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    this is my favourite show in the world you should make another season or even a hole different series with her kids or maybe even a completely different serious sort of the same but different people you should mack one about a kid double agent that would be so good.


    this show is based on a double agent this tv show is great cause theres love and action and some times scary. you fall in love with the characters.

    i told all my friends about this show and now its there favourite show you should really watch ALIAS
  • The First Show I Have Ever Loved.

    "Alias" is a show about Sydney Bristow, a secret agent who believes that she works for a secret branch of the CIA called SD-6. After having her fiancé killed by them, she discovers that she is actually working for the enemy she thought she had been fighting and makes her personal mission to take them down.

    With different languages, locations and costumes in every episode, "Alias" is the first show I have been addicted to and the first I have ever loved. Even though it went downhill in its final seasons, "Alias" is action-packed, well acted and most of all, entertaining and (hopefully) will not disappoint you. The first two seasons are among the best I have ever seen and you will be addicted to it in no time. Keep your mind open for eventual plot holes and enjoy. :)
  • One of the best series about international spies and conspiracies of this decade.

    Sydney Bristow was recruited as an agent to work on the CIA... or at least, that's what she thought at first. In fact, she was working for SD-6, a terrorist organization controlled by the manipulative Arvin Sloane, who believes in the prophecies made by a man called Rambaldi. With the help of her father and a special team, Sydney now has to take the orgnization down, and find out how she is in fact related to the prophecies made by Rambaldi. The story of the series is very good, and it just proves the J.J. Abrams is one of the most gifted scriptwriter, producer and director of this decade. The cast is very well chosen, and the story is full of twists, in which you believe that everything is over, but in fact it's just beggining. Definitely one of the best works from Jennifer Garner, Ron Rifkin, Kevin Weisman and Victor Garber. In one word... Perfect!
  • Best spy show ever!! Sydney Bristow made a household name for herself.

    Syd made spies even cooler than they already are! The show had great story lines and awesome action. Season by season, things just got better and better. You really feel for Syd, who must work for someone she hates so much. Then watching the ups and downs of her relationship with her father. Most of all though, I really love shows where the 2 main characters love each other. You wait and wait for them to get together... and sometimes they do, but sometimes they don't. Proves to be great TV watching. The one thing that makes me sad: since Alias, I haven't found a show with enough espionage action, great individual characters, innovative spy gadgets and strong plot twists and turns.
  • Dam this show has everything, sex appeal, action, mind bending twists and turns, Jennifer Garner I love YOU!! LOL

    Every episode you can almost put your life on it that it will have a twist that you never saw coming, the ending of season four not only had a HUGE twist but mad me re-think the whole of the series, if what he said a big thing or is it just going to be a joke? Alias has got to be the best shows on TV to date, watch it one night and i can garentee you will be on the edge of your set all throughtout the episode.
  • Alias is about a woman named Sydney Bristow who was recruited into SD-6. She thought she was working for the CIA but found in the pilot episode that SD-6, had nothing to due with it. She now works as a double agent for the CIA. (Season 1)

    I found Alias to be one of the best shows I have ever watched. Since the 1st episode I was hooked. It has plenty of action, plot twists, and chemistry between characters. Some you love to hate, and others are just downright awesome. Sydney, the main character is a butt-kicking woman who works for the CIA, after finding the truth about SD-6. She has guts, brainpower, and the ability to speak her mind. She is strong willed and viewers will instantly feel a connection to her. other main characters include Jack Bristow, Michael Vaugh, Arvin Sloane, Marshall,and Dixon. (1st Season)Although the series is one of my favorites, I have to say that seasons 1 and 2 were the best. There are many character developments,and cliff hangers. You'll be surprised at what some of the characters are capable of. After a while in the later seasons, some of the "stunts" they pull are expected at times. Also, new characters are introduced so the show remains exciting (not that it wouldnt without them) Overall, anyone who is a fan of Heroes, 24, Buffy the Vampire Slayer ect..will fall in love with this show!!
  • A spy show from the great J.J. Abrams!

    Alias combines thriller, mystery, action, romance and drama. After the pilot I already knew that that was not going to be like anything I had ever seen before in my life. It was extremely exciting to see Sydney Bristow work as a double agent for the CIA and SD-6 and later for the black-ops division APO. But the great thing was that the stories were not just about agencies, but it had the underlying story of Milo Rambaldi, a fifteenth century prophet, who made prophecies about Sydney and other members of her family. Next to the action was also a very human part. There was the difficult relationship between Syd and her father Jack Bristow as well as the love story with her handler Michael Vaughn that had to face a lot of obstacles. Also very hard to handle was the thing with her mother, who killed Vaughn's father and her sister Nadia she never knew she had.
    This was a show where you had to watch every episode. Otherwise you wouldn't have been able to follow. But that was no problem since you couldn't stop, even if you wanted to! And it had some of the best cliffhangers ever!
  • A spy show with a rich cast of characters and cool, yet byzantine mythology.

    The fictionalized and completely glorified version of the CIA operates across the world with impunity, Sydney Bristow disabling (she rarely used a gun in the beginning) people as she pleases. She is tricked into to joining SD-6, a terrorist organization under the guise of the CIA. When her fiance is killed by them, she joins the real CIA, meeting Michael Vaughn. She acts as a double agent along with as she later discovers, her father Jack. The head of SD-6, Arvin Sloane, is obsessed with an inventor, Milo Rambaldi, a da Vinci like character who created magnificent with very limited materials and technology. This provides the backdrop for high tech infiltration and theft of these artifacts, and the discovery of these objects with unique properties.

    Sydney's coworkers at SD-6, her partner Marcus Dixon, and Marcus Flinkman, the tech guy, are oblivious that they are not working for the real CIA, and Sydney finds it hard not to tell them.

    To balance it out, her friend's Francie and Will both thinks she works for the bank Credit Dauphin, the cover for SD-6, so Sydney has to constantly lie to them about her whereabouts and activities.
  • klinssan

    I started watching this series 7 years ago. He liked me, that I "flew" to the TV when his show! Series is a disease! But I do not care, I love alias. J. J. Abrams cool dude, who made a lot of excellent shows such as "Alias", "Fringe", "Lost", "Avatar: The Last Airbender", "What About Brian" and "Six Degrees". He made his feature directorial debut in 2006 with Mission: Impossible III, starring Tom Cruise. He is also directing the upcoming 11th Star Trek movie. Abrams is also the producer of the 2008 monster movie, Cloverfield. His partnership with Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof is set to grow with the duo producing Star Trek together and also writing and producing an adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series of novels. In addition to writing and directing, he composed the theme music for Alias, the opening theme for Lost and co-wrote both theme songs for Felicity and Fringe.
  • Sydney and Dixon must face Sloane's intentions of reforming The Alliance.Sydney finds out that her father is in grave danger and Nadia rescues him.Sloane talks with Jack on the phone saying something which is really important.

    I think that this episode is really fantastic. It was full of exciting special effects which enriched the quality of this Alias episode. The Alias cast is superb for another time and they really keep us focused to the episode . Kai epishs to alias einai fovero ..kai mou aresei para ma para polu.. anupomonw na dw kai ta alla episodia ta opoia sigoura 9a einai gamata.. loipon eimai o The.passenger kai molis teleiwsa.. hahah dn 3r ti na pw re... ti allo na pw ?? pfff mpailtisa..pfff ..
    ainte na er9oun oi 100 counts g na teleiwsw.. yessss nomizw oti to petuxa. :)
  • great action, suspense and humor-all rolled into one. a must for those who love spies and counter intelligence.

    love, love, love this show. i got turned onto this show by my dad who gave me his dvd's. i watched the first 4 seasons in about a month. soooo addicting. the central character is sydney bristow, a normal all-american college student. but wait! she's a spy for the good old usa. but wait! the organization she works for is not the us, but the very people she thought she was fighting against. in comes her cia handler, michael vaughn and her dad, also a spy. she wants to work for the real good guys and bring down sd-6 and the alliance, but she needs the help of the last person she thought she would ever work with, her dad, whom she finds out not only also works for sd-6 and also a double agent for the cia. with the assitance of he handler, vaughn, she and her father bring down sd-6, the alliance, and the evil arvin sloane. here's a plus, sydney and vaughn obvioulsy fall in love and we follow their journey along with all the great missions and counter-missions. later on, we find out that her dead mom is alive and a russian spy named irina derevko. she and sloane are obsessed with rambaldi, a inventor/prophet from the 1500's (kinda like davinci), who holds the key to ruling the world. can we be really sure that she loves her daughter sydney? syd loses 2 years of her life and the love of her life, vaughn got married! of course, she's a double agent! and involved with julian stark, the hottest bad guy around. wait, sloane is a good guy now? he finds out he has a daughter and it changes him. get this, sloane's daughter is also syd's sister, their mother is irina. the sisters have an instant bond and work together to rid the world of all evil. does that include sloane? is he good or does he still have an end game? of course he does and sacfifices his own daughter and is suffering inside because of it. i'm in the middle of season 5 now, where all the questions are supposed to answered. syd and vaughn are having a baby, but he gets murdered. or did he really die? julian stark and irina are back and the rimbaldi's end game is revealed. this show is toatlly addicting!
  • Totally addictive with a ton of action and suspense

    Alias is definitely one of the best television series ever made. Every episode has the quality of a movie, large attention to detail and superb plots.
    The show explores the world of espionage and has non stop action with lots of heart-stopping situations and stunts. Jennifer Garner is sensational as Sydney Bristow with the many disguises she uses while on missions, and her strong new age character brings enormous sex appeal to the show. Another thing that makes this series excellent is the quality of the villians. Sloan is so evil yet very fascinating, and has such an important and interesting role in the overall scheme of the best plots. Another bad guy is Julian Sark, played by David Anders who is absolutely outstanding
  • Every episode is thrilling, the characters make the show filling and I wouldn't change about the show.

    Alias is one of my personal favourites. I enjoy this show t the highest point, it never gets old. The missions that are included in each episode shows a new location and 90% of the time shows a new alias for the gorgeous Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner). Every character included in the storyline is an ingredient, the show couldn't continue with one missing.
    I won't say much but I will point out the one aspect that amazes me even today. The set throughout the show of various countries and secret bases are FANTASTIC! So much detail and effort has gone into every shot. Well done to the various set designers! =D
    Every show has it's ending where there characters live a happy ever after. This show did the same but with a sophisticated twist. Wonderful----> Characters are actually killed off!
  • Bring it Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This show is all about the secret world of spyies!!!! This show is an action adventure with romance, more twists and turns imagineable!!!!!!!!!!! the show centres around Sydney a secret agent working for the cia but in actual fact is working for the people she thought she was fighting. when she discovers the truth it horrifies her. She then goes to the CIA where she meets Vaughan her handler she now is a double agent. the relationship between vaughan and sydney is one on which the can not act out there true feelings for eachother. as well as being a cia agent sydney was come to understand why her father lied to her about his real job and the fact her mother isnt dead and is one of the people she is fighting against!!!!
    this show has a bit of everything and from the minute you begin to watch it you are hooked!!!!!!!!!
  • I watched the first 5 minutes of Alias and I couldn't stop to watching it.

    When I first knew about Alias, I read a magazine who promoted the first season of Alias and I found it very interesting storylines, and I couldn't wait to watch the Pilot episode.
    Alias tell us the story of Sydney Bristow, a girl who have a double personality, as the day she is a student college and in the night she is spy to the CIA. That is what she believes until her fiance is murdered by SD-6 and she realizes that the cover of SD-6 is be CIA. Sydney was working for the enemy who though she was fighting.
    Sydney on pursuit of revenge finds out that his father, Jack Bristow also works for SD-6, and tries to helps her to scapes of SD-6, but she refuse his help.
    Finally Sydney joins to the real CIA to destroys SD-6, and meets her CIA's agent Michael Vaughn, who will help her in her mission, but Sydney also finds out that his father is also a double agent for the CIA to destroys SD-6. I highly recommend watch Alias because it has a great mix between drama and action; strongs relationship as father-daugther and romance between Sydney and Vaughn. Also Sydney has to fight with the true and lie with her friends and co-workers of SD-6, who don't know the true. This is Alias a mix of drama, mystery, action, romance, and even comedy, that you always will enjoy and surprise with amazing twists that you will never imagine.
  • Flawless

    Alias culminates in the most compelling story line you will ever watch. Combining espionage with legend, the realistic with the not so, alias achieves a show that will capture the viewers imagination. Sydney Bristow is that odd yet attractive girl from high school, who flawless portrays the troubled CIA Agent. Season 1 begins with the revelation that Gardner has been working for the 'very enemy she thought she was fighting'. Arvan Sloane without a doubt is the most twisted character on television and leads the terror cell SD-6. During seasons 1 and 2 Gardner works with her double agent father (one of the coolest, calmest darkest portrayals) , on/off (we know they'll hook up in the end) Michael Vaughn and the CIA to take down SD-6. Season 3 focuses on the organization called the covenant. Season 4 sees the new (hot) half sister of Sydney. Season 4 and 5 tie up the legend of Rambaldi the driving force behind the show. Rambaldi more engaging than the Da Vinci Code seals alias as one of the greats of TV.
  • A perfect combo with JenG being a classic spy with SD-6 thinking to be government agency not knowing her dad to be an undercover with CIA. When later she finds out about SD-6 and Sloan, the head, she gets in with CIA. This was just a start, mind you.

    SYdney Bristow(Jenifer Garner) along with Michael Vaugh, a perfect couple, plus her long time partner, her DAD cracks the screen. I saw all the seasons in 10 days. Damn crazy show. I miss it. AN amazing story line, class star cast, super action, nice girls(Sydney and Nadia), amaing locations, this show rocks all the time. Never saw Jenifer Garner acting this good, performing so well. I could never stop praising this show and can watch it all over again. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • I hope there was more of it it is so cool and hot...

    best of the best.
    great story .
    great things about governments and stuff...
    great ideas .
    very very good characters .
    I realy loved it and Im sad that it ended but at the same time Im happy for the cool ending . I hoped that ratchel and the new fella could get together but
    that didnt happend as he sucrficed himself for the greater good .
    I didnt like the end of arvin slone his character was so intresting .
    I thout that the prophesy will get to the reality as nadia and sid will be fighting for the prrecios thing that we didnt know
    really cool .
  • Sydney is a Spy working for the CIA and she works as a double agent at a Terrorist Cell called SD-6 with her dad.

    Alias is an amazing spy series that depicts a female spy at her best and worst. Each week brings a new threat to the world which Sydney (Jennifer Garner) must stop to save the world. The Pilot episode started of this incredible saga. The acting, writing and directing is amazing. Though it was only on the air for 5 season it was still a great ride. The cast grew bigger and better each year with the additons of Lena Olin, David Anders, Mellissa George, Mia Meastro, Rachel Nichols, Amy Acker, Balthazar Getty, and many more. Every episode brought new mysteries to solve. The most amazing story line was the second Sydney, who was really Anna Espinosa (Gina Torres). The final closed all of the story lines with Sydney and Vaughn getting married and having two children. This show shot Jennifer Garner to stardom. This show will go down in history as one of the best spy TV shows of all time.
  • the best female action/adventure!

    Alias has proven to be a very successful TV-series with it's use of action, comedy, thrill, drama, and suspense. The viewer never knows exactly what is going to happen, yet there is such an excellent characterization of every actor that the viewer can easily determine what the possibilities are. There is something for everyone in this series. Whether you be a hopeless romantic (Vaughn/Sidney), have a love for family situations (Sidney, mom/dad), action (Sidney, as well as others, during their missions), or comedy (there is plenty of comic relief), you are sure to love this show. And Jack Bristow will become your favourite character!!!
  • A show about a highly trained women who works for the c.i.a, (played by Jennifer Garner).

    ~ Ok This show used to be my favorite show , but the question is WHERe DId It Go! If you know if it is still on or when its on i would really appriciate it , ok now this show really does keep me on the edge i mean i used to wait everynight when i was a kid for alias to come on lol but the story is amazing the action is amazing and the acting is amazing Just a great show overall ITs An AMAZINg SHOw ! lol The carecter Syndey is definatly a tough women who goes through many tough times in this show sad somtimes :( But still A great show!!!!!! ~
  • Great Show

    I love this show, Jennifer Garner did this show justice, I loved got in it a little later..I had to borrow DVDs to catch up, I thought the beginning was great. Towards the end it did go down hill a litttle bit,, but i still think that should of keep it on a little longer..I loved all the twists and turns. I loved when Sydyn(?) lost like 2 years of her life I love that part of the series, I think I need to watch the entire series again, to refresh myself and I would probably love it more..I haven't seen it in like 2 years or more I miss it..
  • Not everything is as what it appears.

    Come On, Secret Agents and the interpersonal relationships.... AWESOME!... Okay, well all that action and spies are not as interesting as the relationship between Sydney and Vaughn. As you can probably can tell, I am a romantic. So obviously, I rather much enjoy the drama behind the relationship than the "world is ending because some other terrorist group has something or another". I do think that some things that happen to them are a bit outrageous but they totally suck you into watching the show. The backdrop story that intertwines all these peoples lives is truly out there but still I do manage to believe it. ENEMIES beware Sydney is always around. Anyways, enough of none sense rambling.... watch the show and become addicted.
  • In a world of espionage and deceit, one woman tries to find her way through it all. Follow the life of Sydney Bristow, a top notch spy just trying to make sense of her life. See the CIA agent fight for what she beleives to be justice.

    This is one of the best shows I have ever watched! Seriously! There are always twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat! And the actors are awesome too...when they do thier fight scenes, it's looks so real! I gotta admit, the storylines can get complicated, but once you know what is going on, you won't be able to get enough. You will fall in love with al the characters...well...most of them! The show is not only about action, like most other spy shows are, this show also accomodates themes like family, deceit and friendship! A show you should definitly see before you die!
  • ALIAS is the best show that has been written in ages!!Its clever, funny, action-packed, romantic and totally addictive!

    I'v been addicted to ALIAS ever since i watched the first episode. The writers should be praised for their great work in creating such believable and human characters. I just love seeing a strong leading woman as the main character and the fact that she can kick some major ass (in heels to)just makes me love it more and more. My favourite part of each episode is the new costumes Sydney has to wear for each mission. Doesn't every girl wish they could have some of those outfits in her closet?? i know i do :P...Its such a shame that all good things have to come to an end..but at least it went out on a good note while it was still on top of its game!! I love ALIAS!!

    I just want to say how completely obsessed with this show i am!! i LOVE it! i think seasons 1 and 2 are the best, but i couldnt get enough of all of the seasons. I love the rambaldi mystery and Jennifer Garner is awesome. its so nice to see a woman in this role who totally kicks but. I love her as a celebrity too... she seems so wholesome with the family and all. This role was made for her. with the outfits and the cliffhangers i was always on the edge of my seat. Im so sad she stopped it but it will always be my favorite!!! :)
  • Review

    Another television show breaks into my top five that I would have never ever thought about watching a year ago to this day. This show is amazing (through 39 episodes) and with JJ Abrams behind all of the big decisions of the show I dont see it taking that big of a turn for the worse. A lot of people say Season 3 is by far the worst and is the reason the show began to fall, but right now Im enjoying almost every single episode of the show. The twists at the end of the episodes always leave you wanting more and the show never really gives you that feeling of having every question answered.There is always something to thinka bout and always something that you have to think outside the box about. Jennifer is amazing in her roleand there isnt another person in the world who could play the role that way she does. Everyone in this series is cast to perfection. Vaughn to Sark to Arvin to Jack to Irina, everything is just pure perfection from beginning to end of (most) episodes. Great show.
  • A female who's got brains, beauty and can kick serious butt.

    I love this show. Not only because Sydney B. can kick butt, but because of the acting, storylines, MAJOR plot twists and direction. It made you feel like you were part of the story and it took you on a wild ride from beginning to end. The family dynamic of the main character was a big part of the story. One of the most dysfunctional families on tv. And it made you want to be in the CIA undercover working for SD-6. I just wish it was still on but things do have to end and end it did.
  • Alias is the best show in the world. Why do I love Alias? Look inside.

    One reason to love Alias: Action! Alias is action-packed and suspenseful. Sydney uses the enviorment around her to her advantage, making the fighting so much more intense and believable.
    Another reason to love Alias: The acting is so well played out. The actors' have great chemistry and work really well together...even the villian.
    Yet another reason to love Alias: The story is wonderful. Great plots, great twists, great mystery and excitement. Alias has it all. Romance, mystery, drama, sci-fi. It's all here!
    In Season 1, Syd finds out the place she works for is actually evil, while they forced her to believe it was the CIA. Season 1 and 2 are focused on taking down SD-6 from the inside (Sydney's job). She went to the CIA to get help and is now working as a double agent. Another major plot of the first two seasons is learning about Milo Rambaldi, a mysterious prophet with a deadly endgame that Arvin Sloane is obsessed with getting his hands on. The endgame remains a mystery until the series finale. Milo Rambaldi lurks in the background of the seires (well, the plot, not him-he's dead from like the 15th century.) In Season 1's finale, Syd meets somebody unexpected. In Season 2, Sydney's mother goes to the CIA. The season is focused on being able to trust her and Milo Rambaldi. In the season 2 finale, everything changes and will leave you gasping for season 3. It's a HUGE shocker. In season 3, Syd's life is forever changed from the climatic events of the previous season. She must cope with these secrets and learn more about what happened to her, it is a complete mystery about why it happened to her etc. (Can't give away spoilers.) In Season 4, the show lets down a bit. It surely picks up by the end though. Suprisingly, Season 4 was almost entirely Rambaldi free-with the exception of maybe 5 episodes. Another shocking ending is in store. Season 5 picks up right where Season 4 left off. Lots of Rambaldi, shocking twists, and great Alias action awaits you! If you haven't seen Alias before, you must. Go buy Alias : The Complete Collection right now-or individual seasons. Maybe a movie rental place has it. It doesn't matter-just make sure you see Alias before the year is over-it is my favorite show and an incredible series that you CAN'T MISS!
  • Its a shame that this show has ended. I enjoyed this programme about a secret agent! It definatly has been one of the best shows on television. Alias is genius. It always keep you onthe edge of your seat.

    Probably one of the best things on this show was the different costumes, how did they come up with hundreds of different costumes? Sydney Bristo was always in a different costume when undercover she never wore anything twice. Anyway I would love to be a secret agent it would be so fun, this show, shows you what it would be like if you were. Jennifer was very lucky always getting to kiss the beautiful "Vaugn" he was gorgeous. Its a pitty that Alias will not be returning for a sixth series, it was somthing that was original. It was full of suspence and action with a little drama and romance here and there.
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