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  • It started out strong and, for the first few seasons, was one of the best shows on TV. So what happened? [Lotsa spoilers]

    I got into Alias during its second season (the best season, in my opinion) but I quickly caught up on DVD. The show was absolutely brilliant from the beginning.

    The first season is certainly the most complex. Sydney Bristow is a college grad student with a demanding job, supportive friends and an estraged father. She works as a double agent for the CIA inside SD-6, where she is forced to smile in the face of her evil boss, lie to coworkers who she cares about and trust her father. Every mission for SD-6 involves a counter-mission from the CIA. Syd also has to balance her school work with her job as a double agent and her social life. Finally, she has to keep all of this secret from her best friends, even though one is investigating SD-6. Oh, and before I forget, there's a budding romance with her CIA handler. The show is so intricate and complex, but it works so well.

    In the second season, things become less complicated. One of her close friends knows about her job, so that's one less person to lie to, and they barely mention school anymore. Halfway through the season, the even take down SD-6, making Sydney a regular CIA agent (not a double agent) and allowing her to see Vaughn. On the other hand, they introduce the materstroke that is Sydney's mother. Because of her, wonderfully played by Lena Olin, Sydney's epionage escapades all become a metaphor for her complex relationship with her parents. The show may have become less complicated, but it became more compelling. On top of it all, one of the greatest season finales ever. Wow!

    Season 3 saw an even greater loss of complications. No more friends outside of work, no more mother hanging around, Sloane's not the bad guy (for most of the season). The relationship between Syd, her mother anf her father is replaced by a love triangle between Syd, Vaughn and Vaughn's wife (who didn't see that betrayal coming?). It was still compelling, but less so. Meanwhile, the answer to Sydney's missing two years was pretty underwhelming, and the finale was nothing special.

    Season 4 is where the real problems started. I love Alias' ability to change and evolve all of the time (usually every half season or so), but it just became dull. They began to make episodes completely self-contained, without to large story arcs that kept previous seasons rolling. By the time they returned to formula, the show had lost something.

    And now Season 5. Too mant characters gone, not enough interesting spy intrigue. Taking Sydney out of the game didn't work too well (and yes, I know Jennifer Garner was pregnant). I just really didn't care at all. The show (at this point) has been off the air for almost 4 months, and I can't remember what happened sop far this season. I just hope that they can pull out something great to wrap it up, sprint for that finish line. Fingers crossed.

    All-in-all, great complexity, great characters, very intriguing stuff, with a perfect mix between drama and action. The show has become known for constantly shifting and changing, sometimes in big ways. Great stuff ... then Season 4 came along. I gues that I am sorry to see it go, but I'm more sorry that it petered out this way.
  • its a cool show

    this is a really good show for the kinda person who likes spy stuff and fast action, its always good to see a show like this but there a lot like it just a little bit different. It is done but the same creater of lost which is a great show and if someone likes this then they may also like lost.
  • Alias is the best spy drama I've seen in the past 5 years. I've always loved this show.

    To me, this is one of the best action/spy drama shows to date. I have always enjoyed this show. I hate that ABC was stupid enough to put it on on Thursday nights. People who were fans of this show had other shows they watched b4 this move. Sydney and Vaughn and the rest of the cast makes magic happen each week. I hate to see it go.
  • So sad to see u leave.

    I used to see the previews for this show and i used to tell myself "alias what kind of stupidness is that." Then one day i was sitting watching tv with my brother and i was seeing this beautiful girl talking to her professor relating to him a story about why his paper was late, and from that moment on Alias captured my heart. I have only missed one episode and i am very proud to say that i have stuck by this show for the past five years and i am trully saddened to see it go. Alias as the only show in the world that would hold my eyes glued to the tv waiting for the next peice of action and suspense and more and more drama!!! They really new how to dish out a good episode. They say things get better with age, Alias definitely proved that. With every season that went by Alias kept the same story line but always new how to throw in a little something to get u into that tv. I love you Alias you will be in mjy heart forever!!!
  • Its like being roundhouse kicked by chuck norris, it just blows you away.

    What a show, season spanning plots, twists and turns that put Quentin Tarantino to shame, Awesome. The depth of characters, the acting, the action, the sets, the dynamic shape to the show blows your mind and makes you wanting more, more, MORE !!! p.s. Jennifer Garner is indeed truly stunning.
  • Bring Alias back! It's good.

    I know there are lots saying that the final season of Alias is Season Five which is currently the season of it. I wish that this will go on.

    Alias is getting better every season but why stop? This show is really good. I really like to keep watching this but please don't stop.

    This show could still continue on by making Jen be the one giving the missions and the rest doing the mission.

    I think this is one of the best shows and I know this show will still continue even though everyone says so.

    If it goes, I want to say bye bye to the show for how good this has been.
  • Sydney Bristow discovers that her job as an agent for SD-6, a top-secret division of the CIA, holds some deadly secrets that threaten the security of the free world. In spite of being warned against it, Sydney reveals her secret to her fia

    I think it,s my best new friend Icant live without seeing one single episode of alias yes myfriend youshould see it too i think it best in action you wiil love it. watch it it leaves you breathless it,s exciting!!!!!!!! its the best of tv shows and movies its loving and full of adventure.
  • Going downhill fast!

    The show is going downhill pretty fast
    A lot is because it was sandwiched in a very tough Thursday night time slot
    As well as the fifth season, about 95% of the old shows get tiring after awhile
    But at least Jennifer Garner will have a great movie career to fall back on
    As she is talented as well as beautiful
    So don't cry for her or for the other members of the cast
    As they all got potential post-Alias IMO!
  • The best show on television.

    Sydney Bristol is absolutely fantastic!Alias is the best show on television over the past 5 years, it is truly a cutting edge work of art involving plots surrounding the CIA and it's allies. I hope Jennifer and the baby are both OK and that she is back on the set real soon. We all miss her.
  • Hands down a great show. We missed Jennifer when she\'s gone.

    JJ Abrams is a genius. He has created a show with humor, irony and action. The story lines have been pretty solid the whole run of the show. I can\'t wait to see the season finale. This is a show that will be on sindication for a long time to come.
  • sydney bristow tries to right her wrongs after learning she was not working for the CIA but a terrorism agency knon as SD6. she kciks butt and keeps you totoaly hooked as she tries to genuinly live a comfortable life knowing that she has been used. i love

    i am like the altimate alias junky, it breaks my heart the it is ending but i will never forget the five years of butt kicking no shit taking didi i mention buttkicking action on alias.
    i mean wow!!!!!! this show blew2 my away whenit began and through every twist i was on edge. wether it was in agreement, disagreement or just plain shock, this show has and always will rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Pretty people, bad plot

    This show used to be incredible! I loved the first few seasons, with its great cliffhangers, wonderful plot, actors and actresses that are fun to watch. It looks like all the good actors have seen this bad season coming and jumped ship while they could. Even the opening title has changed to include all the actors' pictures, making it obvious that even Garner has seen the end of this as a flop and is leaving. Once she's gone, this new girl is going to try and fill her shoes? Not gonna happen. I still watch it, but more like watching a trainwreck than a once beloved show.
  • Five seasons of joy for Alias!!!

    It is such a shame that they are cutting off this show after 5 years now... we have all come to love and in some cases hate all of the characters of alias and now the show will be winding up after this season... all hope now lies withs the writers to make sure that the show goes out with a BANG!!!! cant wait to see what they come up with
  • In one word-Gripping!

    From J.J.Abrams, the co- creator of fellow ABC hit ''Lost'', comes this inventive spy drama.
    Although it has never enjoyed Losts sucess or popularity, this cult classic is everything lost isn't:fast-paced, action-PACKED, Funny and ,unforuntaly,cancled.
    It centres around Sdy Bristoe[Jennifer Garner] a super-spy working for,unknown to her, a corrute aggency who tell their agents they are cia, but are really a terieriest-breakaway group.
    When Sdy finds this out, she becomes adouble agent, working for the real cia,where her handler[and future love of her life ] is a man called Michael Vaughan.
    Personally, i consider myself lucky, as so far i have only seen the first 2 seasons,so i still have 3 to go.
    The real star of this show is Vaughans best friend, and fellow cia agent, Weiss[Gregg Grunnberg], who became a cast member in season 3 after guesting regularly in seasons 1&2, but left at the end of season 3,but will be back for the last-ever episode.
  • Quick early pace..slowing in this present season but still a good escapist spy thriller/drama.

    A good show...when I bought the first season on DVD I burned through those things like mad; then onwards through every season available up to the present. It does seem to have slowed considerably in season 5 but we really need to see more episodes soon because nothing is worse than non-resolution of the story!
  • ALIAS is a great show that's full of action and drama. If you don't watch this show, i would recommend it! And yes, i think it gets better every season.

    ALIAS is a great show. It keeps you from not wanting to miss an episode. I love this show and can't wait til next season. Everything was twisted in the last couple of episodes of the last season(season 4). It's too bad that the show is coming to an end. Don't miss the rest of the season!!! I'm gonna miss this show!
  • I'm a new fan of this show. Bottom line, I fell in love with the show. I saw the pilot on television and then went out and bought the first season.

    This show was really unlike anything I had seen before on television. I'm not particulary fond of how they lead off almost every episode with a "to be continued..." type ending, but I guess it keeps you tuning into the show. I love the possibilities of this show and how it really can lead off into any direction. The fight scenes are interesting to watch and never get old and that really is rare. Especially when it gets to be a repetitive thing on a television show. Jennifer Garner really is a brilliant and versatile actress who is really willing to learn. I will definitely keep watching this show.
  • Been caught since the start

    I just happened to watch the first episode by accident and I was sold! I cried she found her fiance in the bath, and I usually don't do that so I just had to continue watch. I got my room mate watching it with me and we have seen almost every episode together from season 1 to halfway through 4, then I moved. But I still watch it.
    But since Vaugn died something is seriously missing, not the same without him.
  • Great show, time is right for it to bow out

    I didn’t start watching "Alias" until the summer before the third season, and I’m sorry it took me so long to get into this show. It was always a show I was interested in but never got around to watching until I rented the first DVD. I watched the pilot episode, returned the DVD, and immediately bought the first season DVD box set. In my mind, the show has the right mix of episodic story lines and overall serial series arc. What really drew me to the show was that amid all the action, crazy costumes, exotic locales, and borderline absurd plotlines, there was a strong, family drama. What drives the show is the relationship between family members. I loved how Sydney’s view of her parents constantly changes throughout the series. One minute she loves her mother and despises he father, and then BANG, everything thing changes. But after five seasons, I think its time for it to go, and I am happy that ABC is letting the series finish and come to a conclusion. And with the soon-to-be-introduced baby Bristow and the return of Irina, the show is sure to go out in style.
  • Awesome!

    One of the hottest girl to ever hit the face of earth is on this show! I'll watch this show anytime, anywhere and no one will stop me! Great story also helps a lot. I just wish this show was on more often. I can never seem to find when it is on during the day for some strange reason. I found it out at night though, so everything is fine. I'm telling you one of the hottest girls ever to live! There's no doubt about that, so keep watching, cause nomatter what she changes into see she looks hotter then ever!
  • Great first four seasons, season five is lacking!

    Great first four seasons, season five is lacking!

    In the beginning the show took some time to make you want to keep watching but halfway throught the first season I was Hooked. A pity the show is going to end, but I suppose there is just nothing more the show can give.
  • Excellent. The "daily Fix" classification doesn't even define how I feel about this show. This is pretty much the greatest show ever. I am not one to get addicted to a show but I must admit, I am beyond enthralled. They should have some kind of AA (Alias

    I first got sucked into the world of Alias because I felt that I could relate to the characters. After a while I felt that I knew them. I knew their history and their personality. JJ Abrams did an excellent job with the character development. Each character and story line is so intertwined. People who watch just one show and give up are depriving themselves of a truly great experience. Even when a certain episode is not up to Alias par, the way it fits into the over all story is so smart. I don’t know how JJ does it!
  • when The.lord.of.the.rings first appeared i said "i won't see that".couple.of.days later i was kicking myself for being so stupid.the same thing happened with Lost.and.Alias. it seems that everytime i say that a show or a movie it's a waste of time,later

    ok, let's see. so, alias it's about a double agent... that's good. it's also about failure in family and career and in friendship... but i don't really get the point of her father's job. i don't understand, but, anyway i haven't see the entire show. what i can say for sure is that in every episode there's another chalenge for Sydney and that's really action. i enjoy it everytime. i don't have much to say because in the word ACTION i brought all the elements togheter. till now it seems to be very interesting, so i hope that this show won't disappoint me till the end, like some others did. Go for it, Sydney!
  • Spy Action Teamwork Family Emotional

    Sydney bristow her father (her mother) has me telling all kinds of things, Sydney as well! No intell for Dad though he ticks me off. He is a ticker. Walking Timebomb tick tock tick tock. screen writer create some good dialog keep it going it could be good morale for our national security as well. As least you could lead us to believe we have good professional teams.
    Global? I hope so!
  • Alias is My Favorite Show on Tv!

    Alias is extremly action packed, filled with awesome gadgets, wonderful acting, strong script writting and a blistering good time throughout. I continue to watch the show over and over again. Each cliff hanger has me bitting my nails literally in suspense for the next episode! I Highly Highly Reccomend checking out Alias if you havent already!
  • The show was great for the first three seasons, and even into the fourth, but has rpaidly been going downhill since.

    The show was great for the first three seasons, and even into the fourth, but has rpaidly been going downhill since. Since the introduction of Sydney's sister into the plotline and Sydney's exit from the CIA, the show has become less interesting and even moe bizarre. I loved this show in the beginning, but the past two seasons, I haven't been as hooked as before. Killing off characters in this series has always been shocking, but with the death of Vaughn, I feel that the show simply hasn't been the same. I feel that the sixth season should be the show's last, I'd rather it end sooner rather than fizzle out even more.
  • Great Show , but it gettin a bit boring. i hope they improve soon (the 1st 4 season where great. but the 5th is a bit borin sometimes . its not exciting like before .. i really hope they improve in the next episode... .. Nabil BK www.

    Great Show , but it gettin a bit boring. i hope they improve soon
    (the 1st 4 season where great. but the 5th is a bit borin sometimes . its not exciting like before .. i really hope they improve in the next episode... .. Nabil BK www.
    and i need to write more so im gonna stop here
  • Alias es impactante y muy completa, su trama no deja de que uno espere otro nuevo capitulo

    El final de la cuarta temporada fue tremendo.

    Espero que la quinte temporada llegue lo más pronto posible a latinoamerica.

    Los DVD de las temporadas de la primera a la cuarta son fenomenales, y los adicionales son mejores que cualquier cosa.

    Es por todo esto que Alias es impactante y muy completa, su trama no deja de que uno espere otro nuevo capitulo
  • Sydney Bristow comes from a family of double-agents and followed in those footsteps. She is very unlucky in love.

    I just started watching the re-runs on TNT and I am in love with Sydney Bristow (in a straight girl kinda way). I love it, but I see the potential to jump the shark. I hope it does not happen. I will stick with it and hope that she kicks both Vaughn\'s and Lauren\'s butt.

    It happened - it jumped!! See my review of Full Disclosure. Ugh. Please bring back the writers from Seasons One and Two - I am begging!!
  • Alias is an excellent show!It is blessed.It is great and it is a surprise every week when the creators invent a brand new twist.It is the perfect spy show.It is awesome.Alias rocks and i am shocked it is only making 5 seasons. I am very glad i came across

    Alias is an excellent show!It is blessed.It is great and it is a surprise every week when the creators invent a brand new twist.It is the perfect spy show.It is awesome.Alias rocks and i am shocked it is only making 5 seasons. I am very glad i came across Alias.
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