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  • Great show.

    This is a phenomenal show that is way ahead of its time. This season has been a little different than past seasons, as Jennifer Garner is pregnant and thus cannot be running around as much as she had prior. If the show returns next season though, I'm sure she'll be back out there kicking but... Just because Jennifer Garner hasn't been able to be as active does not mean the show has slowed down though... I HIGHLY recommend this show to everyone who likes suspense, spies, covert acts, drama, etc...
  • This show will be greatly missed because it was different at the time it first aired.

    Alias with Sydney and Vaughn has been the best show on TV for 3 years. The plot twists in this show have been great. The biggest plot twist might yet come if Vaughn comes back and is on the bad guys side. The SD6 story line was the greatest.
    Sd6 and the Covenant should live on even after the show is over. Syd's father should get to run the whole CIA because he is the man. There is nothing he can't accomplish.
    They have a lot of storyline to finish up before the end of its run. So if I were you I would hold on tight for a wild ride to the finish because I wouldn't put any thing past them.
  • Just starting watching season one on DVD and am HOOKED. Great Show. I like the Double Agent being a woman for a change.

    Just starting watching season one on DVD and am HOOKED. Great Show. I like the Double Agent being a woman for a change. There a many twists and turns through out the show to keep you wanting to come back the next week. But do not leave the room because you might miss an important clue that you will need later on.
  • Excellent, everyone should be watching this.

    This is a phenomenal show that is way ahead of its time. This season has been a little different than past seasons, as Jennifer Garner is pregnant and thus cannot be running around as much as she had prior. If the show returns next season though, I'm sure she'll be back out there kicking but... Just because Jennifer Garner hasn't been able to be as active does not mean the show has slowed down though... I HIGHLY recommend this show to everyone who likes suspense, spies, covert acts, drama, etc...
  • Jennifer Garner plays a super spy who goes on missions.

    This show\\\'s first few seasons were grreat then this season it started to go downhill. Ever since Sydney Bristow got pregnet she has really gone down Vaguan Died her sister is in acoma her best friends are all gone and to top it off her mother has just kidnapped her a little too much drama if you ask me but why would you anyway.
  • A great show that should be around for a long long time/

    Alias is one of the most creative spy shows ever made. I heard that this might be the last season for the show. Like most drama show today I think TNT should take over the rights and keep it going. Nowing how good their shows are I think they could make it even better. If that is possible for Alias. Why do they always cancel good shows like this. It is hard to find truely good shows these days then after you do they cancel them. If they do cancel this it will be a great loss and nothing will be able to replace it.
  • a great spy show...totally unrealistic but great viewing

    a classic tv show...i've been a fan since the show first aired and i'm deeply saddened that it has been set to finish next year...for what reasons i currently do not know but i'm sorry to see it go. This show sees many diferant countries and locations, many actors have guest starred especially one of my favorites Quentin Tarantino in three of the episodes , atleast.
  • Really loved this show.

    I really use to love this show. They don't have to end it. The new girl could take over and Syd after having the baby gets killed off and Vaugh comes back and he has his baby. This one such a good show and so many people love it. Sark is back and we all love him. Please don't let it end.
  • A fantastic show, that shows what it would be like to be a Spy for the CIA, along with a love story. Amazing!

    I use to be in love with the show, but this season has let me down so much, fist killing of Vaughn, second canceling the show, i just dis-like where the show is going, and i really do think it could have been great a few more season. because I remember when it was the show that kept me going all week, not being able to wait to see what would happen next, it was a truly amazing show at one point and time. Don’t get me wrong I still love it, its just gone down a bit. I also think it would have done much better staying on Sunday nights.
  • its a shame the show has been cancelled

    i like the show i am not a big fan and i don't watch every week but i respect it and think it should not be cancelled i really admire Jennifer Garner she is a great actress and has done a wonderful job on this show and i hope she will still have a great career when this show is over.
  • J.J. Abrams is a god.

    I stayed loyal to this show for the first 2 seasons but I kinda strayed for season 3, I'm back now, mostly because of J.J.'s work on LOST. The show has its ups and downs; it was groundbreaking when it started out, but now it seems very repetetive and anticlimactic. The shocks come so often on this show that I think viewers are numbing to them. The 4 season long mystery is very stretched out and I honestly don't feel captivated to find out what it is. The action and writing is great, its just not a gotta-watch for me.
  • This episode serves as a brutal reminder of one of the main reasons we love this shows so much...Vaughn!

    After the WTF factor of the lead-in ("Did I miss a couple of episodes? When did THAT happen??"), the episode settles down to the standard "one-of-the-team-is-in-trouble-we-gotta-save-'em" plot. The most alluring thing, initially, is the return of Vaughn.

    For me, this episode quickly takes a meloncoly turn as I watch Garner and Vartan make magic one last time. Vaughn and his relationship with Sydney is not the most important element of this (once) great show but the loss of Vartan has taken out much of the enjoyment and neither the Prophet Five storeline nor the new characters are strong enough to cover the gap. Indeed, it it time to end the series while we still enjoy it.

    I was about to give up on the episode and perhaps the rest of the season when JJ pulled victory from disaster with one reflected image. Irina behind the glass is the one person I did not expect. And finding the nusury like the one envisioned in Jack's guilty conscience from season 1? Creepy but way cool.

  • To summarize my review....Alias is great!

    I started watching Alias with the first episode of season 4. I wanted to check it out because it had so many people from Felicity in it, which was a show that I recently fell in love with. J.J. Abrams is awesome! Alias, Felicity and Lost....all great shows. After season 4 ended I decided I wanted to see where the show began so I bought season 1. I watched a few episodes but did not think they were as good as season 4 so I put it aside for another day. About a month ago I had nothing else to do so I gave season 1 another try. By the seventh episode, I was hooked. I watched that season all the way through then bought season 2 which I just finished last night. I'm getting season 3 and 4 for Christmas and I can't wait to see them. Season 2 ended with such a cliffhanger it takes all my willpower not to look for synopsis' online. I love season 5 and am extremely sad that this excellent, excellent show is ending after this season. The best addition to the cast is Amy Acker, in my opinion. She is awesome as the "Big Bad." I definitely recommend this show to everyone!
  • Sydney Bristow is a spy who works for the CIA. Watch her kick ass.

    I like this show because of Arvin Sloane. I think he's the most chilling character on the Earth. It's nice to see the human side, but trying to percieve how his mind works is very good. Having Garner get pregnant side-tracked the show a bit, but it's going to be nice to see her back in the field, with the agent she now tutors, Rachel. Overall, first two seasons were better, but still a very good show.
  • I love love love love love alias!!!!!!!!!!! I COULDN'T live without it. but bring back michael vartan(M. Vaughn)!!! he was the hottest guy on the show!!! he was the main reason i watched the show, i love his smile!! ITS HOTT!!!

    From the beginning alias it was oK!!! it got better when vaughn was in it. since then i never miss an episode! ALTHOUGH, since Jenifer Garner left Michael Vartan, it has gotten worse. he died cause he couldn't stand working with her! GERRRR!! He was sooo hott, he made the show what is is now!
  • A show about a double agent who goes on all sorts of missions to recover Rambaldi artifacts and to take down SD-6.

    I have the first season on DVD and i cant stop watching it this is such a good show that it would be a crime to miss it! You have got to start watching this show if you aren't! This show has everything a good show needs, good actors, suspensful episodes, action, and some romantic scenes.
  • One of my favorite shows> Demonstrates Garner's ability to act well in both comedy and drama.

    This show is truly one of the best on TV today. It
    always amazes me that when quality TV series start to lose audience share, networks seldom stick by them. Jennifer Garner is much more than just a pretty face. She may not have given her best performance ever in "Elektra," but one must admit that she was great in "13 Going on 30." She has even done westerns, and her alias role has proven her ability to go with either movies or TV.

    I think she will come back better than ever, and the network should continue to stick with "Alias."
  • I DON'T believe that Michael is dead. That would REALLY stink if that kept him dead. I love Arvin Sloane as a bad guy but it was nice to see him with a more human side with Nadia.

    Jennifer is on of my all-time favorite actress's. I love the charisma that she displays on the television. I would love anything that she is in. Pearl Harbor was an excellent movie. I watch Alias every week. I am always interested in which direction the directors will go each week. It will be interesting to see what they due when Sydney has the baby. I DON'T believe that Michael is dead. That would REALLY stink if that kept him dead. I love Arvin Sloane as a bad guy but it was nice to see him with a more human side with Nadia. I hope that she comes out of the coma soon so that Sydney can have her sister back. I wish that they had not gotten rid of Wise either because I liked his chacter.
  • This show is a BIG WASTE OF TIME!!

    Alias is a stupid show about girl named Sydney Bristow and she fights bad guys off. I think it's cool seeing a girl kick guys' butts, but it is very stupid and stuff.Her outfits are not fashionably right, her dad is a psycho, and her boyfriend is a lier. To top that off, she is working for a dude that has not really changed and all. Alias needs better actors, better story lines, and better make-up.
  • If you're new to the show, catch the superb first two seasons first.

    Although the show has gotten back on step this season from last season's horrendous plot lines (barely any story archs at all, except with the introduction of her sister which to me was just an attempt to match the shock value from the earlier seasons), it needs to be a little re-vamped. With Vaughn's apparent departure, the new characters seem a bit uninspired, if you will, and uninteresting. The story line and archs have also been an improvement but won't match the CIA/SD-6, Sloane/Emily, Vaughn/Syd/Mrs. Vaughn (from season 3), pursuing Rambaldi artifacts, etc. that made its earlier seasons interesting and great. I just hope that the show will get back on its feet because it used to be my favorite, favorite show. I'd hate to see it go down in flames.
  • This show is, unfourtunatly, losing ground!

    It is sad to think that Alias is coming to an end, really isn't like it used to be. Season one and two were the best! After SD-6 went down, it really wasn't as suspenseful and fun like it used to be. It used to leave me begging for more but now, I don't really care if I miss a few episodes. I mean Sloane was bad, now he's good. Suddenly Sydney has a sister, a lot of the original cast has been killed off. Plus, she's pregnant, which good for Jennifer, but there is no more action it has turned more into a soap opera with a gun. Too bad it didn't have one more season to really kick things back up into gear.
  • Loved it from the start...and now everything seems to be falling apart. New storylines realting to Sydney's pregnancy are pulling the original concept off course and the show is suffering.

    Alias premise is awesome! JJ Abrams has created a TV classic that pushes the bounds of the standard action drama and given the genre a whole new heart.

    Jennifer Garner has come into her own to become a screen presence able to hold her own against legends like Victor Garber and pros like Lena Olin. It's great to see a young actress get the great part and the ability to work out while on the set.

    This show was destined for the history books along the side of Hill Street, Mash, Law & Order, etc., but, with the eminent demise of the series due to low ratings and terrible casting/story changes the show is on the downhill slop. There isn’t much left to do but buy the DVD's for the first couple of seasons and enjoy the memory of what used to be a great show.
  • Can't believe it!

    I've just res on the access hollywood webite that Alias isn't coming back next year. The fifth season will end in may and then nothing! ABC cancelled it because on jennifer's pregnancy I think. I'm really sad because I really like this show. I can understand the fact that she's pregnant and that she'll want some time off to enjoy being a mother but couldn't they just be on 'hiatus' for a yeay and come back in september 2006 or january 2007? I assume they can't do that because they already cancelled the show, we'll see. I'm just wondering what kind of show will replace this great program!
  • Say it isnt so ABC you cant do this!!!!

    I cant believe I just read ABC has cancelled Alias after this season. What are they going to do add another "Reality show"??? They change the concept a little to accomadate a star's pregnancy and the network just jumps ship and let it sink. What a waste. This show is good enough to handle some problems and come back full steam. I wish all the stars the best and congratulate Jennifer on the baby. You will all be missed.
  • Dont like to read much? Read the good and the bad about ALIAS

    The good:
    1)Excellent, full of deception plot.

    2)Main Character(Sydney Bristow)story is
    well developed and full of secrets.

    3)The script is written so nicely that fits every single character.

    4)Great stunts and shooting scenes.
    5)The antigonist are full of mystery and obscure past.

    6)Funny without losing the serious element.

    7)The wardrobe is flawless making the actors look like a true CIA Agent or undercover.

    The bad:
    Not much, probably a bit of cheesy stunts at the firt season.

    Alias is a great show that everyone can enjoy, is full of mystery and lies, with geniously created villians and overwhelming missions and counter-missions, loads of true fighting sequences with a touch of humor.
  • Det här är så bra det kan bli!

    Ja jag vet inte vad jag ska börja, várför tycker jag att Alias är så bra? Är det för att dett är smart coolt, spännade, gripande, beroendeframkallande eller helt enkelt bäst. Sydney Bristow jobbar undercover på sd-6 och måste vara väldigt försiktig när hon träffar hennes kontakt.Det blir bara bättre och bättre!
  • great show!!!!

    jennifer garner dose a great job and the show is great! if u like those show with action and adventure you should watch this! all the actors are relly talented. Jen is going to be a wonderfull mom plus she is a great actress so of course u know this is a great show! right?
  • Alias is a great show in the spy genre.

    Alias is one of my current top 5 shows, I love this series. This latest season (season 5) is a little less 'lovable' than the previous 4, mainly due to the fact that Jennifer Garner can't do as much stunt wise as previously which changes the dynamic a bit. Other than this the show is great. Like J.J. Abrams other show 'Lost' this one leaves a lot of 'questions' unanswered. I don't want to give away too much but I would love to see what the Rimbaldi thread is all about or what the end of that arc will be.

    As for the spy stuff, there are plenty of gadgets, action scenes, and intrigue plots/arcs.
  • Very professional writing. Yet it'd be better if it had ended already.

    I haven't seen season 4 or after that but I think this show has a very good plot and story writing. Almost every single episode has its own breathtaking moment that can make your jaw drop or yell "Oh My God!”. And the cliff hangers can really make you suffer! The actors aren't bad either. It’s really quite a good show for adventure and drama lovers.

    Yet there are also a few bad things about it. The action takes way too much time. It feels like as though it could cut off a whole season if they cut off the action. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t have any. Just cut it short. The more and more the story goes on, the more you get sick of it.

    I suggest you watch the show, but don’t get too into it.
  • A dissapointing show that continues to show flashes of brillance only to shoot itself in the foot.

    One of the biggest dissapointments of the year. After last years dissapointing fourth season the show looked to be picking up steam heading into the season finale. However, with the additions of a new cast and the loss of series mainstays Alias has become a show clearly on its last legs. It seems the writers have just given up and constantly thrown surprises of new characters in to make up for lack of creativity.(Lorne season 3, Nadia Season 4, and Rachel and others in season 5) Jennifer Garner is a talented actress, as is Victor Garber and Ron Rifkin, but with these characters playing insagnificant roles (Garber) or reprising the same role of the villian (Rifkin) that leaves Garner to herself. The pregnancy storyline, while significant could have been handled better. I would have taken it much better if the action parts of the story centered around Michael Vartan instead of a new cast. I do not see this show surviving past the season unless another major overhal is done and quick.
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