna do this?
      Vaughn: Well, you know, it's not too late. We can always have Weiss dress up as Irina. I'm sure he'd make a great housewife.

    • Marshall: Wow. Mr. Bristow hallucinated the one man who could actually save his life. Even his delusions are lucid.

    • Vaughn: This is where your dad lives, huh.
      Sydney: What did you expect?
      Vaughn: I don't know, a bunker or something? You've really never been here?
      Sydney: No.
      Vaughn: That's very strange.
      Sydney: As opposed to everything else about my relationship with my father.

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