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  • Loved it

    Amazing! The show is truly amazing! Perfect cast, perfect plots, Alias is an awesome show! I always stay up a little later to watch it! I hate it when they skip a week! To the actors, directors and everybody who makes Alias possible...thanks

    Alias is an intelligent, fast-paced, emotional rollercoaster everyone should be riding. Guy, girl, young or old, there's something in it for you. Family drama, thrilling action, romance,a cliff-hanger ending almost every week. Take your pick, you'll find it in ALIAS
  • Alias is another show where a girl kicks ass!

    Following in the footsteps of Buffy and Dark Angel, Alias surrounds a spy who is a female in a very strong role. Sydney is a character many strong females can connect and associate with. I wish I could fight like her:) The plot lines got a little hard to swallow in the later seasons but it was wrapped up well in the final one. The final episode gave us some very needed closure for the series and was great to watch. It is always great to see a female in such a strong role for young girls to watch. Definitely a must have in my collection.
  • This was a kick-ass show which sadly went a little down hill but brought it back up in the final season.

    Alias was a good show from the beginning. The plots and stories were always origional and you know that when JJ Abrams is behind the show your in for a ride. Alias managed to do five series. I liked them all, appart from some of series three that went a little of the deep end. I thought that the writers gave the show a lot of closure in the final year, and the final episode just blew me away. I was not expecting that much death, but it was needed becuas it made the show have a proper ending which it deserved. Sydney Bristow should retun it one form or another. I really enjoyed watching this show, and it never failed to entertain. Its just a shame it didn't do more than series 5.
  • Excellent show. Never should have gone off air. One of my top five favorite shows.

    Alias features two of the best actors and one of the best actresses currently out there. Jennifer Garner stars as Sydney Bristow, who starts out thinking she works for the government, when in all actuality she isn't. She soon becomes a double agent for the FBI. The plot changes throughout the seasons, but the objective is the same: Sydney Bristow must save the world from certain destruction. Action packed adventure in all seasons. Highly recommended. Sydney is supported by her dad, Jack (Victor Garber). Also starring Kevin Weisman as Marshall, the tech guy everyone loves to love. One of my top five shows.
  • This is a great show

    I think this show is great and wonderful.
    Jennifer Garner is top-notch
    She is very sexy and she is also a very good actress
    It's a shame that she did not win any more awards.
    She should have won lots of Emmys, Golden Globes, Screen Actors' Guilds, Satellite, lots and lots and lots more
    The fight scenes are very realistic and they are very tense and they are very exciting
    The show is very tense. Great story line Rambaldi stuff is excellent.
    Marshall is so funny and he seems so intelligent and sounds like a geek.
    Alias is the best show on television.
    It is so good. J.J.Abrams is a great director
  • Sidney Rocks!

    I love Alias. JJ Abrahms has created a combination of characters that have great chemistry with twists and turns to their relationships all the way, without being overly sentimental or obvious. On top of the characters the stories were action packed and never left you feeling that they had missed a trick.

    I was was slightly disappointed with parts of season 5 but as a whole, Alias has been high quality all the way. The writing, directing and sound/music is always of a high standard as is the acting. Even though the story lines were far fetched they never seemed to exceed my believability comfort zone. There's not much more I can say about it other than it had me hooked from beginning to end.
  • Espionage has never been this charming. "ALIAS" sweeps you off your feet as you watch it.

    Sydney Bristow's struggles since her early childhood days have kept her in pursuit of a "happy life". This plot of the show enables the appreciation of the main character's determination to still fulfill her duties as a public servant/defender. While trying to achieve both, she finds herself and her associates in an eternal dance of switching sides between 'good' and 'evil' in order to protect the best interest of the innocent or simply their own. Amusement is delivered every time a character uses a different alias. Since we know the character's true identity, the personalities they play can sometimes be unintentionally funny or quite awesome. The script features great character developments and surprising eliminations. The show also gives us short tours of different cities; which makes it more interesting. The twist of mystery maintains the curiosity of the viewers. Well-choreographed fight scenes and an outstanding soundtrack complete the reasons for making it such a good show.
  • THIS IS THE BEST SHOW I'VE EVER SEEN!!! This show has everything. EVERYTHING. Every season finale is perfect. The ending wasn't that good, but oh well. The fifth season was still the best of them all.

    This show is perfect. Every character is perfect. Just when you think you know what's going to happen or that you know who a charater is and everything, it turns out to be completly different. The fifth season was the best one. The finally wasn't so good, but we have to admitt that it was because jennifer gardner got pregnanted and that ruined everything. That wasn't really planned. So, instead of making the 22 episodes, they finished it with 17. But I still believe it was the best season. the Rambaldi thing was amazing. Every episode was deeply connected to the overall. Every season is great. The ending of the fourth season was perfect. It seemed like a movie. The mother saying goodybye to Sindey and telling her that she would be on her wedding. And then, in the car: "-Vaughn, I don't understand, what are you telling me?" "-Well, for starters, my name isn't michael vaughn."
    first view of sidney.
    Then changes to vaughn and CRASH!!!!
    It was perfect. Too bad the series are over.
  • Good show, bad ending

    I was a big fan of Alias from the minute I watched its first episode and I have stayed loyal to it till the end even though, in my opinion, the show did deteriorate quite a bit.

    Season 1, was amazing. But than again, first seasons always are. Focused on Sydney Bristow, a double-agent, trying to bring down the organization called SD6 and Arvin Sloane the man who lied to her and killed her fiancée, with the help of her father Jack Bristow (also a double-agent) and her CIA handler, Michael Vaughn.

    Second season was marked mostly by the comeback of Sydney's mother, a former KGB agent who used her father Jack Bristow to retrieve intelligence and then faked her death leaving Jack and Sydney thinking she was dead. Most of the first half of the season Irina spends in CIA custody after turning herself in, seemingly helping Sydney fight the enemy, but we never find out where her allegiances truly lie. I personally, consider Irina one of the most interesting characters in any show, ever. The important part of this season is also the development of Sydney/Vaughn relationship (FINALLY!). They hook up in the same episode the Alliance is brought down in.

    Third season starts two years after the second season finale - Sydney wakes up in Hong Kong with no recollection of the previous two years to find that everything in her life has changed, including the fact that her boyfriend is now married to another woman. Since this is Alias, we find out that Lauren, Vaughn's wife is a double agent, thus the Jack/Irina story is repeating itself. Sark is one of the main bad guys in this season as well (I haven't mentioned him before but he was one of the regulars in season two and a recurring in season one). Note: I heart Sark. In the forth season, Sydney's sister and Sloane's daughter Nadia, introduced in the end of the 3rd season, becomes a regular and now the two sister's are fighting the bad guys and their own destiny. I quite liked this season, despite the fact that there have been many negative critiques. I also like Nadia's character very much. Syd and Vaughn are finally back together.

    Now, the fifth, and last season was a great disappointment. One would think that having found out about the show's cancellation in time, the producers would make it an amazing closure to four great years. Nevertheless, that wasn't the case.
    This season's storylines were badly conceived, unfinished and honestly, quite annoying. Putting Nadia in a coma, and later, killing her off (in a very stupid way, might I add), killing Vaughn and then bringing him back to life, Sydney having a daughter (I guess they couldn't have really avoided that one with Jennifer Garner's pregnancy and all), and the entire season evolving around the omnipresent Rambaldi, not to mention the additions to the APO team (brought in to replace Vaughn, Weiss and Nadia), Tom and Rachel whose characters are very underdeveloped (especially Tom's) and the disappearance of some characters like director Chase (correct me if I'm wrong but I don't remember whether her absence was ever explained).

    Rambaldi story may have been somewhat interesting in the beginning when it was only a part of certain episodes but making it the center of the entire show was probably the biggest mistake ever made. The whole end-of-the-world cr@p wasn't much better either.

    I was also extremely disappointed at the inconsistencies, especially character-wise. Even though Sloane was always a bad guy, I have always though he actually loved Sydney and of course his daughter Nadia. After spending so much of the season trying to get his daughter out of a coma (did I mention what as dumb storyline that was?), betraying Sydney, Jack and the other along the way, and finally succeeding to save her, he actually end up killing her, and now it a way typical to Alias but by pushing her through a glass table (S-T-U-P-I-D). But, more than Sloane, I was disappointed at how they ruined Irina's character. Having always been portrayed as someone who, in spite doing so many bad things, has always done everything to help and save Sydney, she end up trying to kill her on the roof of a building, which leads to her own demise - she falls through a glass roof trying to reach for some stupid Rambaldi ball or something as Sydney is asking her to come back.

    Along with her mother, Sydney also loses her father in the finale - he sacrifices himself (strapping a bomb to his chest) to kill Sloane. Of course, since Rambaldi is involved, Sloane has achieved immortality and stays buried in the cave forever (at least we're supposed to think it's forever - who knows, maybe in 20 years we'll have a show starring Syd's daughter, also a genius, trying to defeat Sloane who somehow crawled out of his cave).

    However, the thing that annoyed me he most was that they didn't continue the Rachel/Sark storyline. I have always kinda liked Sark, he was my fav bad guy, and I actually thought he liked Rachel so I really expected them to continue their storyline, but, nothing. The show, of course, end with Sydney, Vaughn and their children (Isabelle and Jack - named after Syd's late father) living happily ever after, on the beach, and Dixon dropping by to offer them an occasional jump-from-the-roof-get-shot-at-kick-some-ass job.

    Excluding the horrible closure, this was a very good show, definitely worth watching, if for nothing else, than at least for some nice action scenes.
  • I always loved this show from the very beginning I've scene every single episode so if you have any questions about "Alias" don't hesitate to ask me. I have season's 1,2,3,4,5 so I have the whole series. I don't mean to brag I don't want to brag

    Bring this show back on the air, tell jj. Abrams the whole world wants Alias to come back. This show rules I love this show. This show is my #1 favorite show for a action show. I want to see Sidney and Jack and Marshal and everybody else on the same show I will never get tired of this show.
  • Just Perfect

    When i first saw a trailer I thought it must be a waste of time,but one night when I didn't have what to do,I opened the t.v. and there it was-Alias,season1.having nothing to do,and considering this show a waste of time i watched an episode and I can say it changed my life in a positive way.Since I've grown I started watching this kind of shows and movies and I started to know the end of them from the first scenes...At first it was the same with Alis,but I was captivated by the story,by the actors,so I started to pay more attention to the movie and I forgot to "see" the end...Alias gave me back the pleasure to watch movies...Then I downloaded all the seasons..and enjoyed the show
    All in all Alias is more than a classic it's something more...just more
  • A very good show that finished earlier than anticipated and that was a fantastic thing!

    Alias was a very good show that finished earlier than anticipated and that was a fantastic thing because it forced the producers to turn a diverging story line into a better, converging dynamic story in the last few episodes, the last season. All this prevented the too typical "it's popular so let's stretch it for a few seasons too many!" syndrome that is killing quality tv. The action was cool, the gadgets too, and may characters were just great: Marshall the gadget man, Weiss the good guy, Vaughn, etc. The whole rembaldi mystery was a nice element too! A great movie could be made out of this!
  • A cult show

    I whatched this show on TV many years ago and in the begining didn`t catch the idea of Alias, so missed some episodes becouse of lack of interest. Later the show was repeated and then I thought what dumbass I was, this show was fabulous( back then know my opinions have changed a lot so I`m not really a big fan of it). The scenario was awesome a Girl u lives a double life, and later when some truth has been revealed about Sydney`s dad that he is a doubleagent, it all gets complicated when anyone want to discover what is scientist Rambaldi`s secret weapon.
  • Awesome, suspenseful, everything!

    I absolutely love this show so much! this is one of the best shows ever. This show is one of the best, well written shows I have ever watched in the history of television! I love this show so much because you never know what to expect because you never know who is going to be alive the next minute! When I use to watch this show I would be absolutely devastated if i missed an episode because it was that good! I loved this show so much because you never knew what was going to happen because everything changed in one second, and with that there was no one that you could trust. This show is definitely on the top ten list of my favorite shows ever!
  • Sydney Bristow was recruited as an undergrad to work for SD-6, which she thought was a government agency. However, when her fiancé is killed by SD-6 agents, she finds out that SD-6 is actually a counter-government agency.

    Cut b4 its time. Best CIA show of all time. This show rox. I bought the complete series box set and so far I'm up to season 2 and so far its a jaw dropper. This show keeps me on the edge of my seat or bed lol and everything is awesome. Except that the theme song is on way to late on the show. But Sdyney Briwsto is an awesome character. This show was cut b4 its time. This show could have gone farther up to 8 seasons and just because abc found Greys Anatomy doesnt mean that you shouldnt give up on the show that had helped the ratings since 4ever. Alias Rox!
  • Farewell Sydney Bristow...

    I write this review with mixed feelings. I am thoroughly enjoying this magnificent show and have just finished watching Season 4, then all of a sudden I find out that Season 5 is to be the last. That is a shame, yet if they were going to stop making the show then maybe they should have finished it at season 4 as it would have been a fitting way to finish. Having said that, I am dying to find out about Vaughan's secret and it goes well with the history of the show's many twists and turns which, along with Sydney's many missions and sexy outfits, make the show what it is. It has fine characters, intricate plots that nobody could even hazard a guess at, it's marvellously over the top, and addictive to watch. Well done JJ Abrams!!
  • JJ The King

    This was a show that I avoided when it was originally aired on TV, but ended up watching one night as a friend had the first 2 seasons on DVD. I was so glad I did watch, as the story of Rambaldi totally grabbed me. I just wanted to watch episode after episode, and within 2 weeks I'd seen both seasons. These first 2 seasons are definitely the best. I felt that it started to tail off after the second season but I still loved every episode right to the end. All I have to say is thank you JJ!!!
  • Jen Garner kicking butt

    I can't believe Alias has ended! It was still fresh and i loved it. Jennifer Garner was and is awesome. This show had soem of the biggest twists i have ever seen and i used to watch it alongside 24 because it was in the same league. The ending was awesome and was fitting even thought they killed many favourites. I hope they decide to make a movie or bring it back for a spin off show which i heard was in the works. A show with a female heroine always works as it has two levels, the show and then the actor.
  • An all new kind of heroine

    Alias was a great show, up until season 5 and kinda 4.
    Season one brought a all new kind of heroine, a double agent working for an evil boss, but was undercover for the CIA. Season 2 was my favourite season because of the unexpected episode, where EVERYTHING changes, SD-6 was shut down and Francie was killed, by a clone of her. This season had an explosive last episode and a shocking cliffhanger, Sydney Bristow had lost 2 years of her memory. Season 3 was about dealing with this, she soon discovered she erased her own memory. Season 4 was a very differnt season, it had slowed down, Sydney's half sister, Nadia is introduced, the best part of the season was the cliffhanger. The car crash that lead into the final a worst season. They killed of Michael, Weiss left and they brought in 3 new characters. And the worst part about the worst season was the series finale, a huge disappointment.
  • Two words Jennifer Garner

    One of the best shows ever on the screen. The question is why it was canceled. Now the same thing is happening with other great show the O.C. which is number 1. But we have to consider and agree with this decitions of the channels. Nothing we can do. jennifer Garner is great and very very sexy. I just don't have the words to describe her. I think the other cast is great too. Well now we can just enjoy this episodes we have. It's not much but it's not little too. Alias rules and it will rule forever in my dreams and in others I am sure.
  • The best spy action show on television.

    This is my second favourite show of all time. I think that they picked an amazing cast to play the rolls of the characters and their story lines. Both the story line and the more subtle commedy may be confusing and hard to keep track of for younger viewers are fantastic. The way they introduce a bit of fantasy into a show that seems rather serious is fantastic. The main thing i love about the show are the characters, both the regulars like Jack, Sydney, Vaughn etc. but also the extras who keep appearing throughout like Will, Sark and Anna. My favourite characters of all have to be Marshall and Rachel who are hallarious and extremely smart. A FANTASTIC show.
  • wicked

    alias is a great show like come on who doesn't enjoy shows about cia agents. Plus whos doesn't like jennifer garner, she is a great actoress. plus sydney and jack have great chemisrtyy aalso, its fun watching all the episodes the are so orignal and intgeresting and lots of action which is fantastic because everyone ejoys a little bit of action at the end of the day after comming home from school, or work or just doing something. it is also good all most everyone can watch it from a teenager to adults. and it is one of everyone's favourite shows and i absolutely love it.
  • If you are looking for a great show and you like action and fighting and alittle mystery i think Alias will be a show that you will like and i can recommend it.

    If you like action shows i really think you will like Alias, its one of the best shows in our time. Alias is about an agent who belives she is working for a black ops firm for the CIA but finally realises that she is working for the guys she thought she was figting agaist. She starts to work with the CIA to bring her employer down. Its a very intressted story but when you look through the show now you see that it might not have been the best. Because they have to change the story after a couple of seasons to keep the show running and after that the writers tried to write a new great story line but they didnt really manage that, it was still good but the Alias feeling faded alittle after that.

    If you are looking for a great show and you like action and fighting and alittle mystery i think Alias will be a show that you will like and i can recommend it.
  • This show was amazing and I wish it had gone on longer.

    I love this show because it was so orignial. Although the constant cliffhangers were sorta of annoying I got over that. I started watching the show and I was sad when it ended, but I think that the way they ended the show was almost perfect. In the begining the tension between Vaughn and Sydney is very perfect, they were meant to be. I think that at times it can be kind of overwhelming if you miss and episode but it is very good. The one thing that bugged me was if you missed an episode you missed a lot, since it was a continuing plot that just kept going and developing.
  • Just watch an see.

    This is a great show. It's not just one more spy show it's THE spy show! We find ourselves in front of a TV set every week wondering what disguise Sydney Bristow is going to use next and she's so good at it! It's also very nice to see how her relationships with her mother, father and team develop. Not to mention her love affair with Vaughn! It has deep characters that find themselves on the edge all the time specially Syd. And a lot of action! Syd is just an expert on any kind of fight and guns we can think of... so awesome!
    So just watch and see for yourself!
  • I haven't seen that much but from what I've seen, it rocks!

    I've been watching Alias since late in Season 5 but I've also gone back and watched the first season on DVD and I must say, this show is pretty good! Sydney Bristow is one of the coolest TV agents since Jack Bauer of 24 (but I must say, even she can't top him). Filled with its own complications and twists, this show delivers a decent number of goods and is something I recommend you to see. Anna and Vaughn are some of the best TV villains with how smart and skilled they are (loved the fight between Sydney and Anna last week). Anyhow, if you haven't yet, check out Alias. Before it's too late.
  • Started out as an exciting and interesting show on betrayal, treason, espionage and adventure.. Ended as an interesting and exciting show that's like the DaVinci Code, a grail quest..

    After watching every episode, I feel that the end always ties with the beginning... It was great to have all the main characters come together at the end... I expected surprises and I wasn't disappointed... Though, after a point, it got rather predictable... But, it was still good to watch Sydney kick ass in the end...
    I loved this show very much... It's too bad the story ended so soon... Though I'd guess that it would feel too long winded for the characters to keep doing what they do for another 5 years... It'd get too stale... As it is, Sloane's obsession with Rambaldi seemed a little too sci-fi for the show to make it realistic...
    But ultimately, it had a good run, and I guess it's time to move on...
  • I'm having Alias withdrawls. Of course I have the complete box set, but I miss the anticipation of the new show every week.

    This is a show that I will always watch. You know how this goes, right? Like your favourite movie you have in your collection for just that time that you feel nostalgic to watch? Alias is it for me.

    Being the same age as Sydney, she was relatable to me in a way that might not be for some other watchers. She was and is an inspiration to many people, myself included, especially the first season when she was vunerable.

    So my season reviews are as follows:

    Season 1: Absolute classic. The pilot is the best bit of TV ever created as far as I'm concerned. The dynamic with Jack was especially powerfull, seeing from retrospect how close they got in the end. Romantic tension with Vaughn was excellent as well.

    Season 2: Ahh Mommy dearest. Syd's struggle with Irina's badness, conflicting with a daughter's inherent trust in her mother. The demise of SD-6 was done to simplify story lines, and introduce other baddies, but it also helped simplify Sydney's life as well. One less ball to juggle and all that. Syd and Vaughn seemed destined to be together...

    Season 3: ... until she loses 2 years and her life is turned upside down, that is. While season 3 was playing out, I hated what they were doing!! BUT in retrospect, S3 was, I think, my favourite. Syd's journey to find her missing time was a fantastic arc, and her relationship with Jack solidified. Season 4: The network's insistance on stand alone episodes really hurt the show, IMO, and the continuing relationships were hurt, especially the Syd/Vaughn dynamic. I found their relationship was not a central focus, and it was kind of jarring, having being one of the most important aspects of the first 3 seasons. Backburner is never good, and they could have easily put more in to help it along. However, Best cliff hanger of all time!!!!

    Season 5: Back to basics, and the wrap up. Very dissapointed that the show did not get a full season to wrap things up, and it showed. There were so many loose ends that needed to be wrapped up, that although (at least) the writers knew it would be a short season, it was tough to cram it all in and give the series closure. Wasn't (and still not) all that hot on the new blood they brought in to cover for Jennifer Garner's pregnancy. I feel those story lines were extraneous and "filler" when they could have been focusing on the current and continuing mythology. Rachel, I understand for the purposes of the bigger picture, but Tom? Completely wasted and not needed. However, in the end, a satisfying ending to a stellar show.

    Season favourites in order: 3,1,2,5,4

    Thanks for reading!
  • Could\'ve been a really great show but failed at some point should of been a great to more than five seasons.I wish the producers could go back a do it all over.The show was sci-fi in some ways but in need more real life type of episodes

    I thought this was a great show in the beginng but later the show became silly.bUT I watch this show every Sunday.
    Sometime the show would go somewhere else in the plot,with
    Rambaldi things and it meant nothing at all just stupid artifats that did very little.This show wanted to be Mission Impossible but never go there.Lots of relationships comming and going and lost of twist in this show.
    I dislike the writers getting rid of her (SYDNEY BRISTOW)friends that was the great part of the show it made the show interesting to watch on Sundaynight.Later the show became somewhat silly in ploting
  • Good show but got weird later on.I still love it though.

    Alias is about a girl (Sidney Bristow) that is an agent and then a double agent for SD6 and the FBI. I loved how this show started. The first season was very strong and had alot of promise. After a while I noticed it had gone downhill and at the end of the fifth season I know that it was just better this way (ending). The end of the show did seem a bit rushed to me though but they didnt have much choise so for what its worth I think its was decent. I loved to see her in so may disquises. Every show she changed her appearance a few times. I love the character Wiess. I dont think they gave him enough lines or stories. My favorite character was Marshall. He was great. And his first mission when he spoke Ewok!! I fell off the couch laughing! A great show even with its ups and downs. I own it on DVD and still watch it. :)
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