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  • Very actiony stuff and high-tech too.

    Being a spy can be tough. There are challenges and problems and keeping very greusome secrets. Esspecially when your father works with you and your mother is a bad-guy. That is jut it for Sydney Bristow, a spy for the the CIA, and the main character in the smash hit Alias. When Syndey was recruited for a SpecOps group called SD-6, after six months, they killed her fiance. Soon after, she found out that SD-6 is an enemy group and sought out the CIA for help. Her father Jack Bristow helped her into the CIA. Now she works as an agent for the CIA. The action in Alias is entertaining and fun. The drama is very realistic. Plots are understanable and charaters have backstorys. Occasionally, some humorous moments will pop-up too. Very enjoyable show. Very fun. 10/10.
  • The world of espionage is already tough, but when it becomes a family affair every mission becomes life or death. So is the world of Sydney Bristow.

    Smart! Stylish! Action packed! Absolutly fantastic! This is hands down my favorite drama/action series on television. In the same light of James Bond, Bourne Idenity, and Mission Imossible, Alias is a smart spy/action series that is sure to please any fan of the genre. You truely get captivated by the characters in Alias due to the excellent writing and acting on the show. This is a smart series. Meaning that this show dosen't insult your intelligence by feeding you plain as day plot twists and elementry story lines. Some people may find it to complex to follow but its not (matrix) confusing. Once you follow the storyline you'll understand everything. This is just a pleasure to watch. And so is Jennifer Gardner. You gotta love it!
  • My Thoughts on Alias

    Alias is a very fun show. Its a show that I did not start watching until this past season, being one of those shows that its hard to jump into the middle of. I watched the Season 4 premiere and enjoyed it and decided to order the DVDs for the first season. About 3 episodes in I was hooked. While the show certainly calls for a willing suspension of desbelief, it is immensely fun and terriblt entertaining. The cast of characters works very well together, and the arcing storyline keeps you coming back for more. Certainly its not the finest show ever, but it is certainly one of the funnest.
  • First female James Bond!

    Alias has it all: violent action, shocking plot twists, intrigue, deception, exotic locals, sinister villians and a sexy butt-kicking heroine. This show also boasts great acting by the lead actress and supporting actors. JJ Abrams should be proud of his achievement on this show because unlike others it hasn't gone down in quality.
  • This is a show I would recommend for everyone there like a little action to relax with...

    This show is great :D I've never seen anything like it... It's so awesome, I can\'t wait for the new season to begin. I like the way they start of a show, with killing Sydneys fiance. That was just a cool way to get everyones attention... And now we got this whole new love interests for her, that will be interesting to follow ;)
    This is a show I would recommend for everyone there like a little action to relax with... Now don\'t be suprised if you get lost in the plot line sometimes, that is the whole point, it keeps you focused and interested.. for the most times...this show rocks :)

    Alias is an amazing show! From watching it the first season, it continues to intrigue audiences around the world with fantastic sets and costumes, great acting, and an underlying storyline throughout the years. Jennifer Garner is a true action star, and the rest of the cast isn't that bad either! From week to week, you wait to see what happens next. This past season left us with a great cliffhanger, Sydney and Vaugh are in a brutal car accident, right as he's telling her who he really is - suspense, suspense, suspence! This is one of the only shows that I would really buy on DVD and watch all over again because each episode is fascinating.
  • Big Brother's watching!!!

    I just have to say one thing : Jennifer Garner can put on any kind of clothes, it sues her every time like a model!! I don't get it!!
    But the stories are good too, always entwined in two or three other intrigues, it just takes the watcher away and it's what makes it so good.
  • its an excellent tv show i just got addicted to the show and ive stared to see it a few weeks ago its great i just need to see the rest of the seasons and im all set for next season i think is the best of their kind

    love its an excellent tv show i just got addicted to the show and i have stared to see it a few weeks ago its great i just need too see the rest of the seasons and im all set for next season i think is the best of their kind
  • Wow!

    Wow is all I have to say. I have seen every episode since the day it started and i have been hooked. Always a new twist and a new adventure for the highly dysfunctional Bristow Family. My perfect ten score is of course completely my own opinion and I hope next season, more people will discover this amazing show and agree. PEACE OUT!
  • One of the best shows on television.

    Although this may not be the most realistic spy show on tv, I view it more like a science fiction show. The continuing storyline with the Rimbaldi artifacts gives it a basis where they can deviate from cia procedure and make it a more sci-fi storyline. I like how they keep the viewers guessing, by having some characters, like Sloan, be evil (at first?) and (then be good?). In the end, will he be truly evil, or just obssessed? I just wish the last season's episode was two hours long. I would have liked to see more of the people turning like "28 Days Later."
  • I can't get enough of this show!

    This show is by far my new favorite show on television. Oddly enough my parents have watched this show since day 1 and my mother always told me that i would like it if i would give it a chance but i just didn\'t have time for it. Finally, when i became a member of netflix, I rented the first few discs of season 1...and I couldn\'t stop watching it....It was great...I spent 7 hours one saturday watching the first few episodes...and after that I was hooked. I went out and within a week had bought the first 3 seasons on dvd. it\'s VERY ADDICTING so beware...i\'ve already got my best friend addicted to
  • the two first seasons are classics, the third was good and the fourth... I don't even want to talk about(real disappointment!!!)

    I've been for like 3 years and a half, one of the biggest fan of alias but the season 4 totally disgusted me and suddenly alias lost all of his charm
    I'm really disappointed by the fourth season which could have been the best but turn out to be the worst and for me maybe the last 'cause I still don't know if I'm gonna watch the next season
  • Sydney, an CIA agent, as always saving the world from an apocolypse.

    Now... Key word mildly interesting now. It used to be great! I watched the first episode, commercial free, and was addicted for years. My heart was ripped out when Vaughn drowned, and then after months of anguish, I found out he was ok. Then, Will being killed during a finally, and Francie has been dead for months etc... and Sydney wakes up 3 years later and Vaung is married.... WHAT is going on? (They got my attention, thtas for sure)
    As soon as SD-6 was taken down, I got skeptical... where is the show going to go from here, then finding out that Sloan was still evil... ok interesting. As the show went on, it got more and more typical. One season ends when Syd find out that her Dad put her into CIA programs as a child. (Something I thought I knew for a season...)
    The past season was so boring, I only got interested during the last episode to find out how Irina was going to come back. That episode I watched. The very last part I left the room, came back sat down and my mom changed the channel to Alias. It was Syd and Vaugn in the car talking.... and then CRASH! perfect ending! Who is he, how was he involved in SD-6 etc....

    This is their seconf burst of life, I hope they dont waste it. A jump like that hasn't happenen in years.

    Please excuse the awful writing, and if its confusing, I am so sorry, its late and I found a venting spot. :)
  • The early part of this season was a bit of a let down, but later on towards the ends, it got tons better.

    I've been watching this show from Day 1, and I've loved it since the first episode. The characters are great, and the twists are great.

    It slows down a bit with the love stories, and family stories. I know, I know, that's a big part of it. I don't mind the family stories, when it's interesting and deals with the past, and who's related to who, etc... but when they sit around all gushy in the house, i want to gag.

    The season enders kill me. JUST kill me. I hate waiting all summer for the next episode. I know that's why they end like that, but it doesn't matter! I'll be back regaurdless, so I'd rather them wrap up a season, then start the new one early!

    I mean, really, can't they just show me previews of the next year?

    oh well, it's still one of the best shows on, and if you haven't seen any yet, you should go watch it. Either buy the first few seasons, or just come in late to the story.. read the outlines on the website, because it will be well worth getting involved with this show.
  • What the heck happened?

    Back when Alias first started, it was a compelling, entertaining fast-paced show about a woman who must reconcile the life of a spy with trying to have a normal life. But somewhere along the way, this one lost focus and went downhill fast. I'd pretty much say it was season two when they had SD6 taken out so Syd and Vaughn could get their groove on together. After that, it's been desparately trying to find itself again and never succeeding.
  • Best Show EVER!

    This show is freakin' awesome! Everyone who hates this show is either jealous of jennifer garner or jealous they can't be with her. The first thing I saw her in was Dude Where's My Car? and she was great, and alias built up her talent. It gets better every season, and with this years finale, next year will be awesome!
  • Favorite show! Never miss an episode.

    Alias is action packed and at times keeps you on the edge of your seat. The chemistry between the characters is what really makes the show what it is. Not to mention that Michael Vartan is HOT!!!!! I never miss an episode. I look forward to when the new season starts. It is one of my favorite shows on night time television. I love the show because it keeps me guessing at what the next plot and story line is going to be. The only dowfall to the show is that if one episode is missed you are lost as to what is going on.
  • What's happening?

    Although I really love this show, I've gotta say JJ has really gotta get his game back. Mind you, happiness flooded from me knowing I was getting all my episodes back to back starting January 2005, so i never really skipped a beat. The fact that the whole season revolved around a sister, something i'm not to found of in my personal life, completely boggles me. Why on earth would anyone let a complete stranger, let alone your long lost half sister, move in with you after knowing them only a short amount of weeks baffles me. And thoses are the strange situations the compilied the season. Hopefully JJ will bring this show back to the fun it used to be, you know, when it was winning all those awards. No more fake deaths, long lost sisters, or double agent wives. Although i will say the ender for season 4 was awesome and will secure my tuning in. Great job. *mildly sarcastic with a hint of "get it done better" added in*
  • I only just started watching this show!

    Well, I've only seen the first four episodes of Alias and I'm already hooked! I kept meaning to watch it but always forgot, so I went out bought myself the first season on DVD and I was not disappointed. Normally, I'm not really into "action" shows but this one really sets itself appart from the rest!
  • Action / Adventure you don't want to miss on TV

    One of the best action TV shows to be aired down here in Australia hands down has to be Alias.

    With a great cast and great script writer the excitement of Alias will continue for years to come.

    While it does seem rather unrealistic at times the very same can be said for so many TV shows.

    This one is highly recommended for all those espionage buffs.

  • Alias is a great show that realistically shows the life of a female (nice change) double agent. It has really cool gadgets and a good plot.

    Although, I've only seen the first half of the first season, Alias is an excellent show. I'm already hooked on it and have been ordering the discs through Netflix. The best parts about Alias are the gadgets and spy toys created for missions, the wonderful acting, and the humor. Watching Marshall explain his latest gadget is always funny.
    In a nutshell, the story is about a young woman named Sydney Bristow who works for an Agency called SD-6, from the start though, her fiancee is killed by them after she tells him about it, and she then becomes a double agent for the CIA. Throughout the show, she frequently goes on lots of missions for SD-6, but also receives countermissions from the CIA. The stories are engrossing and deep.
    The only bad thing is that some of the plots and missions get repetitive over time.
  • The best written series along with "Lost".

    The best written series along with "Lost". That’s no surprise as both shows are created by J.J. Abrams and written by mostly the same staff.

    The first season theme of Sydney working to bring down SD-6 quickly came to an end, and it was the right time to do that since it was really going nowhere. After that point, the show became more focused on the characters, and their backgrounds.

    The ongoing Rambaldi storyline brilliantly unites all the sub-plots to a mysterious prophecy from hundreds of years ago.

    "Alias" is definitely getting better and better every season, and I’m looking forward to the next season.
  • this episode was good because Jack, Sydney, Irina, Vaughn and Nadia parachute into Sovogda. where they have to destroy this red ball that makes people into zombies the Russian minister is blackmailed by Marshall and Weiss into giving them the access codes

    This was a really good episode they keep getting more and more intresting don't they. people almost dying, people trying to kill a bad guy, sid's mom alive?, sid finding her sister. it's a really good show. I can't wait for the next season to come out so I can watch what happens next.
  • This show couldnt be any worse

    I hate Jennifer Garner, and I hope that her and Ben fail miserably. Poor Ben has to put up with this dumb poop eater. I would rather watch poop in a toilet than watch her act. Her movies suck as well as her tv show. I hope it gets cancelled and that she goes on drinking binge and becomes an alchoholic.
  • A TV show can't get much better than this!

    Alias is the last of the greats on television today. With the action packed thrill rides to the emotionally gripping acting of the great Jennifer Garner and cast, Alias provides a non-stop journey through the extraordinary life of Sydney Bristow. From the first episode, Alias has yet to disappoint in it's excellent portrayal of struggle and joy within the CIA.

    With the shows on television today, boring and lackluster, Alias is a pioneer, allowing for story lines that are bizarre and surreal. One of it's most commanding story lines involving Milo Rambaldi, an ancient fortune telling prophet, provides for a suspended belief in the supernatural where a man could foresee the future and allow for great turmoil to ensue.

    Jennifer Garner, television's most underrated and outstanding actresses, gives nothing but 150% to her role as the complicated Sydney. Other great supporting roles include Victor Garber as Sydney's poker-faced father, Jack Bristow, as well as Carl Lumbly, Ron Rifkin, Michael Vartan, Greg Grunberg, and the nerdy, but lovable, Kevin Weissman as Marshall. All the cast provides for unbelievable chemistry that is a rare attribute within any dramas today.

    Having received numerous nominations, ranging from Emmy to Golden Globes, and wins, such as Jennifer Garner's Best Actress Golden Globe and Best Drama People's Choice Award, critics have given their ultimate approval as well as the underground cult following of fans.

    One of Alias' biggest attribute is its ability to make addicts out of its fans. It's almost like a potato chip, you can't enjoy just one, you want the entire season and then some. If you haven't already been drawn into the world of Alias, you must rent or buy the DVDs of Seasons 1 through 3 and let the addiction begin.

  • An full-on action adventure.

    Sure, it may not be completely accurate, and sometimes even unbelievable, but damn, it's good. Alias is the most exctiing, twist filled, shocking show on television. You thought Lost had twists? They have nothing on the constant surprises on Alias.

    However, this would be nothing if it wasn't held together with an excellent cast (Jennifer Garner a standout in the brilliant ensemble) and an at least semi-plauseable plot. And the action! Fights, gunfights, martial arts and explosions galore. I wish I were in APO.
  • The show centers around CIA agents. One important one is Sydney Bristow, she and her friends work for the CIA, saving lives and solving misteries. The show also centers around Sidney's father, who is also a CIA agent.

    This show is one of the best ones on tv today. Its action-packed with fights and stunts. But it is also, at times, a family show. It helps to show just how important family and friends can be. This is one of those shows that you wait all week to watch. It will be around for a long time, to give us out weekly look into the lives of these secret CIA agents.
  • top drama and action in one the show never seems to slow down with a shock at the end of every episode

    top drama and action that will keep you at
    the edge of you Seat. they put so much story line
    in one episode if you miss one you will struggle
    to keep up. a great bit of comedy when Marshall
    talks about the gadgets he makes very funny.
    one of the best parts is the twist at the
    end of most episodes and the season finales
    are unreal their is all ways a big shocker
  • good

    I dont watch this show that much but i like it for the mystery and the spyness of it i love mysterys and this is a good one taking you to a kind of another world , when im watching this im wondering does these things really happen in the us or are these things just fiction, but the more i watch it the realer it becomes and the more believable it is that these things could really be happening in the world today , this is show is good for that but it doesn't really pull me in like other shoes i watch.
  • Great Show! Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan are fun to watch! The show is original and I'll be back for next season.

    I didn't catch Alias until the end of the first season, but I caught on directly afterwards. The season finale's leave you hanging for the next season.
    Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan work great together and are a joy to watch. I'll be catching the next season for sure.
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