Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 2001 on ABC
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Sydney's life is in mortal danger as she is sent to Madrid to retrieve a 500-year-old sketch that contains a set of numbers and meets up with her deadly nemesis, K-Directorate agent, Anna Espinosa. Meanwhile, Will delves deeper into the cause of Danny's death and discovers a very strange anomaly.moreless

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  • This ep picks up with Sydney stealing the Plutonium core from Ineni Hassan's base in Egypt. It also marks the first time Rambaldi is ever mentioned in the series,along with being the first appearance of Anna Espinosa.moreless

    Iam objective enough to admit that there have been many episodes that were better than this one,yet it still continues to be my fav. The main reason is because it contains two of the best directed action scenes in the series.

    We open with Syd being held at gunpoint by Ineni Haasan after she goes to steal back a Plutonium core from a Nuclear bomb she recovered in the previous ep.

    The scene is FANTASTIC as it intercuts (ie:The core about to roll down the steps as he says You're dropping the ball) between her escape and a later conversation she has with her Professor, who chasties her about her focus during his class.

    Back at SD-6 we then get our FIRST mention of Milo Rambaldi as Sloane briefs the team of his backround. Syd/Dixon are then tasked to Madrid to steal a box containing the missing code to a Rambaldi equation.

    Anna Espinosa(in her first mention/appearance)has already stolen the code key to the box from a man named Benegas. The mission takes place at the unveiling of his latest sports car.

    Like I said before, there have been better episodes,but this is THE BEST mission of the entire series. Syd creates a distraction using a 'sonic emiting peso',piggybacks off Anna's camera looping device and goes to steal the box,only to be beaten (pun intended) to the punch by Anna.

    What sets this ep apart is the SCORE that blares in the backround as Syd chases Anna through the halls, and the fight that ensues. After recovering the box Syd then learns that her Father is being brought into the SD-6 offices for his Game Theory abilities,and her Handler(Vaughn)is being replaced for a older/more experienced agent.

    Jack devises a scenario in which Syd/Anna will meet at a neutral location under the guard of both agencies(SD-6/K-DIRECTORATE) security forces.There they will combine the key and the box to both obtain the info inside.

    As a sidebar,Syd pulls rank on her annoying new Handler and gets Vaughn back on the case with a promotion to boot. The ep ends with Syd/Anna meeting in a Stadium in Germany that is equally split with snipers from both agencies.

    Syd/Anna then test each others mettle with some provocative dialogue to see who can get the other to "break." When that fails they both get to business with the box. Syd sets it down as Anna use the key to open it.

    As they open it both their eyes widen and Syd lets out a chilling "OH MY GOD" as the screen fades to black.

    Incredible episode!!!

  • I like how they do the endings..

    Ok.. I think I am finally getting how this is going to be and I am more and more enjoying the episodes - ok, I still expect series like this little more action and less drama as to be honest, the whole friends playing cards scene was pointless.. But some great developments and excitement. I liked the change the made in CIA.. more tension. And then the whole party thing where Anna and Sidney met.. both under the same thing and in the end, have to come together to open the briefcase. And as I said - the end. You just have to finish it on the most exciting place to be sure people will come back.moreless
  • Espinosa vs. Bristow

    Sidney se reencuentra con su archi enemiga: Ana Espinoza. Cada héroe se mide en base a su contrario, así la moneda pasa a ser moneda mostrando sus 2 caras. Las veo pelear y me pregunto en que mundo sería posible caminar por cualquier calle y poder presenciar un espectáculo de tales características. Si alguien lo sabe por favor avíseme. En cuanto a Alias como show me entretiene y gusta. Me hace querer más cada vez que un episodio culmina. Los personajes son entrañables y humanos, cada uno a su manera. Brindo por el genio de J. J. Abrams una vaz más.moreless
  • Loved it!

    NOTE: The following paragraph is the summary from the episode on I didn't write this summmary in my own words, so I don't take credit.

    Sydney's life is in mortal danger as she is sent to Madrid to retrieve a 500-year-old sketch that contains a set of numbers and meets up with her deadly nemesis, K-Directorate agent Anna Espinosa. Meanwhile, Will delves deeper into the cause of Danny's death and discovers a very strange anomaly.

    Francine suspects Charlie is cheating on her, while Jack lied to Sydney about her mother's death. Vaughn gets promoted back up thanks to Sydney. Anna and Syd open the box and are surprised to find what's inside.

    This episode was great! I loved the action and suspense! It gets a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • Reveiw

    Story spoilers-In this episode of Alias Sydney and Dixon are sent to Madrid to get a very old document while she is their she runs in to her emery Sydney get the box and her enemy get the key so both groups decide to meet and see what is in the suitcase when they open the box there is something they do not expect to be their and the episode ends with a cliffhanger over all this is a good episode they has a good running story in it and we get introduced to some new bad guys who seem to make the show run smoother even though SD-6 is the main enemy of the series It is good not to have Sydney run around and do stuff for them and report back to Vaughn this episode turn the series in a new direction and made it better The Endmoreless
Kevin Weisman

Kevin Weisman

Marshall J. Flinkman

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Sydney Anne Bristow

Merrin Dungey

Merrin Dungey

Francine 'Francie' Calfo

Carl Lumbly

Carl Lumbly

Marcus R. Dixon

Ron Rifkin

Ron Rifkin

Arvin Sloane

Michael Vartan

Michael Vartan

Michael C. Vaughn

Aharon Ipalé

Aharon Ipalé

Ineni Hassan

Guest Star

Keone Young

Keone Young

Professor Choy

Guest Star

Elaine Kagan

Elaine Kagan

June Litvack

Guest Star

Evan Parke

Evan Parke


Recurring Role

Gina Torres

Gina Torres

Anna Espinosa

Recurring Role

Greg Grunberg

Greg Grunberg

Eric Weiss

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • When Ineni Hassan was holding a gun to Sydney's head while she was holding the ball of plutonium, he says in Arabic "nazzel ha shwaya shwaya", which means "put it down slowly." However since in Arabic language males and females are spoken to differently, he should've said "nazlee ha..." because "nazzel" is for males only.

    • Goof: When Sydney is chasing Anna through the basement after Anna stole the briefcase from the vault, Sydney removes her high heels on a stairway, to run faster. A couple of edits later, we see Sydney round a corner, briefly we can see her wearing RUNNING shoes...a moment later we see her barefoot again. And she is clearly barefoot again when she begins her little brawl with Anna!

    • Number 47: (hidden) When Sloane is talking about the device that Sydney stole in "Truth Be Told," there a serial number on screen: 6867-8795-245-487 8739.

    • Number 47: The model of the car is Quantum 6 27 -110.

    • The car which is unveiled in Madrid is a Vauxhall VX200 (Vauxhall are also know as Opel).

    • At the party Sydney attends, a butler at the door compliments her necklace, he says: "Que collar tan encantador", in English it means: "What a lovely necklace".

    • Goof: When Sydney is trapped outside the vault chasing Anna, during the lockdown, the vault's key pad reads "BLOQUEO ABAJO". This however doesn't mean lockdown in Spanish, at best it could mean, "blocked down below".

    • Goof: While Anna is escaping from the party she walks out the front door, and a guard asks her to show him her bag, the guard however didn't have a Spanish accent, it was more like an Argentinean one. Also the way he asks her to show it "Sra. Dejame chekar su bolsa", the line is full of verb inconsistencies and wrong words.

    • The corridor with the u-turn in the basement of the building where the party was at, where Sydney chases Anna, is the same one, where in Episode "Pandora" in Season 4, Vaughn to maintain a cover, shoots Dixon.

    • Two things about the ball of plutonium:
      First, wouldn't the CIA be worried about Sydney's health if she is directly exposed to plutonium? Even if a couple of minutes can't do serious damage they should still be cautious.
      Second, why is Sydney scared of dropping the plutonium? There's not going to be a nuclear explosion if it hits the floor.

    • Plutonium is very heavy. A ball that size should be a visible strain to hold up.

    • When Syd tracks down her Dad to talk to him, he gets out of his car without anything in his hands. He and Syd talk and he walks away from her with a briefcase in his left hand.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Sydney: Are you insane? Calling me in here for a social event? SD-6 has a division whose sole responsibility it is to track their agents and report back suspect activity. "Your girl" is risking her life, and you yours, every time we lay eyes on each other. So, do me a favor: don't be so friendly.
      Lambert: I-I just love your spirit.
      Sydney: That's heartening. Are we done here?

    • Sydney: See you when I get back.
      Vaughn: No, actually, you won't. Uh, I'm being replaced by a senior officer. It seems I wasn't experienced enough to be your handler.

    • Sydney: I don't want it to be like that anymore, I'm just sick of it. I mean, I always had this feeling that maybe someday, I don't know, my dad and I would connect. That things could start to get better.
      Francie: Well, you know my opinion of your dad.
      Sydney: I know.
      Francie: But listen. If you can find it in your heart to forgive him for being the kind of guy he's been all your life, which I would find impossible and could never do, then you should make a real effort.

    • Sydney: (reading one of Rambaldi's schematics) "Rudimentary Schematic for Transportable Vocal Communicator".
      Sloane: The guy was drawing up plans for a cellphone around the time of the Ottoman Empire.
      Dixon: Come on!
      Sloane: Ridiculous, right? You know me, I'm not a new age kind of guy, I don't believe in the power of the pyramids, I'm not a big granola fan.

    • Vaughn: What can you tell me about this woman, Anna Espinosa?
      Sydney: She was born in Cuba, raised in Russia. One of the last of the Cold War babies. Go-to Officer at K-Directorate for wet work and active measures. About a year ago, I had a meeting with an informant in Yugoslavia, low level, just a guy with intel who needed the money. Anna recorded the entire conversation with a parabolic mike from the building next door.
      Vaughn: How do you know?
      Sydney: Because as I was shaking his hand to leave, she blew out the back of his skull with a sniper rifle, even though she got what she came for. Her way of telling me I was way out of my league.

    • (On Intercom)
      Sydney: Who am I talking to?
      Vaughn: Your invisible friend.
      Sydney: Good. Where are you?
      Vaughn: Satellite relay station back in L.A., watching you from a two-hundred mile orbit.
      Sydney: (looks up at the sky) My guardian angel.

    • Ana: I heard about your fiancé. Very sad. I thought perhaps it was a security execution sanctioned by your employer. Maybe you said something in your sleep you shouldn't have. But then why would you be here in service for the men that killed your true love?

    • Lambert: I hate to pull rank, but time is a factor here.
      Sydney: Time is a factor here. You know how much time? Seven years. That's how long I worked for SD-6 before I found out who they really are. And now that I know, my days of blindly following orders are over.
      Lambert: Who the hell do you think you're talking to?
      Sydney: I know exactly who I'm talking to. Tell Devlin if Agent Vaughn isn't on the other end of this earpiece when I turn it on, the C.I.A. gets nothing.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The set in which the car is displayed in Madrid is the same set that was used in episode 2.06 "That Old Black Magic" of Charmed as a museum.

    • Music from episode includes:
      "The Beginner" by Miranda Lee Richards
      "La Cienega Just Smiled" by Ryan Adams
      "Rings A Bell" by Bill Bonk
      "Go Get It" by Spookie Daly Pride

    • The episode's title, "Parity", is a computer reference. A parity bit is an bit at the end of a byte used for error detection. It's association to this episode seems to be the relationship between Sydney and Lambert, and his supervising of her progress.


    • Marshall: ... you'll probably want to dress nice, you know, dress to thrill.
      A play on Dressed to Kill, the title of four movies, one of which is an adaptation of a Arthur Conan Doyle's story and the more recent one was directed by Brian De Palma in 1980.