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  • So derivative that it actually hurts Is it La Femme Nikita? Is it Dark Angel? Is it Charlie's Angels? Is it Mission Impossible? Is it the conspiracy thread from X Files?

    No! It's the worst bits of all of the above. Although to be fair, it's overwhelmingly Nikita, even down to the angst ridden protagonist.

    What more needs to be said? Well, on the plus side, Alias has the courage to end on cliffhangers, which makes for an interesting change. That's about it though. The acting is sadly mediocre. The main character is bland and uninteresting, and (as with Dark Angel) the actress has clearly been cast to fit a preconceived look (collagen-lips-on-stilts in this case) and not for any particular acting ability. That's a damn shame, especially when you consider that X Files showed that you don't *have* to cast valley girls to attract viewers.

    The supporting cast demonstrates that you get what you pay for, although what John Hannah is doing slumming it in this mess is beyond me. The blaring score jars with the attempts at genuine tension and drama, and they are so keen to showcase the star's mediocre physical skills just because they can that they never pause to wonder if they *should*. Leave the kickboxing to Buffy, guys, it's essentially frivilous and fantastical and ruins the pretentions towards a gritty feel that you insist on putting on.

    Alias gives you no reason to care about its protagonist, other than the artificial Saturday Serial cliffhangers. On tha basis alone, it should be consigned to the archives as soon as possible. Unfortunately, audiences and critics aren't just tolerating it for being the least-bad of the current slew of Men In Black shows, they are rather sadly confusing least-bad with actively good. I guess that means that we get exactly the quality of show that we deserve. Sad, sad, sad.
  • Good argument with lack of military advisors

    I followed this show for some time and tried not to miss even one chapter. The argument was very good, really, with strange objects with some kind of powers, and Jennifer Garner had my attention all the time. Mostly with that changes of image and clothes.

    But when armed action appeared they committed absurd errors and behaved as true novices. If i were their boss they all, including Sidney, will be fired.

    That's the reason for the 6. Why don't they use someone for military advice? Why they do so good work with the argument and then fail so much with the action scenes?
  • This show is a BIG WASTE OF TIME!!

    Alias is a stupid show about girl named Sydney Bristow and she fights bad guys off. I think it's cool seeing a girl kick guys' butts, but it is very stupid and stuff.Her outfits are not fashionably right, her dad is a psycho, and her boyfriend is a lier. To top that off, she is working for a dude that has not really changed and all. Alias needs better actors, better story lines, and better make-up.
  • This show couldnt be any worse

    I hate Jennifer Garner, and I hope that her and Ben fail miserably. Poor Ben has to put up with this dumb poop eater. I would rather watch poop in a toilet than watch her act. Her movies suck as well as her tv show. I hope it gets cancelled and that she goes on drinking binge and becomes an alchoholic.
  • I can just say that this tv show is the worst piece of crap i have ever seen. No way in hell that a girl like her can kick ass with guy that she does. And no way any agency would give here job, more like a model agency.
    I can just say that this tv show is the worst piece of crap i have ever seen.

    No way in hell that a girl like her can kick ass with guy that she does.

    And no way any agency would give here job, more like a model agency.

    Worst show

  • Um red hair ?what the efff!

    Heres the reveiw ...some chick ...action ....ummm red hair what the eff is with the red hair shes like i must infiltrate the base and crap then itts like RED HAIR!!In your face the whole show is completely usless !!!(unlike family guy)Shes got some good movies thats it but now a days who doest have good movie like million dollar baby there was like 800 people who credited for a good movie.what im trying to say with all this ranting and whining is that i need to fill the 100 word limits so im writin this ok now..This show sucks(and is homosexual)thank you for choosing the mikey man rant system good bye.
  • Reprisal and All the Time in the World - Alias, which started with a bang, has ended with a whimper.

    I was very disappointed in the finale. I absolutely HATE that they killed Jack off and that Irina ended as evil. Also, they promised to answer all the questions and I have to say that they failed to keep that promise. The biggest unanswered question of all is: What the hell was Rambaldi up to and why did he set all that crap in motion in the first place?

    Other thoughts I have about the finale:

    I'm glad Sark survived in the end and that he showed some human feeling.

    Sloane deserves his fate - but I would have preferred him dead.

    I don't care about Tom committing suicide via bomb. He was a weak character from the start.

    I never cared for Rachel until the finale, but she finally seemed likable to me. I laughed appreciatively at the under-wire bit. Ah, the joys of being a girl.

    I loved Peyton's snake-induced confessions, which I feel is very poetic as she's such a snake herself. But what happened to her in the end?

    I agree with those who have noted that the "drop ICBMs on D.C. and London to profit on the rebuilding" plot line was lame and unworthy of Alias.

    All in all, it was a sorry ending to a sorry season. Alias deserved better. When it started it was so awesomely perfect! From the premiere episode, I was enthralled. But it lost steam toward the end. It slipped in my estimation in season 4 to the extent that a cartoon - on Nickelodeon, no less - replaced it as my number one favorite show. Well, I'll hang on to the memory of those early days which were the best the small screen has ever known.

    R.I.P. Alias, I'll never forget you.
  • Only better than Baywatch

    This is like seeing Mission Impossible on TV. Too much unbelievable stuffs (or too much hitech stuffs) plus beautiful girls replacing Tom Cruise. Good to watch once in a while but would change the channel for a better movie or commedy show. If you liked Mission Impossible too much, you might like Alias.

    I liked Mía Maestro as Nadia better than Jennifer Garner. She is much prettier but yes she need to get better in acting.
  • It's about a spy?

    I only watched because I was flipping through channels and I saw some really hot chick kicking ass. That chick is Jennifer Garner. I kinda went through a month long Alias phase. It didn't last long because I soon found out the show's not that great. It had it's good moments but was never a great show. The biggest story was the fact that the lead characters were dating, Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan. To be honest, I feel the only reason it was watched was for the romance but they put it out there as a show about a strong woman. It was misleading but never the less I liked the show.
  • Alias has got to be one of the worst shows on TV!!!.

    Alias .... Alias, where do I even start? It totally sucks!. The jist of the show is basically a half-way attractive girl who's a terrible actress running around playing dress up and having some "fun" with her boyfriend. I can't see how people wouldn't get tired of the same old same old week after week after week since o1'!!!. Doesnt anyone think that's a little bit dumb?. Oh, the season finally was horrible as well, I don't know what went through peoples heads when they decided to make this show... Thank God for ABC's 'Lost'! ! ! ! ! !.
  • ALIAS - Ripley has to gank a bunch of monsters on a distant mining colony in space, oh wait that was ALIENS. ALIAS is like 24 but with bad actors and a nonsence plots about prophecys and unicorns. Think 24 mixed with Charmed and your almost there...

    If you havent seen alias beforethen here's what happens EVERY episode:-

    Sydney (a disturbingly ugly girl) dresses up in fancy dress and goes to a party/club/mansion and breaks into an upstairs room and steals something, then gets caught for around 8 mins before escaping and going back to HQ for a good cry.

    show starts off with her working for the bad guys who she thinks are good then shes working for the bad guys undercover for the good guys then when they finnally take down the bad guys they decide to make the head bad guy in charge of the new good guy HQ (ok someone in head office is smoking the crack pipe again). When you find out what the plot is after watching the show for far too many series you find its all about some prophecy from god knows when with super high tech safes containing ancient wooden machines that are even harder to unlock than safes just to give off a crappy peice of paper that is basically an arrow to the next safe.

    Add a gay techno beat from start to finish, some actors who cant make facial expressions and talk like stephen hawking on valium and you have ALIAS.
  • A dissapointing show that continues to show flashes of brillance only to shoot itself in the foot.

    One of the biggest dissapointments of the year. After last years dissapointing fourth season the show looked to be picking up steam heading into the season finale. However, with the additions of a new cast and the loss of series mainstays Alias has become a show clearly on its last legs. It seems the writers have just given up and constantly thrown surprises of new characters in to make up for lack of creativity.(Lorne season 3, Nadia Season 4, and Rachel and others in season 5) Jennifer Garner is a talented actress, as is Victor Garber and Ron Rifkin, but with these characters playing insagnificant roles (Garber) or reprising the same role of the villian (Rifkin) that leaves Garner to herself. The pregnancy storyline, while significant could have been handled better. I would have taken it much better if the action parts of the story centered around Michael Vartan instead of a new cast. I do not see this show surviving past the season unless another major overhal is done and quick.
  • Overrated

    What a crappy show. Might as well make it into porn. The show rides on the fact that Jennifer Garner is in skimpy outfits most of the time. The acting and storyline is horrible. Save yourself sometime don't watch this show. Watching this show makes me want to kill myself.
  • 1st season:This is awesome now: what the....

    The first time I watched this show I thought man this going to be one **** of a show. Now what the heck happened. In the second season the whole thing just started to get stupider and stupider. Without the double agent thing going on the whole thing became a plain out waste of my time. The writers need to get better, fired, or something just make this show as good as it was. I will never watch a show that starts off good. There is no way a show with a good begining should just become a peice of crap come on.
  • All the time in the world (2) Sydney, Jack and Vaughn must stop Irina, Sarke and Sloane from destroying the world.

    I really thought that with the amount of drama and time put into the Rambaldi Prophocies I thought that for the last episode things would all be explained. We only got about five minutes to reallise that in the end all Sloane wanted was to be imortal. Thats what he had been chasing all thase years.

    It also never explained who the old man was at San Cielo (the prison where Sydney gets the Rose) I mean when he says 'he told you would come'did he mean Rambaldi or just the guy before him waiting to see when Sydney turned up to give her the rose (it was a necklace used to find where Rambaldis endgame would be played).

    The last thing I have to say is that I'm sorry Nadia was killed it would have given Alias a more emotional deapth as at the end of the show it just shows Sydney, Vaughn, there son Jack and daughter Isabelle and friend Dixon walking off down a beach. What kind of ending is that. Normally there is somekind of voice over or something telling you what happened as I would have liked to know what happened to Prphet 5 and all the other terrorist organisations that where controlled by them. Where they brought down? Or just absorbed into other organisations?

    I give it a 5/10 as Alias is over and done with but in my opinion it wasn't ended well.

    luv emma
  • The last episode of alias was alittle quick

    They spent quite a bit of time actually writing the first few years this was hurry up and get it over with more fake than usual It was obvious that Sloane was going to live forever...What was the point of the happy ever after I am surprised Jack didn\\\'t come back to life too Also could they have found a different actress to play Sydney as a little girl and Sydneys little girl at least put her in period clothing I really liked this show at first but found this final very dissapointing Jenifer Gardner was good as usual its the writing that was poor
  • Im not here to slag this show off, it has some very good strong points, but there are substantial poor areas, which other similar shows such as 24 or prison break manage to do much strongly.

    I own the boxsets to all seasons, and there are areas which are deeply shocking and very entertaining, particularly with the earlier seasons. However, the outrageous plot is simply stupid in areas, particularly with irina and how one of her friends was genetically copied. These, although on the screen are shocking and entertaining, switching on a brain cell will tell you the main character/enemies will just be duplicated. This approach means the show generally leaves more questions open than it answers, which is an excuse to continually watch episodes, however represents generally little value, considering it is ultimately very predicable. Dont get me wrong there were some areas which i enjoyed substantially, the costume and special effects are on par with 24, and the location rendering is also interesting. Perhaps the biggest flaw of this programme, is that the fundamental purpose of everything was centred on ramboldi, who i had very little interest in.
  • This show is, unfourtunatly, losing ground!

    It is sad to think that Alias is coming to an end, really isn't like it used to be. Season one and two were the best! After SD-6 went down, it really wasn't as suspenseful and fun like it used to be. It used to leave me begging for more but now, I don't really care if I miss a few episodes. I mean Sloane was bad, now he's good. Suddenly Sydney has a sister, a lot of the original cast has been killed off. Plus, she's pregnant, which good for Jennifer, but there is no more action it has turned more into a soap opera with a gun. Too bad it didn't have one more season to really kick things back up into gear.
  • Pretty people, bad plot

    This show used to be incredible! I loved the first few seasons, with its great cliffhangers, wonderful plot, actors and actresses that are fun to watch. It looks like all the good actors have seen this bad season coming and jumped ship while they could. Even the opening title has changed to include all the actors' pictures, making it obvious that even Garner has seen the end of this as a flop and is leaving. Once she's gone, this new girl is going to try and fill her shoes? Not gonna happen. I still watch it, but more like watching a trainwreck than a once beloved show.
  • Started with a punch and ended with a limp wrist

    I didn't even begin watching Alias until midway through season 3 and on a sickday, i was fumbling around in my DVD closet and stumbled across season one that a friend had given my roommate. I had never seen it and thought i'd give it a go. By the time the day had ended, i'd watch half of season one and was eager to finish the rest of the season. Alias had a way of really engaging your interests from the first second until the end of each episode. it was exciting and intriguing and the characters were written so well that you really cared about what happened with them. every episode ended with a great cliffhanger and kept you coming back for more. Season two started and wasn't as good as season one, but was still amazingly exciting. then season three came about and the formula changed. it turned into a soap opera with some excitement tacked on for good measure. i watched all three seasons and then when season four started, the writers were quoted as saying that they were back to the formula of season one. well, that didn't happen and i quit watching altogether. it's been on hiatus since Garner had her baby and will apparently finish the last 10 episodes with a bang. i may watch just for the fun and see if it really will end well, for good. let's hope so.
  • James bond for tv? sort of...

    I started watching Alias based on a recommendation from a friend. I didn't know what to expect from his description 'about a girl who works for the CIA'. The series has generally a very good story with a bit of humour and likable characters thrown in. Quite a lot of action and some terrific international scenery (is it real?). If it weren't for a couple of minor grudges I would have rated it higher, but even so it is still a must watch series. The grudges: technically impossible things happen such as extrapolating detailed images from non-existant data... and the really wierd soap-style relation between some of the characters.
  • Going downhill fast!

    The show is going downhill pretty fast
    A lot is because it was sandwiched in a very tough Thursday night time slot
    As well as the fifth season, about 95% of the old shows get tiring after awhile
    But at least Jennifer Garner will have a great movie career to fall back on
    As she is talented as well as beautiful
    So don't cry for her or for the other members of the cast
    As they all got potential post-Alias IMO!
  • gnhghj

    this is one of those shows that comes along every once in a while but never gets the love from the masses. Not only is the acting great but the writing was top notch. The lives of the characters and how they are all intertwined brings never-ending excitement and suspense to this incredible series created by J.J. Abrams.

    Personally I can't get enough of the show and after watching every episode more than once I'm still connecting the dots and finding new subplots. That's the great thing about this show, no matter how many times you watch you will always find something new in the storyline and something new to love about it.
  • Bristow starts off working for bad-guys who say they're good-guys. She learns the truth and makes the switch. She works as a double-agent until the bad-guys are shut down. Now she's working as a real CIA agent off the books, still bringing down bad-guys,

    This show has done tons of stuff in it's four seasons, and now fifth. It was difficult to write a 50-word summary. However, the show hasn't done so much that you get confused. Alias has been continually interesting, and kept me hooked the whole time. I'm always looking forward to the next episode. If you're looking for drama/action/suspense, this show is for you; it has all of the elements somewhere. So why not a 10? Being TV, it has the unrealistic parts to it. Pregnant Bristow doing field work? Frequently stubborn to superiors and keeping her job? But otherwise good.
  • Alias is sadly fading in ratings bacause the writers continue to write themselves into corners. It can, and hopefully will, get better, but still is quite an interesting show with a match-less cast and profound acting.

    I came on board as an avid Alias fan in the first season. The storyline was, in my opinion, nearly faultless. Every week there was a more dangerous mission, and a scarier "close-call".

    However, this last season was a resounding disappointment, saved only by a heart-stopping season finale. The final 30 seconds insured that even I will be back, even if only for the premier. My hope is that the writers will give the characters back the roles in which they excelled. Namely, fighting evil and corruption- at all levels- at all cost.

    I sincerely hope Alias does well in this coming season. It has an usually fine combination of superb actors and acting, strong characters and quite a large auduence, waiting to be amazed. I trust they won't let us down.

  • Sydney Bristow works as an undercover agent, who struggles with her own family relationships, as she realizes that her entire family is a part of the CIA.

    At one point, I looked forward to each and every episode of ALIAS that was on television. The show had smart plots, well-engineered stories, and characters that seemed real, innovative, and as if they each had something new to bring to television. The second season ended with the departure of Lena Olin, which marked the beginning of the show' large descent into mediocrity. The third and fourth seasons were nothing short of uninteresting, and the writers have begun to scramble at the hope of re-incarnating the original set-up of the show. Jennifer Garner plays a hip CIA agent that works in an undercover-ops program to stop other governments. How unoriginal! Hopefully, the fifth (and possibly final) season improves where the show has recently been lacking.
  • I want it back!!!

    I used to hate season 1 but after reviewing i really was pretty harsh. It had lots of good storylines. Season 2 was really good it defo improved. Season 2 had lots more twists and turns and storys improved. In season 3 the story really changed up and you where there with her when she went into a coma. In season 3 Melissa George was a great addition she was badass and sooooo evil!! In season 4 the APO story really got me interested i also loved the little sister story was great she was kickass like Syd if not more. Season 5 i thought was OK it could have been improved if Vaughn was there. All together a great spy-fi show.
  • Alias is about a CIA agent who's been working for The Alliance for the past 7 years. She then became a double agent for the CIA and destroyed The Alliance in 2.13. Her mother is also rogue, and had an affair. Her father was also a double agent.

    Alias is amazing. When I first seen it, I couldn't believe how great it was. I was really amazed when I seen the Season One finale, "Almost Thirty Years." Season Two was even better because the CIA destroyed The Alliance, Sydney and Vaughn hooked up, Francie was doubled, and Sydney learns that she was left for dead while she was in a coma and Vaughn got married. Season Three was really good and entertaining to watch. Especially because of Lauren and Nadia. Season Four was an amazing season to watch. There were many entertaining episodes, including the finale, "Before The Flood." But Season Five was probably the best of all. "All The Time In The World" was a perfect finale. I wouldn't have had it end any other way.
  • Breathtaking and moist!

    Syd starts being attracted to Sloan who turns out to be a woman, the mother-in-law Rimbaldy never had. Jack gets furious because Irina has kept this secret from him but she has a very good excuse: she didn’t know.
    Meanwhile, on Broadway, Helga, the menace of the pansy junior executives of the Wall Street, is making a comeback, as she needs to steal a doughnut recipe from Kasparov which, while playing chess with Bush Jr, lost miserably.
    In this episode Syney has to impersonate a cigar as well as herself impersonating a cigar, in order to penetrate a bank in Cuba. They first build the bank. Then she penetrates.
    Oh yea: and they all see dead people.
  • Alias, the show everyone should be watching!

    There's just something about this show that draws you close...maybe it's the non-stop energy or the seriously mind dazzling mysteries or, if there's anything to go by it is the fact that Jen Garner is an absolute natural in her role as Sydney Bristow, the kick ass spy with a wicked attitude.
    Like, LOST, it's the kind of show, that is just non stop! Excitement! Enerdy! Mystery! Entrigue! What more could you want I ask? I believe Alias to be an awesome show that is not nearly as apprieciated as it should be.
    I live in Australia and, like many program, Alias is put on in a ridiculus timeslot which degrades the shows ratings.
    I hope that people give it a chance and see what it has to offer!
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