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  • Spies!

    Wow. Really. Wow. No other series that I have seen has gone through as many twists, turns, changes, evolutions, and swift kicks as this show. When Alias is at its best, it is a mixture of escapism and intellectualism; the show is a pure joy-ride that forces you to try and figure out just what in the world J. J. Abrams is going to do to his characters. And there is only one sure thing in the world of Alias: you can't figure out what is going to happen and you will be surprised. That is just how the show works and that is why it is genius.
  • Maybe the best...

    Alias is an example of how a serie can keep on excellent level for 4 seasons ...
    The 5th season is coming ... and i´m waiting.
    Great cast, great story. It is impossible that everyone likes a serie, but i don´t think i´m the only loving this one...
    This is a must for action series lovers!
  • Great Show

    If you ask me Alias is one of the best prime time shows that is on today. It has a strong story and you don't get tired of the story, which is very original. I just can't say haw much I love shis show. I hope it goes on for several more seasons, but not so long that show dies.
  • It may be my favourite, but it also has its low points. It has its highs too though, and going into what could be the last season, here's an analysis of the seasons so far.

    To me, Season 4 lacked the "thing" that made season 1 so special. It was all about Sydney. It was her relationships with her friends, her lack of a relationship with her father, her trying to bring down Sloane and her budding relationship with Vaughn.

    S2 was special to me for a different reason. It totally kicked into high gear the fall of SD6, and brought out the best of the Syd/Vaughn relationship. However, I think JJ screwed up when he brought down Sloane and SD6 in season 2 so quickly. The whole idea of Alias is for Syd to be a double agent. So in bringing down SD6 it completely destroyed that.

    S3 was just tailor trash. Sorry. But it was. There was maybe one or two episodes that were "ok". But this whole 2 years missing thing was like the show was missing.

    The only episode worth noting (and sorry I don't know the names off the top of my head here at work) were the ones where Kendall revealed all on the airplane to Syd and the ones where Syd and Vaughn were in deep angst. Like the one with Ricky from the Office. (and that was some sweet Jack kick ass too)

    The moment where she is at her car crying and he walks up (this is after the bomb on the airplane that he and Sark defused) was awesome and the episode where they are in jail and she tells him "We'll find each other. We always do". Those were picture perfect moments of angst in their relationship. Which makes S3 so hideous. Because if they ARE soulmates then why in the crap would Vaughn not go to the ends of the earth to prove her alive and why in HELL would he marry Snoren.

    So, S4 was much better than S3. I, too, was going out of my mind with the non-Rambaldi storylines in the beginning. I was just about to jump ship. Then they kicked it back into high gear and brought back characters and Lena Olin to boot. Victor Garber has had his best work this year. That man DESERVES an emmy, OK?

    However, this cliffhanger is just making me wonder what in the world JJ is up to now. If you mess with the big picture of Alias then you screw up. In other words you may not do these:
    1) Mess up the Syd/Vaughn relationship
    2) Screw up main characters identities (i.e. Jack, Vaughn, Sloane, Irina)
    3) Bring in characters who do nothing for the storyline except speed it up
    4) Mess with a formula. Alias=double agent. It does not mean Syd in the Apple Store and Sloane is the Dali Lama.

    My season grades:
    S1= A-
  • Alias is sadly fading in ratings bacause the writers continue to write themselves into corners. It can, and hopefully will, get better, but still is quite an interesting show with a match-less cast and profound acting.

    I came on board as an avid Alias fan in the first season. The storyline was, in my opinion, nearly faultless. Every week there was a more dangerous mission, and a scarier "close-call".

    However, this last season was a resounding disappointment, saved only by a heart-stopping season finale. The final 30 seconds insured that even I will be back, even if only for the premier. My hope is that the writers will give the characters back the roles in which they excelled. Namely, fighting evil and corruption- at all levels- at all cost.

    I sincerely hope Alias does well in this coming season. It has an usually fine combination of superb actors and acting, strong characters and quite a large auduence, waiting to be amazed. I trust they won't let us down.

  • WOW Fab show!!!!!

    I think that Alias is a super show, one of the best i've seen. It just gets beter and better every season, it's not like the typical show when the same thing goes on and on every season but so far in the 4 seasons that have been broadcast it's all different. all i can say is i just love the show
  • This show makes me mad!

    This show makes me mad because it is so well written and excuted that I simply cannot wait for the next episode. Ever since I got the DVDs for seasons 1-3 I've wasted away whole chunks of the day because each episode ends on a note that forces you curiousity (and your ability to breathe) to play the next one.

    That being said this is one of my all-time favorite shows. I never really got to watch it regularly until this past 4th season (which was very handily had no repeats.) And if the CIA was really this cool I would sign up in a heartbeat.

    I've heard the upcoming 5th season will be the last. I hope this isn't true, but if so it's been an exciting run.
  • Jennifer Garner, "Alias" Sydney Bristow saves the world again and again!!!

    I love Jennifer Garner. She means the world to me. I agree with my friends that she is an ideal woman any good-hearted guy would love to marry. Of course, I'm sure no one knows and understands and feels her the way her new hubby, Ben Affleck (who is also one of my favorite actors in movie history), does. I really do think he should get an episode with her, as long as they can sustain the serious overtone of the show. Ben, I'm sorry I thought you were cliched in "Pearl Harbor." I still think you're a great actor.

    Where was I? Oh yeah! I'm supposed to be reviewing the show! My apologies. The show gets more and more intense every season. I am a huge spy geek and would like to work on assignment one day. Realizing how dangerous a day in the life of an intelligence agent can be, I would like to work alongside an experienced field agent like Vaughn or Dixon or Sydney (that'd be cool!). Of course, I wouldn't mind creating cutting-edge technology with Mr. Marshall Flinkman, who I think is one of the most-inspired characters on the show. I like him (in that I'd-give-him-a-noogie-any-of-the-week kind of guy)! Some of the seriousness is accompanied with a little comedy, but it doesn't do much to hamper the quality of this show. Overall, I'd say this is a mandatory study for those who would like to craft another spy series!!!
  • When i first watched alias i was amazed by how fast it was, how exciting it was and must have been to be working for the real CIA to bring down the fake one - SD-6

    When i first watched alias i was amazed by how fast it was, how exciting it was and must have been to be working for the real CIA to bring down the fake one - SD-6

    i'm not particuallary smart so the show was somewhat confusing in the beginning, but then i caught on and it was the best show i'd ever seen before alias i didn't really watch television i just watched simpsons and maybe sometimes what was on, mostly garbage.

    Alias is definitively a fast and exciting show, but after season two it lost the big plots, and it was easier to digest an episode because you didn't end up wondering what would happen, i loved when i had to wonder for a week or even more what was going to happen.

    Bring back the cliffhangers at the end of each epsiode we/i love them!

    sorry for my poor english skills - im from norway.
  • The best "spy-show" on tv now.

    A very well made "spy-show".
    Alias is a show filled with one "main" story and then some smaller incidents, but the difference from other shows is that the smaller parts leads somewhere too, which may complicate the main story a bit.
    All the actors are very good.
    I don't know how they can find out all the spy-gadgets and stuff but it's very cool.
    But there is nearly almost something that you can think out by yourself in every episode.
    I must say that the main music theme is very good.
    The Alias video game still has the TV show style left but there's too things you've never seen in the Show.
    That's all I had to say!
  • A great drama series

    I think Alias is one of the best drama series on T.V now, this show manages to have me at the edge of my seat. It has the best action, and great characters. Last season was ok, they kind of lost me, but then grab my attention again. I think I will continue to watch this show for a while until it bores me.
  • This is the first show which I could see all my time!

    I love Alias from the very first time. It is absolutely fantastic!! Jennifer Garner is beautiful and very talentd, and in addition David Anders & Bradley Cooper are so cute! Unfortunately in Hungary the second season ended in december 2004, it is still not shown! So I\'m still waiting what happened with Sydney in her last two years!
    We get everything in the very first episode: a beautiful spy, great conspiracy, handsome guys, and an amazing story, wich seems that never ends!
    This show always gives something new, better and astonishing: appearing mom, wife, bad guys and finally the prophecy!
  • If you like suspense, action, drama, and more twists than a bag of pretzels, this is the show for you. Alias takes the espionage theme to a whole new level and never ceases to entertain along the way.

    If you like suspense, action, drama, and more twists than a bag of pretzels, this is the show for you. Alias takes the espionage theme to a whole new level and never ceases to entertain long the way. This show has something for everyone. It has good acting, good martial arts fight scenes, action packed gun fights, James Bond like gadgets, storyline twists around every corner, and even drama for those who want that in a show as well. The only negative in my eyes is that sometimes the drama segments can be slow as they focus more on the characters' lives away from their job (esp. in season 1). Yet, as the series progresses, these segments seem to be less drawn out and fit nicely. Apart from that, this show has everything that a great television show should have. Much like 24 and the less known show Pretender, this show is at the top its game for keeping the attention of its viewers then making them want to come back for more. Thus said, I recommend watching this series on DVD as you do not have to wait a week in between each episode. This will provide a much more satisfying experience that seems to flow smoothly, plus you will notice little things that tie each episode together that you might forget otherwise. All in all, a fantastic show, and one of the best on television.

    My final review: A fantastic show that will always keep you on your toes. I definately recommend watching this and might even consider giving it the rank of MUST SEE!
  • Alias. The name of the greatest show you'll ever see

    This show has everything you need! Action, Suspense, Humour, Romance and an awesome story line. What more could you possibly ask for? In addition to all that, I don’t think the casting for a TV show has ever been better. Jennifer Garner fits the role of her character, super sexy spy chick, Sydney Bristow perfectly as does Ron Rifkin (who plays Arvin Sloane) and Michael Vartan (Michael Vaughn) Sydney’s love interest. The two go so well together it’s no wonder they dated in real life. Alias offers one of the best, complex, and interesting storylines I’ve ever seen on a television show, and the plot twists are so shocking they have the power to make you think about nothing else for the rest of the night. It’s always a mixture and disappointment and excitement filled suspense when the season finale comes on. Disappointment because you’ll have to wait another seven or eight months to see a new episode and exited suspense because you cant wait to see the outcome of that meticulously written and planned cliff-hanger. All in all (if you haven’t already guessed) I think this show is one of the best around and you’d be an idiot not to watch it. Ten out of ten!
  • Action and drama packed serial show. if you wanna start watching it, i suggest you start back from the very begining. Put on your seatbelt your in for a wild ride.....

    this show gets more and more addictive everytime i watch it, I need more. I am only up to season 4 and i have to wait until october for the DVD's. Hopefully they come out before season 5 airs on tv. so this way i can participate in the water cooler gossip at my office. My hats off to J.J. Abrams he is a phenominal writer, also catch him for his work on LOST, another amazing show
  • I think that Alias is my personal favorite series from the first time i have watched it and never ever missed an episode, i guess that it's the best kickin ass show everybody loves that is around and i think it so so so rocks, go JENNIFER GARNER u rock.

    I think that Alias is my personal favorite series from the first time i have watched it and never ever missed an episode, i guess that it's the best kickin ass show everybody loves that is around and i think it so so so rocks, go JENNIFER GARNER u rock.
  • awesome... amazing... inspirational... beautiful... perfect!!!

    i can't stop talking about this show... it never ceases to keep my interest... everytime an episode ends, it makes me crave for the next and the next and the next... i salute the writer and the director, they always come up with shocking season-enders... i love jennifer garner especially when she does her disguises... she acts so well, it makes me cry... she and michael vartan have a very distinct chemistry that makes their love story seems real (even if they are no longer lovers... huhuhu). the actors are great... truly, alias is fantastic... amen!

    keep it going, alias! more seasons of exciting episodes for us, please...
  • The story centers on a CIA agent, Sydney Bristow, and her closest friends. Each season is geared towards eliminating a central bad guy, or group.

    This show gets better every season! I have been a fan of this show since the first episode, which I caught while casually flipping through the channels. Before I knew it this quickly became one of my favorite shows on TV. This is not a show for the causal viewer, as the plot lines are quite complicated and the story is often more complicated than a soap operas. There are no real problems in the show. The sets are nicely done and the story (except for those inconvenient two-parters, which are often as good but move at a slower rate) moves at a brisk pace, which allows everything to be neatly wrapped up in 60 minutes. Another great thing is that this show is actually on air for a remarkably long time, considering that it is on during “prime time”. I have the all the seasons on DVD and without commercials, the shows episodes still have a length of around 41 minutes. The average length for a show on prime time is 38, without commercials. However, the icing on the cake is the acting in this series, which is often phenomenal. Whoever plays the character of "Jack" (Sydney’s father) is a particularly good actor and manages to turn what would have been a lackluster scene into the highlight of the show. This show is great; you wish every episode was two hours long. There is one weird thing though. In all the years Alias has been on, only 1 main character that has died has stayed dead: Lauren. Almost everyone else who dies seems to come back from the grave at some point or another. Oh! I almost forgot to mention Marshall, who is a very entertaining character. Defiantly one of the best supporting characters ever on TV. Great show. Ahead of its time. And definitely should be on at least another 4 seasons. Keep up the good work ABC!
  • James bond for tv? sort of...

    I started watching Alias based on a recommendation from a friend. I didn't know what to expect from his description 'about a girl who works for the CIA'. The series has generally a very good story with a bit of humour and likable characters thrown in. Quite a lot of action and some terrific international scenery (is it real?). If it weren't for a couple of minor grudges I would have rated it higher, but even so it is still a must watch series. The grudges: technically impossible things happen such as extrapolating detailed images from non-existant data... and the really wierd soap-style relation between some of the characters.
  • Alias is an amazing show and when I watch it, I can\'t change the channel.

    Alias is probably the most intriguing show I\'ve seen in a while. Jennifer Garner perfectly portrays Sidney Bristow. Not only do I find that Sidney is a spy interesting, but I also LOVE the relationship between Sidney and Vaughn. The Writers, directors, producers etc... of Alias sure know how to make an amazing show. I can\'t miss an episode! I find it soo interesting to see what Sidney will do to get out of the next situation she\'s in, or what Vaughn will do to save Sidney, or what Sidney will do to save Vaughn. When this show is on, I can\'t have any interruptions. This show is Absolutely Fabulous!

  • A wonderful show that defines relationships with spy drama and romance. Jennifer Garner pulls Sydney Bristow off with a finess most actresses dream of and don't find in their careers.

    Alias brings to life something which is rarely shown in a tv show. A true nature for adventure where it keeps you enthralled from the minute you start watching it till the minute it ends. You wonder where its gonna stop being exciting and start being dull. But it never lets up and never leaves you feeling like its let you down in anyway.
  • It used to be my favorite television show... until they stopped caring.

    Two amazing seasons led that to a disappoint third season. The show lost it's way when they decided to jump two years ahead of time, give Vaughn a wife who surprisingly turned out to be spying on him, assassinated Irina's character in every way you can possibly imagine and gave Sydney a sister. Jumped the shark? To put it mildly.
  • The best network show ever!!!

    Alias is the best network show ever, it is second only to Deadwood, which airs on HBO. Alias is amazing with great character development, complex plots and twist after twist after twist.

    Every season is better than the last and the list of guest actors is fantastic and very varied from: Quentin Tarantino to Roger Moore to Ethan Hawke to Isabella Rossellinii.

  • Superspy babe kicks butts and steals secrets. Fantastic Syd fights.

    Alias is an exciting action romp with at least two or three good fights every week. The fight choreography is excellent, utilizing the entire set and props. This is among the highest level fighting to be seen on TV.

    Between the fights, Jennifer Garner puts in a good performance as a CIA undercover agent torn between trying to be a normal woman and fighting the forces of badness. The supporting cast is very good with a high level of guest performances.

    The detailed multi-layered plot lines can be difficult to follow if you aren’t seeing every episode in order. Back seasons are up to date on DVDs.
  • Alias the best

    it's the best show ever, i love jennifer garner, and sidney bristow is the best character in a action serie, i love alias.Alias the best
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  • They're beginning to underestimate the audience

    Back during the first few seasons the show was genuinely gripping. Now its dealing with multiple personality disorder because it needs to deal with the seeds it planted during the first three seasons but it also must try and deal with people who can\'t remember anything that happened more than ten minutes ago. This season shows that many people are willing and able to deal with complicated plotlines that span the course of the season. With the success of "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives", "Alias" should look prophetic. Now, with the recent turn of events, it looks like J.J. just gave up or didn't have a coherent plan to begin with, which doesn't bode well for "Lost". I hope they get back on track next year.
  • Alias changes personality, doesn't fit disguise.

    Rambaldi, SD-6, the Covenant, 47, CIA, K-Directorate, Project Christmas, the Alliance, doubles, the Prophecy, the Man, Khasinau, Laura Bristow, Sark, Sloane, and that was only the first two seasons. Alias, the high-tech, big fight, hot costume show on ABC has now finished its fourth season. Unfortunately, the plots and detail that could be named in a long list from past years could be summed up in one short sentence this year. It sucks.

    What made it good? The amount of detail, plots, and subplots made the show very unique and wonderfully interesting to watch. The episodes were told in a “to be continued” fashion every week. Viewers were always left wondering if the main character, Sydney Bristow, would survive until next week. At one point, Sydney had fallen from a ladder in a deep cavern. We were left wondering how she survived the fall until the next episode. Fortunately her fall was slowed by an outcropping branch and we got to see another hour of her undercover life.

    Sydney was a double agent working with the CIA and trying to bring down the crime infested SD-6. She was constantly pretending to like her SD-6 boss Sloane, who had her fiancé killed. Sloane was part of the Alliance, a group responsible for terrorist training and black market weapons trade. But after a year and a half, some intelligence fell into their laps which allowed Sydney to finally bring down SD-6. At this point the show made a drastic turn.

    Gone was the major premise of Alias. No longer was it about Sydney trying to take down SD-6, it was about her trying to deal with her “thought to be dead, but is actually alive and evil” mother. After years of thinking she was dead, Laura Bristow turned herself in to the CIA. This actually went extremely well for the rest of the season. The chemistry between Sydney and Laura was some of the best on television today. Lena Olin, who played Laura, was outstanding in portraying her character. We never really knew whether or not she was trying to change, or whether she was just putting on a disguise.

    Once she left at the end of season two, the show really started to break apart. Season three was decent, but not up to the high expectations of the past. The plot lines were different; the characters had changed and moved on in different ways. Things were not the same. Then there was a huge break between the end of season three and the start of season four. Fans waited an extra four months before Alias returned.

    When it did, everything was shaken up again. Granted, the changes were made to boost low ratings, but they were not very welcome to long time fans. The long arc type of episode was simplified so that each episode was self-contained. Another reason that the show turned sour was because they lost the complicated storylines. No longer was the show about deception and personal relationships, it was about a hot girl wearing many costumes and going on quick, semi-dangerous missions. This new format did bring in new viewers, as did its new time slot behind a brand new show called Lost, created by J.J. Abrams, the same person behind Alias.

    The problem is that show is no longer the same and it’s heading into deep water. There are no big plot twists, no depth to the stories, and no emotion in the characters. The amount of detail and intrigue that first stirred up a cult like following is no longer found. Now it will be sent to the 8 pm Thursday night “timeslot-of-death.” But the thing is, I no longer care. No matter what happens with the new timeslot, if Alias does not change back to its old ways soon, consider this viewer disavowed.
  • With each episode I become more engrossed...

    Alias is a wonderfully told story about a normal girl who is as far from normal as anyone can get. She's a spy and the kicker is that everyone in her life thinks she works for an insurance company... and then you find out her father is a spy and her mother was a rival spy and her sister ends up being a spy....

    A family of spies. And yet the show is so riveting that you can't help but be drawn in.

    Jennifer Gardner is wonderful as Sydney Bristow and looks great in every disguise.

    Victor Garber is the father everyone loves hating but wants to love.

    David Anders is the stupidest most intelligent bad guy you'll come across. One minute killing people mercily and the next begging for his own life or helping Sydney.

    Mia Maestro is awesome as Nadia, Syd's sister. Nadia is the argentini version of Syd and just as wonderful and beautiful. More stories with Nadia please...

    Greg Grunberg has been a love since Felicity. He is funny and awesome. I adore the romance with Nadie and Eric so keep it up.

    Michael Vartan is an awesome leading man and while I adore Vaughn and alway route for Sydney and Vaughn... I love the Michael from La Femme Nikita more.... but now that Vaughn isn't Vaughn things are looking up.......

    The rest of the cast whether perminant or guest is wonderful and always played well.

    This show is a must watch!
  • Sydney Bristow is a super secret agent in the middle of a five centuries old prophecy announcing her as the Chosen one who'll save the world, her entire family is in the same business and help her out in the everyday work or in delicate situations...

    What's not to like in Sydney Bristow character??? She's pretty and athletic and she lives THE life we all dream of, supportives friends and family, access to a lot of states' secrets, and the great opportunity to save the world once in a while but recently you can feel that the show is losing something, maybe it's the constant changes (or not) within the cast, some are still here that we wish could be gone, and some seems to disappear too quickly from our little screen. Still the main storyline is great, this Rambaldi Prophecy is really fascinating, you get the informations a little bit at a time and always want more, but the side stories are starting to be a bit boring and feel like deja-vu. On season four, you have at least five episodes that are about retrieving a chemical weapon and five more about stopping an important exchange between bad guys. The last episode of this season except for the few last second(astonishing by the way) is too much "Resident Evil" like and is really not what I expected from this show.
    But still I love it and hope it will last long enough for us to learn everything there is to know about the Prophecy.
  • Incredible season finale this year.

    That was the best season finale I saw all year. I love this show and I cannot wait for it to return so I can find out who Vaughn is. I hope this will not be the last season for Alias, even though that is what I have been hearing.
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