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  • Espionage has never been this charming. "ALIAS" sweeps you off your feet as you watch it.

    Sydney Bristow's struggles since her early childhood days have kept her in pursuit of a "happy life". This plot of the show enables the appreciation of the main character's determination to still fulfill her duties as a public servant/defender. While trying to achieve both, she finds herself and her associates in an eternal dance of switching sides between 'good' and 'evil' in order to protect the best interest of the innocent or simply their own. Amusement is delivered every time a character uses a different alias. Since we know the character's true identity, the personalities they play can sometimes be unintentionally funny or quite awesome. The script features great character developments and surprising eliminations. The show also gives us short tours of different cities; which makes it more interesting. The twist of mystery maintains the curiosity of the viewers. Well-choreographed fight scenes and an outstanding soundtrack complete the reasons for making it such a good show.
  • I always loved this show from the very beginning I've scene every single episode so if you have any questions about "Alias" don't hesitate to ask me. I have season's 1,2,3,4,5 so I have the whole series. I don't mean to brag I don't want to brag

    Bring this show back on the air, tell jj. Abrams the whole world wants Alias to come back. This show rules I love this show. This show is my #1 favorite show for a action show. I want to see Sidney and Jack and Marshal and everybody else on the same show I will never get tired of this show.
  • Just Perfect

    When i first saw a trailer I thought it must be a waste of time,but one night when I didn't have what to do,I opened the t.v. and there it was-Alias,season1.having nothing to do,and considering this show a waste of time i watched an episode and I can say it changed my life in a positive way.Since I've grown I started watching this kind of shows and movies and I started to know the end of them from the first scenes...At first it was the same with Alis,but I was captivated by the story,by the actors,so I started to pay more attention to the movie and I forgot to "see" the end...Alias gave me back the pleasure to watch movies...Then I downloaded all the seasons..and enjoyed the show
    All in all Alias is more than a classic it's something more...just more
  • A cult show

    I whatched this show on TV many years ago and in the begining didn`t catch the idea of Alias, so missed some episodes becouse of lack of interest. Later the show was repeated and then I thought what dumbass I was, this show was fabulous( back then know my opinions have changed a lot so I`m not really a big fan of it). The scenario was awesome a Girl u lives a double life, and later when some truth has been revealed about Sydney`s dad that he is a doubleagent, it all gets complicated when anyone want to discover what is scientist Rambaldi`s secret weapon.
  • Awesome, suspenseful, everything!

    I absolutely love this show so much! this is one of the best shows ever. This show is one of the best, well written shows I have ever watched in the history of television! I love this show so much because you never know what to expect because you never know who is going to be alive the next minute! When I use to watch this show I would be absolutely devastated if i missed an episode because it was that good! I loved this show so much because you never knew what was going to happen because everything changed in one second, and with that there was no one that you could trust. This show is definitely on the top ten list of my favorite shows ever!
  • Sydney Bristow was recruited as an undergrad to work for SD-6, which she thought was a government agency. However, when her fiancé is killed by SD-6 agents, she finds out that SD-6 is actually a counter-government agency.

    Cut b4 its time. Best CIA show of all time. This show rox. I bought the complete series box set and so far I'm up to season 2 and so far its a jaw dropper. This show keeps me on the edge of my seat or bed lol and everything is awesome. Except that the theme song is on way to late on the show. But Sdyney Briwsto is an awesome character. This show was cut b4 its time. This show could have gone farther up to 8 seasons and just because abc found Greys Anatomy doesnt mean that you shouldnt give up on the show that had helped the ratings since 4ever. Alias Rox!
  • JJ The King

    This was a show that I avoided when it was originally aired on TV, but ended up watching one night as a friend had the first 2 seasons on DVD. I was so glad I did watch, as the story of Rambaldi totally grabbed me. I just wanted to watch episode after episode, and within 2 weeks I'd seen both seasons. These first 2 seasons are definitely the best. I felt that it started to tail off after the second season but I still loved every episode right to the end. All I have to say is thank you JJ!!!
  • Jen Garner kicking butt

    I can't believe Alias has ended! It was still fresh and i loved it. Jennifer Garner was and is awesome. This show had soem of the biggest twists i have ever seen and i used to watch it alongside 24 because it was in the same league. The ending was awesome and was fitting even thought they killed many favourites. I hope they decide to make a movie or bring it back for a spin off show which i heard was in the works. A show with a female heroine always works as it has two levels, the show and then the actor.
  • The best spy action show on television.

    This is my second favourite show of all time. I think that they picked an amazing cast to play the rolls of the characters and their story lines. Both the story line and the more subtle commedy may be confusing and hard to keep track of for younger viewers are fantastic. The way they introduce a bit of fantasy into a show that seems rather serious is fantastic. The main thing i love about the show are the characters, both the regulars like Jack, Sydney, Vaughn etc. but also the extras who keep appearing throughout like Will, Sark and Anna. My favourite characters of all have to be Marshall and Rachel who are hallarious and extremely smart. A FANTASTIC show.
  • wicked

    alias is a great show like come on who doesn't enjoy shows about cia agents. Plus whos doesn't like jennifer garner, she is a great actoress. plus sydney and jack have great chemisrtyy aalso, its fun watching all the episodes the are so orignal and intgeresting and lots of action which is fantastic because everyone ejoys a little bit of action at the end of the day after comming home from school, or work or just doing something. it is also good all most everyone can watch it from a teenager to adults. and it is one of everyone's favourite shows and i absolutely love it.
  • This show was amazing and I wish it had gone on longer.

    I love this show because it was so orignial. Although the constant cliffhangers were sorta of annoying I got over that. I started watching the show and I was sad when it ended, but I think that the way they ended the show was almost perfect. In the begining the tension between Vaughn and Sydney is very perfect, they were meant to be. I think that at times it can be kind of overwhelming if you miss and episode but it is very good. The one thing that bugged me was if you missed an episode you missed a lot, since it was a continuing plot that just kept going and developing.
  • What Can I Say?

    There isn't much I can say. Except if you havn't seen Alias... you are missing out. One of the great shows of the last several years, Alias featured a continuously stellar cast, smart and exciting writing, and cutting-edge direction. Jennifer Garner shines here, and everything else is near-perfect as well. The show is not without it's faults, but that's part of what makes it so great. Do yourself a favour and become a part of the following... get ALIAS on dvd!
  • Pure Brilliance!!!

    Alias is one of those shows that only come along every few years, which grabs your attention from the first episode. This show has everything that you need, and the right amount of it. The action is done very well, with having intense fight scenes, both with guns and hands. The storyline is increadibly well done that just makes you want to know what happens next. There is also very good charcter development, i haven't seen charcter development as good as in Alias. The characters feelings and actions towards other characters in the programme are brilliant, and how they change when things happen in the plot is done very well.

    The show is about Syndney Bristow, who works for SD-6 which she was told was part of the CIA, but its not. It is actually part of The Alliance (The Bad Guys), in the first episode she tells her boyfriend that she is a CIA agent and then the head of SD-6, (Arvin Sloane) orders him to be killed and this is where she finds out that she is working for the people she thought that she was working for. She then decides to become a double agent working for the real CIA to take down SD-6 from within. From here on her life is never the same. If you are still deciding on whether to watch this show then i'll make it easy for you watch it now.
  • One of the best action shows I have watched... or will ever watch.

    I first knew of this show because of the newspaper. There, they of an action show which was quite ooukar at that time at the USA, and Iadmit that alone, of course with the menion of the female heroine, made feel interested about this. Then one Sunday, while checking the local channels' schedule for that Sunday (I did not and do not have cable) read ALIAS there. I freaked out, and convinced my mother to watch the first episode. When we did that... OMG. I wasn't expecting somehing so close to perfection. Our favorite character, even since the pilot, was Jonathan "Jack" Bristow. Sidney was a cool kickass girl, but Jack was WAY better than her, and showed so many times to be a caring father and husband... I am STILL moaning his death, and have this icon in his honor. My fav villain was Sark. He was so undescribingly awesome, in his own freaky way. At the beginning I liked Vaughn, but when he and Sidney got to have a "real" ship, he kinda sunk in my preferences. Sloane was the perfect villain for Sidney in the first two seasobs, but his love and pain for Nadia in the forth one made him more human. Sidney's mom, Irina Derevko aka Laura Bristow was cool, but she should have been more on screen. The same goes for Sidney's friends (both Francine and Will). It was a bit awkward having practically an entire season about them and then having them out all of a sudden. I loved Marshall, he was the comic relie of sorts. Also liked Sidney's partner, Marcus Gibson, he was so... when he was all by himself... AND Rambaldi... I will alwys think that Sid saw him die since he was the man fiing the cock, bot who knows the truth.
  • It's like a female version of 007 and you get to watch a bit every week!

    It is just so good. There are so many stories going on and there are so many ways they could take the direction of the show, but it is done in a very good way. You could sit and actually analyse the different story paths to see how things could progress in a different way. I love the fact that you are left thinking afterwards, and during for that matter. Between the action and the whole spy story, Sydney really is like a female James Bond (better than a "Bond Girl" too). Jennifer Garner really takes you into Sydney's world, better than some of the James Bond actors have done over the years. And you begin to feel invested when it is a weekly continued story instead of a movie too, especially if you watch it from the first episode. You know all the things that Sydney has been through and she still keeps going, to save the world- how cool is that!
  • i love this series!

    One of the best shows created on earth!
    so exciting and thrilling and suprising!
    if your looking for non stop excitment just look up for Alias! L o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o L what r u waiting for go get it ! ADIOS
  • Alias is about family, love and espionage. It has the very good plots, interesting characters and very good acting. It's a very addicting tv show, and its certainly influential to me.

    I first encountered Alias in a magazine and my interest was pulled by the article that was written. I watched it when it premiered in our country and I was immediately hooked. The cliffhangers were a good way of keeping people interested, and it was the trademark of the show. It was very creative and the production was valued highly. It was an intelligent show with nice allusions to history and pop culture. I loved Marshall, the geeky but genius technician. I loved Jack, the overprotective spydaddy and his relationship with Irina, the slightly demented spymommy, whom I also loved. I loved Sydney because she was a strong woman who depended on her intelligence and skills. I loved Vaughn because he suppported Sydney all throughout her trials and journeys and he never tried to coddle her. I loved Sloane because he was twisted. I loved Nadia because she was just like her sister, and very forgiving. I loved Dixon because he was a rock, a supporter of Sydney all throughout. Alias gave me characters to care about. It made me think more creatively and made me think outside the box. It's not some brainless action show with a bombshell heroine as some people thought. Alias is something deeper, something daring. It was ahead of its time. And though it had ended, I will still remember it because its something original.
  • Alias follows the life of Secret Agent Sydney Bristow. This is one the best shows of all time.

    From the first episode this show just grabs and never lets go. The first 3 seasons were so action packed that you had to watch a few times to make sure tjat you absorb everything. It did fall off a little with seasons 4 and 5 but the series finale made up for it. Every character was so well written and they were believable as real people. Who knows there maybe a real Sydney Bristow out there right now. My only complaint was the demise of Francie. I wish she didn't die. At least it was a creative death though. Make sure you pick up the series boxset in Nov. It is a must own for any true action fan. It also brought the cliffhanger episodes to life and shows like Lost and The Nine and Prison Break would now exist if it were not for Alias.
  • Itz The ****

    Though I am a huge Alias fan, I enjoyed the first two seasons much more than seasons three and four. Season 3 started well and showed some major promise, of which there was little follow through. While the premise for this season made it seem there would be drastic changes Alias continues to deliver much of the same. Since Alias is a great show this isn\'t a bad thing, but it isn\'t a good thing either...

    This episode features many things we\'ve come to expect from Alias, but without the freshness it once had. The opening scene offers an unexciting and visually uninteresting parachute jump which is completely pointless to the episode and I must admit that I was tuned out for most the exposition, which offered nothing new of any interest.

    One of the few ways Alias does keep itself fresh is through changes to the cast. Bringing Melissa George in as Vaughn\'s wife presented interesting dilemmas for the character of Sydney and Vaughn, which I felt was cheapened when it was revealed that Lauren was, in fact, working for the covenant. The audience would no longer sympathize with her and the thing keeping Sydney and Vaughn apart no longer held the same weight with the audience once her deception had been revealed. (I also feel that when a character\'s true alliances are revealed we should be able to look back and see clues pointing towards it. There were none in this case.)

    However, Lauren\'s story is by far the most exciting thing to be found in this episode. Her and Sark forming a partnership was a great idea, it harnessed Alias\' strengths of being action packed and looking hot.

    The other storylines offer less. Sloane\'s brief sessions with Dr. Barnett offer some slight character development which had been lacking of late. Whereas Sydney and Vaughn continued to toe around each other as they have for most of the show.

    This weeks mission was not a particularly exciting one there was little action, and what there was, was cheapened by inappropriate attempt of humor made by Marshall’s \'wedding.\' It\'s not that this didn\'t deliver on the great action sequences Alias has to offer, it just didn\'t offer anythign new.

    This episode had a few interesting things to offer, unfortunately they were in the wrong places. But Alias is still a well written show with fantastic production values.

  • super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!

    i love it!!! super duper to the highest level!! especially the last episode where sloane is burried!! super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!super duper to the highest level!!
  • An amazing show with the best storylines and always leaves you wanting more!!!

    I've gotten into this show recently and I am in the middle of season one. It is an amazing show that has some of the greatest storylines!

    One thing I love about this show is it's ability to leave you wanting more everytime by leaving it on a cliffhanger!

    The fight sequences are also amazing and so well co-ordinated. My favourites so far being thew one between syd and anna.

    This hsow also contains a level of mystery adding to the appeal of the show. Most notably so far what Jack is hiding from syd about her mother! I already know she turns up again though!!

    The characters are really interesting, my favourites being Syd (of course), Jack and Marshall (You have to!).

    I hope the show maintains this level of wuality further on ito the show!
  • An excellent spy thriller with twists and turns every step of the way.

    This is perhaps one of the best spy thrillers that can stand head to head with the james bond films. Even though the story revolves with a female james bond it\'s not a cheesy girl in jeopardy plotline. Agent Bristow stands on her own as a legit heroine. Each week shows twists, that make a show a weekly must see. It\'s sad that it\'s ending, it\'s been season 5. It had a good run. Each season is not a dissapointment, I recommend it. J.J. Abrams must turn this into a movie trilogy, I\'m sure he\'ll get a green light on that one.
  • Simply amazing. This show has managed to blend drama, romance, humour and amazing spy stunts seamlessly.

    Alias was in a league of it's own. Never did it compromise it's intelligence to draw in more viewers, and it had the best cast on TV. Don't believe me? Look at each of the actor's profiles, and see how fast other networks snatched them up. They did so for good reason. The amazing acting led to a personal understanding and often connection with the characters, especially the one and only Sydney Bristow. It kept your eyes glued to the tube with amazing action, intriguing relationships, and award-winning performances. The way Jennifer Garner could, while constantly Sydney, add a layer in the form of a whole new character, while still letting Sydney shine through, all the while remaining subtle and powerful. Bring it back, or make the much-talked-about movie.
  • A personal favorite.

    This show was amazing. It didn't follow trational dimsal in destress criteria instead it had a girl kicking-butt and fighting all the boys. I personally could not stop watching. And the show was very well written. Youcould sit their and see yourself in their shoes within your own personal issues. The last season was horrible because of the time changes for the entire season. After the series finale i could not stop crying. This is a very inspertional show to young women. This show says that womwn can do whatever men can and proved it, it had a women in charge of all of the missions and what not. So this show was amazing.
  • Bring it back!

    Alias is one of my favorite tv shows ever and ever, the story of this show is so great, each every episode ,the quality of this show impressed me , unfortunately it is over, but they couldn't have cancelled , this show is so perfect, the actors are amazing, bring it back this perfect show.
  • Somehow, this show makes working for the government and nearly being shot look fun.

    Agent Sidney Bristow was enlisted by an agency that she was told to be a special division of the CIA, called SD-6. After finding out that she was lied to and was actually working for the people she thought she was fighting, Sidney becomes a double agent, working for both SD-6 and the CIA, and attempts to balance her job (her friends think she works at a bank), her friends, and romance, as well as family history and issues, as she continues as one of the best agents either side has seen.

    Jennifer Garner plays a perfect role as a young, beautiful, and well-trained spy that never wears the same wig = ]

    An amazing show.
  • This is(was) proabably one of the best shows on tv. It\'s cutting edge and has a strong storyline.

    This is(was) proabably one of the best shows on tv. It\'s cutting edge and has a strong storyline. Jennifer Garner\'s character is so multi-dimensional and real. The rest of the cast is phenominal in every which way. If you are a fan of espionage, suspense, or action, the ALIAS would have to be your show.
    The first two seasons were definetly the best. 4th and 5th not so much. The best episode of alias of all time (in my opinion) is PHASE ONE (in middle of second season) Once you think the show has jumped the shark, it hasn\'t and it continues upwards as the characters develop


  • This show is about a women who works for the SD-6 which she thought was a government agency but is a conter government agency.

    This show is a good show. I watch it when I have the chance. THe best part pf the show for me is when they show all the actions parts of the shows so it never gets old. Jennifer Garner is a great actress and she made this show a great action show. The other actors and actress were good too but Jenifer takes it all. I never would have watch this show if it wasn't for her. The show is almost over but I will always like it no matter what. This show made me want to become an actor now.
  • "ALIAS" is the greatest tv show ever made and definetely worths watching. The characters are so complex and so well defined that make "ALIAS" a real masterpiece. J. J. Abrams succeeded in proving the world that he realized the best tv show, with an origi

    "ALIAS" is my favourite tv show and I think that it`s the best (I`m sure I`m not the only person that thinks that). Even if I`ve seen just the first season I realized pretty quickly that this tv show is absolutely fabulous. I`m never seen in my whole life a tv show so well realised and with such an interesting subject, with so good actors and actresses and so well done special effects. The way that this tv show was made is not just amazing, is extraordinary.
    "ALIAS" has that thing which makes you watch every episode with a lot of excitement and eagerness even twice; unfortunately not all tv shows do that so after some episodes you get bored. "ALIAS" really deserve the perize for the best tv show ever made. I can say that if you haven`t watched "ALIAS" yet you should and if you don`t do it you`ll be very disappointed later.
    "ALIAS" really rocks!!!
  • The greatest show in the world comes to an end!

    Watching the series finale was painful for me, not because it stunk, but because there would be no more new episodes. I suppose it was for the best though; by ending it, J.J. will make us remember of all the good times we've shared with the SpyGirl and her family.

    Au Revior, 'Alias!

    We'll miss you!
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