Season 5 Episode 15

No Hard Feelings

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 17, 2006 on ABC

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    Why do I care at all about Rachel and Thomas's plotline, its pointless. So we found out that a character we were introduced to a dozen epsiodes ago was supposed to be killed, but his wife was killed instead. Its just the business that he lives in, to quote from earlier Alias episodes.

    Every scene with Thomas and Rachel was a trainwreck and I kept praying that the scene would change back to Sydney and company. Sydney finnaly gets to "The Rose" and I was about to flip if the man said that he was Rambaldi himself. Arvin tries to kill her, to no avail. I liked David Anders in the episode a lot, good to see him back in action again. The scene where he knowcks out 5 guards in the hospital room was the best scene of the episode. Thats about it for the episode though. The scenes with Sydney and company in them were good, the scenes with Thomas/Rachel were horrible and brought down the episode because of it.
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