Season 2 Episode 9

Passage (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2002 on ABC

Episode Recap

Vaughn and the CIA get news that the CP necklace has been detonated. Kendall tells Vaughn they can't help without people knowing about the nuclear weapons, so if the Bristow's are alive, then they're on their own.

Vaughn gets news that the nuclear weapons have been prepped.

Jack and Irina argue.

Jack, Irina, and Sydney meet an old friend of Jack's for materials.

Sydney gets in contact with Vaughn, who tells her that the nukes will be activated the next day.

Irina and Jack argue some more, and Sydney tells them the nukes have been activated.

Somebody calls Sloane and tells him that if Sloane doesn't give 100 million in barabonds, the next delivery will be sent to the Alliance.

Jack, Irina, and Sydney go through a mine field, in which Irina only knows where the mines are.

Kendall tells Vaughn to get the Bristows to pull out, because the Indians found out the Pakistan rebels have acquired nukes and are launching air strikes in 24 hours. Kendall allows Vaughn to go to India because Vaughn has contacts there.

At the base, Irina wants them to split up to recover the nukes, but Jack says he and Irina are not splitting up. After discussing, Jack allows them to split up.

Sloane meets with the Alliance and tells them about the blackmailer. Sloane tells them that they should give the blackmailer the bonds, but put trackers on them so they can assasinate the blackmailer. The Alliance tells Sloane that if he does get Emily back, she would still have to be killed.

Jack and Sydney meet back up, and Sydney tells Jack she hasn't seen Irina. They go in a room, and Sydney unlocks a case and finds the core empty. The door opens and a group of people led by Gerard Cuvee. Irina comes in behind the group and stands beside Gerard Cuvee.

Irina and Gerard are in a room and talk. They end up making out.

Sloane delivers the briefcase of barabonds, with Marshall on comms, who tells him that the tracker is working perfectly. The blackmailer calls Sloane and tells him to walk away from the briefcase. The voice tells Sloane to pick up a newspaper, where there is an envelope that has pictures of Emily with blood on her face. Marshall gets a message on his computer saying "signal lost".

After being left alone, Irina tells Jack that she was caught and she had to pretend she was with them. Irina then tells Jack what to do.

Sark and Cuvee talk.

Irina hits Jack and then leaves his cell. Jack opens his hand and he has a set of keys.

Vaughn talks to an Indian government official and tells him to not go through with the air strike, but the official says he has to, but gives Vaughn a head start.

Jack opens the door to Sydney's cell and tells her that Irina is still on the good side.

After fighting and retrieving the cores, Irina, Jack, and Sydney get into the hellicopter with Vaughn.

Irina is put back into her CIA cell, which now has pillow, blanket, and a matress.

Irina tells Sydney that she shot her in Taipei because Cuvee was in the next room watching to see if Irina would betray him or Sydney.

Sydney calls Irina, "Mom".

Vaughn gives Sydney what looks to be tickets.

Sydney, Will, and Francie are playing mini-golf. Vaughn is behind a fence, watching them play, and smiling.

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