Season 4 Episode 15


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 2005 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Vaughn sends Sydney a text message after he goes rogue, we see he is listed in Sydney's phone as "Vaughnzee".

  • Quotes

    • Vaughn: Consider this the second time you've been rejected by the CIA.

    • Sydney: (to Nadia) Do you want to know the truth about our mother?... Our mother put a hit on my life... Our mother tried to have me killed.

    • Roberts: Like I said, I'm a bad guy… but guess what? Your dad is too… I mean he's not being held prisoner… yet for 25 years he allowed his wife and his kid to think he's dead… that's a bad guy.

    • Nadia: I need to speak with you.
      Sloane: Of course what is it?
      Nadia: I wanted to tell you before you were notified through official channels… I've been seeing Katya Derevko.
      Sloane: You're right… and I assume it's not on official business.
      Nadia: No it was personal, I thought Katya might be able to fill in the blanks about my mother… tell me who she was.
      Sloane: I see… well… thank you for telling me. Nadia… what did she tell you?
      Nadia: Nothing I didn't already know… that she was a criminal, a murderer.

    • Roberts: (about Vaughn's father) Where do you think he was during the funeral? I mean when you were mourning by his grave with your mum. You know it's usually a girlfriend, at least that's why my old man took off.

    • Sabrina: Can't we just unplug it, or something?
      Vaughn: Yeah, sure, if you don't mind blowing it up and killing us both in the process...

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Marshall identifies Jack as "Patient 17". In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spike (James Marsters) was called "Hostile 17" by the Initiative in Season 4. Drew Goddard was a big fan of the show, and ended up as a producer in its last season. He is now a producer of Alias. Probably he put it there as a reference.