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  • Twists and turns that you never expect!

    Alias is a mind blowingly awesome show that deals the trials and tribulations of being an agent in the middle of the battle between who to trust. The stories are somewhat far fetched and the end result was too, however, it made for a great plot line and story to follow, not only on a week-to-week basis but on a one-time basis as well. Alias mixes the action with the personal and bewildering. The mystery aspect of each case and arc episode run keeps the viewer guessing and interested and most of the time surprised out of their mind. The work is breath-taking.
  • It's about a spy?

    I only watched because I was flipping through channels and I saw some really hot chick kicking ass. That chick is Jennifer Garner. I kinda went through a month long Alias phase. It didn't last long because I soon found out the show's not that great. It had it's good moments but was never a great show. The biggest story was the fact that the lead characters were dating, Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan. To be honest, I feel the only reason it was watched was for the romance but they put it out there as a show about a strong woman. It was misleading but never the less I liked the show.
  • Excellent idea and great realization!

    Alias is very interesting TV show with some unexpected but great turs and really excellent actors who did great job. The idea iteslf was very demanding but writers made really good realization with such attention to details, and developement of story creates addiction for it without being boring at any moment.
    It is a story about Sidney, girl who has been draged into the world of secrets working for SD-6 organization and CIA. She workes with her father, eventually she meets her mother, sister and also fell in love. Rimbaldi mystery is what they are all trying to solve, some of them with obsessions what affects their lives and many secrets are being discovered.
  • great show

    This type of show is out of my usual medieval genre, but I loved it just as much. Like all my favourite shows, it offers a great variety of cast who perform their best, making the show what it is today. I reccommend this to anyone, especially if they are into 24- this is much much much deeper ! Great show, lots of drama, lots of action and inspirational to watch. The thing I most like about Alias is the 'whats gonna happen next' feel to the show, bringing with it great suspense, putting the viewer on edge all the time.
  • This show is one of the most special for me. I see this show many years ago when the show arrive to Spain, i see this show with my mother.

    The first two seasons of this show are absolutely perfects, then in the third season the level of the show come down, the fourth and five seasons I really didn't like it. Maybe the five.

    The first season with the sd-6 and CIA, the double agent, the relation whit Vaunght, and the bad, Arvin Sloane, is very nice season, all the time we see action, we see Syd running all the time.

    The second season is the best, with the relationship with her mother, Irina, and the fight between her dad and mom. The end of the SD-6 and the first kiss between Syd and Michael, very nice moment.

    The third with the time travelling, we with Syd and all the characters have to discover what happened in the two years, all the people think Syd is dead. OK, not all the people but many yes, jejejeje

    The fourth whit the sister off Syd, and the five whit the mystery of Rambaldi, the comeback of Ana, and the final of Irina.
  • Bring it Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This show is all about the secret world of spyies!!!! This show is an action adventure with romance, more twists and turns imagineable!!!!!!!!!!! the show centres around Sydney a secret agent working for the cia but in actual fact is working for the people she thought she was fighting. when she discovers the truth it horrifies her. She then goes to the CIA where she meets Vaughan her handler she now is a double agent. the relationship between vaughan and sydney is one on which the can not act out there true feelings for eachother. as well as being a cia agent sydney was come to understand why her father lied to her about his real job and the fact her mother isnt dead and is one of the people she is fighting against!!!!
    this show has a bit of everything and from the minute you begin to watch it you are hooked!!!!!!!!!
  • This show was distracting when i saw it i could not stop.This show is about a girl that is named Sidney,she works undercover as an cia. But,its nothing she has to find out so much things about her own family.

    This show was great it had action,adventure,story,romance,and much more it is everything we want in a show.There is always something new to discover nothing is as it is. there is always something new to find out that leads to something greater to discover.Sidney is the main personality of the show and the show mostly revalues around her which is something that is not that great because some of the other personality's have a great story line that some mite what to find out more about.But, they cant because the show is not about then. This show is still great the way it was written.
  • Great and original show!

    When I saw the first prviews of Alias I knew that it would be a show worth watching. I was really bummed when I missen the firts episode but luckily I caught on from the second episode which was something I had never seen before. The show was so different and new and exciting. Sidney wasn´t just a double agent but she was also trying to live a normal life with friends and school. What was also great about the show was that Sidney was just a human with flaws and vulnerability but she could also really kick butt when she needed to.

    The first season might have been my favourite because it was all about Sidney being a double agent. You never really knew what she would look like next and what kind of scenarios she would have to talk or fight herself out of. The fact that only few people in Sidneya life knew what she was really about made the show really intence.

    The second season obviously started with Sidneys mom coming back and her dealing with that. Also Will knew Sidneys secret now and she had one more person to confide in. I was really nervous about what would happen to the show after SD-6 was gone but I think they handeled it very well. I also loved the fact that Sidney and Vaughn didn´t have to hide their feelings for each other anymore. The last episode of second season was albsolutely chilling. I couldn´t sleep at all the following night which brings us to the completely confusing beginning of the third season.

    Season three had a brilliant beginning except for the fact that Vaughn was married. I just couldn`t wait to find out what actually had happened to Sidney in the past two years. When that was finally revealed I think I was a little bit dissapointed. I just had expected so much and what had happened was almost satisfying but not quite. I´m not even sure why is that. I also think that from the very beginning of the season it was obvious that Lauren was bad because otherwise the Sidney-Vaughn-relationship would have had a very bad...ending. The fourt season brought us back to the beginning of the show a little because they were secret agents again. It was good to see more Weiss and also it was nice to see that after losing everything after season two, Sidney now got a sister and she was also starting to have her life back to "normal" (after losing those two years of her life).

    I have to say that the fifth season was for me the most complicated one. I´m not even sure if I understood all of it. I mean, the and was pretty clear but the stuff with Vaughn and his dad´s top secret stuff...I was lost sometimes about who was who and who did they work for and why. Very strange and too complicated. Or maybe I´m just remembering it wrong. The ending was wonderful though, just the way I wanted it to end wiht sad and happy thoughts.

    Anyway, I think that Alias was a great and original show and I will always love it, at leats the first couble seasons.
  • I want it back!!!

    I used to hate season 1 but after reviewing i really was pretty harsh. It had lots of good storylines. Season 2 was really good it defo improved. Season 2 had lots more twists and turns and storys improved. In season 3 the story really changed up and you where there with her when she went into a coma. In season 3 Melissa George was a great addition she was badass and sooooo evil!! In season 4 the APO story really got me interested i also loved the little sister story was great she was kickass like Syd if not more. Season 5 i thought was OK it could have been improved if Vaughn was there. All together a great spy-fi show.
  • I watched the first 5 minutes of Alias and I couldn't stop to watching it.

    When I first knew about Alias, I read a magazine who promoted the first season of Alias and I found it very interesting storylines, and I couldn't wait to watch the Pilot episode.
    Alias tell us the story of Sydney Bristow, a girl who have a double personality, as the day she is a student college and in the night she is spy to the CIA. That is what she believes until her fiance is murdered by SD-6 and she realizes that the cover of SD-6 is be CIA. Sydney was working for the enemy who though she was fighting.
    Sydney on pursuit of revenge finds out that his father, Jack Bristow also works for SD-6, and tries to helps her to scapes of SD-6, but she refuse his help.
    Finally Sydney joins to the real CIA to destroys SD-6, and meets her CIA's agent Michael Vaughn, who will help her in her mission, but Sydney also finds out that his father is also a double agent for the CIA to destroys SD-6. I highly recommend watch Alias because it has a great mix between drama and action; strongs relationship as father-daugther and romance between Sydney and Vaughn. Also Sydney has to fight with the true and lie with her friends and co-workers of SD-6, who don't know the true. This is Alias a mix of drama, mystery, action, romance, and even comedy, that you always will enjoy and surprise with amazing twists that you will never imagine.
  • we need alias

    lias: The Complete Second Season manages to build on the appeal of the first season by adding a few new intriguing characters and keeping the plots twisting and turning from episode to episode. Even so, the series still encounters the virtually inevitable wrong turns.
    A Family Affair

    The second season starts off with a bang when Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner, Catch Me If You Can) is shot by her very own mother, Irina, a woman she was told had died in a car accident twenty years earlier. As it turns out, Sydney's mother (Lena Olin, Chocolat) is one tough cookie with a deep, dark past and she's also a difficult personality to read.

    Shortly after the shooting, Sydney's mother turns herself into the CIA, but her motives are constantly under question. Depending on the situation, she's earnestly interested in restoring her mother/daughter relationship and divulging helpful information to the CIA, but at other times she seems as though she is one can of fava beans short of a full meal.

    In keeping with the globetrotting tone of the first season, Sydney and company traverse the globe on various missions, with Moscow, Nepal, New Delhi, Vienna, Budapest, Barcelona, and Paris among the locales on the itinerary.

    As evidence of the show's popularity, the star power has increased with cameos by such considerable talent as Faye Dunaway, David Carradine, Christian Slater, Olivia d'Abo, and Ethan Hawke. Richard Lewis is cast against type to great effect as a CIA agent and Rutger Hauer is perfect as yet another creepy bad guy.

    The show's cliffhangers-within-cliffhangers approach is a great hook, but it's the well-drawn characters and conviction of the cast that hold the attention. Alias also maintains its appeal by keeping a sense of humor about itself. Sydney herself sees the oddity of it all when she observes, "Some people go miniature golfing with their parents. We go to India looking for nukes."
    False Moves

    To its credit, Alias does what it can to stay focused on the story rather than conventional TV formatting. To that end, sometimes the opening credits don't even roll until 18 minutes into the episode. Nonetheless, while the first season was a masterful example of the heights an action TV series can achieve, the second season stumbles a couple times, but it still manages to recover nicely by the season finale.

    The first stumble is more a problem of ambition versus resources than a lack of imagination. In this case, a sequence that takes place in Siberia suffers from cheesy snow and ice effects. It's a shame after all the advances in CGI and technology that TV-bound special effects still cannot muster a realistic blizzard.

    The second shortcoming is purely a problem of the imagination. This time, a subplot involving molecular gene therapy to create identical doubles of primary characters is simply beyond belief and feels out of place amidst the more realistic (albeit still outlandish) goings-on.

    Also questionable is the requisite romance which develops between Sydney and Agent Vaughn (Michael Vartan, Never Been Kissed). While it is tastefully done and provides another layer of complexity, it simply gets in the way sometimes.
    The Marshall Plan

    Those shortcomings aside, there are plenty of twists and turns that do work well. None have more appeal than those surrounding Marshall Flinkman, the Alias equivalent of James Bond's gadget expert, Q. Kevin Weisman (Gone in 60 Seconds) keeps the techno-geek loveable and offers the series a great source of comic relief. His star shines even brighter as he makes his own transition from SD-6 to CIA and also manages to get out of the office for his first on-location assignment, in London.

    The main plot thickens with the demise of SD-6 as Arvin Sloane (Ron Rifkin, The Sum of All Fears) continues his pursuit of the Rambaldi device, which requires the assemblage of bits and pieces from all corners of the world. Milo Rambaldi was a visionary along the lines of Leonardo da Vinci; what his aim was with the device grows ever more mysterious by the end of the second season.

    Sloane is, like Irina, a difficult villain to pigeon hole as he continues his quest to uncover Rambaldi's secrets and the relationship with his wife grows more complex. He, like Irina, is in turns sympathetic and ominous. On the strength of such characters, Alias is a series with a solid foundation upon which to build its clever web.
    DVD Extras

    The second season's six-disc set offers a nice variety of supplemental materials, including an extensive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the season finale, The Telling, with a full 40-minute documentary.

    Also on hand are four running commentaries (accompanying Episodes 13, 17, 21 and 22). The quality varies dramatically, from a "boys club" atmosphere lacking any substantial content to more informative dialogues from the series' creator and star. Of special note is the inclusion of seamless branching during Phase One and The Telling. The commentaries cut to an alternate take of a fight scene gone awry during the former and to a deleted scene during the latter.

    The same two episodes are also supported by the ScriptScanner, which allows viewers to simultaneously watch the episode and read the script via DVD-ROM, and their related One-Line Production Schedules, which demonstrate the quick pace of the Alias enterprise.

    Additional supplements include a featurette, The Look of Alias, a collection of deleted scenes, bloopers, KROQ radio interviews, and TV spots. In a move of shameless cross-promotion, a brief featurette on the making of Alias the video game is also thrown in.

    Rounding out the package is the package itself, which features a plastic sleeve of the Bristow family. The sleeve covers a cardboard box which features Rambaldi's da Vinci-like drawings, with a sketch of a young woman, oddly reminiscent of Sydney, on the front. The box, in turn, holds three keep-cases, each with two discs.
    Picture and Sound

    As with the first season, Alias: The Complete Second Season is presented in widescreen 1.78:1 (enhanced for 16x9 screens) and features pristine picture quality. The Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound soundtrack is solid and does a fine job of showcasing both the music and the drama. Also available is a Spanish language soundtrack and English captions.
  • This show is one of the most exhilerating, thrilling shows ever! The plot twists will have ur head spinning!!!

    Alias has been of those landmark shows that have set the tone for all the other action shows to follow. It is one of the best shows on air, even if it gets a tad complicated!!The cast chemistry is electric with such a mix of realtionships among the main charcters. The realtionship between Jack and Sydney is just awesome, a complicated mix of love and hate and everything inbetween!
    The action scenes are so realistic, with Sydney using a combo of her own fighting skills and whatever else she can get her hands on. The best season is definately season 2, with the later seasons getting a tad ridiculous and a little silly. If it wasnt for the silly humour of Marshall the shows residential geek, this show might not have stayed my favourite!
    Yet despite the very few flaws this show has it is really one of the best shows out there combining action with suspense and even romance! I cant recommend it enough so i wil just say go and watch it right now!!!
  • Sydney Bristow is a CIA agent who thought she was working for the CIA when it was really the Alliance. She will stop at nothing to destroy them.

    Alias is amazing. When I first seen it, I couldn't believe how great it was. I was really amazed when I seen the Season One finale, "Almost Thirty Years." Season Two was even better because the CIA destroyed The Alliance, Sydney and Vaughn hooked up, Francie was doubled, and Sydney learns that she was left for dead while she was in a coma and Vaughn got married. Season Three was really good and entertaining to watch. Especially because of Lauren and Nadia. Season Four was an amazing season to watch. There were many entertaining episodes, including the finale, "Before The Flood." But Season Five was probably the best of all. "All The Time In The World" was a perfect finale. I wouldn't have had it end any other way.
  • Alias, a medium show with an excellent ensemble...

    In Alias you'd get a medium show with an excellent ensemble, not always well written and some of the times it would get repetitive.

    Jennifer Garner was the star of this show and she was great on it. Also good were Victor Garber, Michael Vartan, Kevin Weisman, Ron Rifkin and Greg Grunberg.

    The show is spy-action packed that got better as years gone by, first season is worse that the last, not all shows can do that. But it's is cast that saved the show so many times for me. When I though seen that already I'm going do drop this show, the cast made me stay...
  • Flawless

    Alias culminates in the most compelling story line you will ever watch. Combining espionage with legend, the realistic with the not so, alias achieves a show that will capture the viewers imagination. Sydney Bristow is that odd yet attractive girl from high school, who flawless portrays the troubled CIA Agent. Season 1 begins with the revelation that Gardner has been working for the 'very enemy she thought she was fighting'. Arvan Sloane without a doubt is the most twisted character on television and leads the terror cell SD-6. During seasons 1 and 2 Gardner works with her double agent father (one of the coolest, calmest darkest portrayals) , on/off (we know they'll hook up in the end) Michael Vaughn and the CIA to take down SD-6. Season 3 focuses on the organization called the covenant. Season 4 sees the new (hot) half sister of Sydney. Season 4 and 5 tie up the legend of Rambaldi the driving force behind the show. Rambaldi more engaging than the Da Vinci Code seals alias as one of the greats of TV.
  • The ultimate spy! best family dynamic there is.

    this show got me hooked. Syd is a great hero, she would do anything for the people she loves, and as much as she has lost she still is a good guy. I love Jen Garner and I love Michael Vartan, Vaughn and Syd's love and relationship is great, it kept me watching, they had the cutest moments and then there was the great action sequences, it was all these genres smacked into one. A little something for everyone to enjoy. It was a shame it ended so quickly though five seasons is huge! and you were always gauranteed a great cliffhanger and ending for this show. who can forget their season finales.
    simply brilliant
  • A perfect combo with JenG being a classic spy with SD-6 thinking to be government agency not knowing her dad to be an undercover with CIA. When later she finds out about SD-6 and Sloan, the head, she gets in with CIA. This was just a start, mind you.

    SYdney Bristow(Jenifer Garner) along with Michael Vaugh, a perfect couple, plus her long time partner, her DAD cracks the screen. I saw all the seasons in 10 days. Damn crazy show. I miss it. AN amazing story line, class star cast, super action, nice girls(Sydney and Nadia), amaing locations, this show rocks all the time. Never saw Jenifer Garner acting this good, performing so well. I could never stop praising this show and can watch it all over again. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • I miss it.

    Sydney Bristow was recruited as an undergrad to work for SD-6, which she thought was a government agency. However, when her fiancé is killed by SD-6 agents, she finds out that SD-6 is actually a counter-government agency. Sydney approaches the CIA and becomes a double agent, which means that she goes on SD-6 missions, but passes the information about her missions to her CIA handler, Vaughn.

    Sydney's father, Jack Bristow, is also an double agent. Both had a distant relationship for years, but their present situation brings them closer together. Sydney and her father spend the first season trying to foil SD-6's missions and preventing them from getting their hands on what they are determined to get. For years SD-6 has fought against FTL and K-Directorate, two crime organizations that are also in the pursue of various artifacts build by the 15th century scientist and prophet, Milo Rambaldi. However, when a new player referred to as "The Man" comes to town, FTL and K-Directorate are put out of business and SD-6 engages in the pursue of this new mysterious opponent.

    After eliminating SD-6 and all of the other SD cells, Sydney, Marshall, Dixon, Jack, and Vaughn are now fully working for the CIA.
  • I hope there was more of it it is so cool and hot...

    best of the best.
    great story .
    great things about governments and stuff...
    great ideas .
    very very good characters .
    I realy loved it and Im sad that it ended but at the same time Im happy for the cool ending . I hoped that ratchel and the new fella could get together but
    that didnt happend as he sucrficed himself for the greater good .
    I didnt like the end of arvin slone his character was so intresting .
    I thout that the prophesy will get to the reality as nadia and sid will be fighting for the prrecios thing that we didnt know
    really cool .
  • Pretentious Danger

    There are so many "Bristow" lovers commenting on this show that it almost reminds me of the "Buffy" comments, which build a virtual shrine to its star and that show. Here, as there, Danger Girl can do no wrong, she's this, she's that, so hot, so athletic, blah blah blah. Fan worship is such a disease, but also fun to read.

    Anyway, the hype this show and its star get is unbelievable. Partly, that is because Garner has the look of a fashion model and thus constantly gets herself into the tabloids. Acting is another story. She has a few set expressions, there is "Oh No!" and "happy" and "where am I" and "isn't it so sad I have to kill you now" and not too many others. She has some of the biggest lips in Hollywood and, when in doubt, sets them in a little pout to look determined. Garner's idea of showing anger or fear or whatever - when she is not getting all whiny - usually involves letting her face go blank. An effective acting tool if you have more on the ball than she does. When you resort to that repeatedly, though, it gets old fast. Clearly, this is enough for the wild fans of the show. As for serious acting, though, well, forget it.

    It seems that every episode has an angry little "Bristow" speech in which she gets all whiny and her voice gets low and hard to hear and the wordsallruntogether. Then, there is the obligatory "Bristow gets dressed" scene, the standard "let's pan up from her feet as she walks determinedly in a designer dress" shot, and of course the piece de resistance, the scene in which she uses a knife and something hanging around in the room to disarm and usually kill the two or more bad guys with Uzi's. She then drives off in a flashy car, to clue us the scene is over, I guess.

    Nah, I know, it isn't a serious show, it is bubble-gum spy stuff for those looking for a Danger Girl show. The MTV music wells and we know we are getting the "dressing" scene or whatever. It is fast-paced, which hides the lack of depth. Bristow humiliates her superiors, getting them to do her bidding on the flimsiest of pretexts, and thus just glides along in her own little world, using the US Government to resolve her inner traumas ("free her father" or "find her mother" or whatever Freudian thing it is this time). The men are either impotent or evil or clueless, standard stuff we've seen many times before in these monotonously similar Danger Girl shows.

    Other characters in the show are effectively neutered every time Danger Girl wants them to be, either directly with a knife to the throat or by some pretentious little bluster of hers to which, naturally, the other character cannot respond in kind. This show makes the "Bond" movies look like "War and Peace" in terms of seriousness and resemblance to reality. At least Bond pokes fun at itself and knows when to lighten the character up a little.

    Ultimately, the show rises and falls on how you feel about Garner. Is she attractive? Yes, in a vacuous model kind of way. In fact, she was cast because she is so "hot," certainly not because of any acting skill. Is she interesting? Somewhat, for a while, if you like invulnerable automatons that really don't show any true feelings, just constant anguish at being clueless or little-girl tantrums regarding being "betrayed" yet again (but she doesn't feel bad about pursuing her own little agendas on the Agency's time). Are the supporting actors good? Yes, in terms of playing good spear carriers who set up the scenes where Danger Girl saves the day yet again.

    I don't particularly like shows with invulnerable male leads, either, so don't think this is a male/female thing. "Alias" is simply too trite, predictable and cookie-cutter to resemble a first-rate drama series, though it has possibilities as a fashion show.

    So, can the show be enjoyable if you don't feel like switching the channel? Sure. I like to watch music videos sometimes, too. Is the show nearly as good as its hugest fans who overwhelmingly post here would have you believe?
  • Jenifer Garner Kicking Butt As A Triple Agent......Enough Said :)

    Whats not to like about Alias i mean you've got gorgeous Garner fighting all manner of bad and sometimes good guys in suberbly choreagraphed fight sequences, mind blowing story lines about aincent prophacies (always a winner :) ), i also love the amount of disguises and 007 type gadgets that are used on the show.
    And one thing you cant overlook is the fact that its created by the miastro J.J Abrahms who as we all know loves his shows to keep you guessing and on that Alias certainly dosent let you down.
    Alias is only 5 seasons long but from the first to the last episode it is a rollercoaster of a thrill ride, the series finale goes out with one hell of a bang and will leave u wanting more.
  • Sydney is a Spy working for the CIA and she works as a double agent at a Terrorist Cell called SD-6 with her dad.

    Alias is an amazing spy series that depicts a female spy at her best and worst. Each week brings a new threat to the world which Sydney (Jennifer Garner) must stop to save the world. The Pilot episode started of this incredible saga. The acting, writing and directing is amazing. Though it was only on the air for 5 season it was still a great ride. The cast grew bigger and better each year with the additons of Lena Olin, David Anders, Mellissa George, Mia Meastro, Rachel Nichols, Amy Acker, Balthazar Getty, and many more. Every episode brought new mysteries to solve. The most amazing story line was the second Sydney, who was really Anna Espinosa (Gina Torres). The final closed all of the story lines with Sydney and Vaughn getting married and having two children. This show shot Jennifer Garner to stardom. This show will go down in history as one of the best spy TV shows of all time.
  • A show about about Sydney Bristow and her CIA friends.

    This series was simply amazing. Until it's final season, which was disappointing and yet still somewhat satisfactory, the series was always trying to top itself with awesome action, great direction, superb acting, and fun storylines that had one twist after the next. It rarely let up the suspense. This series it right behind Lost in my opinion in terms of quality television. I miss it every day it is no longer on air. I hope that over time it will find a larger audience that it ever had on ABC. DVD is a great way to discover this amazing series that will go down in history as one of the best.
  • I think that was a great show, with good story lines and very cool and sexy action scenes.

    For me this show was the best espionage series. It had many great plans and escapes. It just fun to watch. And also for me one of the best actress, Jennifer Garner, i think she is the perfect Sydney Bristow. She is gorgeous and sexy, and also a good actress. And look natural in all the things Sydney could do.

    I know that the story of Rambaldi was getting old in the end, but for me that was never why I watched the show. The small story lines were so much better. And I always loved the Sydney and Vaughn affair, they were so cute together.

    It's worth watching this series!!!
  • the best female action/adventure!

    Alias has proven to be a very successful TV-series with it's use of action, comedy, thrill, drama, and suspense. The viewer never knows exactly what is going to happen, yet there is such an excellent characterization of every actor that the viewer can easily determine what the possibilities are. There is something for everyone in this series. Whether you be a hopeless romantic (Vaughn/Sidney), have a love for family situations (Sidney, mom/dad), action (Sidney, as well as others, during their missions), or comedy (there is plenty of comic relief), you are sure to love this show. And Jack Bristow will become your favourite character!!!
  • A show about a highly trained women who works for the c.i.a, (played by Jennifer Garner).

    ~ Ok This show used to be my favorite show , but the question is WHERe DId It Go! If you know if it is still on or when its on i would really appriciate it , ok now this show really does keep me on the edge i mean i used to wait everynight when i was a kid for alias to come on lol but the story is amazing the action is amazing and the acting is amazing Just a great show overall ITs An AMAZINg SHOw ! lol The carecter Syndey is definatly a tough women who goes through many tough times in this show sad somtimes :( But still A great show!!!!!! ~
  • Has its ups and downs but overall a good show

    Alias tells the story of Sydney Bristow and how she must balance her work and personal life. However being a secret agent isn't all what its cracked up to be! Alias was a good idea with a really nice solid plot. Alias was excellent in Season 1 and descent in Season 2 but when they got rid of Will and her other friend there was no secret life and that kind of hurt the show. Season 3 was okay with the whole Lauren thing added pretty good drama. Season 4 was excellent until the finale episode. The final two episodes were just bad. Sydney's mother just appeared out of nowhere and how on earth is Sloane immortal? not to mention killing off Jack was terrible. I mean Jack was a awesome character! it was a great show with a really bad final episode kind of like Seinfeld.
  • A Nice Discovery

    Alias was a great show I encountered totally by accident.
    It has a nice balance of action and comedy with just a touch of romance (not so much as to make you gag).
    The script was well written and the story moved along nicely , although I must say I'm glad I watched it on DVD because I don't think I could have waited week to week for the episodes.
    The characters were intriguing and I found the actors to have had great chemistry together. I just wish there had been more time to expand on the new characters in the last season. I would have liked to have gotten to know hem as well as Sydney and the others.
    All in all a good show and I would recommend to those of you who enjoy good action.
  • ahh a show that can make people knock down because of the hot agent sydney bristo and the funny side kicks greg and the others

    an average tv series nope this is good but need some thrilllllll old fassion maybe dont know why but i kind a like it still heheheh nuts make me nuts drive me crazy specially when greg take her shirts off hehehehe funny and cool all though it make sense i like jennyfer on electra he suits on that movie i think shes much better than angelina jolly in the movie tomb raider hehehhehe if im going to make a tv series i like jenn to be on it and his role is going to be a crimbuster still with HRG and adrian pasdar
  • Great Show

    I love this show, Jennifer Garner did this show justice, I loved got in it a little later..I had to borrow DVDs to catch up, I thought the beginning was great. Towards the end it did go down hill a litttle bit,, but i still think that should of keep it on a little longer..I loved all the twists and turns. I loved when Sydyn(?) lost like 2 years of her life I love that part of the series, I think I need to watch the entire series again, to refresh myself and I would probably love it more..I haven't seen it in like 2 years or more I miss it..
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