Season 2 Episode 9

Passage (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2002 on ABC

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  • The truth about many things

    The family "vacation" continues and after a lot of trouble to get their real target, it looks like Jack might have been right - they should have not trusted Irina as in the most important moment she betrays them but as suspected - in the end, she is on their side.. So a lot of fooling around nothing. But there is a turn in Sydney's and Irina's relationship as in the end, she explains a lot of her actions to Sydney and she says mom back to her..

    So, I think in the end, a good episode and a lot of char development.
  • Against all odds

    Lo escribí, justo me quedé sin internet y no tengo ganas de escribirlo devuelta.

    Alias es una serie de televisión estadounidense, que ha sido emitida por la ABC desde el 30 de septiembre de 2001 hasta el 22 de mayo de 2006. Es una serie de espionaje y acción basada en la lucha de la inteligencia estadounidense contra el crimen organizado internacional. Las relaciones personales, el drama, la acción y en ocasiones la comedia también están presentes en esta serie creada por J.J. Abrams, que destaca por sus imprevisibles giros argumentales.

    La protagonista de Alias, Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner), es reclutada por el SD-6, una rama de una gran organización criminal que a ojos de sus empleados es una división secreta de la CIA financiada con dinero negro. Al darse cuenta del engaño, Sydney acude a la auténtica CIA donde la reclutan para que ejerza como agente doble para ayudar a desmontar la estructura del SD-6. Ahí descubre que su padre, Jack Bristow (Victor Garber), también es agente de la inteligencia, y, como ella, también es agente doble.

    Gran parte de la trama gira alrededor de los artilugios e invenciones de Rambaldi, un arquitecto, profeta y hombre de ciencia del siglo XV que tuvo extraordinarias visiones en su época y que dejó para la posteridad una serie de artilugios y profecías que muchos gobiernos y grupos terroristas internacionales quieren conseguir y ensamblar pues les atribuyen propiedades curativas o capacidades fantásticas como armas.

    La gran habilidad de los guionistas para transformar continuamente la serie sirve para que, a pesar de los constantes cambios en la trama, ésta tenga consistencia y pueda ser tenida en cuenta como una única historia.
  • Review

    Much better part two then part one was. I thought part two was more ALias oriented and I also think it is one of the few times in the shows history that the end of the episode was not a cliffhanger ending. When that happens the next episode could go anywhere. The mini-story arch with Sydneys mother is somewhat over, as they have had there big mission and it went exactly like everyone could have ever hoped for. With the next epiosde starting a new mission likely somewhere else - we begin a new story arch. The only arch I see carrying over into the next episode is the still very interesting "Who has Arvins wife" storyline. The trace has dissaperred however, so they could maintain the mystery and not even tell us anything about that next episode. Overall, this was one of the better episodes of season 2. Very well written and I liked everything that the episode had - from Sydneys mother betraying Sydney and Jack to getting right back on there side after a great scene two minutes later. Fantastic episode from start to finish.
  • Not as good as part one but still interesting & a little funny.

    Not as good as part one but still interesting & a little funny.

    Sloan went to the Aliance with the kidnappers ransom demands, and the Aliance agreed to pay the ransom, and use a tracking device to find out who & where the kidnappers are. So why do I have this feeling that this is all some sort of plan that Sloan has cooked up, maybe to steal some money from the Aliance and keep Emily alive somehow. She *was* alive when her finger was cut off. So is she *still* alive? Sloan is definately up to something.

    Now back to the Bristow's. I loved how they were both the concerned parents when Sydney was wounded. And the whole story about the toaster was cute & it was nice to see Jack & Irena reminicing about the days when they were married & in love (?). And Sydney lecturing both her parents, was cool. Well somebody had to knock some sense into them.

    I actually was expecting Irena to double cross Jack & Syd. But was she really caught, or when things didn't go exactly as planned for her she changed sides again with the story of her getting caught. But whatever the reason, she now has gained Syd's complete trust & I think maybe Jack's as well. That could have been the plan.

    We finally got an explanation from Irena about why she shot Syd in Taipei, Syd may have believed her mother but I didn't.

    I love Irena & Sark, they are both so cool.

  • The Bristows part 2

    So this one was once again all about Sydney, Jack and Irina. Just as it is: a follow-up of Part 1. This one wasn't quite as good though.

    This episode started of where the other ended: Sydney, Jack and Irina fought and they won. While the CIA thought for a short while that they were dead, The Bristows continue there mission. I absolutely adored the scene with Sydney's wound, the parent were both so caring. Even better was perhaps the oh so cute story of the toaster. God, for a second they actually were a real family!

    Let me say one thing: Terry O'Quin is genius. I know I really haven't mentioned Kendall but he's cool. You get that feeling from him, like 'I don't like him' but he's cool, and he's one of the good guys. Done with that, I thought the CIA was doing absolutely nothing. They didn't even try to save The Bristows. Except for, offcourse, Vaughn. Who actually got permission for once to go and save his girl ;)

    I really didn't get why the bommings were ( I bet it was mentioned, but I just wasn't paying attention ) and I really didn't care for it. The flower was cool, though. Can you imagine what you would do with Eternal Life?

    I don't know what to think of Sark. He looks cool, he sounds cool, he's a cool evil guy. But I don't know what, but I guess I'll find out sooner or later. I'm doubting Irina too now. I know she did everything good in this episode, but it seemed like she was enjoying being evil or something. Plus, the coincedence of Sark in SD-6 is really too much of a coincidence. This was planned.

    So this was ok. But it just wasn't that much fun as Part 1. It even was kinda boring at times.
    I did love Syd's quote:
    "You know, some people go miniature golfing with their parents. We go to India and look for nukes."
    And Irina asking "how's school" while walking trough land-mines :lol:

    The ending gave me a ~home~ feeling. Sydney with friends and Vaughn watching. Just makes me love life :)

  • Just too unbelievable to be really entertaining...

    I just did not like this episode, because it was so unbelievable. 3 (!) - it's right, that these are on of the best, but three?!?!?!?! - persons invade a heavily secured base, clear all obstacles (mines and what not) and finally go right off with a helicopter in front of the main building, while the area is under attack by indian fighters. Helloooo? Has there been no supervisor keeping his eyes on the work of the script-authors? This episode is just too far-fetched to be fun.

    And finally family Bristow gets together again it seems, which is just too easy in my opionion. Years of anger and real hate, just melt away and there's this happy family fighting against global terrorists and winning?

    I did not like this episode one bit. It corrupts all those episodes, that have preceeded it. Just leave this episode out - it'll spare You dissappointment...

    In defense of this episode: acting is great and human interest is well placed.
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