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  • I'm addicted to Alias, I'll be so sad to see it go. :-( Has anyone played the game?

    It's pretty good actually. Based on the popular ABC show that combines spy fiction with modern pop culture, Alias puts you in the heels of Jennifer Garner's super spy, Sydney Bristow, as she sneaks and karate-chops her way through various missions for the CIA. Alias features voiceovers and likenesses of key characters from the television series, including Michael Vaughn, Marshall Flinkman and Marcus Dixon. The game also uses a script penned by series creator J.J. Abrams. Unfortunately, despite the title's high production value and slick visual presentation, Alias is a poor action-stealth title that is nothing but a guilty pleasure for fans of the series.

    Alias plays much like Mission Impossible for the Nintendo 64. As Sydney Bristow, you will don disguises to infiltrate various installations, museums or casinos, hot on the trail of something called the Rambaldi Artifact (which may sound like Greek if you haven't been a loyal viewer of the series). Along the way, Sydney gets to make use of various spy gizmos (given the fancy name of Op-Tech) to solve a few mini-game puzzles and -- when called for -- to unleash a repertoire of moves ripped from a traditional side scrolling beat-em-up action title.
  • Great first four seasons, season five is lacking!

    Great first four seasons, season five is lacking!

    In the beginning the show took some time to make you want to keep watching but halfway throught the first season I was Hooked. A pity the show is going to end, but I suppose there is just nothing more the show can give.
  • Started out as a great show, an intelligent serial thriller whose influence is felt on all dramas to this day, and then...then the intelligence just vanished. Scripts became worse and worse and I wished they had just ended at season 3. But hey: 2 great

    I loved this show during the first two seasons. Tons of plotstuff flying back and forth, action, mystery, it was great. Then they ended season 2 with a gimmick, the amnesia thing, probably the most cliched cliche in the whole genre.

    Half another season went by, then the supposedly big revelation: she erased her own memories to hide some goo, although all that did was make it harder for her to survive while all the bad guys enjoy that advantage, and the goo is found anyway, but it's not really important anyway. But Season 3 still has some good episodes...and a really bad ending where a million things happen but none of them are interesting and all of them ultra-cheesy. At some point in this season, creator JJ Abrams left the show, probably taking all his good writers or something. The Season 3 finale should have just ended everything while they were making violent cameracuts, but instead, like a friend who dies a slow, painful death as cancer riddles his body, the show lived on, "lived" being a euphemism.

    Then season 4, where they just repeat themselves so often it's practically a self-parody without the humor. The season finale is just...sigh.

    Now season 5, the first three episodes of which aren't promising, and for some wierd reason they can't even mention Rambaldi (not that I was a big fan of the mystical aspects of the show, but how do you take advantage of 4 seasons of backstory if you can't mention the one linking thread?).

    I'm glad we got Lost out of JJ Abrams, but if he was going to abandon his first good show, the least he could have done would have been to end his show on a good note. Or heck: a bad note. "Oh no! There's a bomb under the building! BOOM!!!!" Better than seasons 4- current.
  • Vaughn dying might be good... Enough already with all the boob-up shots only!

    I'm a chick who loves J. Gar and everything Alias. However, I was a little annoyed at the (definately bigger) breast-up shots only and then the one full body shot where she is so obviously shielding her belly with a red sweater. Just show us her tummy gosh darnit!! Don't worry.. I get it and Hollywood and why they shoot things the way that they do. I guess what I'm saying is I'm a little nervous at how the whole baby thing will play into her kickass agent role.

    To me, Vaughn dying was pretty predictable and kinda sucks but if you think about it, things are probably better. I mean, how weird would that be? Syd and Vaughn are engaged onscreen and are exes off screen. She is having a baby offscreen with some other guy (B. Fleck) but onscreen is not only pretending to be in love w/ her offscreen ex but is also sharing DNA donation reponsibility with him! Geesh! To me, that's sticky stuff. I mean, I've been around my exes before and while it's not the most horrible situation, it's definately not one of my favorites! Oy vey!
  • He can\'t be gone!!

    Everyone knows that people on this show who die are not always dead. I beleive we will be seeing Vaughn again. I have to beleive that because it would not be right for him to just be gone. He can\'t end like this. I love his character. Bring back Vaughn!!!!!
  • The once best show on TV.

    Alias was without a doubt the best show on TV during it's first and second season. The show had the best storylines and characters that no other show will ever be able to top.

    Sadly since Season 3, Alias seems to be getting worse with their storylines.

    In my opinion JJ has completely abandoned the show because of his involvement with LOST, JJ Abrams has only written 2 episodes in the last 2 seasons.

    However JJ's absense is not the only thing wrong with the show. Lena Olin, possibly the best thing that ever happened to this show, was not seen in the 3rd season and most of the 4th season. She was a great character and because of this it left a gap in the show that no one could fill.

    Season 5 will see big changes for the show. Jennifer Garner's pregnancy being written into the show could possibly be the worst thing to happen to Alias. In my opinion no one will enjoy Alias as much if the main star is not doing what makes the show great - doing missions and taking on differnt identities.

    Despite these complaints i really do love this show and because of its great first 2 seasons i will stick with the show no matter how ridiculous it gets.
  • It used to be my favorite television show... until they stopped caring.

    Two amazing seasons led that to a disappoint third season. The show lost it's way when they decided to jump two years ahead of time, give Vaughn a wife who surprisingly turned out to be spying on him, assassinated Irina's character in every way you can possibly imagine and gave Sydney a sister. Jumped the shark? To put it mildly.
  • What's happening?

    Although I really love this show, I've gotta say JJ has really gotta get his game back. Mind you, happiness flooded from me knowing I was getting all my episodes back to back starting January 2005, so i never really skipped a beat. The fact that the whole season revolved around a sister, something i'm not to found of in my personal life, completely boggles me. Why on earth would anyone let a complete stranger, let alone your long lost half sister, move in with you after knowing them only a short amount of weeks baffles me. And thoses are the strange situations the compilied the season. Hopefully JJ will bring this show back to the fun it used to be, you know, when it was winning all those awards. No more fake deaths, long lost sisters, or double agent wives. Although i will say the ender for season 4 was awesome and will secure my tuning in. Great job. *mildly sarcastic with a hint of "get it done better" added in*
  • Great Show! Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan are fun to watch! The show is original and I'll be back for next season.

    I didn't catch Alias until the end of the first season, but I caught on directly afterwards. The season finale's leave you hanging for the next season.
    Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan work great together and are a joy to watch. I'll be catching the next season for sure.
  • It’s about Sydney Bristow that goes through life and has to deal with love, family and spy work. This is an interesting series that could have you hooked for ages.

    This show was one of the most awesome, exciting, intense shows ever on television, but I think that a lot of people we put off by the intellectual nature and the need for viewers to be able to think back to long past episodes. For me, it was the perfect mix of an incredible female lead, fabulous supporting and guest starring cast members (including the ever-amazing Victor Garber, and Lena Olin who made evil oh-so tantalizing) deep storylines that gave you just enough to keep you interested, and more action than you could handle! This is a show you have to watch so what you waiting for start.
  • Alias follows the life of Sidney Bristow, a spy who think's she's working for the CIA only to discover that everything in her life is not as it seems.

    Alias was, and still is, one of my favorite shows. Jennifer Garner is a fantastic actress, one of the most emotional, wonderful, women to grace any screen, silver or smaller, in Hollywood right now. And she did a wonderful job in Alias, along with the rest of the cast.
    That is, until J.J. Abrams, creater of the show, jumped ship to go work on a new, more successful project, called Lost. Anyone that's followed Alias's journey knows that it has had a rough five years and the fact that it's been on for so long is a testament to its quality. But, after Abrams left the show, the plot lines went quickly south, characters were added to the show at random, and in general, it got bad. If you want to watch Alias, stick to the first, second, and maybe third seasons to find some of the greatest TV out there. The fourth and fifth season you can skip.
  • Replace the majority of the cast and I'll stay faithful.

    JJ Abrams has held my attention for the past 5 years. And that attention has still not diminished with last years Lost, but with Alias it seems he knows what needs to be done to keep us there. The show has gotten to the point where the storylines are no longer original and edgy as the first 2 seasons were. So to keep his fans tuned in and to garner new ones before the show is cancelled it seems he is revamping the shows with new characters and getting rid of older ones. I am a bit saddened at losing Michael Vaughn but it may not have fit in with the new crew coming in. Or will he be back as some people keep thinking?

    For this show to keep me coming back time and time again I would love to see half of the cast replaced and new storylines and organizations dreamt up. I'm not even against Jennifer Garner moving on and Rachael Gibson taking over the star role. But by the point ABC would probably have decided the show's fate by then. But please JJ if anything, get rid of Sloane. He is way past his time in this show now.
  • Why haven't I been watching this show from the beginning?

    Thanks to the "magic" of DVD season sets, I'm able to watch this show one episode after another. Just the way I like it.

    I am totally impressed! When this show debuted, I dismissed it as a silly "schoolgirl spy" story and only after it survived four seasons did I decide to give it a try. I've found the writing to be superb and I have to hand it to J.J.Abrams, he has definitely got me hooked.

    I highly recommend the series to anyone interested in a show that strives to surprise.
  • from the creator of lost

    Alias is an American "Spy-fi" television series created by J. J. Abrams the creator of Lost.Whatever JJ Abrams does has to be good.
    A major plotline of the series was the search for and recovery of artifacts created by Milo Rambaldi, a fictional Leonardo da Vinci-like inventor and Nostradamus-like prophet from the Renaissance period. This plot and some technologies used in the series pushed Alias into the genre of science fiction.
    This was a very entertianig show and I thought Jennifer Gardener Was at her peak as Sydney Bristow.Alias also has a great supporting cast and great storylines.
    Season two is probably my favourate season.
  • Very original series and not a waste of time at all.

    I have to say Jennifer Gardner's a great actress and she's great when it comes to being different people. She's awesome-looking in any costume, sexy in any voice, and very good when it comes to faking accents and speaking in different languages.

    I think I would enjoy Alias much more if I watched it from the very beginning. Now it's over, so... I hope I can save the money to buy the DVD's. Honestly, I wasn't all that into Alias, but it certainly isn't one of the worst drama series I've seen around. Alias is the kind of show that keeps my eyes on the screen, I wouldn't switch the channel if it was on. The plotline, the whole theme is original and the directors did a great job putting it all together.

    My friend says that in all the Alias he's watched, they have never mentioned the actual word 'Alias'. That is so weird. :)
  • This show ain't your father's Alias. New character is terrible, new writing is terrible, management is out to lunch, and the star isn't putting up her old-days performances. All these things make a recipe for a show losing fans fast.

    There are several things going on with this show (maybe, "not going on" would be more appropriate) that are contributing to its decline, but I will be addressing some of the cast & crew issues.

    Number 1: This new girl they have playing the helpless desk-agent just is not right for the part. I cannot tell if it is bad acting, bad writing (I'll get to you later), or just a bad casting decision. I've never seen this girl in other roles, so I have no other basis to compare her actual abilities to, she might be playing it as written and directed and if that's the case, she can't be at fault I guess, but I don't smell Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her next awards show. A big part of the original appeal of the show was the chick that could kick some butt. Why would you write a role that is so helpless and weak (even if only for a couple episodes)?

    Number 2: Ya... what about the writing and the directing? The plots just don't get me intrigued anymore, nor do they give me the 'can't wait until next week' feeling I used to get. Are there different writers these days, or are the same ones out of creative juices and just coming up with new ways to cash their checks? Where are the new plot ideas? New originality like Rambaldi-related plot lines are lacking. If Rambaldi is played out, come up with something else.

    Number 3: Dumping Vaughn. I'm usually not a fan of the pretty boy type, but I thought he did a pretty decent job. I know they wanna try to shock us, but even dumping Marshal would have been better (I think Marshall is important to the show too, but let's face it, he's not a central character). If they kill of Dixon next (who I am glad has more screen time lately), I really will be at a loss for words.

    Number 4: Who's managing this show these days? I'm sure J.J.Abrams is putting a lot of effort into Lost and is getting distracted by MI3, but if he's not going to oversee the show that basically made him a success, he obviously does not care about his creations, and if that’s the case, maybe he should abort a television career and just do movies.

    Number 5: Jen Garner: The girl next door moved to Hollywood. It doesn't seem to me that she's approaching the role the same way she did in seasons 1 and 2, due to her other acting roles, and I think this is a major contributing factor. I'm really not blaming her, a girl's gotta cash in while she's hot. I'm just saying its unfortunate that its happened. And if she doesn't want to do the show anymore (which was starting to show last season), they should have turned Mia Maestro (Nadia) into the new lead instead of writing her off. She may have needed a little coaching, but I think she could have handled it. Until the last episode of Season 4, I was actually wondering if that was what they were doing.

    Lastly, it seems like that for a show, that by nature is (should be) always changing, they are manipulating the natural progression of the show, to extend its life, and at some point which I didn't notice at the time, it became too diluted. I think they made changes to try to attract additional demographics (teens and some baby boomers), and it has diminished the enjoyment for some of the original fans. I would like to see a definite planned end for the show, however, so to whom it may concern, please put a little effort into it.

    Unfortunately, I can no longer say that this is one of my favorite shows.
  • Good show but has lost a bit of its quality.

    Alias is a great show yet i can't help but realize that the previous seasons were better than the more recent episodes. Lately the episodes have a come a tad to unrealistic. Enough said though, it's a good show and a certain pleasure to watch. That and the fact that Jennifer Garner is a pretty woman ;)
  • Sydney, an CIA agent, as always saving the world from an apocolypse.

    Now... Key word mildly interesting now. It used to be great! I watched the first episode, commercial free, and was addicted for years. My heart was ripped out when Vaughn drowned, and then after months of anguish, I found out he was ok. Then, Will being killed during a finally, and Francie has been dead for months etc... and Sydney wakes up 3 years later and Vaung is married.... WHAT is going on? (They got my attention, thtas for sure)
    As soon as SD-6 was taken down, I got skeptical... where is the show going to go from here, then finding out that Sloan was still evil... ok interesting. As the show went on, it got more and more typical. One season ends when Syd find out that her Dad put her into CIA programs as a child. (Something I thought I knew for a season...)
    The past season was so boring, I only got interested during the last episode to find out how Irina was going to come back. That episode I watched. The very last part I left the room, came back sat down and my mom changed the channel to Alias. It was Syd and Vaugn in the car talking.... and then CRASH! perfect ending! Who is he, how was he involved in SD-6 etc....

    This is their seconf burst of life, I hope they dont waste it. A jump like that hasn't happenen in years.

    Please excuse the awful writing, and if its confusing, I am so sorry, its late and I found a venting spot. :)
  • we need alias

    lias: The Complete Second Season manages to build on the appeal of the first season by adding a few new intriguing characters and keeping the plots twisting and turning from episode to episode. Even so, the series still encounters the virtually inevitable wrong turns.
    A Family Affair

    The second season starts off with a bang when Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner, Catch Me If You Can) is shot by her very own mother, Irina, a woman she was told had died in a car accident twenty years earlier. As it turns out, Sydney's mother (Lena Olin, Chocolat) is one tough cookie with a deep, dark past and she's also a difficult personality to read.

    Shortly after the shooting, Sydney's mother turns herself into the CIA, but her motives are constantly under question. Depending on the situation, she's earnestly interested in restoring her mother/daughter relationship and divulging helpful information to the CIA, but at other times she seems as though she is one can of fava beans short of a full meal.

    In keeping with the globetrotting tone of the first season, Sydney and company traverse the globe on various missions, with Moscow, Nepal, New Delhi, Vienna, Budapest, Barcelona, and Paris among the locales on the itinerary.

    As evidence of the show's popularity, the star power has increased with cameos by such considerable talent as Faye Dunaway, David Carradine, Christian Slater, Olivia d'Abo, and Ethan Hawke. Richard Lewis is cast against type to great effect as a CIA agent and Rutger Hauer is perfect as yet another creepy bad guy.

    The show's cliffhangers-within-cliffhangers approach is a great hook, but it's the well-drawn characters and conviction of the cast that hold the attention. Alias also maintains its appeal by keeping a sense of humor about itself. Sydney herself sees the oddity of it all when she observes, "Some people go miniature golfing with their parents. We go to India looking for nukes."
    False Moves

    To its credit, Alias does what it can to stay focused on the story rather than conventional TV formatting. To that end, sometimes the opening credits don't even roll until 18 minutes into the episode. Nonetheless, while the first season was a masterful example of the heights an action TV series can achieve, the second season stumbles a couple times, but it still manages to recover nicely by the season finale.

    The first stumble is more a problem of ambition versus resources than a lack of imagination. In this case, a sequence that takes place in Siberia suffers from cheesy snow and ice effects. It's a shame after all the advances in CGI and technology that TV-bound special effects still cannot muster a realistic blizzard.

    The second shortcoming is purely a problem of the imagination. This time, a subplot involving molecular gene therapy to create identical doubles of primary characters is simply beyond belief and feels out of place amidst the more realistic (albeit still outlandish) goings-on.

    Also questionable is the requisite romance which develops between Sydney and Agent Vaughn (Michael Vartan, Never Been Kissed). While it is tastefully done and provides another layer of complexity, it simply gets in the way sometimes.
    The Marshall Plan

    Those shortcomings aside, there are plenty of twists and turns that do work well. None have more appeal than those surrounding Marshall Flinkman, the Alias equivalent of James Bond's gadget expert, Q. Kevin Weisman (Gone in 60 Seconds) keeps the techno-geek loveable and offers the series a great source of comic relief. His star shines even brighter as he makes his own transition from SD-6 to CIA and also manages to get out of the office for his first on-location assignment, in London.

    The main plot thickens with the demise of SD-6 as Arvin Sloane (Ron Rifkin, The Sum of All Fears) continues his pursuit of the Rambaldi device, which requires the assemblage of bits and pieces from all corners of the world. Milo Rambaldi was a visionary along the lines of Leonardo da Vinci; what his aim was with the device grows ever more mysterious by the end of the second season.

    Sloane is, like Irina, a difficult villain to pigeon hole as he continues his quest to uncover Rambaldi's secrets and the relationship with his wife grows more complex. He, like Irina, is in turns sympathetic and ominous. On the strength of such characters, Alias is a series with a solid foundation upon which to build its clever web.
    DVD Extras

    The second season's six-disc set offers a nice variety of supplemental materials, including an extensive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the season finale, The Telling, with a full 40-minute documentary.

    Also on hand are four running commentaries (accompanying Episodes 13, 17, 21 and 22). The quality varies dramatically, from a "boys club" atmosphere lacking any substantial content to more informative dialogues from the series' creator and star. Of special note is the inclusion of seamless branching during Phase One and The Telling. The commentaries cut to an alternate take of a fight scene gone awry during the former and to a deleted scene during the latter.

    The same two episodes are also supported by the ScriptScanner, which allows viewers to simultaneously watch the episode and read the script via DVD-ROM, and their related One-Line Production Schedules, which demonstrate the quick pace of the Alias enterprise.

    Additional supplements include a featurette, The Look of Alias, a collection of deleted scenes, bloopers, KROQ radio interviews, and TV spots. In a move of shameless cross-promotion, a brief featurette on the making of Alias the video game is also thrown in.

    Rounding out the package is the package itself, which features a plastic sleeve of the Bristow family. The sleeve covers a cardboard box which features Rambaldi's da Vinci-like drawings, with a sketch of a young woman, oddly reminiscent of Sydney, on the front. The box, in turn, holds three keep-cases, each with two discs.
    Picture and Sound

    As with the first season, Alias: The Complete Second Season is presented in widescreen 1.78:1 (enhanced for 16x9 screens) and features pristine picture quality. The Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound soundtrack is solid and does a fine job of showcasing both the music and the drama. Also available is a Spanish language soundtrack and English captions.
  • Good show, bad ending

    I was a big fan of Alias from the minute I watched its first episode and I have stayed loyal to it till the end even though, in my opinion, the show did deteriorate quite a bit.

    Season 1, was amazing. But than again, first seasons always are. Focused on Sydney Bristow, a double-agent, trying to bring down the organization called SD6 and Arvin Sloane the man who lied to her and killed her fiancée, with the help of her father Jack Bristow (also a double-agent) and her CIA handler, Michael Vaughn.

    Second season was marked mostly by the comeback of Sydney's mother, a former KGB agent who used her father Jack Bristow to retrieve intelligence and then faked her death leaving Jack and Sydney thinking she was dead. Most of the first half of the season Irina spends in CIA custody after turning herself in, seemingly helping Sydney fight the enemy, but we never find out where her allegiances truly lie. I personally, consider Irina one of the most interesting characters in any show, ever. The important part of this season is also the development of Sydney/Vaughn relationship (FINALLY!). They hook up in the same episode the Alliance is brought down in.

    Third season starts two years after the second season finale - Sydney wakes up in Hong Kong with no recollection of the previous two years to find that everything in her life has changed, including the fact that her boyfriend is now married to another woman. Since this is Alias, we find out that Lauren, Vaughn's wife is a double agent, thus the Jack/Irina story is repeating itself. Sark is one of the main bad guys in this season as well (I haven't mentioned him before but he was one of the regulars in season two and a recurring in season one). Note: I heart Sark. In the forth season, Sydney's sister and Sloane's daughter Nadia, introduced in the end of the 3rd season, becomes a regular and now the two sister's are fighting the bad guys and their own destiny. I quite liked this season, despite the fact that there have been many negative critiques. I also like Nadia's character very much. Syd and Vaughn are finally back together.

    Now, the fifth, and last season was a great disappointment. One would think that having found out about the show's cancellation in time, the producers would make it an amazing closure to four great years. Nevertheless, that wasn't the case.
    This season's storylines were badly conceived, unfinished and honestly, quite annoying. Putting Nadia in a coma, and later, killing her off (in a very stupid way, might I add), killing Vaughn and then bringing him back to life, Sydney having a daughter (I guess they couldn't have really avoided that one with Jennifer Garner's pregnancy and all), and the entire season evolving around the omnipresent Rambaldi, not to mention the additions to the APO team (brought in to replace Vaughn, Weiss and Nadia), Tom and Rachel whose characters are very underdeveloped (especially Tom's) and the disappearance of some characters like director Chase (correct me if I'm wrong but I don't remember whether her absence was ever explained).

    Rambaldi story may have been somewhat interesting in the beginning when it was only a part of certain episodes but making it the center of the entire show was probably the biggest mistake ever made. The whole end-of-the-world cr@p wasn't much better either.

    I was also extremely disappointed at the inconsistencies, especially character-wise. Even though Sloane was always a bad guy, I have always though he actually loved Sydney and of course his daughter Nadia. After spending so much of the season trying to get his daughter out of a coma (did I mention what as dumb storyline that was?), betraying Sydney, Jack and the other along the way, and finally succeeding to save her, he actually end up killing her, and now it a way typical to Alias but by pushing her through a glass table (S-T-U-P-I-D). But, more than Sloane, I was disappointed at how they ruined Irina's character. Having always been portrayed as someone who, in spite doing so many bad things, has always done everything to help and save Sydney, she end up trying to kill her on the roof of a building, which leads to her own demise - she falls through a glass roof trying to reach for some stupid Rambaldi ball or something as Sydney is asking her to come back.

    Along with her mother, Sydney also loses her father in the finale - he sacrifices himself (strapping a bomb to his chest) to kill Sloane. Of course, since Rambaldi is involved, Sloane has achieved immortality and stays buried in the cave forever (at least we're supposed to think it's forever - who knows, maybe in 20 years we'll have a show starring Syd's daughter, also a genius, trying to defeat Sloane who somehow crawled out of his cave).

    However, the thing that annoyed me he most was that they didn't continue the Rachel/Sark storyline. I have always kinda liked Sark, he was my fav bad guy, and I actually thought he liked Rachel so I really expected them to continue their storyline, but, nothing. The show, of course, end with Sydney, Vaughn and their children (Isabelle and Jack - named after Syd's late father) living happily ever after, on the beach, and Dixon dropping by to offer them an occasional jump-from-the-roof-get-shot-at-kick-some-ass job.

    Excluding the horrible closure, this was a very good show, definitely worth watching, if for nothing else, than at least for some nice action scenes.
  • pretty origanol

    The best spy show I've ever watched and it has never gotton boring once, the secret missions and guns and explosions makes a show every guy wants. It is so interesting the way they can do with the spy gadgets, and how one computer can save the whole world if just hack into the enemy. I 've been watching this show for a few years but sadly I didn't see most of the last season, and I don't know how the show ended (I plan to look at the episode guide soon) no other spy show can outdo Alias at all.

  • This show kicked butt in season 1 and 2. But, lately, it seems that the writers have run out of ideas, which is sad because the cast, especially Jennifer Garner, is so talented.

    I remember seeing commercials for Alias in summer of 2001, before it debuted. I remember thinking, "That looks like a cool show." Unfortunately, just like CSI, I forgot about it. Years later, I was able to rent the first three seasons and grew to like it a lot. Season 2 was definitely the best, as the whole double-agent plot was definitely awexome and seeing Sydney finally hook up with Vaughn was satisfying. Yet, lately, it seems they've forgotten the name of the show: "Alias". Meaning, they go undercover, assume different identities, and take on different appearances, bringing with them cool gadgets to get the job done. Lately, they've done almost nothing like that. If they can get back to that, this show should return to the watercooler group of shows that it used to be in.
  • Farewell Sydney Bristow...

    I write this review with mixed feelings. I am thoroughly enjoying this magnificent show and have just finished watching Season 4, then all of a sudden I find out that Season 5 is to be the last. That is a shame, yet if they were going to stop making the show then maybe they should have finished it at season 4 as it would have been a fitting way to finish. Having said that, I am dying to find out about Vaughan's secret and it goes well with the history of the show's many twists and turns which, along with Sydney's many missions and sexy outfits, make the show what it is. It has fine characters, intricate plots that nobody could even hazard a guess at, it's marvellously over the top, and addictive to watch. Well done JJ Abrams!!
  • If you are looking for a great show and you like action and fighting and alittle mystery i think Alias will be a show that you will like and i can recommend it.

    If you like action shows i really think you will like Alias, its one of the best shows in our time. Alias is about an agent who belives she is working for a black ops firm for the CIA but finally realises that she is working for the guys she thought she was figting agaist. She starts to work with the CIA to bring her employer down. Its a very intressted story but when you look through the show now you see that it might not have been the best. Because they have to change the story after a couple of seasons to keep the show running and after that the writers tried to write a new great story line but they didnt really manage that, it was still good but the Alias feeling faded alittle after that.

    If you are looking for a great show and you like action and fighting and alittle mystery i think Alias will be a show that you will like and i can recommend it.
  • I haven't seen that much but from what I've seen, it rocks!

    I've been watching Alias since late in Season 5 but I've also gone back and watched the first season on DVD and I must say, this show is pretty good! Sydney Bristow is one of the coolest TV agents since Jack Bauer of 24 (but I must say, even she can't top him). Filled with its own complications and twists, this show delivers a decent number of goods and is something I recommend you to see. Anna and Vaughn are some of the best TV villains with how smart and skilled they are (loved the fight between Sydney and Anna last week). Anyhow, if you haven't yet, check out Alias. Before it's too late.
  • sydney bristow - SD6 agent/CIA double agent. she was a SD-6 agent until the head of SD6 had her fiance shot for telling him about her job, this sent her on a mission of revenge, so she set out to destroy SD6 by becoming a double agent for the CIA

    its ok, nothing to get THAT obssessed about, its good, and interesting but not quite everyones favourite, still worth watching though. she has a tough time in SD6 and an even tougher time lying to her friends about her job, she made the mistake of telling someone she cared about what her true job was, and that got him shot. she swore to herself she would never forgive Arvin Slaone, which she doesn't! with backstabbing, planning, shooting, stealing and alot of torture, it just makes me not want to work for the CIA!!! (its too much lying and everything!)
  • Its a pretty alright show. Not too bad but not great but still its a guilty pleasure.

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  • Quick early pace..slowing in this present season but still a good escapist spy thriller/drama.

    A good show...when I bought the first season on DVD I burned through those things like mad; then onwards through every season available up to the present. It does seem to have slowed considerably in season 5 but we really need to see more episodes soon because nothing is worse than non-resolution of the story!
  • Very professional writing. Yet it'd be better if it had ended already.

    I haven't seen season 4 or after that but I think this show has a very good plot and story writing. Almost every single episode has its own breathtaking moment that can make your jaw drop or yell "Oh My God!”. And the cliff hangers can really make you suffer! The actors aren't bad either. It’s really quite a good show for adventure and drama lovers.

    Yet there are also a few bad things about it. The action takes way too much time. It feels like as though it could cut off a whole season if they cut off the action. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t have any. Just cut it short. The more and more the story goes on, the more you get sick of it.

    I suggest you watch the show, but don’t get too into it.
  • What happened to this show?

    What happened to this show? The first three seasons were just spectacular. Then, came the highly anticipated season four after months of waiting and it didn’t live up to the wait. Then, came season five which so far is re-recycled storylines. Okay, season one: Sidney worked was tried into working for a group of bad guys who pose as the good guys; original. Season four: it’s revealed Nadia worked for an almost identical group of bad guys who pose as the good guys; it’s a stretch, but I’ll let it slide. Season five: the new character Rachael works for, wait for it, yet another secret group of bad guys who pose as the good guys. Now, they’ve lost two major characters, Wise and Vaughn. Jennifer Garner is also pregnant, so no cool action scenes involving her kickboxing or going undercover in sexy outfits. Then, you’ve got the new highly completive timeslot. Since the show seems to be on its last legs, I wouldn’t be surprise if it gets cancelled this year.
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