Season 2 Episode 9

Passage (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2002 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • At the end, when Syd plays miniature golf with Will and Francie, she uses a red ball; the same color as the big red "ball" created by Rambaldi Device.

    • Irina tells Sydney why she shot her in "The Enemy Walks In."

  • Quotes

    • (The Bristows navigate a mine field)
      Sydney: Where did the PRF get all these mines?
      Irina: You Americans have the worst inventory control in the world... so Sydney, how's school?
      Sydney: I'm writing my dissertation... supposedly.

    • Irina: You must have a lot of questions.
      Sydney: Yeah.
      Irina: One thing that should not wait any longer is why I shot you in Taipei. The rebel leader, Gerard Cuvee... When you were in Taipei, he was in the next room watching to see if I would betray him or you. Shooting you in the shoulder, giving you time to escape, it was the only way I could think to maintain his trust and keep him from killing both of us.

    • Jack: (about Irina) She was putting on a show for Cuvee. Before she left, she put these in my hand. She told me they're using the cores to activate a Rambaldi artifact.
      Sydney: They're not detonating the nukes?
      Jack: Among the things Rambaldi experimented with was self-sustaining cell regeneration. This artifact they're opening today is reported to be Rambaldi's proof of endless life.

    • Sydney: Deploy? Detonate?
      Vaughn: "Activate." That's the word they used. Now, it might mean delivery, maybe detonation, we don't know. But we have to assume the worst since they got the control codes through SD-6.
      Sydney: And I got the control codes for SD-6 which means I can deactivate the nukes.
      Vaughn: If you get there in time.

    • Vaughn: I just don't think we should cut them loose.
      Kendall: Listen. Alive or dead, the mission failed. So if the Bristows are out there, they're on their own.

    • Vaughn: Look, you're probably going to say no to this but I want to go to India. I was stationed there for two years, I have relationships ...
      Kendall: Go.
      Vaughn: Go?
      Kendall: I'll have a military aircraft waiting. This is totally back channel.
      Vaughn: You're just gonna ... Are you trying to get rid of me?

    • Sydney: You know, some people go miniature golfing with their parents. We go to India and look for nukes.

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