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  • This is the best show ever and i mean ever it has action,a little sci-fi and it has romance and more action. I love this show and i have all the seasons and i hope that everyone will vote 10 for this show

    This is the best show ever and i mean ever it has action,a little sci-fi and it has romance and more action. I love this show and i have all the seasons and i hope that everyone will vote 10 for this show and that it will continue to be a good show and thats that oh and you gotta love marshal and all his humor and all his tech stuff he makes
  • in my opinion this show is like a newer version of la femme nikita. it has the same things nikita had except for sideny lost her boyfriend instead of being sent to prison for murder. it's a guilty pleasure. it is a pretty good show in its own right. Yeah!

    Even though I bad-mouthed alias as being a rip-off of la femme nikita, it is one of those guilty pleasure shows, full of non-stop action, romance and generally a female character kicking the crap out of all the bad guys and manages to look good while doing it. ALIAS ROCKS!
  • Jennifer Garner is absolutely fabulous as Sydney Bristow! Alias is an action packed hour of great entertainment.

    Alias is one of those shows that you can watch it again and again. Once you’ve watched one episode you’ll want to continue to watch because you’re hooked! Jennifer Garner makes the show what it is. Sure the other characters get new aliases on assignments but Sydney can be anybody! There are also those characters that you love to hate such as Sloane and Jack Bristow. They have so many different levels to them that you don’t know what side they really are on. This show is a great show to spend an hour watching. I really don’t like the idea of it being moved to Thursday nights at 8:00pm. That’s too competitive of a time slot.
  • Alias has got to be one of the worst shows on TV!!!.

    Alias .... Alias, where do I even start? It totally sucks!. The jist of the show is basically a half-way attractive girl who's a terrible actress running around playing dress up and having some "fun" with her boyfriend. I can't see how people wouldn't get tired of the same old same old week after week after week since o1'!!!. Doesnt anyone think that's a little bit dumb?. Oh, the season finally was horrible as well, I don't know what went through peoples heads when they decided to make this show... Thank God for ABC's 'Lost'! ! ! ! ! !.
  • Eyeopening turningpoint in my TV experience. It made me go from being a lazy uninterested show-watcher to quite the opposite. J.J. shows the way for the next generation of TV shows. It completely blew me away.

    When I flicked on season 1 episode 1 of this show, I didn't really know what to expect at all. My co-workers had told me that it was definatly one to watch, but I was thinking: "yea yea, it probably wont get me re-interested in TV anyway". Boy was I wrong.

    Like many other young single guys (and most non-sigle ones aswell I guess) I imediately fell in love with Jennifer Garner. She became the new black of my secret fantasies. There would soon be much more...

    Allready in episode 2 i was very involved in the other characters on the show, and the whole Sidney situation was absolutely fascinating. Who would have thought that an agent show could get me that involved? But I was, and I wanted more and more - the next show, the next plot, the next characters, the next guest star.

    Went on amazon and bought the available 3 seasons, and started hammering through them all. At the end of season 3 I was almost bursting with excitement. Amazingly enough, I was still interested.

    This show is, if you ask me, the single most important show for television post 2000.

    Mysticism, Action, Love and Plot all rolled into one exciting package that just wont quit.
  • This was a GREAT show when it first came out, but it seems now that its just the SAME show every week.

    It started with a lot of promise, but when they "lost" a year or two when Sidney was knocked out, it started its trip downhill.

    I will still watch it (when it starts with NEW shows again) but its no longer a MUST see.

    They need to get back to having fun and showing Sidney in skimpy outfits!!
  • Alias is one of the GREAT TV dramas.

    So many GREAT things to say about Alias! It’s a show that will definitely have you on the edge of your seat! Jennifer Gardner stars as Sydney Bristow, a CIA agent who makes tough decisions on a daily basis. Each episode is filled with great action, and there’s plenty of suspense packed into each 45 minute episode. Sydney’s relationships are complicated, and trusting people in the World of Alias is hard, as everyone seems to have their own agenda. To say she has family troubles would be an understatement! In the 1st season you’ll learn her father is a double agent, her mother is ex KGB and a traitor to the United States! As you get on to each new season things get even more complicated for her. Trust me when I say some of the twists on this show will blow your mind. Especially the season two finale! I wouldn’t in a million years have seen that one coming! The amazing thing about Sydney is her commitment to her Country and through all her troubled times she never gives in, and battles her demons head on. Something you’ll be guaranteed to end up respecting.
  • J.J. Abrams is so amazing and imaginative it's hard to say you hate any of his work. He seems to put everything into a great show on TV. Jennifer Garner is great at Sidney and all the characters that surround her have such a believable personality.

    I remembered when i was I think 10 or 11, my mom would watch it on television and I would be scared to death. The problem was that the material in the show wasn't ready for me. I thought it was just a regular blood fest show until at age 12 when I got more mature and started to see the beauty of it. I did miss a season. I won't pretend I'm a hard core watcher of this show, but even if anyone misses a season they will still see the ingenuity of the show. The characters are believable yet not to the extent where you think they're boring. The setting of every city they portray is so beautiful. The plot and script are great (even though last season was out of the ordinary), and last but not least, the actors and actresses are the cream of the crop. There's no faking like some actresses in Zoey 101 (if you've ever seen it, it's like watching kindergarteners.) Overall, I give it a 9. I'm not giving it a 10 because it seems last season was awkward and it seems to slope down. Yet they are still at a high level compared to today's TV.
  • Season one... amazing. Season two... amazing. Season three... not so amazing. Season four... well, you get the idea.

    The fourth season of Alias was a bit difficult to watch. The stories didn't seem as fresh and hip as they once were. The twists seemed sparser than previous seasons. Despite the fact that it DID have an amazing season finale with a great cliffhanger, but I am probably not going to watch the fifth season until it arrives on DVD because there are far too many other great shows to watch this season. I gave it a 9.5 and in season two it would have been a 10...
  • Incredible

    I truly can't remember the last time I was so impressed after watching the first part of a new TV show, probably when I first saw the "Twin Peaks" series back in the day. The amazing pilot glued me to the screen because "Alias" knows it means business and wants the viewer to realize it as well. Professional, nearly movie-like cinematography, great action sequences, incredible acting (Jennifer Garner is one breathtaking actress, the find of the year, and the rest of the cast is also amazing) and smart scenarios(there's so much happening in the first episode alone it's unbelievable). Of course there are some of those cliche and over-the-top moments but it's all surpassed by Jennifer Garner and unexpected plot twists. I watched the first one and I was blown away. The second one got me hooked. To many many more
  • Why haven't I been watching this show from the beginning?

    Thanks to the "magic" of DVD season sets, I'm able to watch this show one episode after another. Just the way I like it.

    I am totally impressed! When this show debuted, I dismissed it as a silly "schoolgirl spy" story and only after it survived four seasons did I decide to give it a try. I've found the writing to be superb and I have to hand it to J.J.Abrams, he has definitely got me hooked.

    I highly recommend the series to anyone interested in a show that strives to surprise.
  • Put it out of it's misery already. Squandered an excellent premise by pandering to the mainstream.

    It bursted out of the gates like a speeding bullet, and then it just stopped. I'm pretty someone will agree with me that the exact moment the show started slowing down was when they "simplified" it by getting rid of SD-6.

    No more double-crosses, triple-agents, etc. just straight foward "good guy v. bad guy". Even so, they still had the whole Rambaldi arc which was very interesting; but squandered as it was obviously not thought out completely. The very forced and contrived conclusion proved that.

    Just put the show out of it's misery, make it easier for everyone. The actors obviously don't like it no more, the writers obviously find writing it a chore, as do the viewers who watch it.
  • The episodes keep getting better, and the women keep getting hotter.

    I like how the show is getting better each season. But, not only to the episodes get better, but they keep adding more and more hot women to the show. It started with just Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow. Then they added Melissa George as Lauren Reed, and Mia Maestro as Nadia. But, this season looks to be the best as far as hot women go, with Jennifer Garner pregnant and the addition of Rachel Nichols to the cast. I was sad to see Rachel's show, The Inside, get cancelled, but adding her to Alias, almost makes up for that.
  • How can they think of this??? I have never seen a series with so many twists like this one, and I love it.

    In my opinion, after watching this series from the very beginning, the best season so far is season 3. Everyone can tell that in this last season the importance of the drama or history behind the shows action scenes were mmmmm… not so interesting as it was on the three first seasons.
    All this I know is going to change because they did very very well the last episode of this last season. Nevertheless I’m worried about Vaughn hello if he doesn’t come back the show is really going to decline. I’m still hopeful that these great writers are not that naïve.
    Thanks for reading my thought
    PDS: This is my first review so if you have an opinion let me hear it.
  • Coming back strong

    I enjoy the action doses I get from this show along with the plot twists and charater interaction. Props to the writers, cast and direction keeping me on the edge of my seat. My favorite season thus far just ended with the biggest plot twist so far, and I can't wait to find out what happens next.
  • A superb blend of action, mistery and drama. The best thing about it is the character interactions and development and in this J.J. Abrams is the best man in TV town! Recommended for everyone...

    Since the fist time I watched it it captured me. Who was this sleek female James Bond-like spy who worked for some sort of evil-CIA organization???
    But what impressed me most and ultimately kept me watching the rest of Season 1 was the character interaction and development.
    The way Sidney interacted with her father(whom she hasn't spoken to in years), and with her boss(whom she recently discovered is evil and killed her fiancé) was amazingly well written and well played by the actors.
    The other thing were the cliffhangers. Amazing cliffhangers on each episode's end that puts you right on the edge of your seat.

    I truly advise this show for anyone and put it in the likes of Lost and 24(although 24 is less familiar than the others due to added graphic violence).
    I just don't give it 10, because of Season 4 that kind of was more slow paced that the others. But still is one of the best shows ever.

    Season-by-season overall review
    As Season 1 evolved Bang! I realized how a great show this was going to be. Out of a plotline, that appeared to be a small part of this, a prophecy appeared. A prophecy about Sidney and the end of the World. The Rambaldi plotline was now the main event, and what a story!!!

    Season 1 wrapped up leaving an open end, and Season 2 picked it up turning Sidney's world upside down.
    Season 2 pushed the bar higher with the incredible performances of Lena Olin and Terry O'Quinn (Locke on JJ Abrams other show Lost) plus the much more experienced regular cast.
    But wait, there's more to Season 2. Watching Alias everybody things that this concept is unshakable. What I mean is that people never thought SD-6 was really coming down until the very last episode of the show. Well it did, in mid-season!!! Another 180 degrees turn in Sidney's life and by the end of this season her life was so screwed up that she never thpught she would wake up three years in the future in the middle of Bangcok with a scar in her belly!! This was the mother of all TV cliffhangers(until Season 4 of course;) )

    Season 3 continued on, exposing the new world to Sidney has she tried to remember her lost 3 years. Apparently this season is the least favourite by fans but, in fact, it's my personal favourite.
    This entire season plays like one huge 22-hour movie (much like 24). It's one big story to tell, and there's almost no single-shot(as opposed to Season 1 and Season 4) stories to tell.
    A note must be added for the brilliant performance by Melissa George. But all good things must come to an end and it was another cliffhanger. But in my opinion not as good as others.

    Season 4 started very good, with another change in concept but using single story episodes the bigger-story was put in the background until the very last episodes. But WOW! these episodes are really worth the waiting! And the final cliffhanger??!! Well, I still don't have words for it.
  • Great show. I personally class it as a favorite of mine. I'm not gonna brag. I'll leave it to the next sibling. -MAC!

    Great show. I personally class it as a favorite of mine. I'm not gonna brag. I'll leave it to the next sibling.



    Dont read me i'm just spam.

    But not so this show, I've been watching it since the beginning. I own all the DVDs.tsk tsk.

    I hope they bring in a deadly FBI agent. I hope Julian McMahon plays the deadly FBI agent.


  • I have just found out that Jennifer Garner may not be returning to the show after next year and that another person will be replacing her. I know that I will not watch it again if Garner does leave, cause she really fits the part. How about yourself? S P

    I have just found out that Jennifer Garner may not be returning to the show after next year and that another person will be replacing her. I really hope this isn't true. I know that I will not watch it again if Garner does leave. How about yourself? S P
  • This has been one of the best shows on t.v. and keeps getting overlooked for its acting and writing. Sydney and Michael make the show. ABC is smart they will keep it going even stronger.I wait each season for the next one to start.

    This has been one of the best shows on t.v. since it started. It keeps getting overlooked for its writing and the excellent actors and cast. I wait for each new season to start. Syd & Vaughn make the show even greater. Do not kill off Vaughn
    He is great.
  • Completely addicting entertainment from the mind behind "Lost".

    I didn't become a fan of "Alias" until very recently. I began watching "Lost" from the very beginning and was impressed at the writers' talent. I knew that JJ Abrams was behind "Lost" as well, and I had read a prequel novel to the show a while ago, and I wondered if "Alias" was as good. A few months later my local library began carrying the "Alias" DVDs and I checked the first few discs.

    I was amazed at how much I loved the show. Jennifer Garner is a beautiful and highly talented woman and she carries the show well. The acting of the entire cast and the excellent writing keeps the show from being corny, and most episodes end in cliffhangers that are wrapped up in the first few minutes of the following episode, making the first season seem like a seamless, action-packed, breath taking thrill ride.

    I'm still catching up on the rest of the episodes in hopes that I can start watching the fifth (and possibly final) season on ABC.

    If you like spy dramas or action, this show is most definitely worth buying on DVD. And this fall TNT will be airing the show from the very beginning.
  • Alias, the show everyone should be watching!

    There's just something about this show that draws you close...maybe it's the non-stop energy or the seriously mind dazzling mysteries or, if there's anything to go by it is the fact that Jen Garner is an absolute natural in her role as Sydney Bristow, the kick ass spy with a wicked attitude.
    Like, LOST, it's the kind of show, that is just non stop! Excitement! Enerdy! Mystery! Entrigue! What more could you want I ask? I believe Alias to be an awesome show that is not nearly as apprieciated as it should be.
    I live in Australia and, like many program, Alias is put on in a ridiculus timeslot which degrades the shows ratings.
    I hope that people give it a chance and see what it has to offer!
  • Good Show!

    I have watched this show from the begining. I like the show. I just wish ABC would stop moving the show to different air days. When the show started it was on Sundays @ 9:00 PM(Seasons 1-3),
    then it was moved to Wednesdays @ 9:00 PM(Season 4) and now they moved it again to Thursdays @ 8:00 PM(Season 5,Starting at the end of September), I say again I just wish the execs at ABC would stop moving the show from day to day.
    Please enjoy.
  • The Best Show On Television!

    Golden Globe winner Jennifer Garner stars as super spy Sydney Bristow in Alias, the Emmy-winning series entering its fifth season this fall. Also starring (at various points) Victor Garber, Ron Rifkin, Michael Vartan, Carl Lumbly, Kevin Weisman, Mia Maestro, Greg Grunberg, Melissa George, David Anders, Lena Olin, Bradley Cooper, Merrin Dungey, Rachel Nichols, Elodie Bouchez and Balthazar Getty, Alias has proven to be one of the most complex stories in recent television history. In a nutshell, Sydney has worked for most of the past four seasons on trying to bring down the nefarious Arvin Sloane and stop the destruction of the world from the hands of Rambaldi. With Jennifer Garner's pregnancy, and a complete out-of-left-field twist ending to season four, viewers are eagerly awaiting the return of the hit show this fall.
  • Unbelievably Good

    Alias is one of if not the best show on primetime tv. After seeing the first 3 1/4 seasons on DVD I loved the show and it still was good after I watched the rest of the episodes on tv. The best episodes were the last 4 in season 4
  • At times Alias beats all!

    The first three seasons of Alias were breath taking. Some of the most enjoyable TV ever. the directors were brave with the scripts often turning things on their head and back again. season four was good but really keeping up the pace of the first three seasons would have been a miracle. The complexity, depth and history of the characters is hugely inpressive. If you\'ve never seen Alias and you have a few dollars to spend you can get all 22 episodes of season one on DVD now for about twenty dollars. there is probably no better way to spend that money!
  • The best show ever!!

    I actually started watching Alias from the mid/beginning of the second season. As soon as that season finished I bought the first season, then the second season and watched them both before the thrid season came out. Alias is the best show EVER!! I love Jennifer Garner, she is my favorite actress because of this show. I don't know how the fifth season will play out, but I'm sure it will be good. I will be a loyal fan as long as Jennifer is on the show, after all it is about Sydney. And Michael Vartan is really hot!
  • The once best show on TV.

    Alias was without a doubt the best show on TV during it's first and second season. The show had the best storylines and characters that no other show will ever be able to top.

    Sadly since Season 3, Alias seems to be getting worse with their storylines.

    In my opinion JJ has completely abandoned the show because of his involvement with LOST, JJ Abrams has only written 2 episodes in the last 2 seasons.

    However JJ's absense is not the only thing wrong with the show. Lena Olin, possibly the best thing that ever happened to this show, was not seen in the 3rd season and most of the 4th season. She was a great character and because of this it left a gap in the show that no one could fill.

    Season 5 will see big changes for the show. Jennifer Garner's pregnancy being written into the show could possibly be the worst thing to happen to Alias. In my opinion no one will enjoy Alias as much if the main star is not doing what makes the show great - doing missions and taking on differnt identities.

    Despite these complaints i really do love this show and because of its great first 2 seasons i will stick with the show no matter how ridiculous it gets.
  • This is one of the best drama's. The director know's what people like. Mystery, suspense, and I don't know what else to say about it except this I hope it comes with more mystery and suspense every season. More people should watch it.

    11.Reasons why you should watch this show.
    11.Best Song Writer
    10.Best Director
    9.Best Cast
    8.Best Screen Writer
    7.Best Show
    6.Best Actress
    5.Best Supporting Actress
    4.Best Actor
    3.Best Supporting Actor
    2.Best Producer
    1.Best Co-Producer

    The detective in charge is very understanding when it comes to kids. I hope Alias gets more awards.
  • thrilling,dramatic and very interesting,this show has got it all.

    a show about a double agent who works for works for both the cia and an evil organization called the the fourth season she stops the double agent life and works for a new organization named apo.its made up of a few of her old cia colleagues and and the boss of s-d6.the show is great with its mix of drama and tension its a must see.
  • A CIA agent trying to find the balance between life, work, and a relationship.

    A great fast, action packed show that is always keeping you guessing. A character Sydney Bristow is easy to relate to. Even though she is a CIA agent she still trying to find the balance between life, work, friends,and a boyfriend. And also the occansional kidnapping. So shes just like you and me. I love this show. It's perfect for people who like fast paced action shows.
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