Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 2003 on ABC
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While Vaughn's life hangs in the balance, Lauren butts heads with Sydney after learning the part she played in his stabbing. Meanwhile, Sydney further questions Sloane's allegiances after he is kidnapped by Kazari Bomani, a kingpin in The Covenant; Jack's cover is jeopardized when he meets with Simon to dig up information on Sydney's missing two years; and Marshall is sent on his second mission with Sydney, posing as a high-stakes, southern gambler.moreless

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  • The overall agenda of the Covenant remains hazy at best, while the season continues to struggle to form one solid storyline.

    Arvin Sloane is some tulip! It's baffling how there seems to be some fantastic character turns pocketed away within each episode so far, but the episode itself, much like the first 3, fails to retain that level of viewer satisfaction - The Covenant are front and centre, but their agenda, at this stage, is both hazy and weak at best.

    I'm repeating myself, I realise this, but save for some catty remarks between Syd and Lauren, an awkward scene between Jack and Simon, and a scene involving Sloane that makes him so serpent-like you simply cannot believe the NSC would agree to his terms, I found very little to hold my attention.

    The chase scene was a lot fun, and there was a degree of innocence to it all, as a few kiddish smiles crept up on Lauren's face as she finally got to experience the thrill of being field rated. The dream sequence was also an effective mislead. Vaughn still has feeling for Syd, but we all know he's too much of a gentleman to act on what his subconscious is telling him .

    The audacity of Sloane suggesting he act as a double agent was gloriously absurd. I share Syd's frustrations: the NSC seem determined to oppose every opinion Sydney has regarding Sloane and his captivity. It's still bugging me how nonchalant Dixon is being about the man who destroyed his world...Nevertheless, that scene where Arvin invites Marshal to run the lie detector test was extremely unsettling.

    Props must also go to Victor, those scenes where Simon details the nature of his relationship with Julia was handled with such perfection by Garber. He never oversold his apparent discomfort with Simon boasting about their sexual activities, he just allowed enough of Jack to seep through his cover while remaining in character under his Alias. He totally nailed it.

    It was a busy episode overall, but not exactly an interesting one. It had its moments, sure, especially that part where Marshall slapped Syd on the ass and the look she gives him being priceless, but the overall drive of the main arc seems to be going nowhere fast. And now that Simon is effectively out of the picture, the Bristows have no leads on those missing two years..moreless
  • Review

    Season Three continues its charge as one of the best seasons of Alias with this episode. As a show continues to grow you tend to see a decline in the originality of the writing. However, with ALias every season seems to have a newand interesting storyline to it and I'm liking season 3 the best so far. Season 1 was all about SD-6 and the creation of Sydney being a Double Agent, Season 2 was mainly about the destruction of SD-6 and then the importance of the CIA. Season 3 seems to be about chasing The Covenent and adjusting to the big time difference / change.

    Sark prooves once again to be the best villian that television has ever seen in this episode. The scenes of him shooting the guards and walking striaght into the back computer was awesome. I thought the scenes with Sydney and Lauren were also very well done - showing how things can be said in the heat of the moment but then taken back ocne everything settles down. Jacks involvment in the episode was good, though I would have liked to see the "Missing Link" in Sydneys life stay a live a little bit longer before he was killed. Either way though, the episode was very well done - about what I expect out of this seasonmoreless
  • Simon: "On a scale of one to ten, ten being the most degenerate displays of sexual theatre known to man, Julia's like a 17!"

    Simon: "On a scale of one to ten, ten being the mostdegenerate displays of sexual theatre known to man, Julia's like a 17!" This episode was one of the better ones. It showed Syd's conern for Vaughn and let us in on the fact that Vaughn misses her too. I loved Lauren and Sydney butting heads (mainly because I can't stand Lauren) and it just makes for good tv. Also, when Simon was talking to Jack I could not stop cracking up! The car chase was also absolutely FANTASTIC!

    On the action side of this episode:

    I just wasn't convinced it lacked that on the edge of your seat quaility Alias is famous for. But what did happen was The Covenant used the virus to kill everyone ina prison except for a prisoner named Bomani who is aparently the largest arms dealer in Africa. Sark got him out of the now abandoned prison and they captured Sloane. Sydney went chasing after them but they drove off with her shooting behind them Lauren pulls up and says GET IN then they chase Sloane ultimately losing them but with all of the tension between these characters it was a wonderful high tension situation.

    After they kidnapped Sloane they threatened him until Sloane made them an offer the couldn't refuse. Sloane then reported all of this back to the CIA. The lie detectors said he was telling the truth. So Sloane is now a Double Freaking Agent! With Sloane's intel Marshal goes in with Sydney and they make it seem the were cheating at poker in order ot get into a back room wher they could corrupot files the Covenant was coming for. They get stuck under a desk and Sydney has to hold his nose to keep him from sneezing.

    On the love triangle side:

    Things get messy! They find Vaughn and rush him to the hospital. We see Lauren waiting in his room. Sydney comes up and says she wants to explain everything Sydney does and Lauren fusses her out! Later when they are both the plane they decide to be blunt with one another and Lauren says that Sydney should request a transfer to another office and if she doens't Lauren will! Sydney asks if that was a threat Lauren says the NSC will agree with her because Sydney is distracting her from the Lazarey incestigation.

    When Vaughn wakes up he looks over to the chair and surprise it's Sydney. She goes and sits on the bed with him she tells him that because she almost lost him it made her realize just how much she missed him and needed him. Vaughn replied by saying that he misses her too. He puts his hand behind her neck and pulls her to him they kiss. then Sydney stabs him and asks how he could do this to her. Vaughn wakes up and sitting in the chair is Lauren. She comes and puts her head on his chest he looks away looking guilty.

    Lauren says it wasn't her place to tell Sydney to transfer and she wants to try and make this work out. Then Lauren asks if Sydney will go see Vaughn that he would really like it.

    In the last scene Weiss, Sydney and Lauren are all sitting in Vaughn's hospital room laughing and talking. Weiss is getting ready to go and Sydney asks if she can grab a ride. She goes back for her coat and sees Lauren and Vaughn kissing we see her cry at losing Vaugh. Highlight Moments:

    (*) While they're undercover Marshall slaps Sydney on the butt as part of his alias. Sydney's face just drops and she shoots him a very "excuse me what did you just do" look and he looks like he might collapse. (*)During the car chase Simon calls Julia and says he has another job. He says she sounds distracted and Lauren tells her that whatever it is it can wait. It was great because Sydney was acting like she had done this a hundred times before and Lauren was freaking out. (*) When Lauren and Sydney are on the plane and they devide to stop exchanging formalities and just be blunt (i think this speaks for itself)

    (*) I have to mention it again when Jack is posing as a client and Simon finds out that he's Sydney/Julia's father and starts talking about how Syd is sooo good in bed. And after Jack shoots Simon he keeps going on about how wild she is and then Jack shoots him. By: CrazyLady22moreless
  • Yay

    This episode has a lot of stuff happening, so let me just jot down the basics. Marshall and Sydney go out on a mission playing a high stakes card game, Vaughn gets rescued, Lauren and Sydney butt heads, Vaughn dreams of Syndey, and Jack goes undercover to meet Simon to figure out what he knows about Sydney's two years.

    I thought the episode, once again, was really good. I'm really not liking Lauren at the moment. She's very jealous. OK, I know who she really is thanks to my friend who loves to spoil things for me, but when I watch I try not to think about it.

    I guess there's a romantic side to me somewhere because I thought Vaughn's dream was...well I don't have a word for it. Except when Sydney stabbed him. Again. I'm glad he still loves her.

    Marshall, once again, is hilarious in this episode, and I really like him. If he gets killed off I'll be one pissed off dude, but for now I'm happy.moreless
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Greg Grunberg

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Vaughn makes reference to Weiss being shot in "The Enemy Walks In."

    • Number 47: Both Sydney and Lauren are paged with the number 47911 on their pagers.

    • Ebola is a truly gruesome way to die with the body bleeding from many places. However, it does take quite a bit of time, usually 6-10 days for it to become fatal. And even the most deadly form of it (Ebola Zaire) has a 90% fatality rate, meaning 10% survive (not in good health). Even with engineering, and an artificial virus, there is no way that you could have the near-instant fatalities that are depicted. That is how chemical agents work, not biological. There would also be enormous amounts of blood around all the bodies, not to mention survivors. The HasMat team would also have been there for days before the first person died (but would not really have been able to save anyone... there is no treatment for Ebola).

      And tailoring a virus to target (or omit) a single person would be a silly thing to do. Viruses by their very nature are highly prone to mutation (thus messing up your targeting), and you would most likely kill the people you were trying to protect.

    • Goof:
      During the car chase you can see Lauren in the car steering to the right to make a tight turn, but in the next shot out of the car you can see all vehicles making a left turn.

    • When Sark hands off the money for the bio-weapons, the top bills flutter in the wind and you can see the plain white paper underneath them making up the rest of the stack, even though the payoff is supposed to be authentic. In other words, the prop department didn't bother to use real money for all the stacks.

    • The code Marshall is working on in Osaka isn't really program code, it's a "makefile" - a description on how to compile the actual code. This particular makefile was generated by "GNU Automake."

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Weiss: Vaughn will back me up. This is a true story, I swear. Sophomore year, college. Her name was April First.
      Vaughn: Birth name, by the way.
      Weiss: Right. And for like a month I was obsessed. I though this woman had to have my children, okay? The problem was that she only dated guitar players. Literally.
      Lauren: A girl should have her standards.
      Vaughn: Since she worked at a coffeehouse, Eric decided to impress her on open-mike night.
      Sydney: You play the guitar?
      Weiss: No, no not even a little. But I thought that, you know, if I got up on that stage and the spotlight was in my face, that maybe God would imbue my hands with the power of Stevie Ray Vaughn.
      Lauren: So what happened?
      Weiss: Oh, disaster. Just embarrassment. I didn't play two notes that went together.
      Sydney: Poor baby.
      Lauren: And what about April First?
      Weiss: Oh, we made out in my Gremlin in my parking lot.

    • Marshall: If I were any more nervous, I'd need new underpants just about now.

    • Simon: On a scale of one to ten, ten being the most degenerate displays of sexual theater known to man? Huh... Julia's like a 17!

  • NOTES (3)