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  • What Can I Say?

    There isn't much I can say. Except if you havn't seen Alias... you are missing out. One of the great shows of the last several years, Alias featured a continuously stellar cast, smart and exciting writing, and cutting-edge direction. Jennifer Garner shines here, and everything else is near-perfect as well. The show is not without it's faults, but that's part of what makes it so great. Do yourself a favour and become a part of the following... get ALIAS on dvd!
  • i loved alias when it aired its too bad they arnt making nemore seasons tho i would like some follow up on syd and vaugn love life and there baby in the show but i know jen just had a baby and wants to spend time with ben and her new baby.

    ok so how did vaugn survive all thos bullet shots before he came back and all the sudden popped out of nowhere but im glad hes back him and syd are good together even tho the show is over all there different look are soo cool sorry my reviiew sucks a little because i havtn watched alias in soo long i dont remember because the last time i watched it it was the series finalle so i dont remember much but i likes syds dad hes cool and on a new show called justice and hes another detective charactor so its not that bad well i have to go but i will update once i get more info peace out for now...
  • Pure Brilliance!!!

    Alias is one of those shows that only come along every few years, which grabs your attention from the first episode. This show has everything that you need, and the right amount of it. The action is done very well, with having intense fight scenes, both with guns and hands. The storyline is increadibly well done that just makes you want to know what happens next. There is also very good charcter development, i haven't seen charcter development as good as in Alias. The characters feelings and actions towards other characters in the programme are brilliant, and how they change when things happen in the plot is done very well.

    The show is about Syndney Bristow, who works for SD-6 which she was told was part of the CIA, but its not. It is actually part of The Alliance (The Bad Guys), in the first episode she tells her boyfriend that she is a CIA agent and then the head of SD-6, (Arvin Sloane) orders him to be killed and this is where she finds out that she is working for the people she thought that she was working for. She then decides to become a double agent working for the real CIA to take down SD-6 from within. From here on her life is never the same. If you are still deciding on whether to watch this show then i'll make it easy for you watch it now.
  • Sydney Brisow got recruited to join the SD-6. She got screwed-up as well.

    In a sunny day, at a campus of a College a young, smart girl is recruited to, what she thinks is, CIA! She soon learns that she was fighting for the very people she thought she was fighting against. Ironic isn't it?

    Sydney is a smart bright girl, who's patriotism kicks in when she's asked to join serve the country. She finds out that she, and a lot of other people, was tricked. So she became a double agent, working together with her father. She soon learns that a revolutionary scientist who's inventions everyone is dying to get their hands on, has something to do with her.

    This show also has a mild part of personal drama. Soon Sydney falls in love with her CIA handler. Soon she blacks out in her apparment and ends up losing 2 years of her life. By that time her love Vaughn has married a spy from another organization.

    Anyhow, an addicting show, not to say more.
  • Sydney Bristow is a double agent for the CIA, and battles the enemy as well as dealing with her relationship with her father, her friends, and her handler: the love of her life.

    After 5 seasons, even though it got a bit shaky at times, I will still call Alias my absolute favorite show of all time. It is one of the only shows I can watch on DVD over and over and over again and still just want more. The acting is fantastic, one of my favorite casts of a show, the writing is amazing and manages to stay pretty consistent throughout the whole show despite network battles, shaky plotlines, etc. JJ Abrams is an absolute genius, I will watch anything he is involved with because he brought me this fantastic show. The use of old Buffy writers makes the Buffy fangirl in me completely giddy as well. Overall, this show is just completely awesome in every way and I miss it tons.
  • One of the best action shows I have watched... or will ever watch.

    I first knew of this show because of the newspaper. There, they of an action show which was quite ooukar at that time at the USA, and Iadmit that alone, of course with the menion of the female heroine, made feel interested about this. Then one Sunday, while checking the local channels' schedule for that Sunday (I did not and do not have cable) read ALIAS there. I freaked out, and convinced my mother to watch the first episode. When we did that... OMG. I wasn't expecting somehing so close to perfection. Our favorite character, even since the pilot, was Jonathan "Jack" Bristow. Sidney was a cool kickass girl, but Jack was WAY better than her, and showed so many times to be a caring father and husband... I am STILL moaning his death, and have this icon in his honor. My fav villain was Sark. He was so undescribingly awesome, in his own freaky way. At the beginning I liked Vaughn, but when he and Sidney got to have a "real" ship, he kinda sunk in my preferences. Sloane was the perfect villain for Sidney in the first two seasobs, but his love and pain for Nadia in the forth one made him more human. Sidney's mom, Irina Derevko aka Laura Bristow was cool, but she should have been more on screen. The same goes for Sidney's friends (both Francine and Will). It was a bit awkward having practically an entire season about them and then having them out all of a sudden. I loved Marshall, he was the comic relie of sorts. Also liked Sidney's partner, Marcus Gibson, he was so... when he was all by himself... AND Rambaldi... I will alwys think that Sid saw him die since he was the man fiing the cock, bot who knows the truth.
  • TV audiences weren't ready for this show

    because I don't think it got the due it deserved. Jennifer Garner played a CIA spy that was constantly slipping in and out of disguises and sticky situations. Sidney Bristow was definitely skilled in espionage, but as a drama that people, well I, could relate to- I didn't feel there were enough moments of connection there.
  • Loved this show until they cancelled it. Last season lost is umph-

    Big changes are in store for "Alias" as it enters its fifth season. Sydney, after learning that Vaughn may not be who he claimed to be, finds out she's pregnant (as Jennifer Garner is in real life). While dealing with both those revelations, she must also keep her mind on her work for the CIA, where she has some new co-workers.
  • It's like a female version of 007 and you get to watch a bit every week!

    It is just so good. There are so many stories going on and there are so many ways they could take the direction of the show, but it is done in a very good way. You could sit and actually analyse the different story paths to see how things could progress in a different way. I love the fact that you are left thinking afterwards, and during for that matter. Between the action and the whole spy story, Sydney really is like a female James Bond (better than a "Bond Girl" too). Jennifer Garner really takes you into Sydney's world, better than some of the James Bond actors have done over the years. And you begin to feel invested when it is a weekly continued story instead of a movie too, especially if you watch it from the first episode. You know all the things that Sydney has been through and she still keeps going, to save the world- how cool is that!
  • "I'ma... I'ma gonna kick your ***."

    Alias took me for the ride of my life. It is by far one of my favorite television series.

    This show hooked me with it's brilliant concept. It's almost too hard to describe because of all the twists and turns that it took season to season.

    Sydney Bristow, a bright, crafty, caring, intelligent, strong woman, is the center of this show. She goes from student, to double agent, to CIA operative, to Black OPs agent and does this all with amazing poise, power, and resilience. She is a great role model.

    Sydney has an exceptional ensemble, from her allies and friends to her enemies. Each character is written wonderfully making her spy escapades even more thrilling. I particularly love Jack, Vaughn, Marshall, Will, Irina, and Sloan.

    Almost every episode left you wanting more in eager anticipation for what will be coming next, each carefully revealing every piece of a grand puzzle. The season finales are ESPECIALLY awesome. They are some of the best finales I have ever seen.

    As much as I adore this show, I could not give it a higher rating because of it's final season. It did not live up to the Alias standard in my opinion.

    Alias gave me the opportunity to experience every emotion in the book; all the emotional ups as well as the downs all while following a very unique story. There will never be a show quite like it. Watch the reruns or rent/buy the DVDs when you have the chance!
  • It’s about Sydney Bristow that goes through life and has to deal with love, family and spy work. This is an interesting series that could have you hooked for ages.

    This show was one of the most awesome, exciting, intense shows ever on television, but I think that a lot of people we put off by the intellectual nature and the need for viewers to be able to think back to long past episodes. For me, it was the perfect mix of an incredible female lead, fabulous supporting and guest starring cast members (including the ever-amazing Victor Garber, and Lena Olin who made evil oh-so tantalizing) deep storylines that gave you just enough to keep you interested, and more action than you could handle! This is a show you have to watch so what you waiting for start.
  • i love this series!

    One of the best shows created on earth!
    so exciting and thrilling and suprising!
    if your looking for non stop excitment just look up for Alias! L o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o L what r u waiting for go get it ! ADIOS
  • Alias is about family, love and espionage. It has the very good plots, interesting characters and very good acting. It's a very addicting tv show, and its certainly influential to me.

    I first encountered Alias in a magazine and my interest was pulled by the article that was written. I watched it when it premiered in our country and I was immediately hooked. The cliffhangers were a good way of keeping people interested, and it was the trademark of the show. It was very creative and the production was valued highly. It was an intelligent show with nice allusions to history and pop culture. I loved Marshall, the geeky but genius technician. I loved Jack, the overprotective spydaddy and his relationship with Irina, the slightly demented spymommy, whom I also loved. I loved Sydney because she was a strong woman who depended on her intelligence and skills. I loved Vaughn because he suppported Sydney all throughout her trials and journeys and he never tried to coddle her. I loved Sloane because he was twisted. I loved Nadia because she was just like her sister, and very forgiving. I loved Dixon because he was a rock, a supporter of Sydney all throughout. Alias gave me characters to care about. It made me think more creatively and made me think outside the box. It's not some brainless action show with a bombshell heroine as some people thought. Alias is something deeper, something daring. It was ahead of its time. And though it had ended, I will still remember it because its something original.
  • Missing It...

    I love Alias. The first time I saw it premier on ABC I was stunned. It was like watching a movie. So well written and action sequences that I have never watched on a major network. The story was of deception and had a slight scifi element to it. I do miss it and wish it would come back. It did go downhill during the last season, but ended nicely in the last episode (all wrapped up in a nice bow). It would be great to have some mini series movies for TV to continue a few adventures. Definately recommend buying the DVD set.
  • Alias follows the life of Secret Agent Sydney Bristow. This is one the best shows of all time.

    From the first episode this show just grabs and never lets go. The first 3 seasons were so action packed that you had to watch a few times to make sure tjat you absorb everything. It did fall off a little with seasons 4 and 5 but the series finale made up for it. Every character was so well written and they were believable as real people. Who knows there maybe a real Sydney Bristow out there right now. My only complaint was the demise of Francie. I wish she didn't die. At least it was a creative death though. Make sure you pick up the series boxset in Nov. It is a must own for any true action fan. It also brought the cliffhanger episodes to life and shows like Lost and The Nine and Prison Break would now exist if it were not for Alias.
  • Great Fun!

    Two shows both come along at the same time. 24 and Alias. Both are about main characters who are government agents, both feature these characters as complex individuals and both of their main characters feature personal lives exceedingly complex and mix very badly with their professional life. While 24 is may favorite of the two, Alias is more easier digestible, mainly for the fact that it is so ridiculously entertaining and fun. 24 concerns itself with more darker material and as such is more darker and gritty, paining a more realistic look at the universe it is set it. Alias on the other hand is just fun, fun, fun, more in line with Buffy The Vampire Slayer, although instead of vampires and demons here we have stereotypical terrorists and villains who specialize in espionage instead of biting necks. The show is self consciously ridiculous and this is where the fun comes in. The show is so preposterous and far fetched that the audience cannot help but go with it and as such is great fun.

    Even better is that, coming from the creator of Felicity, there is an emotional element that works very well. We see the two sides of the main character's life. Sydney Bristow works for SD-6, who she believes is a covert agency that is part of the CIA. In the space of the sixty minute pilot episode, she tells her fiance, he is killed by said agency, she finds out her father works for SD-6 too, that it is not part of the CIA but is in fact an enemy of the United States and then proceeds to be tortured by a character only known as Suits and Glasses and then ends up working for the real CIA as a double agent, going back to work for SD-6 in the hope of bringing them down. Simultaneously developed with all of this is her personal life including her friends, Francie and her journalist friend Will. Whereas her SD-6 life is set to a full pounding soundtrack, her private life features music that Dawson's Creek would be proud of and miraculously this all works. The show is highly entertaining and can be a wonderful Felicity style drama one minute and a fantastic action thriller series the next. Kudos to creator J.J Abrams for making this work so well.

    The performances are fantastic. Jennifer Garner is simply perfect as Sydney. Good looking and talented she is an actress to watch out for while the supporting cast are even better. Ron Rifkin as Sloane, the villain of the show is sublime, especially in later episode of the first season while Victor Garber is quite simply fantastic as Jack Bristow, Sydney's father.

    Overall this is a superb series and it is no surprise that it has become such a cult hit. Stand out moments include a Die Hard style episode where SD-6 is taken hostage by a former employee played with surprising brilliance by Quentin Tarantino and Color Blind featuring a superb appearance from excellent Scottish actor John Hannah as an assassin with amnesia.

    This is not going to win awards for high art, but boy I can't remember a television show that was this much fun.
  • Alias

    Alias is a new show in my program list.
    I have seen just two episodes... because that in Lithuania one televison just started to translate this show...
    I like the first episode... There was a lot of action... a little bit fun, modern technologies...
    The main hero Sydney Bristow is amazing... So strong, fast, beautiful... Who can not to like her?
    Second episode was better... There was more action.
    One more thing why I like this tv show... There is not just one long operation in one episode... In every episode Sydney do lots of works.
    It was very short review... But when I will see more episodes I will be able to write more...

    Alias is the best show in the world. However, the change in writers and the loss of JJ to other shows he created, the series finale was lacking. Overall, this show was the best show ever written. Sydney Bristow brought out the fighter in all of us one minute and then made us cry with her as she struggled to balance her work with her many relationships, both professionally and personally. Her brillance at problem solving mystifies us and filled us with admiration. Her constant conflict with family made us appreciate our own families. We laughed at her tossing her pager into the Pacific... more than once:)....we cried when Vaughn died and then we wondered till the very end whether or not he really did die. Though the series finale lacked closure for the diehard least it had a happy ending. Syd, Vaughn and babies all lived happily ever after. But is it "THE END"???????
  • Gone but not forgotten. Oh! How I LOVED Sydney Bristow and her work with the CIA.

    I watched Alias from Season 1 and own the series (soon to be completed) on DVD. This show was one of the most awesome, exciting, intense shows ever on television, but I think that a lot of people we put off by the intellectual nature and the need for viewers to be able to think back to long past episodes. For me, it was the perfect mix of an incredible female lead, fabulous supporting and guest starring cast members (including the ever-amazing Victor Garber, and Lena Olin who made evil oh-so tantalizing) deep storylines that gave you just enough to keep you interested, and more action than you could handle! The character of Sydney was so great and really helped to put Jennifer Garner on the map, but a lot of the others were overlooked and left behind. (Certainly one of my favorites was Will!) It started out really strong and helped ABC with some much-needed viewer numbers, but somewhere along the way, it kinda puttered out. If you followed Dark Angel, you understand how there's that differance... you think, "It was great before and I still love to watch it, but something's just not right." We had limp, lacking stories that long time viewers may have found themselves disenchanted with, and we soon found a lot of our familiar favorites no where to be seen. There was a lot going on with Jennifer and her personal life, and her movie stardom was beginning to pick up as well, and I feel like this limited both action and storylines. With the introduction of new characters, I knew the end was so much more near than I was ready to believe. Sadly, we fans had to say goodbye to Sydney only to be left with the hope that there was a chance her adventures would continue one day...
  • Alias follows the life of Sidney Bristow, a spy who think's she's working for the CIA only to discover that everything in her life is not as it seems.

    Alias was, and still is, one of my favorite shows. Jennifer Garner is a fantastic actress, one of the most emotional, wonderful, women to grace any screen, silver or smaller, in Hollywood right now. And she did a wonderful job in Alias, along with the rest of the cast.
    That is, until J.J. Abrams, creater of the show, jumped ship to go work on a new, more successful project, called Lost. Anyone that's followed Alias's journey knows that it has had a rough five years and the fact that it's been on for so long is a testament to its quality. But, after Abrams left the show, the plot lines went quickly south, characters were added to the show at random, and in general, it got bad. If you want to watch Alias, stick to the first, second, and maybe third seasons to find some of the greatest TV out there. The fourth and fifth season you can skip.
  • Sydney Bristow is a special agent in a covert branch of the CIA. She's also a college student and is soon to be married. That's until she tells her fiance everything and finds out she's working for the wrong side.

    Jennifer Gardner stars in the role that lead her to Daredevil, Elektra and Ben Afleck. With missions sending her all over the world and great gadgets from her tech guy Marshal, Sydney is the TV version of James Bond. "It's like Bond, but with a hot chick" as I so plainly described to a friend once. Every episode can stand alone, but at the same time is part of a much larger season arch, which in turn is part of a even larger series arch. A funny sexy show that leaves you waiting to find out, "What happens next?" Alias is definitly worth checking out. If only they could stop with Milo Rimbaldi.
  • Alias is about a CIA agent who's been working for The Alliance for the past 7 years. She then became a double agent for the CIA and destroyed The Alliance in 2.13. Her mother is also rogue, and had an affair. Her father was also a double agent.

    Alias is amazing. When I first seen it, I couldn't believe how great it was. I was really amazed when I seen the Season One finale, "Almost Thirty Years." Season Two was even better because the CIA destroyed The Alliance, Sydney and Vaughn hooked up, Francie was doubled, and Sydney learns that she was left for dead while she was in a coma and Vaughn got married. Season Three was really good and entertaining to watch. Especially because of Lauren and Nadia. Season Four was an amazing season to watch. There were many entertaining episodes, including the finale, "Before The Flood." But Season Five was probably the best of all. "All The Time In The World" was a perfect finale. I wouldn't have had it end any other way.
  • Great show, everyone should check out the dvd sets.

    It was a great show with good character development but tended to fall off during the later seasons because the episode plots just became completely absurd. Although, they did do a good job keeping the actors together, it could have been better. The concept of SD-6 was very intriguing but they seemed to have ended it too soon and went to the path of the abnormal prophecy junk. I guess that gave the writers more to write about but the far fetched plots somewhat swayed me to watching, even though I\'ve seen every episode in all 5 seasons. Overall, I recommend this to anyone who\'s a fan of the spy stuff.
  • Very original series and not a waste of time at all.

    I have to say Jennifer Gardner's a great actress and she's great when it comes to being different people. She's awesome-looking in any costume, sexy in any voice, and very good when it comes to faking accents and speaking in different languages.

    I think I would enjoy Alias much more if I watched it from the very beginning. Now it's over, so... I hope I can save the money to buy the DVD's. Honestly, I wasn't all that into Alias, but it certainly isn't one of the worst drama series I've seen around. Alias is the kind of show that keeps my eyes on the screen, I wouldn't switch the channel if it was on. The plotline, the whole theme is original and the directors did a great job putting it all together.

    My friend says that in all the Alias he's watched, they have never mentioned the actual word 'Alias'. That is so weird. :)
  • Itz The ****

    Though I am a huge Alias fan, I enjoyed the first two seasons much more than seasons three and four. Season 3 started well and showed some major promise, of which there was little follow through. While the premise for this season made it seem there would be drastic changes Alias continues to deliver much of the same. Since Alias is a great show this isn\'t a bad thing, but it isn\'t a good thing either...

    This episode features many things we\'ve come to expect from Alias, but without the freshness it once had. The opening scene offers an unexciting and visually uninteresting parachute jump which is completely pointless to the episode and I must admit that I was tuned out for most the exposition, which offered nothing new of any interest.

    One of the few ways Alias does keep itself fresh is through changes to the cast. Bringing Melissa George in as Vaughn\'s wife presented interesting dilemmas for the character of Sydney and Vaughn, which I felt was cheapened when it was revealed that Lauren was, in fact, working for the covenant. The audience would no longer sympathize with her and the thing keeping Sydney and Vaughn apart no longer held the same weight with the audience once her deception had been revealed. (I also feel that when a character\'s true alliances are revealed we should be able to look back and see clues pointing towards it. There were none in this case.)

    However, Lauren\'s story is by far the most exciting thing to be found in this episode. Her and Sark forming a partnership was a great idea, it harnessed Alias\' strengths of being action packed and looking hot.

    The other storylines offer less. Sloane\'s brief sessions with Dr. Barnett offer some slight character development which had been lacking of late. Whereas Sydney and Vaughn continued to toe around each other as they have for most of the show.

    This weeks mission was not a particularly exciting one there was little action, and what there was, was cheapened by inappropriate attempt of humor made by Marshall’s \'wedding.\' It\'s not that this didn\'t deliver on the great action sequences Alias has to offer, it just didn\'t offer anythign new.

    This episode had a few interesting things to offer, unfortunately they were in the wrong places. But Alias is still a well written show with fantastic production values.

  • Alias Fan to the end!

    The first 2 seasons of this show were awesome...not that the others weren\'t great, but the beginning was the best. I have to say that the show did not go out the way it came in. But either way I love it. I was a loyal Alias fan to the end. In fact I still am. Sydney Bristow is my hero! I was sad to see it go even though it was not quite what it started out to be. Although, I think that the finally did wrap things up well. I was upset about Jack at first, but then again, he always did do anything for Sydney. I could not have asked for a better Sloan ending!
  • super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!

    i love it!!! super duper to the highest level!! especially the last episode where sloane is burried!! super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!
  • An amazing show with the best storylines and always leaves you wanting more!!!

    I've gotten into this show recently and I am in the middle of season one. It is an amazing show that has some of the greatest storylines!

    One thing I love about this show is it's ability to leave you wanting more everytime by leaving it on a cliffhanger!

    The fight sequences are also amazing and so well co-ordinated. My favourites so far being thew one between syd and anna.

    This hsow also contains a level of mystery adding to the appeal of the show. Most notably so far what Jack is hiding from syd about her mother! I already know she turns up again though!!

    The characters are really interesting, my favourites being Syd (of course), Jack and Marshall (You have to!).

    I hope the show maintains this level of wuality further on ito the show!
  • sydney bristow - SD6 agent/CIA double agent. she was a SD-6 agent until the head of SD6 had her fiance shot for telling him about her job, this sent her on a mission of revenge, so she set out to destroy SD6 by becoming a double agent for the CIA

    its ok, nothing to get THAT obssessed about, its good, and interesting but not quite everyones favourite, still worth watching though. she has a tough time in SD6 and an even tougher time lying to her friends about her job, she made the mistake of telling someone she cared about what her true job was, and that got him shot. she swore to herself she would never forgive Arvin Slaone, which she doesn't! with backstabbing, planning, shooting, stealing and alot of torture, it just makes me not want to work for the CIA!!! (its too much lying and everything!)
  • An amazing show and it’s a shame that it’s gone from the TV screen excepted for replays, just wish it didn’t have to finish like that.

    I watched the first season of Alias and I never really understood it, I jut thought that the whole set up of tricking SD6 that they actually got the proper item or that it accidentally broke or was not there was just getting boring. However I watched it again during season three (I think) and I was hooked, I just loved the who way it was set up cos by then there was more to it than learning about Sydney and how she became a member of the CIA or rather a rouge branch of the CIA. It was also unlike any other TV show that I was watching at the time, as the stories continued through to the next week, with the same bad guy who had the same objectives rather than in other TV shows it would be the same bad guy and a new objective (or the same take over the world scheme, while wearing a suit, sitting in a chair and stroking a cat, you know what I mean). There was just so much going on in the series with villains coming and going only later you found that the badie that you thought was dead was actually alive and is back with another plan. You could never predict what was going to happen, which is something that I really, really like in a show. Thanks JJ for creating Alias and Lost. These shows actual need some form of intelligence to watch as you have to understand what is going on, it is also a show where the writers get the viewers to come up with theories as to what is happening or what will happen as a consequence.
    However as good as the show was there is a big problem that I have with it. Why ow why did they have to cancel it half way thought the fifth series it was really getting good, they had the whole plot to uncover about who Michael Vaughn really was. And then there was the ending of the show, if you haven’t seen it then I wont spoil it for you but what I will say is how rubbish it was, it was diabolical, surely they could have come up with something better, and finished on a cliff-hanger as to what Sydney did next, rather than spelling it out for you. Although in the one of the last episodes it was nice to see Eric Weiss again, a bit like having the whole team back together (along with a few new members) all doing their thing.
    Real shame that it ended like this, could defiantly have kept going for a couple more series.
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