Season 5 Episode 15

No Hard Feelings

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 17, 2006 on ABC

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  • This was another very good ‘Alias’ episode. Having Sark back was very much fun and it felt like old times again with Sark back as a villain and Vaughn and Dixon as back up (even though they didn\'t do much).

    Sark: \"Lucky for you I won\'t be here for long. Otherwise, I\'d pull out your tongue and choke you with it.\"

    This was another very good ‘Alias’ episode. Having Sark back was very much fun and it felt like old times again with Sark back as a villain and Vaughn and Dixon as back up (even though they didn\'t do much).

    The whole scene with Sydney and the old man in jail was very creepy (half of it was because of that eerie music they always play in Rimbaldi related scenes). It seemed as if the man had been waiting for her a very long time. He certainly did recognize her and even had her face on his jail wall. Did Rimbaldi himself tell him to wait for her? Could it be that possibly the man actually knew Rimbaldi? Could Rimbaldi\'s secret be immortality? So many questions to be answered, so little time.

    I was kind of disappointed that Sloane didn\'t recognize that it really was Sydney and not Anna. Sydney did do a very good job as Ana, while she was describing the delight she took in killing Sydney (now does that sentence make any sense at all?) Maybe Sloane\'s fury at Sydney\'s death clouded his judgment, showing that he actually always did care for Sydney. What was up with Sydney\'s fighting skills in the jail scene though? How could an old guy like Sloane actually take her down like that and almost kill her? Back in the day Sydney would have been able to elbow him in the face or somehow get out of the choke and kick his ass. Either Sydney\'s getting old or, most likely, it was just sloppy writing.

    Sloane now has the amulet and it mostly likely holds the secrets to some catastrophic like an apocalypse (oh wait, they already did that last season). I\'m beginning to fear, with all the many Rimbaldi questions that keep arising, that we really won\'t be getting those answers we desperately seek in the finale next week. But I must think positive. Positive thoughts, positive thoughts.....

    What I really didn\'t like about this episode though was the newbie agent’s b-plot. Them trying to steal a car and getting information on the Cardinal (which we never got answers on) was boring and took away from screen time. I was also disappointed that Tom\'s mystery really was just character back story and didn\'t relate to Prophet 5 in some way. It seemed a bit like a waste of time but I guess the writers were trying to give Tom some storylines like they did with ASS (The Shed). It\'s not that Tom and ASS are bad characters (ironic I\'m defending someone I call ASS) it\'s just that in the last few episodes forever I want to see more Sydney and more answers to Rimbaldi. Save Tom and ASS for the spin-off. That\'s thinking positive isn\'t it?

    Overall it was a strong episode, 4 stars for Sydney and Sark and 2 for Newbie Agents.

    Final Notes and Quotes:

    - Jack got Isabelle to utter her first laugh. Who would have thought? Jack: \"Apparently I’m funny.\" The look on Sydney\'s face though showed she was upset that she was already beginning to miss some of her baby\'s \"firsts\". Sydney\'s beginning to realize even more how much she wants out of the spy business.

    - Interesting. Apparently in Italy when you try to rob a cafe they immediately place you in a maximum security prison. :)

    - Marshall: \"You know, I cried at your funeral.\"

    Vaughn: \"Yeah I\'m sorry about that.\"

    - Sloane\'s phone call at the end of this episode reminded me of his phone call to Sydney after her graduation in Season 2. The references to earlier episodes have been everywhere this final batch.

    Final Rating: 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx

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    Why do I care at all about Rachel and Thomas's plotline, its pointless. So we found out that a character we were introduced to a dozen epsiodes ago was supposed to be killed, but his wife was killed instead. Its just the business that he lives in, to quote from earlier Alias episodes.

    Every scene with Thomas and Rachel was a trainwreck and I kept praying that the scene would change back to Sydney and company. Sydney finnaly gets to "The Rose" and I was about to flip if the man said that he was Rambaldi himself. Arvin tries to kill her, to no avail. I liked David Anders in the episode a lot, good to see him back in action again. The scene where he knowcks out 5 guards in the hospital room was the best scene of the episode. Thats about it for the episode though. The scenes with Sydney and company in them were good, the scenes with Thomas/Rachel were horrible and brought down the episode because of it.

    arvin sloane is the best, this episodes is an example why Alias ever finish for the correct way Sydney partners with Sark, and must stay undercover as Anna Espinoza, to try and uncover Rambaldi's final clue before Prophet Five does. Vaughn sees Isabelle, his daughter, for the first time. Rachel discovers Tom's secret. And the last Rambaldi EndGame My god this guy is the best rambaldi in lost? jajaajaj i dont tink so but is an a great idea because Rambaldi could be explain the thinks that happen in this island Rambaldi and Sloane in the best moment of the serie
  • Great episode.

    Sydney continues to pose as Anna to try and fool Slone and Peyton. Slone finally finishes translating page 47 and reports that only the closen one can complete the circle. Sydney and Vaughn are finally reunited. And Vaughn finally reveals why he had to fake his own death. Sydney and Sark also have to break into a high security prison to get the information they need. But it is slone who ends up with the necless that Sydney recieves, and he tells them that now he has everything he needs. Wow great episode really enjoyable. The prison bit was a little un-original but other than that it was a good episode.