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  • Not everything is as what it appears.

    Come On, Secret Agents and the interpersonal relationships.... AWESOME!... Okay, well all that action and spies are not as interesting as the relationship between Sydney and Vaughn. As you can probably can tell, I am a romantic. So obviously, I rather much enjoy the drama behind the relationship than the "world is ending because some other terrorist group has something or another". I do think that some things that happen to them are a bit outrageous but they totally suck you into watching the show. The backdrop story that intertwines all these peoples lives is truly out there but still I do manage to believe it. ENEMIES beware Sydney is always around. Anyways, enough of none sense rambling.... watch the show and become addicted.
  • gnhghj

    this is one of those shows that comes along every once in a while but never gets the love from the masses. Not only is the acting great but the writing was top notch. The lives of the characters and how they are all intertwined brings never-ending excitement and suspense to this incredible series created by J.J. Abrams.

    Personally I can't get enough of the show and after watching every episode more than once I'm still connecting the dots and finding new subplots. That's the great thing about this show, no matter how many times you watch you will always find something new in the storyline and something new to love about it.
  • In a world of espionage and deceit, one woman tries to find her way through it all. Follow the life of Sydney Bristow, a top notch spy just trying to make sense of her life. See the CIA agent fight for what she beleives to be justice.

    This is one of the best shows I have ever watched! Seriously! There are always twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat! And the actors are awesome too...when they do thier fight scenes, it's looks so real! I gotta admit, the storylines can get complicated, but once you know what is going on, you won't be able to get enough. You will fall in love with al the characters...well...most of them! The show is not only about action, like most other spy shows are, this show also accomodates themes like family, deceit and friendship! A show you should definitly see before you die!
  • from the creator of lost

    Alias is an American "Spy-fi" television series created by J. J. Abrams the creator of Lost.Whatever JJ Abrams does has to be good.
    A major plotline of the series was the search for and recovery of artifacts created by Milo Rambaldi, a fictional Leonardo da Vinci-like inventor and Nostradamus-like prophet from the Renaissance period. This plot and some technologies used in the series pushed Alias into the genre of science fiction.
    This was a very entertianig show and I thought Jennifer Gardener Was at her peak as Sydney Bristow.Alias also has a great supporting cast and great storylines.
    Season two is probably my favourate season.
  • ALIAS is the best show that has been written in ages!!Its clever, funny, action-packed, romantic and totally addictive!

    I'v been addicted to ALIAS ever since i watched the first episode. The writers should be praised for their great work in creating such believable and human characters. I just love seeing a strong leading woman as the main character and the fact that she can kick some major ass (in heels to)just makes me love it more and more. My favourite part of each episode is the new costumes Sydney has to wear for each mission. Doesn't every girl wish they could have some of those outfits in her closet?? i know i do :P...Its such a shame that all good things have to come to an end..but at least it went out on a good note while it was still on top of its game!! I love ALIAS!!

    I just want to say how completely obsessed with this show i am!! i LOVE it! i think seasons 1 and 2 are the best, but i couldnt get enough of all of the seasons. I love the rambaldi mystery and Jennifer Garner is awesome. its so nice to see a woman in this role who totally kicks but. I love her as a celebrity too... she seems so wholesome with the family and all. This role was made for her. with the outfits and the cliffhangers i was always on the edge of my seat. Im so sad she stopped it but it will always be my favorite!!! :)
  • This is a personal favorite of mine and should be yours too.

    This is one of those shows that comes along every once in a while but never gets the love from the masses. Not only is the acting great but the writing was top notch. The lives of the characters and how they are all intertwined brings never-ending excitement and suspense to this incredible series created by J.J. Abrams.

    Personally I can't get enough of the show and after watching every episode more than once I'm still connecting the dots and finding new subplots. That's the great thing about this show, no matter how many times you watch you will always find something new in the storyline and something new to love about it.
  • Review

    Another television show breaks into my top five that I would have never ever thought about watching a year ago to this day. This show is amazing (through 39 episodes) and with JJ Abrams behind all of the big decisions of the show I dont see it taking that big of a turn for the worse. A lot of people say Season 3 is by far the worst and is the reason the show began to fall, but right now Im enjoying almost every single episode of the show. The twists at the end of the episodes always leave you wanting more and the show never really gives you that feeling of having every question answered.There is always something to thinka bout and always something that you have to think outside the box about. Jennifer is amazing in her roleand there isnt another person in the world who could play the role that way she does. Everyone in this series is cast to perfection. Vaughn to Sark to Arvin to Jack to Irina, everything is just pure perfection from beginning to end of (most) episodes. Great show.
  • Not just a secret agent. She's a concealed weapon.

    For seven years, Sydney Bristow believed she was working for a covert branch of the CIA, named SD-6. However, when she tells her fiance of her job, Arvin Sloane, head of SD-6 and an old family friend, has him murdered. With this life-shattering event, Sydney learns not only that SD-6 is a mercenary group of terrorists, but that her father, too, works for SD-6. Sydney then works with the CIA as a double agent, trying to bring down SD-6 with her father, a second double. This is only the beginning of a path of betrayal, murder, lies, and disbelief. Sydney Bristow pushes through trials of love, learns the truth about her mother, loses a friend in an utter form of incredulity, pitfalls herself into months of torture and puzzlement, and is tormented with countless revelations to come. (season 1)
  • Amazingly written, Amazing casting, need I say more.

    *if you don't want to be spoiled don't read this*I only started watching this two weeks ago. The first season I half watched, by the second season I was hooked. Let me start off on this note, Micheal Vartan- Has only two looks, sad and excited, he made so much more of those two, it surprised me with how well he acted. Jenifer Garner- Amazing stunts, she also pulled emotion into everything that her character went through.

    This show has everything that you ever wanted in a show. Action, raw emotion, plot twists, more plot twists, good acting, even more plot twists. The fist season was kind of shaky, second was better, much better because you feel like the plot is going somewhere after they destroy SD6. Third season was a dump b/c Lauren, finale was amazing.

    This show is totally unbeilevable but somehow you seem to believe it. It's like fantasy but so much better.
  • Late discovery of mine

    I didn't watch that shhow when it first came out, cause i thought it was weird and i didn't like jennifer garner all that much. But a few weeks ago i started watching it and basically just liked it.

    Being a friend of well placed lies and manipulation myself, i basically found it inspiring. But one thing i definitely would have done differently is the end of the show. Sloane's big finish was sort of unnecessary if you ask me, which you didn't, but anyway.

    Jack and Marshall are two of my favorite TV characters, never did like vaughn though, even with his twist in the last season he just is a too perfect son-in-law-type... creeps me out.
  • A female who's got brains, beauty and can kick serious butt.

    I love this show. Not only because Sydney B. can kick butt, but because of the acting, storylines, MAJOR plot twists and direction. It made you feel like you were part of the story and it took you on a wild ride from beginning to end. The family dynamic of the main character was a big part of the story. One of the most dysfunctional families on tv. And it made you want to be in the CIA undercover working for SD-6. I just wish it was still on but things do have to end and end it did.
  • Sydney Bristow, super spy!

    For five years thousands of people all over the globe watched ALIAS every week to watch Sydney Bristow kick some butt and save the day, again! How did she manage to make being a spy look so easy, and so good?

    Sydney started working for SD-6, an agency she thought were the good guys, the government agency. How wrong she was! Her fiance dying opens her eyes, and she soon becomes a double agent for the CIA. And as it turns out, her father, Jack Bristow is also a double agent. (who saw that one coming?) That was in the beginning.

    The show moves on... SD-6 is destroyed! And Sydney and the delicious Vaughn get together! Marshall and Dixon join Jack and Sydney and Vaughn of coarse to work for the CIA the real good guys! But of coarse this is television, so things can't be to peachy for too long, apparently it's not interesting enough.... So, Sydney goes missing! It turns out that some organisation (can't remember what they were called) recruited her, and got her doing work for them. She finally goes back home, with no memory of anything anymore! Ha! Gotta love the creative writing on this show! Sydney has been missing for FIVE years! ~insert shock and horror here!~ And Vaughn? He married some English bimbo! No happy ending for Syd... Thank goodness the writers had the common sense to make things better for our heroin! Things look up for her. She learns that she has a half sister, who's father happens to be Sloan. The whole gang is now working for some secret organisation (which again, the name slips my mind at this stage) and even the "is he good or evil" guy Sloan is their boss! Shocker! However, in your mind you are constantly wondering if Sloan is good, or if his true colours will come out again, and be bad! Will the Rambaldi artifacts around the world help swing Sloan to the dark side? All in all, this show was good! It had a great lead actresses, someone whom you may look up to. The rest of the cast were good, and their story lines were also good. Miss an episode however, and you're lost! Lots of twists and turns always had you guessing, and waiting in anticipation for the next action packed episode! It was action packed, and still had a love story involved which made it that much more intereting. From season to season, you keep wondering if Vaughn and Sydney will get together, in the end, they ended up in the right place! ;) Oh, and if like me, you liked eye candy, you were in luck! The show had yummy Vaughn AND the evil Sark! So to sum it up, good cast, good story lines every week which keep you tuned in every week, and of coarse eye candy! What more could you possibly want?
  • OK

    This show is OK. I think it's good. It just what I need when I get home from a bad day at work. It’s entertaining full of laughs and makes me want to never move again. It really captures the free spirit of media and keeps you wanting and guessing for more. It’s the kind of show that you don’t need to constantly watch in order to get the whole spectrum of what’s going on, I really like that, that way you can do multiple things at once. If you feel like it that is. This is defiantly one of my favorite shows.
  • Creative and adventerous...

    Alias was one of the best shows on t.v. It was very creative, adventerous, fun, riveting, and although, sometimes unbelievable, it did draw me in for what fiction draws one in for. I just woke up, so I don't know what I really want to say. Also, I'm taking a Communications 2 class right now, and I'm a little burnt out on analyzing and reviewing stories and the like. However, this text board wants 100 words, so I must type and type and type. Alias was just a fun trip, okay? What do you want from a blistered typist--A Rambaldi-esque lustered musing? Sheesh!
  • How a show can trick you when you missed the beginning.

    How a show can trick you when you missed the beginning.
    I missed the first few episodes on Dutch TV before i started following this show. Only after reading the summary i realised what the real story of Sidney and Vaughn inside SD-6 was. If i can't figure it out, Sloane won't either.
  • Girl Power

    Ok I admit it. I love to see girls kick butt. I mean that's why I loved Buffy so much and Nikita too. I never really watched this show until S5 was about to start and then I caught up with the dvds. I can honestly say that there is only one Sydney Bristow. Sydney was like John Wayne. She took the high rode and stuck to her morales, she adjusted them when they needed to be adjusted, but she always stuck to what she thought was right. There were plenty of times when she could have taken the easy way out, but she never did. She was a good role model for people and I would have no problem with letting my kids watch this show.
  • It's one of my favourite TV series.

    I like original mood of this serial - mix of realism with total fantasy is interesting. Actors are creating really expressive characters. Most I like - David Anders as Sark, Victor Garber as Jack Bristow, Ron Rifkin as Arvin Sloane, Kevin Weismanand as Marshall and Michael Vartan as Michael Vaughn.
    Two first series were best - but next series I was watching with pleasure too and I was waiting for every episode impatiently. It's a pity that production of the serial has ended.
    I'm not TV fan and very rarely I'm finding the serial which I like - Alias is such a exception.

    Sorry for my terrible English
  • Alias is the best show in the world. Why do I love Alias? Look inside.

    One reason to love Alias: Action! Alias is action-packed and suspenseful. Sydney uses the enviorment around her to her advantage, making the fighting so much more intense and believable.
    Another reason to love Alias: The acting is so well played out. The actors' have great chemistry and work really well together...even the villian.
    Yet another reason to love Alias: The story is wonderful. Great plots, great twists, great mystery and excitement. Alias has it all. Romance, mystery, drama, sci-fi. It's all here!
    In Season 1, Syd finds out the place she works for is actually evil, while they forced her to believe it was the CIA. Season 1 and 2 are focused on taking down SD-6 from the inside (Sydney's job). She went to the CIA to get help and is now working as a double agent. Another major plot of the first two seasons is learning about Milo Rambaldi, a mysterious prophet with a deadly endgame that Arvin Sloane is obsessed with getting his hands on. The endgame remains a mystery until the series finale. Milo Rambaldi lurks in the background of the seires (well, the plot, not him-he's dead from like the 15th century.) In Season 1's finale, Syd meets somebody unexpected. In Season 2, Sydney's mother goes to the CIA. The season is focused on being able to trust her and Milo Rambaldi. In the season 2 finale, everything changes and will leave you gasping for season 3. It's a HUGE shocker. In season 3, Syd's life is forever changed from the climatic events of the previous season. She must cope with these secrets and learn more about what happened to her, it is a complete mystery about why it happened to her etc. (Can't give away spoilers.) In Season 4, the show lets down a bit. It surely picks up by the end though. Suprisingly, Season 4 was almost entirely Rambaldi free-with the exception of maybe 5 episodes. Another shocking ending is in store. Season 5 picks up right where Season 4 left off. Lots of Rambaldi, shocking twists, and great Alias action awaits you! If you haven't seen Alias before, you must. Go buy Alias : The Complete Collection right now-or individual seasons. Maybe a movie rental place has it. It doesn't matter-just make sure you see Alias before the year is over-it is my favorite show and an incredible series that you CAN'T MISS!
  • This was a pretty good show.

    Even though i don't watch it as much because it ended a little while ago i still think that its a different show that i'm used too. Theres not as many serect agents shows any more. I like the idea of the show just didn't like waking up early just to watch it because i wasn't gonna do that either way it went. But i really enjoyed the show and its really good though they only try to show in the mornings. But of you never saw it you should you really should if you have to record it do it.
  • Its a shame that this show has ended. I enjoyed this programme about a secret agent! It definatly has been one of the best shows on television. Alias is genius. It always keep you onthe edge of your seat.

    Probably one of the best things on this show was the different costumes, how did they come up with hundreds of different costumes? Sydney Bristo was always in a different costume when undercover she never wore anything twice. Anyway I would love to be a secret agent it would be so fun, this show, shows you what it would be like if you were. Jennifer was very lucky always getting to kiss the beautiful "Vaugn" he was gorgeous. Its a pitty that Alias will not be returning for a sixth series, it was somthing that was original. It was full of suspence and action with a little drama and romance here and there.
  • perfect

    This show is abslotly fabuluos in every way I love all the charaters in every way. i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i love love love love love love love love thisthis this this this this show show sho show show show show
  • Genius, Mind-Blowing and Warm

    A genius show.
    Everyone seems so smart in this show.

    Genius characters,amazingly written,broaden the horizon of everyday views with it's constant changing environment,the family drama,the kick-ass fighting scene and the never ending betrayal and conspiracy.

    You'll be amazed by how much a person can actually take.

    Adding a twist of good vs bad,the relationship Sydney Bristow has with anyone, was astonishingly moving even with her enemies.I ended liking the character Sark.

    So many turns you'll get by watching each episode you would be dying to know how it all ends.

    Although sad,the series finale deserved all applause.
    Good timing and perfect bow.
  • A review of the first (and best) 3 seasons of Alias, that other show by J.J. Abrams...

    Sydney Bristow woke up one morning, newly engaged, and went to work. What she found out that day, would change her life for ever. She found out was that everything she thought was good and right was actually evil. This is the world of Alias, full of secret organizations, spies, love, mystery, good and evil. The phenomenon started by J.J. Abrams deserves a careful look at its ultimate issue, the struggle between good and evil. Although Alias’ hero works against the evil that surrounds her, the shows themes, ideas, sexuality and portrayals, all center around a fascination with evil, its power, and its effect on the world one lives in.
    Identity is the most obvious and talked about theme on Alias. Alias attempts to define identity in two ways; through how one presents themselves to others, and how one presents themselves to himself or herself. Alias presents this constant struggle between what is public and what is private. The public knows that the private exist, and yet the public only sees bits and pieces of the private. The paradox for each character lies here, in what of their private life any given character reveal to their public lives. Here, in these revelations, the drama of Alias takes shape. The public life is defined as the here and now, what is the situation right now and what kind person one is to the people around them, while private life is one of secrets, veils, and masks. One’s full identity is the coalescence of these separate public and private lives. While it is important to note that one’s full identity is known only to one’s self and sometimes not even to them. The idea of identity is often identified through fractured identity, the idea that characters continually try to fight between what one is, what one wants to be, “as illustrated by the double (sometimes triple) lives lead by Sydney and her fellow spies” (Millman). The best picture of fractured identity is the ultimate image of evil on Alias, Arvin Sloan. Sloan constantly a man who is lying and deceiving those around him. He even starts a humanitarian organization, in order to try and reform his lifestyle, and for a while he succeeds. In the end though, he is drawn back into the world where he belongs, a world of deceit, lies and deception, a world in which he more than anyone else divides his private identity from his public. Sloan always has a second motive, another endgame, beyond what the audience is presented with. Sloan falls under a model of antagonism, which Adam Troy Castro calls “Stage Six: Villains who know they are bad, and don’t like it.” No matter how many times he tries to reform, or change himself, who he is, he is drawn back into a pattern of evil. Viewers are allowed to dislike and even hate Sloan, because he embodies what the audience does not like about themselves, when we want to change the pattern of our lives and cannot, when we want to become better people and cannot. The fact is, that no matter how much we try to change we cannot, by ourselves, change our nature. In his pursuit of change, Sloan embarked on what he often times refers to as a religious journey. Through Sloan’s, and others, belief in in a mysterious 14th century prophet Rambaldi the audience gets a glimpse of what fanaticism of a religion that doesn’t really have a foundation will do. Alias presents two general groups of followers. The fanatics, of this group of people consist with people who are generally evil, including Arvin Sloan, Julian Sark, Anna Espinosa, and Irina Derevko. These are people who are the largest enemies for the protagonists. Sark, Espinosa, and Sloan, the obvious primary foes of Sydney, while Sloan and Derevko are commonly Jack’s chief antagonists. The second group of people are the skeptics, those who don’t believe in Rambaldi and his prophecies, but see the destructive pattern that is left behind when one blindly follows a religion. These are people who are conceived as generally good and try to in someways help to redeem the fanatics. The people in this group would include Vaughn and the quintessential unbeliever, Jack. Sydney is caught in the middle between her two father figures, Jack and Sloan, left to decide for her self what is right and what is wrong. When set up in this way it would appear that the writers are trying to convey a single message about religion, that it generally only leads to destruction. When given a closer look another option about religion is offered. To evaluate what the creative are saying about religion in general, one has to look at what religion is presented. The world of Milo Rambaldi is one filled with dozens of cryptic messages, prophecies, inventions, and interpretation, but here in lies the problem, everything is cryptic. Sloan and his contemporaries are putting their faith into a puzzle, a puzzle that goes back hundreds of years, that has no definitive value upon society. The problem with Rambali’s “religion” is that there is no actual basis no set of codes, nothing to truly believe in except the scientific projects of a man. The believer does not know where one is headed but rather follows blindly. It is a religion that sounds nice that a man long ago made these prophecies, some came true, as a result one can put faith into that man, who has been dead for more than half a millennium. The idea that Rambaldi is a religious figure becomes less rational and another word begins to surface, cult. Rambaldi followers have no sense of right and wrong. They will do what ever is necessary to accomplish a goal that is unclear and even nonexistent. Humans as people need a purpose in life, and when people think that they have found their purpose they will pursue such purpose, to at times extreme measures. For example, Sloan embarked on a quest to find his daughter, not because she was important to him as a daughter, but because he believed her to be “The Passenger,” a key player in Rambaldi’s endgame. In pursuit he almost kills his daughter justifying it with the classic Judeo-Christian story of Abraham and Isaac on the mountain. Devout members even brand the seeing eye of Rambaldi, “” on to their bodies. What the creative forces behind alias are pointing to are the dangers the come with cults, and their followers. Rambaldi himself is not seen as evil, nor are his ideas. Putting stock in Rambladi’s prophecies is not necessarily wrong either, even Jack must comes to terms whith validity in Rambaldi’s prophecies, and the genius of his scientific discoveries. What is seen as evil is the perversion of this belief. The evil manifests itself, in the selfishness of Rambaldi’s followers, not united but constantly competing against each other in an effort to use his scientific discoveries for one’s own advantage. Evil does not limit itself to just the follower but everyone around them. The evil becomes when one neglects family, friends and duty, for one’s own selfish cause. This obsession of these few characters penetrates the lives of the rest of the characters on the show, symbolizing no one is exempt from the evil in the world, and ones own actions affect everyone around them. One thing that Alias has depended on for its entire run, are the strong female characters. Alias has depicted its female characters in a way that few shows have dared. Alias has presented them in multiple lights, not taking a view that is necessarily feminist, nor anti-feminist. For example the women on Alias have just as much strength as the men that surround them. Each main male character has a female counterpart that equally as powerful and strong and in turn keeps the other’s power in balance. Jack is countered by Irina, Sloan by Sydney, and Vaughn by Lauren. The difference is in how each uses their power. “Women in our culture are generally considered fundamentally untrustworthy. From Eve on down, the female of the species has repeatedly cast the role of seducer, of temptress” (Wright). Women on Alias have embraced this classic model and their manipulation usually takes the form gained love or affection. It does not matter whether the woman is good or bad, Lauren and Irina use the spousal love to gain the trust of their husbands for their own advantages. Even the hero Sydney uses the same type of manipulation, in utilizing the paternal love that Sloan has for her in order to gain his trust. The other side of the coin, is that these women are constantly being kept in check by by the very thing that makes them so powerful, emotion. The downfall of almost everywomen on the show, is when the weapon they use, as almost a second nature captures them as well. Sydney who manipulates Sloan’s own view of his paternal nature over her, is countered by her actual paternal relationship to her father who keeps her in check. Irina and Lauren, who use sexuality to deceive their respective husbands, actually falling in love with them.
    The issue of sexuality is often times presented through the female characters on Alias. The women use their sexuality to their advantage, the are in a way empowered by it. Sydney the most over sexualized woman on the show, uses her sexuality in conjunction with her job. This makes it easier for the audience to accept. The problem comes when the sexuality becomes gratuitous, and often times it does, dressing Sydney in provocative outfits in situations where it is unnecessary and illogical. Sydney is not the only woman to use her sexuality to her advantage. Women like Lauren, and Irina, have used sex as a weapon to both seduce and manipulate their husbands. When the women of Alias use sexuality as their weapon, often times it is done part tongue in cheek, taking advantage of the stereotype of hyper-sexed male secret agents, in the style of James Bond. In the end, the female characters are exactly that, characters, and good ones too. Not good in the sense of good and evil, but good in the sense that they are three dimensional, dynamic, and changing. They are given no special treatment because they are women, they are as smart, and as well respected as the men around them. Yet they do not sacrifice their womanhood for this respect and power. The attraction of Alias, is in the fact that while there are good guys and bad guys, no character is immune from evil, nor any exempt from having good moments. Sex does not matter, all characters are given equal time and roles;

    Michael Vaughn: Uh, I don't have an easy answer to that.?Director Kendall: I'll take a complicated one."
    This quote from the episode “Cipher,” early in the second season, parallels the dialogue that has gone on between Alias and its fans for more than 4 years. Alias tries to give the audience answers, though they are not answers to questions that are easy, but questions that have forever baffled the human race. These questions, and answers have been centered by both the show’s, and humanity’s fascination with evil, and been conveyed through its ideas, themes, images and sexuality. Yet week in, and week out the audience has requested, received and been enthralled with the depth, quality, and complexity of the answers that have been presented. Will these questions ever fully be answered or understood by man? Probably not, but for now Alias comes close.
  • I really liked that.

    The hype this show and its star get is unbelievable. Partly, that is because Garner has the look of a fashion model and thus constantly gets herself into the tabloids. She looks good, but acting is another story. She has a few set expressions, there is "Oh No!" and "happy" and "where am I" and "isn't it so sad I have to kill you now" and not too many others. She has some of the biggest lips in Hollywood and, when in doubt, sets them in a little pout to look determined. Garner's idea of showing anger or fear or whatever - when she is not getting all whiny - usually involves letting her face go blank. An effective acting tool if you have more on the ball than she does. When you resort to that repeatedly, though, it gets old fast. Clearly, this is enough for the wild fans of the show. As for serious acting, though, well, forget it.

    It seems that every episode has an angry little "Bristow" speech in which she gets all whiny and her voice gets low and hard to hear and the wordsallruntogether. Then, there is the obligatory "Bristow gets dressed" scene, the standard "let's pan up from her feet as she walks determinedly in a designer dress" shot, and of course the piece de resistance, the scene in which she uses a knife and something hanging around in the room to disarm and usually kill the two or more bad guys with Uzi's. She then drives off in a flashy car, to cue us the scene is over, I guess.

    Nah, I know, it isn't a serious show, it is bubble-gum spy stuff for those looking for a Danger Girl show. The MTV music wells and we know we are getting the "dressing" scene or whatever. It is fast-paced, which hides the lack of depth. Bristow humiliates her superiors, getting them to do her bidding on the flimsiest of pretexts, and thus just glides along in her own little world, using the US Government to resolve her inner traumas ("free her father" or "find her mother" or whatever Freudian thing it is this time). The men are either impotent or evil or clueless, standard stuff we've seen many times before in these monotonously similar Danger Girl shows.

    Other characters in the show are effectively neutered every time Danger Girl wants them to be, either directly with a knife to the throat or by some pretentious little bluster of hers to which, naturally, the other character cannot respond in kind. This show makes the "Bond" movies look like "War and Peace" in terms of seriousness and resemblance to reality. At least Bond pokes fun at itself and knows when to lighten the character up a little.

    Is Garner attractive? Yes, in a vacuous model kind of way. Is she interesting? Somewhat, for a while, if you like invulnerable automatons that really don't show any true feelings, just constant anguish at being clueless or little-girl tantrums regarding being "betrayed" yet again (after she has been pursuing her own agenda and betraying whatever principles she supposedly has been fighting for). Are the supporting actors good? Yes, in terms of playing good water carriers who set up the scenes where Danger Girl saves the day yet again.

    I don't particularly like shows with invulnerable male leads, either, so don't think this is a male/female thing. "Alias" is simply too trite, predictable and cookie-cutter to resemble a first-rate drama series, though it has possibilities as a fashion show.

    So, can the show be enjoyable if you don't feel like switching the channel? Sure. I like to watch music videos sometimes, too. Is the show nearly as good as its hugest fans who overwhelmingly post here would have you believe? Not on your life.
  • Pretty good show, thought it sucked before but now i actually like it.

    Just recently have caught some reruns, of the end of season 2 and the beginning of season 3, have to say this show is pretty good. For some reason i never really got into the show was it orginally on, but right now its awesome, there so much going on with double agents, the rimbaldi (sp?) thingy, and the acting is pretty good (and Terry O'Quinn, thats just awesome). And, it wasnt that hard to get in to the show at the end of the second season. And, i will honestly admit that initially i tuned in because Jennifer Gardner is hot and the girl playing Lauren is really good looking. But i feel like i matured a little and can appreciated a good show, when i see one.
  • An amzing clever series with great action scenes beautiful disguises and a funny and interesting script.

    Alias is an amazing brilliant tv series. It has great action scenes, clever and funny script and amazing disguises. It's the best show on earth. It's storylines are soo original and clever. It is impossible to get bored iof it i have watched every single episode from season 1 through to 4 more than once and i am still madly in love with it. J J Abrams the creator f Alias is an absolute genius, and the cast is amazing especially Jenifer Garner. If you haven't allready seen this show i strongly advise you do i watched one episode and i was hooked and im sure you will be too.
  • This show is very good at making you sit on the edge of your seat and the action really draws you in.

    Ever since Alias premiered, I thought it would do very well in the ratings, and it did. Jennifer Garner does her own stunts, so the show seems more realistic than other action/adventure shows. Every person plays their role very well, and the storyline is very well written. At first, it seemed like an ordinary show, with ordinary people, in an ordinary place, but it proved me wrong. They throw so many secrets and twists in the plot, but it doesn't mess up the point of the story. I'm not so sure if the CIA is really like that, but now I understand the dangers those people go through to protect us.
  • One of my personal favourites

    Alias tells the story of an CIA agent working undercover to fight evil conspiracies and former friends. Sydney Bristow is a kick-ass woman who despite losing her fiance does not rest until she brings down the cell of SD-6 and the other parallel cells around the world. Her relationship with Michael Vaughn is heart warming as well as heart breaking, motivating the viewer to keep tuning in and see the obvious attraction increase with every show. Although it is not as frustrating as Mulder and Scully it has its moments especially being as despite the attraction for the first season at least they cannot be seen together.
  • Alias tells the story of the CIA Agent Sydney and how she deals with the world of espionage. At first glance it may see confusing with all the double agents or two faced villains, but after you get past that Alias is perfect.

    Alias. What can I say about Alias? What can I not say? Alias was amazing. People may say it went downhill or it lost momentum, but I loved it from beginning to end. The cast was memorable from nerdy Marshall to the cunning Mr. Sark. With the 100+ episodes there is a lot to offer. And it seems like Sydney and company's disguises never get old. I'm glad to see favorite characters like Dickson, Sark, and Jack made it to the finale episode. Alias had action, adventure, and mysetery all in a adrenaline laced forty-five minutes.
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