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  • One heck of a ride...

    The earlier seasons of this show were amazing. By that I mean seasons 1 and 2. After that the show pretty much lost what it was that made it a great show in the first place. I've seen the later episodes but they just weren't as satisfying as the earlier ones. I still think it's an awesome show, just not in the way that it used to be.
  • Hot chick. Guns. Spies. Car chases. Get your TIVO season pass.

    Many people forget that when the pilot of ALIAS premiered in 2001, TV was practically devoid of any action. Gunplay, ass-kicking, and death had all but been eradicated from the then bible belt oriented airwaves. And then along came ALIAS and not only did it keep you guessing and have a stellar cast of great actors but it single-handedly brought ass-kicking back to TV! Since it's debut, some of the plots have spiraled a little bit out of control but it's still the best action show on TV. JJ Abrams is my idol.
  • J.J. Abrams is so amazing and imaginative it's hard to say you hate any of his work. He seems to put everything into a great show on TV. Jennifer Garner is great at Sidney and all the characters that surround her have such a believable personality.

    I remembered when i was I think 10 or 11, my mom would watch it on television and I would be scared to death. The problem was that the material in the show wasn't ready for me. I thought it was just a regular blood fest show until at age 12 when I got more mature and started to see the beauty of it. I did miss a season. I won't pretend I'm a hard core watcher of this show, but even if anyone misses a season they will still see the ingenuity of the show. The characters are believable yet not to the extent where you think they're boring. The setting of every city they portray is so beautiful. The plot and script are great (even though last season was out of the ordinary), and last but not least, the actors and actresses are the cream of the crop. There's no faking like some actresses in Zoey 101 (if you've ever seen it, it's like watching kindergarteners.) Overall, I give it a 9. I'm not giving it a 10 because it seems last season was awkward and it seems to slope down. Yet they are still at a high level compared to today's TV.
  • Good Show!

    I have watched this show from the begining. I like the show. I just wish ABC would stop moving the show to different air days. When the show started it was on Sundays @ 9:00 PM(Seasons 1-3),
    then it was moved to Wednesdays @ 9:00 PM(Season 4) and now they moved it again to Thursdays @ 8:00 PM(Season 5,Starting at the end of September), I say again I just wish the execs at ABC would stop moving the show from day to day.
    Please enjoy.
  • its an excellent tv show i just got addicted to the show and ive stared to see it a few weeks ago its great i just need to see the rest of the seasons and im all set for next season i think is the best of their kind

    love its an excellent tv show i just got addicted to the show and i have stared to see it a few weeks ago its great i just need too see the rest of the seasons and im all set for next season i think is the best of their kind
  • the two first seasons are classics, the third was good and the fourth... I don't even want to talk about(real disappointment!!!)

    I've been for like 3 years and a half, one of the biggest fan of alias but the season 4 totally disgusted me and suddenly alias lost all of his charm
    I'm really disappointed by the fourth season which could have been the best but turn out to be the worst and for me maybe the last 'cause I still don't know if I'm gonna watch the next season
  • Before the Flood: Destiny fulfilled?

    A prophecy comes to fruition, two sets of sisters square off, Sydney says yes, Jacks tries to add more fun into his life and an unexpected crash leaves unanswered questions…cliffhanger ending, oh
    yea baby…all in a days work.

    Besides the obvious Resident Evil/28 Days Later/Dawn of the Dead/Night of the Living Dead \"infected\"/Zombie movie rip off, someone ending up behind bars (not a surprise that it was Sloane and I called it, maybe he is a \"good\" guy after all), and Irina\'s escape (but the world is a much more interesting place with her in it) the
    season finale delivered. Sure Bradley Cooper aka Will never showed, but Lauren wasn\'t raised from the dead either. And Nadia is left infected with no cure? Whatever, can\'t they just inject her with
    that Rambaldi serum that apparently worked wonders on Freplica (and probably Sloane himself though that was never really addressed)?

    The Rambaldi prophecy thoroughly entertained. Whether or not \"cleansing\" the world was his ultimate endgame or Elena\'s, it was a compelling and gratifying way to wrap up several years of
    clues. The blood red horse and the fallen angel imagery gave me goosebumps, especially when recited in Irina\'s serious tone. But, as
    it sometimes happens, the prophecy was not meant to be taken literally…apparently there is always wiggle room in one\'s destiny for if Sloane hadn\'t arrived on the roof when he did, Sydney - The
    Chosen One – would have been strangled by Nadia. Guess even saviors need help from sidekicks. And the great battle between the two sisters - certainly not that great. As for Elena, she never evoked ultimate evil status as have past bad guys and her \"I\'ve waited five years for this\" was no where near as affective in stunning me as
    were Irina\'s, \"I\'ve waited 30 years for this\" statement a few seasons ago. However, her ultimate end coming by her sister and her
    ex (though you know they still have feelings for each other) teaming up together was quite gratifying.

    Weiss and Marshall proved their worth and deserve a pay raise and a few extra vacation days. With no office leadership (Chase in DC, Dixon hospitalized, Sloane on the lam, Jack attempting to stop the apocalypse), they didn\'t need to be told what to do but instead took
    it on themselves to find a way to stop the uplink. Their quick thinking, poor Russian and that Blackwell Index certainly came in handy…and how.

    It\'s well known that Sydney\'s compassion for her family and accelerated level of empathy can be a detriment in her profession but in the case of saying yes to Vaughn she chooses to not wait
    until the pending apocalypse is behind them and she happily pledges her love and future to Vaughn. As she ascends in the elevator, she
    toys with her new ring and you can\'t help but think that even though she\'s in a red hued hell visions of white dresses and champagne are
    dancing in her head.

    But, J.J. is of the Joss Whedon mentality that happy couples do not equate to good drama or ratings so it came as no surprise that Irina
    would cryptically mention to Vaughn to \"tell Sydney\", and begin their life with no secrets. You gotta love Irina\'s timing…infected
    zombie killers on the rampage but she finds a few moments to get Vaughn alone and give advice. Thus, Irina\'s revelation that Vaughn
    had a secret spoiled his admission in the car that he isn\'t who Sydney thinks he is. The car crash, however, shocked me silly. What a way to end the season.

    So who is Vaughn? After four years of courtship, J.J. is going to alienate several fans if he makes the entire relationship a sham.
    So, is he a bad guy, \"depends on how you look at it\". Can Sydney learn to live with it? Kaplan\'s wife did. But maybe Vaughn isn\'t a plant in the sense that Irina, Lauren and Kaplan\'s wife was. Irina claimed he looked like his father, and she also knew he had a secret, so could Vaughn be the opposite of Vaughn Senior? If Vaughn Senior was a true follower of Rambaldi and stole baby Nadia from Irina and gave her to Elena so she could play her part when the time came, then maybe Vaughn was placed in Sydney\'s life to keep her on
    the path of destroying Rambaldi\'s and at time, Sloane and Irina\'s plan. Maybe all Vaughn did was play a part in order to guaranty that Sydney participated in her aspect of the prophecy. And maybe that is why Vaughn was so distraught when he found out about Lauren\'s duplicitous nature…because he was duped while he was doing the

    So the question becomes, not who is the real Vaughn but who does he work for? Which also makes one wonder if the crash was somehow related to Vaughn\'s almost honesty or if it was just a bit of bad driving and bad timing.

    And what will Jack do when he finds out?

    So happy summer to everyone and happy pondering!

    FYI - I used to review Alias as Gingerbreadgirl on, but now I\'m cmk714.
  • Loved it

    Amazing! The show is truly amazing! Perfect cast, perfect plots, Alias is an awesome show! I always stay up a little later to watch it! I hate it when they skip a week! To the actors, directors and everybody who makes Alias possible...thanks

    Alias is an intelligent, fast-paced, emotional rollercoaster everyone should be riding. Guy, girl, young or old, there's something in it for you. Family drama, thrilling action, romance,a cliff-hanger ending almost every week. Take your pick, you'll find it in ALIAS
  • Great show, everyone should check out the dvd sets.

    It was a great show with good character development but tended to fall off during the later seasons because the episode plots just became completely absurd. Although, they did do a good job keeping the actors together, it could have been better. The concept of SD-6 was very intriguing but they seemed to have ended it too soon and went to the path of the abnormal prophecy junk. I guess that gave the writers more to write about but the far fetched plots somewhat swayed me to watching, even though I\'ve seen every episode in all 5 seasons. Overall, I recommend this to anyone who\'s a fan of the spy stuff.
  • She started off a mild mannered bookish college student on her way to becoming a teacher, but ended being a super sexy spy with more personnas than perilous situations to get out of and still have time to make babies. Sounds good to me.

    Alias was probably one of the only shows I've seen in a while that could let you see main characters killed and brought back a few times and still maintain it's credibility as a serious spy drama. Offering brief moments of humor usually by Marshall and Will when he was around. It did leave a few questions for me though. The prophecy was for the woman in the drawing to bring the world unto utter desolation. So I was thinking (once Sydney was doubled) "Ok cool so it will be Anna as Syd'd double that will try to fulfill the prophecy." but they killed her, I had high hopes for her as a double too,lol. Also with them trying to make the ending so happy they could have given us an update on Will they did one for Rachel and Marshall but no mention of Will. I did appreciate Sloan's come uppance he can now live the Rambaldi dream with spiders crawling all over him. I can only assume that Peyton is probably in a women's correctional facility, you have to give her props for her character actually surviving. I did enjoy Marshall overseeing her interrogation and suggesting the snake again. Classic Marshall I'm gonna miss that guy. I didnt really so to much about Vaughn but I dunno, he's been feared dead so much I really wasnt moved by his return, sure it made Syd happy, but uh nothing for me. All in all it was a thrill ride. It'd be nice if it was brought back one day.....just a thought
  • alias

    this show is a m a z i n g. it is definitly action, and very mysterious at times. i ♥ to watch this any where any time. i am very sad that they only have about 5 episodes left. because this was one of my favorite action shows. it shouldn\'t stop
  • great show!!!!

    jennifer garner dose a great job and the show is great! if u like those show with action and adventure you should watch this! all the actors are relly talented. Jen is going to be a wonderfull mom plus she is a great actress so of course u know this is a great show! right?
  • My Thoughts on Alias

    Alias is a very fun show. Its a show that I did not start watching until this past season, being one of those shows that its hard to jump into the middle of. I watched the Season 4 premiere and enjoyed it and decided to order the DVDs for the first season. About 3 episodes in I was hooked. While the show certainly calls for a willing suspension of desbelief, it is immensely fun and terriblt entertaining. The cast of characters works very well together, and the arcing storyline keeps you coming back for more. Certainly its not the finest show ever, but it is certainly one of the funnest.
  • this episode was good because Jack, Sydney, Irina, Vaughn and Nadia parachute into Sovogda. where they have to destroy this red ball that makes people into zombies the Russian minister is blackmailed by Marshall and Weiss into giving them the access codes

    This was a really good episode they keep getting more and more intresting don't they. people almost dying, people trying to kill a bad guy, sid's mom alive?, sid finding her sister. it's a really good show. I can't wait for the next season to come out so I can watch what happens next.
  • Excellent spy fantasy. Great entertainment, but not without some minor cringes when reality is bent.

    If you've ever read and enjoyed a spy-adventure novel, then Alias is the show for you. Or, if you just like action with an attractive female lead, Alias is a show for you.

    Truth be told, Alias is an extemely engaging (if not confusing) show. There's no such thing as a "quick review" of the characters and/or plot that'll make it stand out. You just have to watch. And abc does a very good job of getting you to watch. The series opener was over an hour long - and aired uninterupted. The pilot itself will remind you more of a movie than a tv show, but it will likely hook you into the series. It ends with Sydney Bristow becoming a double agent for the cia - she works to take down a criminal organization she was decieved into thinking was cia black ops.

    That may seem confusing, but it all comes full circle. Sydney's life is crazy - she already is lying to all her friends about her job, now she must take it even further by not telling her co-workers they are working for traitors. Another sub-plot is that of Milo Rembaldi: supposedly a renniansance era architect, inventor and prophet. He created technologies that were far ahead of his time; some still past modern times. His predictions have all come true. Because he was regarded as a heritic, he was killed and the majority of his work destroyed. Before his death, he gathered many followers and his most important inventions were saved. Fast-forward to the 21st century, and the race for his technologies is full of espionage, criminal and government agencies, and death.

    There are many more sub-plots, most revolving around Sydney, but the supporting cast gets their fair share of screen time and side plots. The main cast is very well developed (almost to a fault, see below) and strongly acted. All of the subplots tie-in nicely; none seem disposable or unwanted when compared to the grand scheme. My personal favorites involve Jack Bristow (Sydney's father, also involved in intellegence), who is possibly TV's current best tough guy. His actions are calculated with incredible coldness, even with his age he is a much feared figure. His lines and actions are always the ones you will be talking about later with your friends - he's just that good.

    The show also uses guest stars to their full potential. It makes sense in the world of intelligence, how you may only see certain allies or enemies rarely. Quentin Tarantino, Ethan Hawke, Christan Slater, Vivica A. Fox, and David Carradine are just a few of the recognizable faces to make appearances on the show. You might think that their presence could be written off as just a cheap ratings grab, but each has solidly left their mark on the world of Alias - and most have come back to make another.

    The show has just finished off it's 4th season, and it is losing some of it's luster, unfortunately. Since the start of the show, only 2 main characters has been killed off, and only one other character written out. The departure of a specific two leaves the series without Sydney's home life - all the main cast are involved in the CIA (friendly or otherwise). Some of the characters have grown stale, and enough new ones have not been introduced. The series has also grown into some unfortunate cliches that could it could do well without. The main characters have each survived a ridiculus amount of gunfire, rarely getting hit. At the same time, countless CIA teams have been wiped out - with the sole survivor being a major cast member. Gets boring after the nth time. The Rembaldi sub-plot has also gone from being an anchient mystery of technology and intrigue to something that would fit better in Stargate: SG1. It seems a little out of place and hard to take seriously.

    But alas, I nitpick. For every cringe I mention, there are many more moments of blissful entertainment. The show still packs a good punch, and it does frequently have outstanding episodes. The serious is notorious for it's cliffhangers, for better or worse. The first season found a cliffhanger for nearly every episode, which has slowed down some (to keep you on your toes), except for the season finales - the cliff you hang off of is seemingly a bottomless chasm.

    To sum it up: Alias is a near must-watch. If you don't start fromt the begining you will only sell yourself short; the experience is well worth it.
  • The spy game at it's best! Jennifer Garner really runs the show. Strong Action, and Plot give the characters a chance to involve the viewers to a level on par with The Sopranos, Deadwood, Lost and Nip/Tuck. The First Three seasons are a must, with a seaso

    Alias Rocks! The first three seasons are really strong. The fourth season is the worst year. However just like The Sopranos, a 'weak' season doesn't make it bad. It just means that out of all the years on TV, compared to itself, it was the least impresive. Overall this show consistantly gives the goods, from acting, to plot point and 'guest' stars to clifhangers! All solid! I will follow J.J.Abrahms and/or Jennifer Garner anywhere. I can't wait for 'What about Brain' next season, after all I loved Felicity!
  • The spy game at it's best! Jennifer Garner really runs the show. Strong Action, and Plot give the characters a chance to involve the viewers to a level on par with The Sopranos, Deadwood, Lost and Nip/Tuck. The First Three seasons are a must, with a seaso

    Alias Rocks! The first three seasons are really strong. The fourth season is the worst year. However just like The Sopranos, a 'weak' season doesn't make it bad. It just means that out of all the years on TV, compared to itself, it was the least impresive. Overall this show consistantly gives the goods, from acting, to plot point and 'guest' stars to clifhangers! All solid! I will follow J.J.Abrahms and/or Jennifer Garner anywhere. I can't wait for 'What about Brain' next season, after all I loved Felicity!
  • Alias, a medium show with an excellent ensemble...

    In Alias you'd get a medium show with an excellent ensemble, not always well written and some of the times it would get repetitive.

    Jennifer Garner was the star of this show and she was great on it. Also good were Victor Garber, Michael Vartan, Kevin Weisman, Ron Rifkin and Greg Grunberg.

    The show is spy-action packed that got better as years gone by, first season is worse that the last, not all shows can do that. But it's is cast that saved the show so many times for me. When I though seen that already I'm going do drop this show, the cast made me stay...
  • This is a personal favorite of mine and should be yours too.

    This is one of those shows that comes along every once in a while but never gets the love from the masses. Not only is the acting great but the writing was top notch. The lives of the characters and how they are all intertwined brings never-ending excitement and suspense to this incredible series created by J.J. Abrams.

    Personally I can't get enough of the show and after watching every episode more than once I'm still connecting the dots and finding new subplots. That's the great thing about this show, no matter how many times you watch you will always find something new in the storyline and something new to love about it.
  • This was a pretty good show.

    Even though i don't watch it as much because it ended a little while ago i still think that its a different show that i'm used too. Theres not as many serect agents shows any more. I like the idea of the show just didn't like waking up early just to watch it because i wasn't gonna do that either way it went. But i really enjoyed the show and its really good though they only try to show in the mornings. But of you never saw it you should you really should if you have to record it do it.
  • Just watch an see.

    This is a great show. It's not just one more spy show it's THE spy show! We find ourselves in front of a TV set every week wondering what disguise Sydney Bristow is going to use next and she's so good at it! It's also very nice to see how her relationships with her mother, father and team develop. Not to mention her love affair with Vaughn! It has deep characters that find themselves on the edge all the time specially Syd. And a lot of action! Syd is just an expert on any kind of fight and guns we can think of... so awesome!
    So just watch and see for yourself!
  • a great and funny show!

    a great and funny show!jack,sidney,arvin and nadia are in our hearts now!stunning,emotional with many pivotal episodes and cleverly plotted(a little bit difficult to understand sometimes)!the brain is out when you watch this fantastic show....the first season is great with characters development,the second season is wonderful,better than every season with the character of the mother that you can\'t forget!the third season is stunning but too soap-opera,at least for me.the fourth one is decent(the most boring of the show)and the last season is a decent conclusion for this telefilm(obviously,the fifth season is better than the fourth one).great acting completes this show!wow abc!
  • Alias: better and better

    Here in Spain i\'m watching season 2 and it\'s getting better and better. more and more interesting in every episode. i can\'t stop watching it. And it\'s a different show from any other i\'ve ever seen. I like a lot of show and this is one of my favourites, because of the intrigue, the action and the personal stuff.
  • This show will be greatly missed because it was different at the time it first aired.

    Alias with Sydney and Vaughn has been the best show on TV for 3 years. The plot twists in this show have been great. The biggest plot twist might yet come if Vaughn comes back and is on the bad guys side. The SD6 story line was the greatest.
    Sd6 and the Covenant should live on even after the show is over. Syd's father should get to run the whole CIA because he is the man. There is nothing he can't accomplish.
    They have a lot of storyline to finish up before the end of its run. So if I were you I would hold on tight for a wild ride to the finish because I wouldn't put any thing past them.
  • A show about a double agent who goes on all sorts of missions to recover Rambaldi artifacts and to take down SD-6.

    I have the first season on DVD and i cant stop watching it this is such a good show that it would be a crime to miss it! You have got to start watching this show if you aren't! This show has everything a good show needs, good actors, suspensful episodes, action, and some romantic scenes.
  • This show absolutely rocks. Where else would a woman kick more butt than any man? You have to watch every week or you will get lost.

    I got real sick of the Rambaldi story line and Sloane gets on my last nerve- shoot him already! I didn't like Nadia and I'm glad she is off the show. Bring back Michael Vartan!!!!! I love the side story of Sydney and her father and their relationship. Her mother was wonderful and I hope they bring her back soon.
  • This is a show I would recommend for everyone there like a little action to relax with...

    This show is great :D I've never seen anything like it... It's so awesome, I can\'t wait for the new season to begin. I like the way they start of a show, with killing Sydneys fiance. That was just a cool way to get everyones attention... And now we got this whole new love interests for her, that will be interesting to follow ;)
    This is a show I would recommend for everyone there like a little action to relax with... Now don\'t be suprised if you get lost in the plot line sometimes, that is the whole point, it keeps you focused and interested.. for the most times...this show rocks :)
  • Twists and turns that you never expect!

    Alias is a mind blowingly awesome show that deals the trials and tribulations of being an agent in the middle of the battle between who to trust. The stories are somewhat far fetched and the end result was too, however, it made for a great plot line and story to follow, not only on a week-to-week basis but on a one-time basis as well. Alias mixes the action with the personal and bewildering. The mystery aspect of each case and arc episode run keeps the viewer guessing and interested and most of the time surprised out of their mind. The work is breath-taking.
  • Late discovery of mine

    I didn't watch that shhow when it first came out, cause i thought it was weird and i didn't like jennifer garner all that much. But a few weeks ago i started watching it and basically just liked it.

    Being a friend of well placed lies and manipulation myself, i basically found it inspiring. But one thing i definitely would have done differently is the end of the show. Sloane's big finish was sort of unnecessary if you ask me, which you didn't, but anyway.

    Jack and Marshall are two of my favorite TV characters, never did like vaughn though, even with his twist in the last season he just is a too perfect son-in-law-type... creeps me out.
  • Sydney Bristow is a spy who works for the CIA. Watch her kick ass.

    I like this show because of Arvin Sloane. I think he's the most chilling character on the Earth. It's nice to see the human side, but trying to percieve how his mind works is very good. Having Garner get pregnant side-tracked the show a bit, but it's going to be nice to see her back in the field, with the agent she now tutors, Rachel. Overall, first two seasons were better, but still a very good show.
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