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Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 2003 on ABC
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Sydney and Vaughn are reunited again as a team to prevent Sark from destroying the nation's satellite communications system. Meanwhile, Jack must find a way to stop Marshall from uncovering the identity of a familiar murderer. Sydney accompanies Vaughn and Lauren as they meet with Sloane to ask for a favor.moreless

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  • Draws on Roger Donaldson's 1987 film "No Way Out"

    Draws on Roger Donaldson's 1987 film "No Way

    Sidney finds herself in the same plight as USN Lt. Commander Tom Farrell, the Kevin Costner character.
  • I hate you Lauren. I love you Jack.

    I'm not sure what the writers' intentions are with Lauren. Are they trying to make us symphathize with her? I certainly hope not. Every second she got screentime, I hated her even more.

    She's disastrous. And Vaughn... disgusting. Basically, for Syd, it's like, yesterday she had a healthy relationship. Today? Nothing.

    Yet Vaughn kisses and flirts with Lauren every moment available. Disgusting....

    I really HOPE that Lauren turns out to be bad, so Syd will have an excuse to kill her.

    Other part of the episode I kind of disliked, was Dixon... he is obviously not too concerned about Sloane. Or he needs to be reminded that Sloane ordered his wife's death? Also, him as a boss... it just doesn't work. His character wasn't "designed" to stay at the desk.

    The rest, was, excellent though. Jack is so great. His character developed alot in the past seasons, and now he's a real bad-ass. Although Marshall didn't quite change, everytime he gets even a second screentime, he manages to make me laugh out loudly. Sydney was great, as usual, and it's quite obvious that Vaughn still has feelings. Although currently, I don't know if I hate Vaughn more than I like him...

    Overally, solid episode, it was nerve wracking. Racing with time(Jack) and racing with Sark(Syd and Vaughn), and the emotinal roller coaster....moreless
  • Two against one...

    It's another safe offering from the 3rd season of Alias. Where have the edge-of-your-seat cliffhangers gone, eh? Thankfully, there are some cracking one-liners and enough animosity between Syd and Lauren to fuel the episode. Jack's attempts at preventing Marshall from discovering Syd is the murderer also adds some much needed momentum to the proceedings.

    Lauren's intro into the series is a good'un, and she has every right to feel threatened by Sydney. Those scenes in the briefing room were a real treat, with both characters at each others throat as Vaughn prudently keeps his opinions to himself. Those awkward glances between the 3 characters just made those scenes. They were great.

    The missions this week weren't exactly memorable. In fact, I'm finding it difficult to care one way or another about what the Covenant have planned. For now, anyways, the driving arc is the threat Lauren holds over Sydney, both professionally and emotionally. It also doesn't help that I really don't like Sark, so having him serve as this year's big bad is a little underwhelming...

    Still, I can always count on Sloane to vindictively stir things up. How he addressed Vaughn and Syd's past relationship in front of Lauren was a work of art. As of right now, he could be up to anything. Heck, his organisation could very well be a front for Covenant dealings.

    I'm glad Weiss has a more dominant role on the show as Syd's new confidant. Having lost Will and Francie, and Dixon now that I think of it (he's all about the suit now), she really needs a firm shoulder to lie drunkenly on, heh. Those scenes were rather sweet and it's moments like these that made season 1 and 2 extra special.

    All in all, it's a good episode of Alias. But is that really a compliment? Season 2 steadily held solid 9s, often 10s throughout the season, and we've yet to see any of that pizazz from this one. C'mon Alias, kick it up a gear!moreless
  • Review

    Ims till not seeing the season three slump that everyone continues to rave about on the forums. I like the aqkward scenes between Lindsey, Vaughn, and Sydney - it makes the show interesting to have the high tension on the good guys side of things as well as the bad guy side of things. Speaking of the bad guys - Sark has to be one of the best bad guys in television show history. His overall apperance on the show just makes him come off as a bad guy and the new haircut makes him look like the top dog this season as far as bad guys go. There is no more Rambaldi and the main target of the season seems to be this group "The Covetent" and what Sark and Sydney have in connection with them. Sydney has some form of a dark past with them, unless Sark just told the man that to through her off and its nothing like that at all. Either way - this episode was fantastic and one of the best episodes of the entire short season, and a high ranking one for Alias "All-Time"moreless
  • Sydney vs Vaughn, Sydney vs Lauren, Jack vs Simon everyone is against the Bristo's in this episode.

    One of the best episodes yet this season. Vaughn's comatose dream was so believeable I honestly thought that Sydney really did stab him. Also Sydney and Lauren are finally going to stop being so nice to one another. There needs to be some hostiltiy there for it to be believable (Who could face the love of there life with his new wife everyday without having hostile feelings and vise versa). All in all this was one of my favorites!!moreless
Greg Grunberg

Greg Grunberg

Eric Weiss

Kevin Weisman

Kevin Weisman

Marshall J. Flinkman

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Sydney Anne Bristow

Carl Lumbly

Carl Lumbly

Marcus R. Dixon

Ron Rifkin

Ron Rifkin

Arvin Sloane

Michael Vartan

Michael Vartan

Michael C. Vaughn

Pierrino Mascarino

Pierrino Mascarino

Science Minister

Guest Star

Scott Adsit

Scott Adsit

Pierre Lagravenese

Guest Star

Mark Ivanir

Mark Ivanir


Guest Star

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    • Marshall: Uh, you know I was curious. Lindsey briefs the President, right? Well, you think maybe, you know, assuming this all goes well, that he could, uh, request one of those little White House tie clips for me or maybe some peanuts from Air Force One because I love peanuts. Uh, you figure they would get top quality peanuts if you're, uh, President.

    • Sydney: All I know is the myth. You, know, a women so ugly that if you looked at her you turned to stone.
      Weiss: Sounds like the myth of my college girlfriend.

    • Sydney: The truth is...
      Weiss: You're insane.

    • Weiss: (To Sydney) You weren't dumped. You were dead.

    • Weiss: (About Lauren) Syd, she's a good person. I'm not trying to rub it in, but I... I don't want to be dishonest.

    • Sydney: I haven't even asked anyone how they met.
      Weiss: Are you asking me? The NSC was wrapping up the case on your mom . . .uh, we were all deposed . . . Lauren was the one asking the questions. They hit it off.

    • Sloane: (To Vaughn) Mr. Vaughn. You know, I remember how close you were with Sydney. I'm sure you share my relief in having her back.

    • Weiss: (to Sydney) There's got to be something that you had that you just loved that it kills you that you don't have it anymore.

    • Sydney: (To Sloane) You've made your obligations clear, now let me clarify mine. I am obliged to extract unimaginable pain from you the moment you are no longer a valuable source of intel for the CIA. Personally, I hope you don't help us out...

  • NOTES (2)

    • Music from this episode includes:
      "She's Got You" by Patsy Cline
      "Pati Pami" by Puya
      "Choked Up" by Whiskeytown
      "Something Else" by Gary Jules

    • Sydney: Think about it... all the paper... newspaper clippings from high school, and yearbooks, and sweaters I was never gonna wear again, ever, and... pictures, and... picture frames...

      The picture frame Sydney is referring to, possibly, is an antique one that Vaughn gave her for Christmas season one.