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  • Its a pretty alright show. Not too bad but not great but still its a guilty pleasure.

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  • Alias is such a great show!

    Sydney Bristow is a young, athletic, college graduate who was recruited her freshman year as a secret agent for SD-6, a top-secret branch of the CIA. After a few years -- after Sydney confides her lifestyle to her boyfriend, the evil head of SD-6 -- Arvin Sloan, has him killed. Sydney learns that SD-6 is part of a rogue international agency called the Alliance of 12, out to rule the world. She becomes a double agent, working with the real CIA to bring down SD-6 with the assistance of her handler, Michael Vaughn, and her estranged father Jack Bristow -- also a double agent. Along the way, Sydney fights various rival agents, rival terrorist groups, and traitors all the while keeping her cloak-and-dagger lifestyle a secret from her friends.
  • An excellent spy thriller with twists and turns every step of the way.

    This is perhaps one of the best spy thrillers that can stand head to head with the james bond films. Even though the story revolves with a female james bond it\'s not a cheesy girl in jeopardy plotline. Agent Bristow stands on her own as a legit heroine. Each week shows twists, that make a show a weekly must see. It\'s sad that it\'s ending, it\'s been season 5. It had a good run. Each season is not a dissapointment, I recommend it. J.J. Abrams must turn this into a movie trilogy, I\'m sure he\'ll get a green light on that one.
  • Simply amazing. This show has managed to blend drama, romance, humour and amazing spy stunts seamlessly.

    Alias was in a league of it's own. Never did it compromise it's intelligence to draw in more viewers, and it had the best cast on TV. Don't believe me? Look at each of the actor's profiles, and see how fast other networks snatched them up. They did so for good reason. The amazing acting led to a personal understanding and often connection with the characters, especially the one and only Sydney Bristow. It kept your eyes glued to the tube with amazing action, intriguing relationships, and award-winning performances. The way Jennifer Garner could, while constantly Sydney, add a layer in the form of a whole new character, while still letting Sydney shine through, all the while remaining subtle and powerful. Bring it back, or make the much-talked-about movie.
  • A personal favorite.

    This show was amazing. It didn't follow trational dimsal in destress criteria instead it had a girl kicking-butt and fighting all the boys. I personally could not stop watching. And the show was very well written. Youcould sit their and see yourself in their shoes within your own personal issues. The last season was horrible because of the time changes for the entire season. After the series finale i could not stop crying. This is a very inspertional show to young women. This show says that womwn can do whatever men can and proved it, it had a women in charge of all of the missions and what not. So this show was amazing.
  • pretty origanol

    The best spy show I've ever watched and it has never gotton boring once, the secret missions and guns and explosions makes a show every guy wants. It is so interesting the way they can do with the spy gadgets, and how one computer can save the whole world if just hack into the enemy. I 've been watching this show for a few years but sadly I didn't see most of the last season, and I don't know how the show ended (I plan to look at the episode guide soon) no other spy show can outdo Alias at all.

  • Bring it back!

    Alias is one of my favorite tv shows ever and ever, the story of this show is so great, each every episode ,the quality of this show impressed me , unfortunately it is over, but they couldn't have cancelled , this show is so perfect, the actors are amazing, bring it back this perfect show.
  • Somehow, this show makes working for the government and nearly being shot look fun.

    Agent Sidney Bristow was enlisted by an agency that she was told to be a special division of the CIA, called SD-6. After finding out that she was lied to and was actually working for the people she thought she was fighting, Sidney becomes a double agent, working for both SD-6 and the CIA, and attempts to balance her job (her friends think she works at a bank), her friends, and romance, as well as family history and issues, as she continues as one of the best agents either side has seen.

    Jennifer Garner plays a perfect role as a young, beautiful, and well-trained spy that never wears the same wig = ]

    An amazing show.
  • This is(was) proabably one of the best shows on tv. It\'s cutting edge and has a strong storyline.

    This is(was) proabably one of the best shows on tv. It\'s cutting edge and has a strong storyline. Jennifer Garner\'s character is so multi-dimensional and real. The rest of the cast is phenominal in every which way. If you are a fan of espionage, suspense, or action, the ALIAS would have to be your show.
    The first two seasons were definetly the best. 4th and 5th not so much. The best episode of alias of all time (in my opinion) is PHASE ONE (in middle of second season) Once you think the show has jumped the shark, it hasn\'t and it continues upwards as the characters develop


  • Amazing and hard to stop watching, a good show for what goes on in the CIA.

    The best spy show I've ever watched and it has never gotton boring once, the secret missions and guns and explosions makes a show every guy wants. It is so interesting the way they can do with the spy gadgets, and how one computer can save the whole world if just hack into the enemy. I 've been watching this show for a few years but sadly I didn't see most of the last season, and I don't know how the show ended (I plan to look at the episode guide soon) no other spy show can outdo Alias at all.
  • Awesome show about Agent Sydney Bristow and her encounters working for the CIA. So much drama, always leaves the viewer ready for more.

    I only started watching the show until after it ended by borrowing some of the DVD's. I can't believe what I was missing. It's an action packed show that centers around the character Sydney Bristow, played by Jennifer Garner. In the first season she has to deal with her employer's (Arvin Sloan) betrayal. That's when she finds out she wasn't really working for the CIA, but actually the very people she thought she was fighting against. So, she joins the real CIA and works as a double agent, along with her father who is also a double agent working for the CIA. They both try to take down SD-6, which is what Arvin Sloan runs. From then on, we follow Sydney as she goes to varuious countries on missions for both sides. Yet there is a sub story about a 500 year old prophet named Rambaldi that plays a significant role in Sydney, and her Mother's life. The Rambaldi prophecy follows through the whole series, and always leaves me shocked by how it relates to them. Even though show is ended, it's still worth watching.
  • a great and funny show!

    a great and funny show!jack,sidney,arvin and nadia are in our hearts now!stunning,emotional with many pivotal episodes and cleverly plotted(a little bit difficult to understand sometimes)!the brain is out when you watch this fantastic show....the first season is great with characters development,the second season is wonderful,better than every season with the character of the mother that you can\'t forget!the third season is stunning but too soap-opera,at least for me.the fourth one is decent(the most boring of the show)and the last season is a decent conclusion for this telefilm(obviously,the fifth season is better than the fourth one).great acting completes this show!wow abc!
  • Only better than Baywatch

    This is like seeing Mission Impossible on TV. Too much unbelievable stuffs (or too much hitech stuffs) plus beautiful girls replacing Tom Cruise. Good to watch once in a while but would change the channel for a better movie or commedy show. If you liked Mission Impossible too much, you might like Alias.

    I liked Mía Maestro as Nadia better than Jennifer Garner. She is much prettier but yes she need to get better in acting.
  • This show is about a women who works for the SD-6 which she thought was a government agency but is a conter government agency.

    This show is a good show. I watch it when I have the chance. THe best part pf the show for me is when they show all the actions parts of the shows so it never gets old. Jennifer Garner is a great actress and she made this show a great action show. The other actors and actress were good too but Jenifer takes it all. I never would have watch this show if it wasn't for her. The show is almost over but I will always like it no matter what. This show made me want to become an actor now.
  • The Show is about Sydney Bristow,who was recruted by the SD-6,she thought that it was a Goverment Agency,until her fiance is killed by SD-6 agents,She finds out that SD-6 is not working for the goverment and so She works for the CIA as a Double agent.

    Alias is an Intersting show with lots of Mystery and Shocking Twist, and that's what I like About this show, especially the lead star, Jennefer Garner, she's so hot and cool and she portays Sydney Bristow's Character Beautifully, also I was so glad that Melissa George's character Lauren Reed was killed so that Sid and Michael Vaughn could get back together, anyways Alias has a good Storyline and lot's of intersting Characters, especially mia maestro's character nadia, also I really like the combat scenes, the way Jeniffer Garner kicks Baddies Butt and stuff, Overall Alias Is definetly on of the best Action shows!
  • The Saga of Sydney Bristow has come to an end.

    Alias was the first show I ever really got hooked on. While the show had its fair share of flaws, the execution was was pretty darn good for a prime time series. Really, this shouldn't have lasted more than two seasons as the ratings and fans were thrown all around the place.

    Personally though, I loved the whole series from start to finish. Well, it kinda lost it in the finale episode a little.

    Alias was a journey of self-discovery for the protagonist Sydney Bristow. She has lived a life that most people would consider messed up. Her parents were not typical well to do'ers - her father worked for the CIA, mother was a KGB spy. Bringing down the mysterious prophetic mysteries of Milo Rambaldi were always second to her friends and family getting killed, tortured and tormented by all sorts of evil. Really, Alias was not good for most of the characters that stared in it. Her two chums from season 1 ended up dead or in witness protection.

    But somehow along the way from the early days to the dark finale, Alias always remained entertaining. It would never be as good as the premise set out to be - Season 2 being the pinacle of the show's brillance - but it always a solid, entertaining ride if you just throw logic and reason out the window.

    Which is kind of where people gave this a bad rap towards the end of its run. Alias was never a believeable piece of modern tv culture; it reveled in the unbelieveable plot lines, crazy stunts and cheesy lines. Its what made this pop-corn fun. Even when it tried to be serious it still wasn't, which was never a bad thing taken in that context.

    Still, for many Alias would end up being a disappointing ride. Personally, there were flaws the finale which let the series down, and generally the show did suffer a little thanks to plot developments that went nowhere and a bit of a hollow ending. But Alias will forever be one of my favourite shows despite all that. Its great, guilty fun. And no show will have as many crazy twists as Season 3 - my personal favourite.

    I loved the show uncondintionally and glad to have been there right from the start to finish.
  • This was the greatest show ever!

    I used to love this show, season one was amazing! But with the abrupt and painful to watch finale, (the acting sucked, it was too computer generated looking) it killed the entire show, even previous seasons.
    I wanted to go back and watch season one, but after watching the series finale, i canceled my recording for the season one repeats!
    Lets just hope JJ.Abrahms doesnt do the same with lost. I dropped the shows rating done to a 7, i thought of giving it a lower score, but it did peak in quality awhile ago. I never really got into 24, I turned it on and it was always freakishly boring. But alias kept me semi-interested all along. It had a good run, and im just glad its dead, but taking time to end it better wouldnt have killed them.
  • Alias is about agent Sydney Bristow who was recruited into a covert organisation called SD6 that claimed it was a secret branch of the CIA. Each episode we see Sydney Bristow saving the world and wearing even more fantastic disguises.

    This is my favourite programme in the whole world and i am gutted it has finished!!! Each week i would wait anxiously while Sydney Bristow ran around and saved the world.
    The on-going love saga between Sydney Bristow and Micheal vaughn added even more drama and tension to the already explosive show and story line. JJ Abrams is a true geneous and i thank him so much for creating alias and for making it so entertaining over the past 5 series!! There will never be a better show for me personaly on tv,because for me, it was one in a millon.
  • 1st season:This is awesome now: what the....

    The first time I watched this show I thought man this going to be one **** of a show. Now what the heck happened. In the second season the whole thing just started to get stupider and stupider. Without the double agent thing going on the whole thing became a plain out waste of my time. The writers need to get better, fired, or something just make this show as good as it was. I will never watch a show that starts off good. There is no way a show with a good begining should just become a peice of crap come on.
  • ALIAS - Ripley has to gank a bunch of monsters on a distant mining colony in space, oh wait that was ALIENS. ALIAS is like 24 but with bad actors and a nonsence plots about prophecys and unicorns. Think 24 mixed with Charmed and your almost there...

    If you havent seen alias beforethen here's what happens EVERY episode:-

    Sydney (a disturbingly ugly girl) dresses up in fancy dress and goes to a party/club/mansion and breaks into an upstairs room and steals something, then gets caught for around 8 mins before escaping and going back to HQ for a good cry.

    show starts off with her working for the bad guys who she thinks are good then shes working for the bad guys undercover for the good guys then when they finnally take down the bad guys they decide to make the head bad guy in charge of the new good guy HQ (ok someone in head office is smoking the crack pipe again). When you find out what the plot is after watching the show for far too many series you find its all about some prophecy from god knows when with super high tech safes containing ancient wooden machines that are even harder to unlock than safes just to give off a crappy peice of paper that is basically an arrow to the next safe.

    Add a gay techno beat from start to finish, some actors who cant make facial expressions and talk like stephen hawking on valium and you have ALIAS.
  • Sloane\'s egotism caused him to misintepret Rambaldi\'s utlimate endgame. It was never about him, but Irina.

    People who bash this episode because they didn\'t think it answered enough of the questions regarding Rambaldi haven\'t thought through the past seasons very well. The truth of the matter is that it answered the questions wonderfully well. You see, it all stems from Sloane\'s misunderstanding of Rambaldi\'s message which was produced by the il dire machine. Rambaldi said that it produced a Greek word (eirene) which meant \"peace.\" This is true, eirene does mean \"peace.\" However, if you remember during the episode with the \"box\" (episode: 3x\"Taken\"),which Sydney had to retreive from the DSR\'s black hole, that they said it was the Greek word eirene from which we get Irina (which is why it was on the bottom of the box). What if Sloane misunderstood the message? He truly thought Rambaldi said \"peace\" because he took eirene to mean peace. What if Rambaldi meant Irina? The message, then, was that Irina was going to be the greatest power. Instead of \"peace\" it should have been interpreted as Irina. If that\'s the case then Sydney did render the greatest power to utter desolation when she battled her mom to the death. If Rambaldi can draw Sydney\'s face he can certainly predict Irina\'s name. In the end Sydney stops Irina. If you watch previous season\'s closely, you\'ll see that everyone who pursued Rambaldi\'s artifacts did so because they wanted ultimate power. They wanted to be the ultimate power and, as Irina said, they never wanted to have to give it up once they got it.

    In addition, remember that the box/cube (episode: 3x\"Taken\") that said \"Irina\" was the box that contained info about the Passenger (Nadia). Irina contains Nadia. Hmmmmmmm. Irina gives birth to Nadia. If you remember, it was in the opening of season 3 (episode: \"The Two\") that Sloane said that Rambaldi just produced the one Greek word eirene. All of season 3 and following should be viewed knowing that Irina was the prophesied greatest power. In the end, that\'s what she said she had...ultimate power and now she\'d never have to give it up....until she lost to Sydney.

    People always assumed that Sloane was always right about all things Rambaldi. What if he was so self-absorbed that he thought he was to be the greatest power and thus got the emphasis of il dire all wrong? That\'s what I\'m saying happened. Irina was who Rambaldi had in mind, not Sloane. And Sydney stopped her.
  • Great action, special effects, and drama make this show the best SPY SHOW EVER!

    I never really thought i would like this show. It always came on weekdays and i usually would miss the new episodes. I am ashamed that i couldn't see the series finale to help boost ratings but ABC never gave this show an opportunity to get more ADs. I think the action is great. The story is hard to understand which makes me aware of the fact that it had problems gaining a bigger audience.

    Garner is very talented and does a very good job going undercover. I really enjoy how multiculural this show is and i cant get enough of how complex the plot is. Even though the show is done, i am proud to say that i am getting ready to rent the first seasons to get caught up.
  • Sidney Bristow, You are the man!

    This show is every girl dream (looking extremley hot and be around kicking butts, knowing every language as possible also helps). I guess is every boy dream too.

    Sydney Bristow was recruited for SD-6, which she thought was a government agency. Then her fiancé is killed by SD-6 and she finds out that SD-6 is actually a counter-government agency. Sydney approaches the CIA and becomes a double agent, which means that she goes on SD-6 missions, but passes the information about her missions to her CIA handler, Vaughn (the one and only gorgeous Michael Vartan).

    Sydney's dad, Jack Bristow, is also an double agent. They had a cold full of anger and resentment for Sidney's side. I really like the fact this relationship grew thru the years and became stronger and unique. At last Sidney understood the way Jack loved her and how much she love him back.

    I really like the whole Spy thing along with realtionship between family, lovers and co-workers. Nobody was entirely good or bad, as real life. All they are portrayed as humans with flaws, and good qualities.

    To me never got bored, even the way out realities plots. And at the end, they got in life all they've deserved.
  • "ALIAS" is the greatest tv show ever made and definetely worths watching. The characters are so complex and so well defined that make "ALIAS" a real masterpiece. J. J. Abrams succeeded in proving the world that he realized the best tv show, with an origi

    "ALIAS" is my favourite tv show and I think that it`s the best (I`m sure I`m not the only person that thinks that). Even if I`ve seen just the first season I realized pretty quickly that this tv show is absolutely fabulous. I`m never seen in my whole life a tv show so well realised and with such an interesting subject, with so good actors and actresses and so well done special effects. The way that this tv show was made is not just amazing, is extraordinary.
    "ALIAS" has that thing which makes you watch every episode with a lot of excitement and eagerness even twice; unfortunately not all tv shows do that so after some episodes you get bored. "ALIAS" really deserve the perize for the best tv show ever made. I can say that if you haven`t watched "ALIAS" yet you should and if you don`t do it you`ll be very disappointed later.
    "ALIAS" really rocks!!!
  • Mostly unfair, but a good episode.

    Okay, I am as unsatisfied as most people with this finale, but a lot of goos thigs came out of it. Such as:

    Slone got what he deserved! He was even abandoned by his imaginary daughter!!!

    Sark got away.. AGAIN! Sark rocks!

    Marshall was great, specially when he says: "That was the coolest thing I've ever seen! Really, 'Empire Strikes Back' cool!" (or something to that effect).

    Rachel was cool, but Peyton... Oh, boy! What was she shooting eberybody at Prophet 5?!?!?! Go Peyton!

    I loved the end of the 1st part. It was very 1st-season-ish.

    I liked the whole flashback thing.

    Now, for the flaws:

    Tha two coolest characters on the show (along with Sydney) GET KILLED!!!!

    Okay, Jack's death was really cool. He's cool even when he's dying!

    But Irina's death was such a disappointment. First of all, she was always doing nasty things, which would always be justifyed later. And those things would often help Syd.

    How come in the end she just gets cold and mean? Okay, if that's the way they saw her, fine. But show the woman some respect! I mean, Syd gives a few kicks and, by falling from a roof, she dies.

    Imagine the bedtome stories:

    "Okay, so that's how granny tried to promote the Apocalypse..."

    Poor Isabelle!

    I'm giving a 10 because of all the fun Alias provided me over the years. (By the way, I do know I'm rating the series, not the episode, but anyway...)
  • The greatest show in the world comes to an end!

    Watching the series finale was painful for me, not because it stunk, but because there would be no more new episodes. I suppose it was for the best though; by ending it, J.J. will make us remember of all the good times we've shared with the SpyGirl and her family.

    Au Revior, 'Alias!

    We'll miss you!
  • Reprisal and All the Time in the World - Alias, which started with a bang, has ended with a whimper.

    I was very disappointed in the finale. I absolutely HATE that they killed Jack off and that Irina ended as evil. Also, they promised to answer all the questions and I have to say that they failed to keep that promise. The biggest unanswered question of all is: What the hell was Rambaldi up to and why did he set all that crap in motion in the first place?

    Other thoughts I have about the finale:

    I'm glad Sark survived in the end and that he showed some human feeling.

    Sloane deserves his fate - but I would have preferred him dead.

    I don't care about Tom committing suicide via bomb. He was a weak character from the start.

    I never cared for Rachel until the finale, but she finally seemed likable to me. I laughed appreciatively at the under-wire bit. Ah, the joys of being a girl.

    I loved Peyton's snake-induced confessions, which I feel is very poetic as she's such a snake herself. But what happened to her in the end?

    I agree with those who have noted that the "drop ICBMs on D.C. and London to profit on the rebuilding" plot line was lame and unworthy of Alias.

    All in all, it was a sorry ending to a sorry season. Alias deserved better. When it started it was so awesomely perfect! From the premiere episode, I was enthralled. But it lost steam toward the end. It slipped in my estimation in season 4 to the extent that a cartoon - on Nickelodeon, no less - replaced it as my number one favorite show. Well, I'll hang on to the memory of those early days which were the best the small screen has ever known.

    R.I.P. Alias, I'll never forget you.
  • The last episode of alias was alittle quick

    They spent quite a bit of time actually writing the first few years this was hurry up and get it over with more fake than usual It was obvious that Sloane was going to live forever...What was the point of the happy ever after I am surprised Jack didn\\\'t come back to life too Also could they have found a different actress to play Sydney as a little girl and Sydneys little girl at least put her in period clothing I really liked this show at first but found this final very dissapointing Jenifer Gardner was good as usual its the writing that was poor
  • She started off a mild mannered bookish college student on her way to becoming a teacher, but ended being a super sexy spy with more personnas than perilous situations to get out of and still have time to make babies. Sounds good to me.

    Alias was probably one of the only shows I've seen in a while that could let you see main characters killed and brought back a few times and still maintain it's credibility as a serious spy drama. Offering brief moments of humor usually by Marshall and Will when he was around. It did leave a few questions for me though. The prophecy was for the woman in the drawing to bring the world unto utter desolation. So I was thinking (once Sydney was doubled) "Ok cool so it will be Anna as Syd'd double that will try to fulfill the prophecy." but they killed her, I had high hopes for her as a double too,lol. Also with them trying to make the ending so happy they could have given us an update on Will they did one for Rachel and Marshall but no mention of Will. I did appreciate Sloan's come uppance he can now live the Rambaldi dream with spiders crawling all over him. I can only assume that Peyton is probably in a women's correctional facility, you have to give her props for her character actually surviving. I did enjoy Marshall overseeing her interrogation and suggesting the snake again. Classic Marshall I'm gonna miss that guy. I didnt really so to much about Vaughn but I dunno, he's been feared dead so much I really wasnt moved by his return, sure it made Syd happy, but uh nothing for me. All in all it was a thrill ride. It'd be nice if it was brought back one day.....just a thought

    I can't even begin to describe how much I love this show. It has had it's up and down times, yes, but OVERALL, JJ Abrams has not let his audience down. The chemistry between the characters is unbeatable...

    There are surprises around every corner, and every episode has you sitting on the edge of your seat saying, "How's Syd going to get out of this one?!?"

    The villians are a love to hate kinda crew, and you never really know who is good or bad. You may think you have it figured out, but I guarantee you don't!

    This show will be truly missed!
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