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  • In the first three seasons, Sydney Bristow plays a double agent with the real CIA, and a agent for a anti-government missionary agency, SD-6. In the 4 and current season, she works for a black-ops covert operations of the CIA.

    Alias is currently my favorite show because it has high drama and non stop action and suspense. The plot in the first three seasons were excellent because Sydney Bristow, who is played by Jennifer Garner, had many things to deal with of being a double agent and dealing with personal issues of friends and family, and social issues of going to school. The show is attractive because one, Jennifer Garner is the lead actress of the show. The four season and current fifth season are good because there are many revealed secrets that were unknown in the first three seasons. In the fourth, she had a step-sister, who was Nadia. In the fifth, there is the emergence of pregnancy from her boyfriend and former handler and now workmate, Vaughn. Now, it took a weird twist that killed Vaughn. Two, the main focus is on national security issues of terrorism and even relations of contemporary possibilities of rogue states. Three, it gives a pretty good basic on how a bureaucracy may work in terms of hierarchical order. Overall, it is a worthwhile show to watch.
  • Simply the best!

    Alias is my favorite TV-show of all time! I love it! I hope this is not the last season, the show has so much more. Jennifer Garner is the Best! J.J Abrams is a genius who has created this show.
    So if you don´t watch Alias you will miss something.
  • It's no use watching this crap anymore.

    Mygod this is terrible. Why do I even bother to watch it? First season was awesome, second was okay, third was HORRIBLE and this one is not far behind. What's up with this Rachel Gibbons (Rachel Nichols) thingy? Is she going to replace Garner when the baby arrives. God, let's not hope they'll give it another season. This show died when Vaughn (Michael Vartan) died.
  • great show...great writing...great acting...GREAT!!

    this show is absolutely wonderful. to bad that michael vartan was killed off. i loved the cemestry between syd and vaughn. mia and michael vartan both need to come back. i have only missed one episode ever since it came out. jj abrams is brillant. jennifer gardner's acting is of the reasons i watch the show.
  • One heck of a ride...

    The earlier seasons of this show were amazing. By that I mean seasons 1 and 2. After that the show pretty much lost what it was that made it a great show in the first place. I've seen the later episodes but they just weren't as satisfying as the earlier ones. I still think it's an awesome show, just not in the way that it used to be.
  • Jennifer garner is so awesome with playing the part of Sydney Bristow. That girl can really kick some butt! I wouldn't want to ever make her mad tha's for sure!

    I enjoy watching this show and I have never missed an episode, it is a real edge of your seat thriller! I think the stunts are pulled off so well in this movie. I also like the little gadgets for spying they come up with like the credit card that can store lots of computer information or the phone that is a listening device. They are always coming out with new and interesting gadgets for spying or istening to converstaions. they aslo had a bug that was a listening device. Awesome show Jennifer really can kick butt!
  • Show about how the CIA works and how the missions go. Very Interesting seeing it through Sydney's point of view.

    Awsome. Definealy Recomend. Allllot of Drama and suspence. very interesting idea great perspective seeing it through sydney. The drama and suspence make the show worthwhile. All of the character and not knowing wuts goin on only seeing a glimse so that it keeps you coming back to see what is really goin on underneath everything. HIGHLY RECOMEND WATCHING!! GETR SHOW!!!!!!
  • I can go on and on about what is wrong with the show and yet.... I can go on and on because I can not stop watching it!

    I can go on and on about what is wrong with the show and yet.... I can go on and on because I can not stop watching it!

    I love this show because it is like a comic book with real actors. Once you start looking at the show knowing nothing is real nor is it intend to protray the real CIA, you start enjoying the storytelling.

    It has a good story with lots of turns. The more things change the more they stay the same. The characters go in many directions. No character is without flaws and positive aspects. This makes the evil and heroes fun to watch.

    And now you know: Why did I watch that?

  • Was amazing... now ok

    If watch the pilot for Alias, you will become completely mesmorized. This show is so complex and amazing, especially the first three seasons. Each episode ends in the middle of a scene so you are just dying to see the next one. The stories are so intricat and there is never a lost detail. This season i can not say I am impressed with the show. They have lost Vaughn (which may or may not be permenant) but it is also not that compelling. There will have to be some seriouse changes in order to make this show fun again!!!
  • I love Jennifer Garner, this shows is interesting because of its complexity!

    Watch it!The characters are full of surprise, so its the story. You never know what's going to happen! Jennifer Garner's acting is bright and all the others actors are great! The third season was the best, really loved it! I watched only the three first episodes of season four but it seems i'm going to like it!
  • the disappointment was huge for this season. I thought they could have made it a whole lot better then it was. And who puts a known terrorist in charge of a black ops division? thats just stupid.

    I felt that this season was no where near what the other seasons were, i was rather disappointed. the first was great the seacond even better the third was not great but it was ok. the sloane clone thing, idea was good and tht could have went along way, and what its with people not staying dead in this show? i mean they get a bullet to the head and they still live what is going on?.
    The thing that annoyed me the most with this season was sydney's attitude it was annoying me to no end, and the fact that Arvin Slone a known terrorist or enemy of the state or whatever he was classed as was put in charge of a black ops division what is going on there?
    i hope that the next season, if there is one, is alot better or i will be alot more disappointed
  • This show is very exciting and fun to watch!

    I have recently fell in love with the tv series ALIAS. One day I was flipping through the channels and stumbled on to it and I really enjoyed watching it. So i went to Blockbuster and rented the first season. It was Spectacular. I Loved It! I went out and bought the first and second season. When watching this show, I get to feel what the characters are feeling because the emotions are so intense and real. This is such a great show that words can't really describe. I can't wait till I have all of the seasons in my possession.
  • Confused also.

    I don't know what happened but after they killed of Vaughn, I just don't understand it anymore.
    You don't kill him off in the first place. Maybe he is coming back...i don't know.. but i am not watching anymore until they get it figured out or it becomes more clearer.

    Even though this is one of my favorite shows, it has to be one of the most confusing shows that I have ever seen! After one of the season finales, Sydney wakes up in Honk Kong three years from then.....COME ON, NOW! WHAT THE HECK! This season, it is getting crazier still. Vaugn's dead, Weis is moving to Washington to be in the Secret Service, or something like that, I mean, this is just getting nuts.
    I really don't have a good feeling about those new people. I might be paranoid, but I just think they're both a bad road.
    Well, hopefully by the end of the season I'll be less confused......hopefully.
  • Sydney Bristow is a spy...uhh..that's it..

    OMG...i LOVE this show. This show is interesting and keeps you on your feet. It has a lot of drama, but i love there is a bit of humor by Weiss and Marshall. The characters are all great and have a distinct personality... GREAT ACTING!! this show is my personal favorite!
  • Great show, good from season 1

    Alias is such a good show, but ABC doesn't advertise it enough. Jennifer Garner is awesome and I think it's really good that someone died on the show because it mixed things up a lot, which the show needed. The new characters that have been introduced are cool and it will be interesting to see how it all unfolds. Also it's good that it's getting back to her personal life too, because it was so good when she had to keep secrets from Will and Francie.
  • Another great show that has action, comedy and a fantastic plot

    I love TV shows that have lots of action, great plots, strong characters and a bit of comedy. Alias has all of this and More.

    Every week we follow CIA agent Sydney Britow (the fantastic and great looking Jennifer Garner) and her attempt to rid the world of terrorists by donning clever disguises, using state of the art gadgets, and being able to fight her way out of tight situations.

    I love the fast pace the show generates, and the mix of action with an intreging story arc. Alias really does have it all. One of the stonger points of the show, compared to many similar that have been and gone, is the comedy. Light hearted moments are thrown in by the character Marshall and by clever writting which breaks the tension adding greater depth and dimension to the show.

    In all, this is a fantastic show, one of the best ones on TV at the moment.
  • I'm disappointed with the 5th season!

    Doesn't it sound familiar? Sydney's fiance dead? That's totally lame for me! Don't they have any other ideas? I guess it's because Jennifer got married and now she's got a kid, and Benny doesn't want her ex boyfriends hanging around?
    The other thing is the new girl.
    I don't remember her name, but I'm sure that everyone, who had watched the 3rd epsiode knows that she's:
    b)double agent...
    Hmm, let me think... Hey! That's almost exactly the same like with Mike's 1st wife? Surprise, Surprise...
    On the other hand the new guy is kind of cute, and so is the girl. So maybe it's gonna be another couple?? :)
    Anyway, I hope so, cause this would be the only thing stopping me from deleting Alias from my favourites..
  • This is a James Bond like tv series except James is actually a Jane LOL.....

    ........ Her name is Sydney & she is a spy as is her father. I can't say enough good things about this tv series. It's got a little bit of everything...suspense, action, romance, mystery & much more. I am at the edge of my seat just waiting for the next episode.
  • This show kicked butt in season 1 and 2. But, lately, it seems that the writers have run out of ideas, which is sad because the cast, especially Jennifer Garner, is so talented.

    I remember seeing commercials for Alias in summer of 2001, before it debuted. I remember thinking, "That looks like a cool show." Unfortunately, just like CSI, I forgot about it. Years later, I was able to rent the first three seasons and grew to like it a lot. Season 2 was definitely the best, as the whole double-agent plot was definitely awexome and seeing Sydney finally hook up with Vaughn was satisfying. Yet, lately, it seems they've forgotten the name of the show: "Alias". Meaning, they go undercover, assume different identities, and take on different appearances, bringing with them cool gadgets to get the job done. Lately, they've done almost nothing like that. If they can get back to that, this show should return to the watercooler group of shows that it used to be in.
  • A loyal watcher will always stay to the end, even though they know deep down it just aint as good as it used to be.

    I've watched Alias from the very beginning. At first I realised how similiar it was to that other female leading spy drama, La Femme Nikita. But it wasn't long before it fell in to a groove of it's own. Wonderful characters developed, great action sequences and flowing storylines that kept me at the edge of my seat, addicted and unable to to wait a whole week for the next enstallment.
    The first season was quite simply just fantastic television. The second was even better with the introduction of one of my favourites, Irina Derevko. I think her absence in the third season really hurt the show and the storyline as she was such an integral part of Sydney's life. With the depature of Will and Francie at the end of the second season also, season 3 was a disappointment.
    Season 4 consisted of mainly self-contained episodes that added nothing to the show, and whilst it was a welcome return for Irina, the season finale was more like something out of Resident Evil than Alias. It lost the plot big time last year and I don't think a bunch of new faces is going to save Alias for season 5. I feel this season will be it's last and perhaps it is for the best, Alias has peaked and unfortunately far too soon.
  • This is an awesome show! I am totally hooked.

    This is an awesome show! I am totally hooked. All of the characters are so well played and have excellent chemistry together. The portrayal of their characters is outstanding. Every episode I watch, I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next. There are not many shows like this these days. 2 thumbs up!
  • It's not the same!

    I think Micheal Vartan {real}/ Micheal Vaghn(spl) {charater}/ MV/MV is sooooooooooooooooooo H-O-T-T! I love Him! He's sooooooooooooooooooo sexy! I would sooooooo date him! He's the BEST double/ secret/ alias agent ever! His aliases r my fav. Yd Jenn brake ^ w/him?

    If he's gone 4 good I may not watch it ne more! I hate it w/the new ppl that u have 2 get 2 no again & the shoulda kept weiss 2!
  • Replace the majority of the cast and I'll stay faithful.

    JJ Abrams has held my attention for the past 5 years. And that attention has still not diminished with last years Lost, but with Alias it seems he knows what needs to be done to keep us there. The show has gotten to the point where the storylines are no longer original and edgy as the first 2 seasons were. So to keep his fans tuned in and to garner new ones before the show is cancelled it seems he is revamping the shows with new characters and getting rid of older ones. I am a bit saddened at losing Michael Vaughn but it may not have fit in with the new crew coming in. Or will he be back as some people keep thinking?

    For this show to keep me coming back time and time again I would love to see half of the cast replaced and new storylines and organizations dreamt up. I'm not even against Jennifer Garner moving on and Rachael Gibson taking over the star role. But by the point ABC would probably have decided the show's fate by then. But please JJ if anything, get rid of Sloane. He is way past his time in this show now.
  • I can just say that this tv show is the worst piece of crap i have ever seen. No way in hell that a girl like her can kick ass with guy that she does. And no way any agency would give here job, more like a model agency.
    I can just say that this tv show is the worst piece of crap i have ever seen.

    No way in hell that a girl like her can kick ass with guy that she does.

    And no way any agency would give here job, more like a model agency.

    Worst show

  • Hot chick. Guns. Spies. Car chases. Get your TIVO season pass.

    Many people forget that when the pilot of ALIAS premiered in 2001, TV was practically devoid of any action. Gunplay, ass-kicking, and death had all but been eradicated from the then bible belt oriented airwaves. And then along came ALIAS and not only did it keep you guessing and have a stellar cast of great actors but it single-handedly brought ass-kicking back to TV! Since it's debut, some of the plots have spiraled a little bit out of control but it's still the best action show on TV. JJ Abrams is my idol.
  • Bristow starts off working for bad-guys who say they're good-guys. She learns the truth and makes the switch. She works as a double-agent until the bad-guys are shut down. Now she's working as a real CIA agent off the books, still bringing down bad-guys,

    This show has done tons of stuff in it's four seasons, and now fifth. It was difficult to write a 50-word summary. However, the show hasn't done so much that you get confused. Alias has been continually interesting, and kept me hooked the whole time. I'm always looking forward to the next episode. If you're looking for drama/action/suspense, this show is for you; it has all of the elements somewhere. So why not a 10? Being TV, it has the unrealistic parts to it. Pregnant Bristow doing field work? Frequently stubborn to superiors and keeping her job? But otherwise good.
  • Enough badmouthing the show that gave acrylic-red hair a meaning! Alias, believe it or not, HAS gone from strength to strength, and here's the DEFINITIVE review that recognises just that.

    Season 1 was was outstanding. What set it apart from the others was, as Jennifer Garner herself has agreed, its innocense; cute little Sydney, cute little Will, cute little Francie. But hell, was it tough too.
    Season 2 gave it a name, gave it a place in the world of television. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'd personally give the credit to Lena Olin, the increadable Irina, but just about everything that season rocked.
    Season 3 answered what was possibly the most pondered question of TV that summer: "What the hell happened?". The problem was, it answered it way too slow, and by the time we found out, it just wasn't as crucial a piece of information that it once had been.
    Season 4 marked both the comeback and the prime of Alias. It introduced a new character and completely redfifined others. Sydney was, for a short while, happy, and the season ended spectacularly, with one of those rare few episodes that just gets better every time you watch it. Even the spymommy came back.
    Now then, Season 5.
    Sydney's pregnant. Oh dear - so is Jennifer Garner. Well there goes the show. Down the crapper, right? Wrong. If any actress, anybody in the world can keep a strong, emotional, convincing character going it's Jennifer, who, by the way, is just about the hardest working actor in Hollywood.
    On the whole, I hate new characters. I find them a tacky, obvious way of patching up plot-holes. So allow me to stress to you how much this is NOT 'on the whole'. The three new characters are stunning: a young, french beauty who really does remind me of a young Irina Derevko, a decent-acting Vaugn-replacement, and a stunning Sydney junior. With blonde hair!
    These three could have wreaked everything, instead, and I really do believe this, they've managed to make Alias even better.

    Finally, may I just comment on the music. The show may sometimes stand still for an episode or two, but the music, composed by the genious Michael Giacchino, just keeps getting better.

    Keep it up.
  • What happened to this show?

    What happened to this show? The first three seasons were just spectacular. Then, came the highly anticipated season four after months of waiting and it didn’t live up to the wait. Then, came season five which so far is re-recycled storylines. Okay, season one: Sidney worked was tried into working for a group of bad guys who pose as the good guys; original. Season four: it’s revealed Nadia worked for an almost identical group of bad guys who pose as the good guys; it’s a stretch, but I’ll let it slide. Season five: the new character Rachael works for, wait for it, yet another secret group of bad guys who pose as the good guys. Now, they’ve lost two major characters, Wise and Vaughn. Jennifer Garner is also pregnant, so no cool action scenes involving her kickboxing or going undercover in sexy outfits. Then, you’ve got the new highly completive timeslot. Since the show seems to be on its last legs, I wouldn’t be surprise if it gets cancelled this year.
  • Used to be great, but now, I'm not so sure. The jury's still out on the newbies but the characterization is awful.

    'Alias' had been a personal favorite of mine ever since the first time I watched it. I have all the season DVDs, many of the prequel books, and my friends think that I'm obsessed. But 'Alias' is not the same anymore. The characters are no longer themselves, original cast members have a total of 5 mins of screentime. The new season started off with great potential but the writers are known not to live up to it. The introduction of 3 new cast members does not really help things especially when there are rumors that Michael Vartan's departure wasn't his idea. The lack of Lena Olin and Jennifer Garner's pregnancy also affected the show greatly. Since JG can't go around beating up bad guys, the writers felt the need to introduce her replacement, dubbed by many fans as 'Syd-lite'. Instead of coming up with new storylines, the writers turned to the good ol' I-thought-I-was-working-for-the-CIA plot. The jury is still out for the new characters, but so far I'm only liking Renne Riene (what kind of a name is that?) and Thomas Grace (again, poor name choice). Lena Olin had already proven that her mere existance brought so much more to the show than any of her 'replacements'. But even Lena could rescue 'Alias' if the writers don't stop shooting up that Rambaldi green goo of theirs and get their act straight.

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