Season 5 Episode 5

Out of the Box

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 2005 on ABC
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Syd and Tom discover that Renée has stolen the cryo container, and soon find themselves under siege by a group of mercenaries who want the contents of the container. Meanwhile, Sloane takes matters into his own hands to get himself back into APO and continues his quest to find a cure for Nadia.moreless

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  • Review

    The trend of every episode in season 5 is getting worse continued with this episode as it had nothing in it that I found even close to being significant to the plotline. Renee opens the box to find out that it was her father - only the later find out it isnt her father. The "Helix" excuse to double a person is something that the show has run out of. They have done it four times now and each time it has gotten less and less monemental to the overall plotline.

    All of the scenes with Renee/Thomas/Sydney/"Renees Father" felt very forced and pointless. Even Dixon/Marshall/Rachels trip into the valut to get information was boring to watch. Arvin Sloane blackmailing the woman he needed to get into APO was the only big thing of note in this episode. Hopefully he will get the season back on track in the next episode with some lying and backstabbing. Overall, one of the worst episodes of the series and the worst episode of the season.moreless
  • 7.7
    Not really a fan of this show, this episode only showed up on my Tivo because of a keyword search. I probably would've enjoyed this more if I was up to date on all the previous plot points, but Alias, for the couple of times I watched it is a very entertaining show. It's a James Bond or Mission Impossible movie that you get to watch every week. Add in some political drama with the big wigs and it's all good. This episode may have pushed some points a bit too far as Sloane has approached an almost supervillanish level. Now, this is all fine and good, but when you have a spider that can see through metal and an assassin (Renee) that can cross two mine fields without a scratch, this show loses a ton of realism and pretty much becomes a comic book. Now, this is episode 93/105, so the writers know it's almost time to go and I can forgive their overly dramatic flair this late in the game.. would've been more upset if this was a cornerstone to the series though.moreless
  • Great episode, not what I expected!

    Well, I knew Renee stole the machine that the man was contained in, but I had no idea she stole it because it was her father... Which also turned out to be a lie. He turned out to be a double, which is awesome, because they are bringing back doubles into the series, I loved the part of the show dealing with "Evil Twins." I did really wish this guy was Rambaldi though, secretly disguised as Renee's father, but they got rid of my theory when they called him doctor whatever at the end of the episode. It would be great for a live Rambaldi for the end season in my opinion, but we'll just have to see how it goes.moreless
  • The plot thickens.

    So today Sydney and Tom went to go talk to Renee after she stole a chemical called Atropine ZX. They then found out that it\'s Renee\'s father Luc Goursaud who was in the box but then when mercenaries came they found out that Luc Goursaud isn\'t really Luc Goursaud but Dr. Desantis (genetically altered) who Dr. Desantis (in disguise as Luc) had originally said froze him, Dr. Desantis (as genetically altered Luc) then escaped with the mercenaries. See I can keep up with the fast paced, twisted plots Alias has, which is what this episode provided a lot of. (Sorry to any English teachers out there about the long run-on sentence.)

    I thought today\'s episode was a smart way to have Sydney involved in the action without having A.P.O send her. I mean would the C.I.A. really be sending someone into the field in their second trimester? I think not. So this was a good way for them to send her on a (supposedly) non-risk mission and just happen to have action come along the way.

    The whole Dr. Desantis being frozen for 20 years plotline formed more questions in my head and didn\'t really answer any about his situation or give any more information about Prophet 5. I guess the cloning thing will never really leave Alias just like that darnn Rimbaldi Plotline (which hasn\'t came up at all yet this season). Ever since cloning came up in Season 2 it was revived again last season with Irina and now this season with Dr. Desantis and Renee’s father.

    Ahhh......I forgot how much fun it was to watch Sloane be evil. Watching him threaten the Senator made me remember how much I miss the old Sloane. Sloane did seem upset though after he delivered the threat which makes my “Sloane really is evil” theory not so concrete. I Want an Evil Sloane!! Is that too much to ask for? :)

    All In all I did enjoy the action and plotlines but it just felt like it was missing something. Maybe I\'m just realizing how much I miss the old characters but it just didn\'t feel right.

    Funny Lines:

    Tom: \"My mother always said if someone was worth shooting once they were worth shooting twice.\"

    Jack: \"Sorry I never met her. She sounds like my kind of women.\"

    Finale Rating: 2 1/2 out of 4 Stars

    - Tim Bronx

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  • I’m quickly losing interest in what was once my favorite show of all time.

    It seems as if the writers are trying to re-create Sidney and Sloane in Rachel and Gordon Dean yet they are falling far short of the incredible drama and relationships that existed in the early seasons of Alias. In my opinion Rachel can never measure up as a replacement for Sidney. What was once great about this series (Sidney’s double life, her troubled relationship with her father, her many disguises, her insecurities yet kick ass skills as an agent, the tension between she and Sloane, her trusting relationship with Dixon, i.e. seeing her as a real person and not just a CIA agent) is all gone. Now it is more about the missions and less about the person. Plus I would really like to see some answers to the big Rambaldi mysteries surrounding Sidney. It made the show so interesting to have this Rambaldi element woven throughout it. What a disappointment if the writers just ignore all they have been leading up to and never address how Sidney is involved in the Rambaldi story. It’s better in my opinion to end the show with a big bang if Jennifer Garner does not want to continue acting in it then to have it deteriorate into a drastically inferior knock off of the original.moreless
Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Sydney Anne Bristow

Ron Rifkin

Ron Rifkin

Arvin Sloane

Victor Garber

Victor Garber

Jonathan 'Jack' Donahue Bristow

Carl Lumbly

Carl Lumbly

Marcus R. Dixon

Kevin Weisman

Kevin Weisman

Marshall J. Flinkman

Balthazar Getty

Balthazar Getty

Thomas Grace

Patrick Bauchau

Patrick Bauchau


Guest Star

Jennifer Hetrick

Jennifer Hetrick

Senator Lewis

Guest Star

Patrick Gorman

Patrick Gorman

Flashback Desantis

Guest Star

Tyrees Allen

Tyrees Allen

Gordon Dean

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Look closely: When Tom blows up the van outside Renée's apartment, you can clearly see wires attached to lift it in the last shot.

    • Marseille is incorrectly spelled "Marseilles" with an S in the end. Although English allows the use of an S in the end of this word, there is no romanization problem (it is written using latin/roman letters without accents) and Marseille is a proper name (town name) and has only one correct spelling in French. In this case, the episode editor should have used the unique French spelling for this town name.

    • Although this episode aired October 2005, it is set in 2006; as Renée told her father the present year is 2006.

    • In the scene when Renée's father is bleeding from the ears, Syd said his pulse was all over the place. There is no way she could have known this in such short time.

    • Is it really a surprise that the body in cryo-stasis is Renée Rienne's father? Father issues are a recurring motif in J.J. Abrams series, like Lost. In Alias, we have Sydney and Jack, Nadia and Sloane, Sark and his father, as well as Vaughn's search for his own father last season.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • (Tom's at the shooting range eagerly firing at the targets)
      Jack: Think you got him?
      Tom: My mother always said if someone's worth shooting once, it's worth shooting twice.
      Jack: I'm sorry I never met her. She sounds like my kind of woman.

    • Jack: You seem to be enjoying your freedom.
      Sloane: I was hoping to offer you more than prison food.
      Jack: I must confess I'd grown rather fond of the shepherd's pie... I'm assuming you didn't bring me here simply for the cuisine.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Marshall: I hope none of you suffer from arachnophobia, 'cause this little six-legged freak (picks up the small robot he created) is not pretty, but she gets the job done. I call her Charlotte, for obvious reasons.

      Reference to Charlotte's Web, a children's book by acclaimed American author E. B. White. First published in 1952, it tells the story of a barn spider named Charlotte and her friendship with a pig named Wilbur. The story has been adapted for film three times: 1973, 2003 and 2006.