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  • This show ain't your father's Alias. New character is terrible, new writing is terrible, management is out to lunch, and the star isn't putting up her old-days performances. All these things make a recipe for a show losing fans fast.

    There are several things going on with this show (maybe, "not going on" would be more appropriate) that are contributing to its decline, but I will be addressing some of the cast & crew issues.

    Number 1: This new girl they have playing the helpless desk-agent just is not right for the part. I cannot tell if it is bad acting, bad writing (I'll get to you later), or just a bad casting decision. I've never seen this girl in other roles, so I have no other basis to compare her actual abilities to, she might be playing it as written and directed and if that's the case, she can't be at fault I guess, but I don't smell Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her next awards show. A big part of the original appeal of the show was the chick that could kick some butt. Why would you write a role that is so helpless and weak (even if only for a couple episodes)?

    Number 2: Ya... what about the writing and the directing? The plots just don't get me intrigued anymore, nor do they give me the 'can't wait until next week' feeling I used to get. Are there different writers these days, or are the same ones out of creative juices and just coming up with new ways to cash their checks? Where are the new plot ideas? New originality like Rambaldi-related plot lines are lacking. If Rambaldi is played out, come up with something else.

    Number 3: Dumping Vaughn. I'm usually not a fan of the pretty boy type, but I thought he did a pretty decent job. I know they wanna try to shock us, but even dumping Marshal would have been better (I think Marshall is important to the show too, but let's face it, he's not a central character). If they kill of Dixon next (who I am glad has more screen time lately), I really will be at a loss for words.

    Number 4: Who's managing this show these days? I'm sure J.J.Abrams is putting a lot of effort into Lost and is getting distracted by MI3, but if he's not going to oversee the show that basically made him a success, he obviously does not care about his creations, and if that’s the case, maybe he should abort a television career and just do movies.

    Number 5: Jen Garner: The girl next door moved to Hollywood. It doesn't seem to me that she's approaching the role the same way she did in seasons 1 and 2, due to her other acting roles, and I think this is a major contributing factor. I'm really not blaming her, a girl's gotta cash in while she's hot. I'm just saying its unfortunate that its happened. And if she doesn't want to do the show anymore (which was starting to show last season), they should have turned Mia Maestro (Nadia) into the new lead instead of writing her off. She may have needed a little coaching, but I think she could have handled it. Until the last episode of Season 4, I was actually wondering if that was what they were doing.

    Lastly, it seems like that for a show, that by nature is (should be) always changing, they are manipulating the natural progression of the show, to extend its life, and at some point which I didn't notice at the time, it became too diluted. I think they made changes to try to attract additional demographics (teens and some baby boomers), and it has diminished the enjoyment for some of the original fans. I would like to see a definite planned end for the show, however, so to whom it may concern, please put a little effort into it.

    Unfortunately, I can no longer say that this is one of my favorite shows.
  • Alias is one of my favourite shows as well.

    Alias is one of my favourite shows as well. Right now i am watching season 3, so i don\'t know what to expect exactly, cause some people say season 4 is very bad, some even say season 3 is bad, which i can not confirm until know. but i have to say that normaly i like a show also because of the caracters and not only for the story.
  • When Syd Bristow discovers she has not been working for the CIA but instead a terrorist organisation, she joins the real CIA to take the fake CIA down. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, baby!

    Played excellently by Jennifer Garner Affleck, Sydney Bristow joind the real CIA in order to take down SD6. Cue plenty of action scenes, espionage, drama and some kickass tension and revelations. All of the cast excel in their roles which only adds to the excellency of the series. Seasons one and two are the best of the series but the remainder of the seasons are also worth watching.
  • Why didn`t Jennifer waited for the baby to be born? I think that this was a mistake, that will cause the fifth season to the last season. I hope I`m wrong.

    We can all see that the pregnancy is preventing from Jennifer to play her role as a spy. But this is only a part of the problem. Since the baby became a part of this show, I guess that there will be an episode on which he or she will be born and from now on, will take an active part of the show.
    What will the writers of the show do?
    My guess that something terrible is going to happen with the baby. (NOT IN REAL LIFE).
  • Okay, listen... the "If Vaughn is dead, I'm going to stop watching the show" people... just shut up (excuse my language) and allow the storylines to play out! Think about it - does a show kill off one of its most popular main characters completely... uh,

    A few things to note:

    - Alias is a good show... you will need to watch from the beginning and give it a chance (if you haven't watched it before)... keep an open mind while watching and pay attention to the things that go on... there's a lot of details.

    - Now, for Vaughns "death"... the shows writers are most likely planning a big storyline with this... I highly doubt he's gone for good... fans love his character, even though he chose to leave, the show will bring him back.

    - The new storylines are working so far, they will need some new twists soon to keep going. My only complaint is that the show has shifted away from Rambaldi, which in my opinion, hasn't been resolved yet. Especially with the prophecy that Sydney will bear a child that is the decendent of Rambaldi... she's pregnant so that better tie in with Rambaldi or the show is going to become very inconsistent.
  • I don't care what anyone says... this show is still one of the best on television. Those who say it has gone downhill are crazy, and they probably just don't get the ingenious subtext that goes into each new plot twist. STILL a must see.

    I know, everyone is pissed about the developments this season. But i must say that even when people bailed on season three, i thought this was still a great creative show. Tracing back Syd's missing two years was very interesting to me. I know everyone also wants to write their own storylines and if the show doesn't match what they have in mind, they get angry and complain that the show is going downhill. To you i say, Shut the hell up! This isn't your show! It's JJ's show, and it STILL gives me chills most weeks.

    This season, even though everyone is upset about the major plot developments... i have to say i have NEVER felt more connected to the character of sydney bristow. If killing off a major character is what needed to be done to bring me back to the emotional interest i had in her life in seasons one and two, then so be it!

    This is STILL a must see television show, regardless of what ANYONE who is bitter, jaded, and overall shallowly minded about tv should tell you.
  • Started out as a great show, an intelligent serial thriller whose influence is felt on all dramas to this day, and then...then the intelligence just vanished. Scripts became worse and worse and I wished they had just ended at season 3. But hey: 2 great

    I loved this show during the first two seasons. Tons of plotstuff flying back and forth, action, mystery, it was great. Then they ended season 2 with a gimmick, the amnesia thing, probably the most cliched cliche in the whole genre.

    Half another season went by, then the supposedly big revelation: she erased her own memories to hide some goo, although all that did was make it harder for her to survive while all the bad guys enjoy that advantage, and the goo is found anyway, but it's not really important anyway. But Season 3 still has some good episodes...and a really bad ending where a million things happen but none of them are interesting and all of them ultra-cheesy. At some point in this season, creator JJ Abrams left the show, probably taking all his good writers or something. The Season 3 finale should have just ended everything while they were making violent cameracuts, but instead, like a friend who dies a slow, painful death as cancer riddles his body, the show lived on, "lived" being a euphemism.

    Then season 4, where they just repeat themselves so often it's practically a self-parody without the humor. The season finale is just...sigh.

    Now season 5, the first three episodes of which aren't promising, and for some wierd reason they can't even mention Rambaldi (not that I was a big fan of the mystical aspects of the show, but how do you take advantage of 4 seasons of backstory if you can't mention the one linking thread?).

    I'm glad we got Lost out of JJ Abrams, but if he was going to abandon his first good show, the least he could have done would have been to end his show on a good note. Or heck: a bad note. "Oh no! There's a bomb under the building! BOOM!!!!" Better than seasons 4- current.
  • I watch every week, but can you please make it worth it?!

    Back when it started, Alias was the best. Every week we were entertained by what Sydney's missions were and how she managed to balance her spy life with her home life. And, oh yeah, the storylines were actually decent.

    When we first met Sydney Bristow, she was a English grad student leading a double life as a top-notch spy for an evil organization (unbeknownst to her) called SD-6. Life was good for young Syd. She had a great job at the "CIA," a loving fiance named Danny, and two supportive friends, Francie and Will. But that all changed when she decided she couldn't lie about her job anymore and told Danny that she didn't really work for a bank. And what did SD-6 do in return? Well, they killed him of course. This is what set up the series, at least for the first one and a half seasons. After Danny was murdered, Sydney wanted out. And SD-6 did too. Soon, Sydney found herself in a sticky situation in a parking garage and, after escaping, was told the truth about her former employer from the last person she'd expected: her father, Jack Bristow, who also works for SD-6 (and the CIA, as we discover later). Upon learning that she wasn't working for the good guys like she thought, Sydney resolved to take down the people who lied to her for seven years. But she couldn't do this alone, could she? First, she had to regain SD-6's trust and, once back in the field, she became a double agent for the CIA, working with a man called Michael Vaughn. Together, they made each countermission bring SD-6 ever closer to its demise.

    This plot was great, and it was made even better by overlying prophecies, goofy friends, and season-finale-caliber cliffhangers. I think these elements, or rather the last two, are what the show's writers have lost sight of. People didn't just like Alias for its spy drama and hot actors. No, we appreciated the complexity for the storylines and the way each episode would just end, literally forcing fans to sit in week after week. Nowadays, the episodes don't even have links between one another. The fourth season, in fact, was aired out of order, with later episodes making it to air weeks before they were due. And, the thing is, it didn't matter! Without knowing that, nobody would have been able to tell. This is a serious lapse from the formula that made Alias such a success. I won't be surprised if it isn't on the fall lineup for the 2006 season, let alone after January 2005.

    To the writers: Bring back the old Alias!
  • Sydney Bristow was recruited to work for SD-6, which she thought was a government agency. But when her fiancé is killed by SD-6 agents, she finds out that SD-6 is not a government agency. Thats when she approaches the real CIA and becomes a double agent.

    I am not watching the current episodes that are on air right now because I became a fan of the series after it was already on for a season & a half. So I rent it online. I am up to the begining of season 2 right now & I can't wait for the next disc to arrive. This is such a good show. I don't know why I didn't become a fan right off. I love the action & I can't wait to see what happens next. It's an edge of your seat kind of thing & I love movies or tv shows like that. My plans are to hurry & catch up so I can then tune into the episodes currently on air.
  • Overrated

    What a crappy show. Might as well make it into porn. The show rides on the fact that Jennifer Garner is in skimpy outfits most of the time. The acting and storyline is horrible. Save yourself sometime don't watch this show. Watching this show makes me want to kill myself.
  • Alias Sucks Now! Used to be a favorite, but now forget it. I've got better things to watch now.

    I invested years of watching Alias only to be let down by the removal of Michael Vartan. Garner and Vartan made the show, not excluding Victor Garber and other members. Garner does not hold this show on her own as much as she thinks she does. Bad move. Should have tried to determine how the public will react.

    What can you expect from a woman who's love of her life is Ben Affleck. Poor girl, her life is now full of bad choices.

    Even if Vartan is not removed (and I'm not talking dream episodes where he comes back to tell her it's okay to go on without him), it is absolutely too late.

    Everyone I know that used to watch it or DVR it have stopped watching and stopped recording. You'll feel it in the numbers soon enough.
  • Good show but has lost a bit of its quality.

    Alias is a great show yet i can't help but realize that the previous seasons were better than the more recent episodes. Lately the episodes have a come a tad to unrealistic. Enough said though, it's a good show and a certain pleasure to watch. That and the fact that Jennifer Garner is a pretty woman ;)
  • This show absolutely rocks. Where else would a woman kick more butt than any man? You have to watch every week or you will get lost.

    I got real sick of the Rambaldi story line and Sloane gets on my last nerve- shoot him already! I didn't like Nadia and I'm glad she is off the show. Bring back Michael Vartan!!!!! I love the side story of Sydney and her father and their relationship. Her mother was wonderful and I hope they bring her back soon.
  • That's surely one of the most wonderful series I've seen in my life.

    Initially, before I could see, I though it was just another show about some secret agent, that solve all missions using unreal methods. Some kind of 007, but in a female version. Man, how wrong I was. The show is just wonderful. The charactersall very well made. A great writing and also all the actors do a great job. And it's not a tiring series. There's always something new happening, and the adrenaline is always wonderfully high. Basically, a great drama show, with high doses of action and a very dinamic storyline.
  • Um red hair ?what the efff!

    Heres the reveiw ...some chick ...action ....ummm red hair what the eff is with the red hair shes like i must infiltrate the base and crap then itts like RED HAIR!!In your face the whole show is completely usless !!!(unlike family guy)Shes got some good movies thats it but now a days who doest have good movie like million dollar baby there was like 800 people who credited for a good movie.what im trying to say with all this ranting and whining is that i need to fill the 100 word limits so im writin this ok now..This show sucks(and is homosexual)thank you for choosing the mikey man rant system good bye.
  • is't the best show thath a im see in my life but i dont se becaus i am level 1 im from mexico my inglish is not very bad bat i'm not speek to mutch ajaj ..

    its the best show thath i see in my life but i see only in the tv in this page i dont se thei program by my level how i are level two a don know how i'm from mexico my inglish is no bad by im not speek to mutch thanks..
  • good action show great actress

    jennifer garner is the very good actress very intersting show and this show is the very best i love watching action movie but she is the best actress and will watch it over and over i hope that this show will continue hope that will make a movie like this
  • This season is going to be the best one yet, if at all possible!

    Having watched this show from the very start, I have grown to love it more and more! Every season gets better and better and the season finales are the best. The shows incredible cast and remarkable action keeps many a viewer tuned in.
    As a UK viewer, I always see the release of a new season a couple of months after the US. As a result of this, I rely on American sites to keep me updated.
    The new season sounds fantastic and I seriously can not wait. The question now is what the writers have in store for this season? Especially now Syd is pregnant and Vaughn is dead - or not?.
    Perhaps Vaughn is going to be this seasons Alison .. who knows?
    10 out of 10 for keeping the audience guessing!
  • This season is going to be the best one yet, if possible!

    Having watched this show from the very start, I have grown to love it more and more! Every season gets better and better and the season finales are the best. The shows incredible cast and remarkable action keeps many a viewer tuned in.
    As a UK viewer, I always see the release of a new season a couple of months after the US. As a result of this, I have to rely on American sites to keep me updated.
    The new season sounds fantastic and I seriously can not wait. The question now is what the writers have in store for this season? Especially now Syd is pregnant and Vaughn is dead - or not?.
    Perhaps Vaughn is going to be this seasons Alison .. who knows?
    10 out of 10 for keeping the audience guessing!
  • Is he dead?

    This is one of my favorite shows, but I'm left a little jaded by it. I for one do not believe Vaughn is actually dead, especially since it seems no one ever dies in the world of Alias, so I feel like I'm not always totally invested. I'm looking forward to where this season goes, but would bet the farm on the fact that Syd and her dad have hidden Vaughn away for his own protection and he'll be popping up before the end of the season. He and Syd will probably then get married and ride off into the sunset together.
  • Acting good. Camera work and music bad.

    Too much Shakey-Cam. It's a cheap, pointless, and OVER USED device. I like the acting scenes, but the quick-cut/shakey cam crap is a bit too much. Also, waaaay too much music. I don't need constant violins telling me to be tense...also Vartan's french accent was abominable. I would expect more from someone born in Paris and raised for first 15 or so years in France. Not to mention he's a good actor. Invest a little more time in the accent. The worst FX shot ever...cliff scene.
  • Vaughn dying might be good... Enough already with all the boob-up shots only!

    I'm a chick who loves J. Gar and everything Alias. However, I was a little annoyed at the (definately bigger) breast-up shots only and then the one full body shot where she is so obviously shielding her belly with a red sweater. Just show us her tummy gosh darnit!! Don't worry.. I get it and Hollywood and why they shoot things the way that they do. I guess what I'm saying is I'm a little nervous at how the whole baby thing will play into her kickass agent role.

    To me, Vaughn dying was pretty predictable and kinda sucks but if you think about it, things are probably better. I mean, how weird would that be? Syd and Vaughn are engaged onscreen and are exes off screen. She is having a baby offscreen with some other guy (B. Fleck) but onscreen is not only pretending to be in love w/ her offscreen ex but is also sharing DNA donation reponsibility with him! Geesh! To me, that's sticky stuff. I mean, I've been around my exes before and while it's not the most horrible situation, it's definately not one of my favorites! Oy vey!
  • The Jennifer Garner show.

    Jennifer Garner is super hero spy girl Sydney Bristow. She wears all kinds of disguises that always fool people, but we can always tell who she is. She speaks about a million languages and can beat pretty much anyone up.

    That’s why this show is fun. Sydney beats people up. Actually the rest of the cast is quite good as well, but they don’t get too many lines.

    The show is at its strongest when there are self contained missions. When Sydney is sent to some country to trick someone out of something and then she comes back. When they get into the multi-season story arc stuff, it is still nice, but not exactly edge of the seat riveting, unless they are coming to the season end.
  • He can\'t be gone!!

    Everyone knows that people on this show who die are not always dead. I beleive we will be seeing Vaughn again. I have to beleive that because it would not be right for him to just be gone. He can\'t end like this. I love his character. Bring back Vaughn!!!!!
  • Guess what... I'm a double agent too!

    This show has to go back to it's initial roots. It seems like everyone is a double agent.
    It's time to bring back some core characters and not take away the characters that make the show.
    Let's see some Sark!! Keep Vaughn and Nadia. Also, is it wrong that I liked all the stuff about Rambaldi??
    Anyway, I am looking forward to see how they handle this pregnancy storyline.
    I am not going to lose hope with this show just yet...
  • Sydney Bristow is a spy who origally worked as a Double agent, trying to bringing down SD-6. Now she works for a covert brank of the CIA called APO. Through the course of the show she has learned that both her mother and lover were double agents.

    Great show full of twist. You never know what to expect from this show. Jennifer Gardner is the best thing about this show. In some sense you can tell that this show was built on the ground work of Le Femme Nikita. Many people compare the two shows, fighting over which one is better. Both shows are great in their own way. Alias has the mark of JJ Abrams all over it with its mix of mystery, suspense, and subtle sci-Fi elements.
  • I love this show. It has a great storyline, and amazing acting.

    Alias is one of my favorite shows. The show focuses on Sydney Bristow, an agent work for SD6. She thinks that it is the CIA, but it is really an illegal association. So, she goes to the real CIA, where she is able to bring down Sloane, the leader of SD6. She also falls in love with Michael Vaughn, her original CIA supporvisor. In season 2, the main story line is the relationship between Sydney and her mother Irina. Irina was a KGB agent, who married Sydneys father to get information about the CIA. In the end of this season Sydney wakes up in an alley in Japan, and finds out that she has been missing for 2 years. Season 3, she trys to find out what happened to her in the past 2 year, and Vaughn is married to Lauren Reed. Lauren also work for the CIA, but you find out that she is a double agent working with the Alliance. Another illegal group. Lauren is working with Sydneys enemy Sark, and both sides are trying to beat each other. In the end of this season Vaughn finds out and believes that his wife is a traitor, and her kills her before she can kill Sydney. Another main focus of the show is Milo Rembaldi. Rembaldi is a man from almost 500 years ago, who prophecied about today. He made several pieces, in which the show revolves around. In the end of this season Sloane and his daughter, Sydneys sister (Nadia) try to start the Rembaldi device. The fourth season really focuses on family issues. Sydney, Nadia, Vaughn, Jack, and Weiss all work for Sloane in a black ops devision of the CIA. In the end of this season Sydney mother re-surfaces, and they save the world, from another terrorist cell. Within the last five minutes of the finales episode Syndey and Vaughn get hit by a car. Now the fifth season will start, and Sydney will be pregnant with Vaughns baby. Vaughn says that he is not who she thinks he is, that he is working for terrorists. This next season looks really great. I know that I was brief on the whole story line, but I was trying to simplify this amazing show. I hope that this review will help any one with question. An if anyone has question about any show e-mail me, gachil01. I would love to try to help you out. I can't wait until this show start, again. Everyone should watch it, and buy the seasons on DVD. Anyway thanks for reading my review.
  • Fantastic show combining female hotts, with male hotts, with a large splash of the whole spying secret agency thing going on. A must-see

    This show is awesome! Totally ingenius, i have to say it is one of those shows that i think you either love or hate, based on personal experience. For me, it is something i hang out for every week, and can't wait for fridays to discuss with my friends. I can't wait to see what the next mission is, what the latest crime is. I especially hang out for the relationships, which are both romantic and intriguing. Sydney and Vaughn cautious because of their pasts, and Nadia and Weiss because it is new and exciting, Slone being their boss and all. The ever changing relationship between Sydney and her dad and Slone. All of it makes this show worth watching!! I recommend it to anybody who enjoys all of the above intertwined into a web of intrigue and scandal.
  • Was a rabid fan in seasons 1 and 2. After the fall of SD6 though, the show has lost it's way.

    Not sure that I like the direction of the show. Last season I started to look around for other thngs to watch as the implausible sister-mother plot (which was modified to accomodate the mercurial Lena Olin) unfold.

    I admit that the ending makes me wonder how they'll continue the show with a pregnant agent Bristoe. (since much of what draws you to her character is the kung-fu scene that occurs at 5 minutes, 17 minuntes and then again 42 minutes into the show)

    I'm sure I'll watch, but with all the new Alien-based shows, this one might die an early death. Sad really.

    Double Agents Rule
    Wishy washy love interest
    Detracts from the show
  • Good story, Great actors, Great Great Great Show!

    A interesting story about Sydney Bristow who worked for a agency which called SD-6, she was tricked by those. But she found out the truth about SD-6 and their true identity, now she works at CIA as a double agent and fighting against this terrorism agency.

    Victor Garber(Jack Bristow) and Ron Rifkin(Arvin Sloane) are two great actors who starring 2 different personality in the show, you can't do more than just love to se them. And Jennifer Garner(Sydney Bristow) is my personal favorite.

    With a lots actions coming up, crazy missions and so much twist all the time. You can easily find Alias as a really entertaining show.

    PS: Sometimes I wonder, if this one count as a fashion-show.

    Movie Effects:
    I like the flashback technique they uses, first show the most excited scene from the start, then go back show how it started. Most of time you can't even imagine how the start scene suspends together with ending scene, but in the end everything makes sense.

    Having Issue:
    I don't like when they can defeat their enemy's so easily.

    Good story, Great actors, Great Great Great Show!

    Story --------------------- 10
    Acting -------------------- 10
    Entertaining ------------ 10
    Movie Effects ---------- 10
    Having Issue ----------- 8

    Final Score ------------- 9,6
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