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  • Alias is a cool show.

    I stopped watching it in the second season, because I felt like the creators were just jerking viewers around by not dolng out enough info to help us understand what was the 411 with it all youknowwhatisayin'?

    Now however it had revealed some stuff and it's pretty good. It's kind of formulaic but who cares, it's not cheesy. Do you know many spy shows are cheesy? If they can just keep it not cheesy, then it's a winner.

    The characters a pretty cool, and well-drawn and well-acted. I personally find Marshall irritating. He is so obviously the comic relief. 100.

  • Alias, my new favorite show!

    I've never been one of those folks that watched a show because other people liked it. Alias, I didn't watch, well, because so many people seemed to rave about it. What a dummy I was!

    I managed this year to catch the first episode of the season, and was immediately hooked. The suspense, the intrigue, you just can't beat it.

    To start with, the show's primary character Sydney Bristow, played by Jennifer Gardner... what a knock-out... and I mean that in more than just looks. This lady will kick your butt! And the writers don't seem to mess up her dialog either. They keep her character grounded in as close to reality as you can imagine, for a Top-Secret government agent, that is.

    The rest of the cast rounds out nice... you've got the bad guy boss, who don't know if you should like or hate. You've got her Dad, is he a bad guy? I seem to change my mind about him with each episode. Then there's the science guy... cause, ya know, if you are gonna have Secret Agents, there has to be the science guy. Beyond that, obviously we've got 3 more main characters... but why bore you, the reader of this review... cause, frankly, they bore me.

    Overall, like all J.J. Abrams shows, you are kept in motion all season, on a per episode basis, and also with the continuing story for the season. Kept me coming back each week, so, try watching... even if you aren't a know crowd follower, like me.
  • Intelligent writing, great dialogue, gripping plotlines and exciting action - with a sprinkle of humor now and then. This show has everything.

    Intelligent writing, great dialogue, gripping plotlines and exciting action - with a sprinkle of humor now and then. This show has everything. The actors are mostly easy on the eyes too. Every week I look forward to the situations Sydney will be involved in and how she will morph herself into each role.
  • Approaching the same number of outfits as Barbie. This spy-fi action show is really fun to watch.

    When I was first introduced to Alias, the first thing I noticed (besides Jennifer Garner) was the Techno music. Also, notice the red hair in the promo shots (Run Lola Run influenced?)

    Anyway, this show is a delightful spy-fi action/drama. Every season I have heard a blurb about the changes of the upcoming season and have been skeptical only to find that the show has somehow managed to stay fresh, while sometimes almost completely changing it's premise.

    I have a warning for first time viewers. Almost every episode of season 1 has a cliff hanger ending. Luckily this gets toned down a bit after season 1, but it can drive you nuts to plan to spend some time watching 2->4 episodes only to discover that you can't stop watching due to the cliffhangers (hmm... 24 season 1 cliffhangers vs. Alias season 1 cliffhangers ... hmmm).

    So what can you expect to see sitting down to watch this show? A riveting action/drama that is a good mix of plot and character driven events. I would say a 50/50 mix. The writing is sharp, each episode is so dense with events, that by the time the opening sequence of the show appears after 5->7 minutes, it feels like you've watched an entire episode of a typical show. The tone of this show is brisk, it makes you feel like part of a secret government organization, from planning missions, to executing the details, and then dealing with the consequences.

    The characters have a wide range of ages, and I think there is something there for just about anyone. The acting is top notch. I think this show may have single handedly saved ABC's reputation for producing television shows.

    This show has a very interesting long term plot, and it is for this reason that I recommend that you start at the beginning (renting from Netflix or some-such). However, I think each season also tries to self-encapsulate itself to a degree (well except for the cliff-hanger endings. I still think watching them in order is the way to go.

    This show is a winner, and I hope that we get at least one more good season out of it (4 down, hopefully 1 or 2 more to go).
  • Amazing. They are allways finding new ways to make the show better and it allways gets better.

    Amazing show about Sidney Bristow a CIA agent. In the 1st 2 seasons she helps bring down SD-6 which is a fake version of the C.I.A which is lead by a man called Arvil Salone who is hell bent on rambaldi (he was a man who saw into the future and created things which when put together will end the world). Then in the 3rd season she has to try and bring down the covenant who are a group of rambaldi freaks who will do anything to bring his creations to life. Season 4 starts with sidney quitting the C.I.A but then going into a covert section of it without the other people in the CIA noticing. This series has sort of the same plot to it as the 3rd but a lot better. Dead issues are brung up all the time to find out what they thought has happend might not have gone exacly how they thought. This is one of the best thing about the seies apart from series all end with amazing cliff hangers (season 4 being the best). (Fav Episode was the Marshall one in Season 4)
  • The finale was amazing. I couldn't believe the news. I'm just glad that the show is keeping up with it's cred. At least I didn't miss it like my brother's girlfriend!

    Oh My Lordy!!! I was so shocked with the ending. I don\'t care what other\'s think, it isn\'t a rip off! This show is amazing!!!! The constant cliffhangers, wether major or minor, always appear, even if the outlook is grim. I loved (and hated, In a good way) the finale.
    I feel really bad for my brother\'s girlfriend. She is an avid fan, but my brother loves basketball, so he switched the channel, and all she saw was the very last second of the crash and the end title scene. I filled him in on the major news and all he did was say \"oh\". anyway, the show is truely amazing and will live on forever. The constant adrenaline rush is great, and I am on edge for next season and the whole preganancy thing. I hope it is a good twist in the plot instead of an eye-roller. Here\'s to hoping! It should be a good 5th season. I can\'t wait the next few months.
  • One of the Best written shows on TV

    This show is amazing, and it keeps changing every year and is still great. It\'s so amazing that the writers can completely change the direction of the show so many times and still have it be such a good show every year. The characters and the stories are so well written it\'s ridiculous.
  • The spy game at it's best! Jennifer Garner really runs the show. Strong Action, and Plot give the characters a chance to involve the viewers to a level on par with The Sopranos, Deadwood, Lost and Nip/Tuck. The First Three seasons are a must, with a seaso

    Alias Rocks! The first three seasons are really strong. The fourth season is the worst year. However just like The Sopranos, a 'weak' season doesn't make it bad. It just means that out of all the years on TV, compared to itself, it was the least impresive. Overall this show consistantly gives the goods, from acting, to plot point and 'guest' stars to clifhangers! All solid! I will follow J.J.Abrahms and/or Jennifer Garner anywhere. I can't wait for 'What about Brain' next season, after all I loved Felicity!
  • The spy game at it's best! Jennifer Garner really runs the show. Strong Action, and Plot give the characters a chance to involve the viewers to a level on par with The Sopranos, Deadwood, Lost and Nip/Tuck. The First Three seasons are a must, with a seaso

    Alias Rocks! The first three seasons are really strong. The fourth season is the worst year. However just like The Sopranos, a 'weak' season doesn't make it bad. It just means that out of all the years on TV, compared to itself, it was the least impresive. Overall this show consistantly gives the goods, from acting, to plot point and 'guest' stars to clifhangers! All solid! I will follow J.J.Abrahms and/or Jennifer Garner anywhere. I can't wait for 'What about Brain' next season, after all I loved Felicity!
  • The spy game at it's best! Jennifer Garner really runs the show. Strong Action, and Plot give the characters a chance to involve the viewers to a level on par with The Sopranos, Deadwood, Lost and Nip/Tuck. The First Three seasons are a must, with a seaso

    Alias Rocks! The first three seasons are really strong. The fourth season is the worst year. However just like The Sopranos, a 'weak' season doesn't make it bad. It just means that out of all the years on TV, compared to itself, it was the least impresive. Overall this show consistantly gives the goods, from acting, to plot point and 'guest' stars to clifhangers! All solid! I will follow J.J.Abrahms and/or Jennifer Garner anywhere. I can't wait for 'What about Brain' next season, after all I loved Felicity!
  • Excellent spy fantasy. Great entertainment, but not without some minor cringes when reality is bent.

    If you've ever read and enjoyed a spy-adventure novel, then Alias is the show for you. Or, if you just like action with an attractive female lead, Alias is a show for you.

    Truth be told, Alias is an extemely engaging (if not confusing) show. There's no such thing as a "quick review" of the characters and/or plot that'll make it stand out. You just have to watch. And abc does a very good job of getting you to watch. The series opener was over an hour long - and aired uninterupted. The pilot itself will remind you more of a movie than a tv show, but it will likely hook you into the series. It ends with Sydney Bristow becoming a double agent for the cia - she works to take down a criminal organization she was decieved into thinking was cia black ops.

    That may seem confusing, but it all comes full circle. Sydney's life is crazy - she already is lying to all her friends about her job, now she must take it even further by not telling her co-workers they are working for traitors. Another sub-plot is that of Milo Rembaldi: supposedly a renniansance era architect, inventor and prophet. He created technologies that were far ahead of his time; some still past modern times. His predictions have all come true. Because he was regarded as a heritic, he was killed and the majority of his work destroyed. Before his death, he gathered many followers and his most important inventions were saved. Fast-forward to the 21st century, and the race for his technologies is full of espionage, criminal and government agencies, and death.

    There are many more sub-plots, most revolving around Sydney, but the supporting cast gets their fair share of screen time and side plots. The main cast is very well developed (almost to a fault, see below) and strongly acted. All of the subplots tie-in nicely; none seem disposable or unwanted when compared to the grand scheme. My personal favorites involve Jack Bristow (Sydney's father, also involved in intellegence), who is possibly TV's current best tough guy. His actions are calculated with incredible coldness, even with his age he is a much feared figure. His lines and actions are always the ones you will be talking about later with your friends - he's just that good.

    The show also uses guest stars to their full potential. It makes sense in the world of intelligence, how you may only see certain allies or enemies rarely. Quentin Tarantino, Ethan Hawke, Christan Slater, Vivica A. Fox, and David Carradine are just a few of the recognizable faces to make appearances on the show. You might think that their presence could be written off as just a cheap ratings grab, but each has solidly left their mark on the world of Alias - and most have come back to make another.

    The show has just finished off it's 4th season, and it is losing some of it's luster, unfortunately. Since the start of the show, only 2 main characters has been killed off, and only one other character written out. The departure of a specific two leaves the series without Sydney's home life - all the main cast are involved in the CIA (friendly or otherwise). Some of the characters have grown stale, and enough new ones have not been introduced. The series has also grown into some unfortunate cliches that could it could do well without. The main characters have each survived a ridiculus amount of gunfire, rarely getting hit. At the same time, countless CIA teams have been wiped out - with the sole survivor being a major cast member. Gets boring after the nth time. The Rembaldi sub-plot has also gone from being an anchient mystery of technology and intrigue to something that would fit better in Stargate: SG1. It seems a little out of place and hard to take seriously.

    But alas, I nitpick. For every cringe I mention, there are many more moments of blissful entertainment. The show still packs a good punch, and it does frequently have outstanding episodes. The serious is notorious for it's cliffhangers, for better or worse. The first season found a cliffhanger for nearly every episode, which has slowed down some (to keep you on your toes), except for the season finales - the cliff you hang off of is seemingly a bottomless chasm.

    To sum it up: Alias is a near must-watch. If you don't start fromt the begining you will only sell yourself short; the experience is well worth it.
  • First Looks Can Kill! Especially if the first look is Sidney Bristow's look.

    "Alias" is a fantastic show about how Sidney Bristow tries to defend her country and know the mysterious truth about her family.

    This show is just great!
    Ass-kicking, bikinis, action, drama, humor (oh yes even Quentin Tarantino is in an episode), and romance. This show has it all! No wonder why Tarantino (director of "Pulp Fiction" and the two "Kill Bill" volumes) loves this show. Although "24" is slightly stronger, I would agree that the characters in "Alias" are much better, as you get to know them more. I would also agree that Sidey is more of a 'hero' than Jack Bauer. Watch this beautiful monster save the world!

    Similar Shows:
    "24"- Jack has to save his family and country, too, but it is much more difficult. He only has one day to do it. Both shows started the same year, won similar awards, and have characters called Jack. This show, you'll love, too.
  • Since I practically work 24/7, I have to rent it on DVD. This is cool because because at least one day a month I'll watch an entire season of a popular show with no commercial interuptions. I feel good when I watch Alias. Just my speed.

    I don't over analyze a fantasy show. I like to enjoy the storyline, characters, plot and yes, on how cool the wardrobe is. Alias is just plain enjoyable to me. I love the fact that Sydney (no matter how unbelievable the character would be in real life) is a sort of female super-hero to me. She's smart, pretty, down-to-earth and yet tough as nails. Although I don't believe she's ever broken I feel empowered in some way when I watch Alias. It gives me the fantasy that in the "real world" I, as a woman, can be pretty, smart, sexy, and kick some A-- too. I've only seen season 1 @ 3/4 of season 2 but I'm hooked. I'm puzzled how she rarely shows battle-scars. Maybe she has great cover-up & foundation but I know that after a work-out, at least my eyeliner needs refreshing. Oops! I over-analyzed a fantasy show. It's NOT REAL. I'm new to this "just shut-up & enjoy the movie" business. I won't talk tech or acting skills about Alias. I enjoy the show and that's all that matters. I hope they get picked-up for another season. I can't wait for anther Alias marathon!
  • A great, suspenseful TV show written by one of the best out there in J.J. Abrams. It's plot twists and storyline turns are outstanding and the great ensemble cast lead by Jennifer Garner make this show amust watch every week

    I'll be completely honest with everyone when I say that I watched the pilot of this show for one reason and one reason only...Jennifer Garner is gorgeous. However, I was absolutely hooked after watching the 2 hour premiere. The plot is ever twisting and there are always secrets being withheld that shock most everyone. Much credit is also given to the incredible ending of the 4th season finale
  • This is a great show with great action! I love this show!

    This is such a great show... I was never home on Wed. nigth... So I would set the Tivo, and watch the same episode mabye 2 or 3 times that next week!

    Watch the new season if you get a chance.

    What an enjoyable show... and JJ is so smart for this and Lost. Both are great shows.

    He really saved ABC
  • Ratings wise, it is underappreciated. Although the core audience does appreciate this marvel.

    Although it lost its ways with stand alone weak episodes at the beginning of the fourth season, it quickly picked itself up and finished with a bang (or a crash). The reason Alias only gets a 9.5 is because JJ Abrahms, the producer, creator, and sometimes director, focuses more on shocking the audience then he does making sure the storylines actually make sense. Also, someone in Sydney's place would not share an emotional moment with Sloane ( a la the end of Before The Flood). However this show is hilarious, superbly acted and Jennifer Garner is just plain hottness. Period.
  • Alias is quite possibly the best spy thriller of all-time. The outstanding cast, incredible writing, and heart-pounding suspense it brings to the screen every week is unmatched by any other show on television.

    Alias will not only challenge you to keep up with all its storylines and plot twists, it will leave you in a state of shock when one secret is revealed and another is created. I've gotten used to sitting at the edge of my seat while watching this show because the anticipation it creates for the very next scene is amazing. Whether it's sneaking into a heavily guarded building or running an undercover mission to intercept a nuclear weapon, no other show will do it better than Alias.

    The two main powerplants of a successful show are the actors and the writers. With Alias, you get the best of both worlds. Jennifer Garner is the star and deserves a ton of credit, but everyone around her has done a brilliant job of making the fantasy spyworld believeable. With J.J. Abrams and his crew running the ship, Alias is destined to have a bright future.
  • Very addictive and such a great show !

    My favourite show, from the moment I saw the pilot I was hooked. Every episode is like watching a long great movie, so much happens, quick but very good to keep up with. Even the intro alone feels like a complete episode.
    Really, I wouldn't know how one could improve it, the acting is great, as is the storyline. Classic cliffhanger endings.
    Too bad I have to rely on Amazon and haven't seen any of season 4 yet ( so I don't know - nor want to know yet - what is going to happen ). That said, one of the advantages of the DVD's is : no commercials, and you don't have to wait a whole week to see what will happen.
  • Now four seasons old, "Alias" shows the life of Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) as a spy. "Alias" brings Sydney everywhere around the world, but also shows all the trust issues she has to deal with, especially her father Jack (Victor Garber) and her form

    When "Alias" started, the Pilot immediatly seduced me. The show was fast paced, benefitted of talented actors (especially Jennifer Garner, Ron Rifkin and Victor Garber) who portayed complex characters, aswell as good directing and of course, a good storyline. I was also seduced by the fact that the series showed this character, Sydney Bristow, in extraordinary situations, which made her look like a superhero, but also showed her life at home, with her friends Will (Bradley Cooper) and Francie (Merrin Dungey), which made her more human and therefore made the series almost believable. I say "almost" because in the Pilot, the series already clearly states that it does not take place in "the real world", but it is not a supernatural show either. The Pilot therefore set up the series in a clear and decent way, and easily managed to make me want to see the rest of the season.

    The first season was of a very high level, especially for a first season. The show kept up its fast pace and just kept getting better and better by the episode, and prooved how intelligent and mysterious it was by hiding the number 47 somewhere in every episode, and kept the viewer hoocked because of the clever system of cliffhangers at the end of each episode, which immediatly made me want to see the next episode. After a superb season finale, I had definitly become a fan of the series.

    Then, the second season started, and what can I say, it was probably one of the most amazing seasons of any series ever. The season premiere introduced the character of Sydney mother, Irina (played by the amazing Lena Olin), probably THE most complex and fascinating character of the show. During that season, the series did something that is very rarely risked on a television series: it took the entire world we had gotten to know and explore, and completly reversed it, and all this in the very middle of the season. The episode all this took place in is "Phase One", which is today considered as one of the best episodes of the series. After an absolutly amazing season, the season finale ended on an extremely bizarre cliffhanger, where Sydney seemed to have missed two years of her life, not knowing why or what happened to her. After this exceptionnal season ender, I couldn't wait for season 3.

    Unfortunatly, season 3 was quite a disappointment. The first half of the season was pretty good, and promised several good things for the second half. But in the second half of season 3, "Alias" seemed to lose itself in too many of these prophecies, and started getting ridiculous. The introduction of Sydney's long lost half sister, Nadia (Mia Maestro), for example, wasn't very convincing and is more something I would expect to see on a show like "Charmed"! The season finale was also a big disappointment, and the cliffhanger was...well, let's just say it the 3 month wait between season 2 and season 3 and 1000 times harder than the 7 month wait between season 3 and season 4. After this rather disappointing third season, I certainly wasn't expecting much of season 4...

    And as expected, the fourth season was very, very bad. None of the episodes seemed to be linked, and there was no main storylines. Despite some "good" episodes in the second part of the season (for example "Pandora", "Another Mister Sloane", "The Descent" and especially "Search and Rescue", which was the best episode of the season), overall, the season was just plain bad. Thank God the actors still delivered good performances... The last few episodes of the season showed some improvement, probably due to the reintroduction of the Irina Derevko character, and the season finale was "ok". It was definitly better than the season finale of season 3, but wasn't exceptionnal like the first two... However, it featured quite an interesting cliffhanger, which, I have to say, really makes me want to see season 5.

    I do not know what to expect of season 5. I do not believe it will be anything special, but I hope it will be better than the last two seasons. Unfortunatly, Jennifer Garner's pregnancy is not a very good sign (for the series of course), and the cliffhanger, with Vaughn (Michael Vartan) revealing that his name is not actually Michael Vaughn, can bring the series in any direction, good or bad... I guess we'll see this fall!

    Overall, "Alias" used to be quality television, but has over the past two years become something pretty...decieving. Let's hope season 5 raises the level!
  • 7 years ago I was recruited by a secret branch of the CIA called sd-6. I was sworn to secrecy, but I couldn't keep it from my fiance, and when the head of sd-6 found out, he had him killed. That's when I learned the truth.

    I am a big fan of Alias, i still remember when i first watch it, i was very excited because it's been ages since i seen action-series, i know now there's load of them about now but at that time there weren't any.

    i really like the fact she(Sidney) was a student and an agent, then we learned that she been lied to she works for an organisation called SD-6 who were rouge agency. The head of SD-6 was Arvin Slone, one of my favourite bad guys in the show however at the end of S2 and start of S3 he becomes bit of both good/bad .
    We also meet Sidney father who's an agent. i like him also but the link of him as double agent was confusing. it's get a lot more compicated then this when we are introduced to her mother Irena, she married Jack (Sidney father) to get intel on CIA, she was an KGB agent. If this isn't compicated enough we also learn that fact as a child Sidney was trained to be an agent under project Christmas.

    Have i still got your attension, ok at the end of season 1 CIA have taken over SD-6 and shut it down. Irena surrender to the CIA so that she can be with her daugher and it was nice but since this is a spy-series you knew that she would escape. She did.

    Now we introduced to Ramandi plot at the start of season 2, season 1 plot was sd-6 storyline , He predict this women who look remarkable like Sidney to bring world peace and Slone become addicted to find it and no matter what the cost, he finds this and decided to become a better person opening world health organisation.
    These spy-triller must have a bad guy, In these series it comes in a form of Sark, one of most best villians i have seen in spy-show, he really shines at begaining of Season 3 with Laren as his side-kick, i got to be honest when we found out Laren, i didn't like her but when writer gave her a bad girl roles, she didn't disappoint.
  • Sydney Bristow will own you.

    Somehow I never got into this show when it first aired. Man, do I really regret that now.

    I have started watching the seasons on DVD so that I can watch season 5 when it begins. Im am two episodes away from finishing the first season and I already am in love with this show.

    The plot is incredible. Every episode leaves you wanting more, usually with very well timed cliffhangers. The plot twists are very creative and imaginative. The action scenes are extremely fun.

    In other words, this show has it all. It is such a pleasure to watch good tv like Alias.
  • One of the best shows I have ever seen, it keeps getting better and better every season. I can't wait to watch the next episode every week.

    This is definitly one of the best shows I have ever seen, and certaintly the best of it's type. The first season was the best, in my opinion. Every season it has an excellent twisting plot and plenty of action. My entire family sits down and watches the show every week, and then discusses what could possible happen the next week.

    Sidney is an excellent main character and a great spy. Every episode is filled with suspence and action in the spy-filled world of Alias. Sloan is a great bad guy (or good...) and leaves us guessing as to what he intends to do next.

    All in all this is a great show, and is number 1 on my list.
  • Spys, costumes and Jennifer Garner kicking ass.

    Best show I've ever seen. J.J Abrams never ceases to amaze me with his brilliance. The show is always entertaining but never lets the viewer get too comfortable with the plot. You're always thinking about where the show could go next and then you're totally astounded with the next twist in the plot. Everything builds on previous shows so the real enjoyment comes from being a longtime fan.
  • Alias is Awesome. There.

    I only recently started watching Alias. Since the fourth episode of the fourth season actually. And after about the sixth, we got all the dvd's and watched them over the course of a month (It was really hard, but the other people in my family can't marathon watch quite like I can). I've read that this kind of instant addiction has happened to alot of people this year who turned to this show as just "Something to watch after Lost that is NOT American Idol," and that kind of thing doesn't happen with very many other shows. Okay, I'm done. 100 words exactly. Oops, I screwed it up.

    I'm horrible at this. ^_^
  • Alias

    I loved Alias ever since I was an 11 year old and my dad watched it, I used to be sent to bed half way through an episode and i can remeber doing this right back at teh begginning of the first serason. As I got older I used to be more daring, in the later part of season one I had a TV in my room and it was the summer hoklidays so I was allowed to watch TV, i wasn't supposed top watch all of Alias but i always did, just because I loved the show so much. My parents wanted to knwo why I watched it becuase I used to come down stairs all scared after watching an episode but what they didn't know is that it was just the most amazing show I had ever watched. Eventually the first season ended and I moved to Australia and a lot had changed I had to wait what must have been about a year before I got the chance to watch the second season but I remeber how awesome it was watching that first episode and how I watched again 2 days later.
    To me Alias could never have a flaw and while it was on I thought season 3 was just as good as every other, only now with the perspective I have can i see it did veer of track at one point, but it didn't matter, it was Alias and I couldn't see what was wrong with it.
    After Alias went on it's hiatus after season 3, I discovered new shows and Alias once again sluipped on my favourites list, only because of it's absense and it was during that time I discovered I had access to American television. When Alias retunred for that 4th season I was ack watching it and it became my favoutrite show all over again, and feeling great because I'm the only one here who's watching it. I spend heaps of my time just obsessing over this show, it's probably not healthy, there just something about it...
  • Jennifer Garner is ridiculously hot and shows it off with tight suits and guns in Alias.

    The show Alias has one of the hottest women in the world on it. It has Jennifer Garner. This is the real reason any guy watches it, I assure you. Here are some reasons why the show stays on the air. 1.) Jennifer Garner is way too hot. 2.) Jennifer Garner can act as well 3.) Jennifer Garner shows off her flexibility, weapon skill, and hottness in the show. Basically the show should be called Jennifer Garner.
  • Before the Flood: Destiny fulfilled?

    A prophecy comes to fruition, two sets of sisters square off, Sydney says yes, Jacks tries to add more fun into his life and an unexpected crash leaves unanswered questions…cliffhanger ending, oh
    yea baby…all in a days work.

    Besides the obvious Resident Evil/28 Days Later/Dawn of the Dead/Night of the Living Dead \"infected\"/Zombie movie rip off, someone ending up behind bars (not a surprise that it was Sloane and I called it, maybe he is a \"good\" guy after all), and Irina\'s escape (but the world is a much more interesting place with her in it) the
    season finale delivered. Sure Bradley Cooper aka Will never showed, but Lauren wasn\'t raised from the dead either. And Nadia is left infected with no cure? Whatever, can\'t they just inject her with
    that Rambaldi serum that apparently worked wonders on Freplica (and probably Sloane himself though that was never really addressed)?

    The Rambaldi prophecy thoroughly entertained. Whether or not \"cleansing\" the world was his ultimate endgame or Elena\'s, it was a compelling and gratifying way to wrap up several years of
    clues. The blood red horse and the fallen angel imagery gave me goosebumps, especially when recited in Irina\'s serious tone. But, as
    it sometimes happens, the prophecy was not meant to be taken literally…apparently there is always wiggle room in one\'s destiny for if Sloane hadn\'t arrived on the roof when he did, Sydney - The
    Chosen One – would have been strangled by Nadia. Guess even saviors need help from sidekicks. And the great battle between the two sisters - certainly not that great. As for Elena, she never evoked ultimate evil status as have past bad guys and her \"I\'ve waited five years for this\" was no where near as affective in stunning me as
    were Irina\'s, \"I\'ve waited 30 years for this\" statement a few seasons ago. However, her ultimate end coming by her sister and her
    ex (though you know they still have feelings for each other) teaming up together was quite gratifying.

    Weiss and Marshall proved their worth and deserve a pay raise and a few extra vacation days. With no office leadership (Chase in DC, Dixon hospitalized, Sloane on the lam, Jack attempting to stop the apocalypse), they didn\'t need to be told what to do but instead took
    it on themselves to find a way to stop the uplink. Their quick thinking, poor Russian and that Blackwell Index certainly came in handy…and how.

    It\'s well known that Sydney\'s compassion for her family and accelerated level of empathy can be a detriment in her profession but in the case of saying yes to Vaughn she chooses to not wait
    until the pending apocalypse is behind them and she happily pledges her love and future to Vaughn. As she ascends in the elevator, she
    toys with her new ring and you can\'t help but think that even though she\'s in a red hued hell visions of white dresses and champagne are
    dancing in her head.

    But, J.J. is of the Joss Whedon mentality that happy couples do not equate to good drama or ratings so it came as no surprise that Irina
    would cryptically mention to Vaughn to \"tell Sydney\", and begin their life with no secrets. You gotta love Irina\'s timing…infected
    zombie killers on the rampage but she finds a few moments to get Vaughn alone and give advice. Thus, Irina\'s revelation that Vaughn
    had a secret spoiled his admission in the car that he isn\'t who Sydney thinks he is. The car crash, however, shocked me silly. What a way to end the season.

    So who is Vaughn? After four years of courtship, J.J. is going to alienate several fans if he makes the entire relationship a sham.
    So, is he a bad guy, \"depends on how you look at it\". Can Sydney learn to live with it? Kaplan\'s wife did. But maybe Vaughn isn\'t a plant in the sense that Irina, Lauren and Kaplan\'s wife was. Irina claimed he looked like his father, and she also knew he had a secret, so could Vaughn be the opposite of Vaughn Senior? If Vaughn Senior was a true follower of Rambaldi and stole baby Nadia from Irina and gave her to Elena so she could play her part when the time came, then maybe Vaughn was placed in Sydney\'s life to keep her on
    the path of destroying Rambaldi\'s and at time, Sloane and Irina\'s plan. Maybe all Vaughn did was play a part in order to guaranty that Sydney participated in her aspect of the prophecy. And maybe that is why Vaughn was so distraught when he found out about Lauren\'s duplicitous nature…because he was duped while he was doing the

    So the question becomes, not who is the real Vaughn but who does he work for? Which also makes one wonder if the crash was somehow related to Vaughn\'s almost honesty or if it was just a bit of bad driving and bad timing.

    And what will Jack do when he finds out?

    So happy summer to everyone and happy pondering!

    FYI - I used to review Alias as Gingerbreadgirl on, but now I\'m cmk714.
  • Great Spy show mixed with intense action, drama, and mystery.

    This is one of the best shows I have ever watched. The actors are great and they all have great chemistry I watched the Season 2 finale in a repeat and have been hooked ever since. It great action and suspense this past season always left me wanting more. It also has a great love story to go along with everything else. The best spy show I have ever watched!
  • Although inconsistent in it's 3rd and 4th seasons, Alias has proved to be one of the finest shows in television history with it's complex story arcs, great characters, and exciting action.

    I didn't watch Alias when it first premiered because the summaries called it a "chick spy show from the creator of Felicity," which was a complete turn-off to me. If I had just watched the pilot I would have immediately seen what an amazing show Alias is. I must have heard good things about it during the season, and when the first season finale aired, I watched it and was immediately hooked. Over the summer, I caught up as well as I could with the reruns, and haven't missed an episode since.

    Many people have said the show has declined in its third and fourth seasons after peaking with an absolutely knock-out second season. I would agree with this to a degree, but I think it has been exaggerated. Season three was really up and down and season four started very slow only to come back in it's second half with a whopper of a plotline and the celebrated return of a character long thought never to return.

    If you haven't seen Alias I strongly encourage you to get your hands on a Season 1 DVD set and try it out. But you have to watch it all in order or you'll be lost. If you like shows with complex, serialized plots and great character drama, then this is the ultimate show for you.
  • Sydney Bristow works as an undercover agent, who struggles with her own family relationships, as she realizes that her entire family is a part of the CIA.

    At one point, I looked forward to each and every episode of ALIAS that was on television. The show had smart plots, well-engineered stories, and characters that seemed real, innovative, and as if they each had something new to bring to television. The second season ended with the departure of Lena Olin, which marked the beginning of the show' large descent into mediocrity. The third and fourth seasons were nothing short of uninteresting, and the writers have begun to scramble at the hope of re-incarnating the original set-up of the show. Jennifer Garner plays a hip CIA agent that works in an undercover-ops program to stop other governments. How unoriginal! Hopefully, the fifth (and possibly final) season improves where the show has recently been lacking.
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