Season 2 Episode 9

Passage (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2002 on ABC

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  • Not as good as part one but still interesting & a little funny.

    Not as good as part one but still interesting & a little funny.

    Sloan went to the Aliance with the kidnappers ransom demands, and the Aliance agreed to pay the ransom, and use a tracking device to find out who & where the kidnappers are. So why do I have this feeling that this is all some sort of plan that Sloan has cooked up, maybe to steal some money from the Aliance and keep Emily alive somehow. She *was* alive when her finger was cut off. So is she *still* alive? Sloan is definately up to something.

    Now back to the Bristow's. I loved how they were both the concerned parents when Sydney was wounded. And the whole story about the toaster was cute & it was nice to see Jack & Irena reminicing about the days when they were married & in love (?). And Sydney lecturing both her parents, was cool. Well somebody had to knock some sense into them.

    I actually was expecting Irena to double cross Jack & Syd. But was she really caught, or when things didn't go exactly as planned for her she changed sides again with the story of her getting caught. But whatever the reason, she now has gained Syd's complete trust & I think maybe Jack's as well. That could have been the plan.

    We finally got an explanation from Irena about why she shot Syd in Taipei, Syd may have believed her mother but I didn't.

    I love Irena & Sark, they are both so cool.