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  • Intelligent writing, great dialogue, gripping plotlines and exciting action - with a sprinkle of humor now and then. This show has everything.

    Intelligent writing, great dialogue, gripping plotlines and exciting action - with a sprinkle of humor now and then. This show has everything. The actors are mostly easy on the eyes too. Every week I look forward to the situations Sydney will be involved in and how she will morph herself into each role.
  • Wow!

    Wow is all I have to say. I have seen every episode since the day it started and i have been hooked. Always a new twist and a new adventure for the highly dysfunctional Bristow Family. My perfect ten score is of course completely my own opinion and I hope next season, more people will discover this amazing show and agree. PEACE OUT!
  • The First Show I Have Ever Loved.

    "Alias" is a show about Sydney Bristow, a secret agent who believes that she works for a secret branch of the CIA called SD-6. After having her fiancé killed by them, she discovers that she is actually working for the enemy she thought she had been fighting and makes her personal mission to take them down.

    With different languages, locations and costumes in every episode, "Alias" is the first show I have been addicted to and the first I have ever loved. Even though it went downhill in its final seasons, "Alias" is action-packed, well acted and most of all, entertaining and (hopefully) will not disappoint you. The first two seasons are among the best I have ever seen and you will be addicted to it in no time. Keep your mind open for eventual plot holes and enjoy. :)
  • Every episode is thrilling, the characters make the show filling and I wouldn't change about the show.

    Alias is one of my personal favourites. I enjoy this show t the highest point, it never gets old. The missions that are included in each episode shows a new location and 90% of the time shows a new alias for the gorgeous Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner). Every character included in the storyline is an ingredient, the show couldn't continue with one missing.
    I won't say much but I will point out the one aspect that amazes me even today. The set throughout the show of various countries and secret bases are FANTASTIC! So much detail and effort has gone into every shot. Well done to the various set designers! =D
    Every show has it's ending where there characters live a happy ever after. This show did the same but with a sophisticated twist. Wonderful----> Characters are actually killed off!
  • Alias is a great, multi-layered show with extremely well-developed characters always worth watching.

    Alias is the show that changed my life, as silly as that might sound. The first time I sat down to watch the show, a rerun of the first season episode "The Confession," I was transfixed, and would remain as such for the next five years. I had never seen television do anything like that, where a woman was the hero and she wasn't afraid to use her intelligence, beauty, and strength. Jennifer Garner's performance as Sydney Bristow was the key to making this show a success, and she pulled through with flying colors. Her Sydney was a regular girl, who had problems balancing her work, social life, and school, and also happened to be a superspy double agent with a part in a quasi-supernatural prophecy of a 15th century inventor/mystic (Rambaldi). The most intriguing thing about the character was how she had to act within the character. Sydney was a master of her craft, deceiving and seducing in turn, while allowing the audience to see the real girl behind the façade. As much as Alias was a show about intrigue and the conspiracy plots, at its core it examined the relationship of a highly dysfunctional family. Victor Garber and Lena Olin as Sydney's father and mother (Jack and Irina) were extraordinary, and propelled Alias beyond just standard action fare. Olin in particular created a character that we neither liked nor trusted, but were fascinated by her every move. Her presence is what leads many fans, including myself, to label season 2 as the high point in the series. The interactions between Olin and Garber in that season crackle with the underlying tension and mutual respect that goes beyond a typical villain-hero relationship. Alias also benefited from extremely interesting and well-rounded villains. Other than Olin's Irina, Ron Rifkin's Arvin Sloane and David Anders' Julian Sark were just cavalier enough about their actions to allow them to be truly horrific. We can believe that while Sloane will easily destroy hundreds of people's lives in his quest to find the truth behind Rambaldi's prophecies, he genuinely cares about Sydney. The complexities and moral ambiguities of these characters is a large part of the reason Alias was my favorite show during the entire time it was on the air. As much as I love Alias, I can't pretend that it was a perfect show (close, but not quite). The later seasons suffered a bit from the transition to get rid Sydney and Jack's roles as double agents and some slightly bizarre plot twists. However, each episode was interesting and compelling drama, and I was incredibly emotionally invested in the characters. Even now, nearly three years after the show went off the air, I am waiting to be captured by a television character in the same way I was captivated by Sydney Bristow.
  • Sydney Bristow tries to manage a normal life while keeping her identity as a CIA agent a secret.

    Alias is amazing. When I first seen it, I couldn't believe how great it was. I was really amazed when I seen the Season One finale, "Almost Thirty Years." Season Two was even better because the CIA destroyed The Alliance, Sydney and Vaughn hooked up, Francie was doubled, and Sydney learns that she was left for dead while she was in a coma and Vaughn got married. Season Three was really good and entertaining to watch. Especially because of Lauren and Nadia. Season Four was an amazing season to watch. There were many entertaining episodes, including the finale, "Before The Flood." But Season Five was probably the best of all. "All The Time In The World" was a perfect finale. I wouldn't have had it end any other way.
  • Say it isnt so ABC you cant do this!!!!

    I cant believe I just read ABC has cancelled Alias after this season. What are they going to do add another "Reality show"??? They change the concept a little to accomadate a star's pregnancy and the network just jumps ship and let it sink. What a waste. This show is good enough to handle some problems and come back full steam. I wish all the stars the best and congratulate Jennifer on the baby. You will all be missed.
  • Superspy babe kicks butts and steals secrets. Fantastic Syd fights.

    Alias is an exciting action romp with at least two or three good fights every week. The fight choreography is excellent, utilizing the entire set and props. This is among the highest level fighting to be seen on TV.

    Between the fights, Jennifer Garner puts in a good performance as a CIA undercover agent torn between trying to be a normal woman and fighting the forces of badness. The supporting cast is very good with a high level of guest performances.

    The detailed multi-layered plot lines can be difficult to follow if you aren’t seeing every episode in order. Back seasons are up to date on DVDs.
  • Alias is a cool show.

    I stopped watching it in the second season, because I felt like the creators were just jerking viewers around by not dolng out enough info to help us understand what was the 411 with it all youknowwhatisayin'?

    Now however it had revealed some stuff and it's pretty good. It's kind of formulaic but who cares, it's not cheesy. Do you know many spy shows are cheesy? If they can just keep it not cheesy, then it's a winner.

    The characters a pretty cool, and well-drawn and well-acted. I personally find Marshall irritating. He is so obviously the comic relief. 100.

  • klinssan

    I started watching this series 7 years ago. He liked me, that I "flew" to the TV when his show! Series is a disease! But I do not care, I love alias. J. J. Abrams cool dude, who made a lot of excellent shows such as "Alias", "Fringe", "Lost", "Avatar: The Last Airbender", "What About Brian" and "Six Degrees". He made his feature directorial debut in 2006 with Mission: Impossible III, starring Tom Cruise. He is also directing the upcoming 11th Star Trek movie. Abrams is also the producer of the 2008 monster movie, Cloverfield. His partnership with Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof is set to grow with the duo producing Star Trek together and also writing and producing an adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series of novels. In addition to writing and directing, he composed the theme music for Alias, the opening theme for Lost and co-wrote both theme songs for Felicity and Fringe.
  • Sydney and Dixon must face Sloane's intentions of reforming The Alliance.Sydney finds out that her father is in grave danger and Nadia rescues him.Sloane talks with Jack on the phone saying something which is really important.

    I think that this episode is really fantastic. It was full of exciting special effects which enriched the quality of this Alias episode. The Alias cast is superb for another time and they really keep us focused to the episode . Kai epishs to alias einai fovero ..kai mou aresei para ma para polu.. anupomonw na dw kai ta alla episodia ta opoia sigoura 9a einai gamata.. loipon eimai o The.passenger kai molis teleiwsa.. hahah dn 3r ti na pw re... ti allo na pw ?? pfff mpailtisa..pfff ..
    ainte na er9oun oi 100 counts g na teleiwsw.. yessss nomizw oti to petuxa. :)
  • Review

    Another television show breaks into my top five that I would have never ever thought about watching a year ago to this day. This show is amazing (through 39 episodes) and with JJ Abrams behind all of the big decisions of the show I dont see it taking that big of a turn for the worse. A lot of people say Season 3 is by far the worst and is the reason the show began to fall, but right now Im enjoying almost every single episode of the show. The twists at the end of the episodes always leave you wanting more and the show never really gives you that feeling of having every question answered.There is always something to thinka bout and always something that you have to think outside the box about. Jennifer is amazing in her roleand there isnt another person in the world who could play the role that way she does. Everyone in this series is cast to perfection. Vaughn to Sark to Arvin to Jack to Irina, everything is just pure perfection from beginning to end of (most) episodes. Great show.

    Alias is the best show in the world. However, the change in writers and the loss of JJ to other shows he created, the series finale was lacking. Overall, this show was the best show ever written. Sydney Bristow brought out the fighter in all of us one minute and then made us cry with her as she struggled to balance her work with her many relationships, both professionally and personally. Her brillance at problem solving mystifies us and filled us with admiration. Her constant conflict with family made us appreciate our own families. We laughed at her tossing her pager into the Pacific... more than once:)....we cried when Vaughn died and then we wondered till the very end whether or not he really did die. Though the series finale lacked closure for the diehard least it had a happy ending. Syd, Vaughn and babies all lived happily ever after. But is it "THE END"???????
  • In the first three seasons, Sydney Bristow plays a double agent with the real CIA, and a agent for a anti-government missionary agency, SD-6. In the 4 and current season, she works for a black-ops covert operations of the CIA.

    Alias is currently my favorite show because it has high drama and non stop action and suspense. The plot in the first three seasons were excellent because Sydney Bristow, who is played by Jennifer Garner, had many things to deal with of being a double agent and dealing with personal issues of friends and family, and social issues of going to school. The show is attractive because one, Jennifer Garner is the lead actress of the show. The four season and current fifth season are good because there are many revealed secrets that were unknown in the first three seasons. In the fourth, she had a step-sister, who was Nadia. In the fifth, there is the emergence of pregnancy from her boyfriend and former handler and now workmate, Vaughn. Now, it took a weird twist that killed Vaughn. Two, the main focus is on national security issues of terrorism and even relations of contemporary possibilities of rogue states. Three, it gives a pretty good basic on how a bureaucracy may work in terms of hierarchical order. Overall, it is a worthwhile show to watch.
  • Alias. The name of the greatest show you'll ever see

    This show has everything you need! Action, Suspense, Humour, Romance and an awesome story line. What more could you possibly ask for? In addition to all that, I don’t think the casting for a TV show has ever been better. Jennifer Garner fits the role of her character, super sexy spy chick, Sydney Bristow perfectly as does Ron Rifkin (who plays Arvin Sloane) and Michael Vartan (Michael Vaughn) Sydney’s love interest. The two go so well together it’s no wonder they dated in real life. Alias offers one of the best, complex, and interesting storylines I’ve ever seen on a television show, and the plot twists are so shocking they have the power to make you think about nothing else for the rest of the night. It’s always a mixture and disappointment and excitement filled suspense when the season finale comes on. Disappointment because you’ll have to wait another seven or eight months to see a new episode and exited suspense because you cant wait to see the outcome of that meticulously written and planned cliff-hanger. All in all (if you haven’t already guessed) I think this show is one of the best around and you’d be an idiot not to watch it. Ten out of ten!
  • Dont like to read much? Read the good and the bad about ALIAS

    The good:
    1)Excellent, full of deception plot.

    2)Main Character(Sydney Bristow)story is
    well developed and full of secrets.

    3)The script is written so nicely that fits every single character.

    4)Great stunts and shooting scenes.
    5)The antigonist are full of mystery and obscure past.

    6)Funny without losing the serious element.

    7)The wardrobe is flawless making the actors look like a true CIA Agent or undercover.

    The bad:
    Not much, probably a bit of cheesy stunts at the firt season.

    Alias is a great show that everyone can enjoy, is full of mystery and lies, with geniously created villians and overwhelming missions and counter-missions, loads of true fighting sequences with a touch of humor.
  • A good spy vs. spy

    I truly can't remember the last time I was so impressed after watching the first part of a new TV show. The amazing pilot glued me to the screen because "Alias" knows it means business and wants the viewer to realize it as well. Professional, nearly movie-like cinematography, great action sequences, incredible acting (Jennifer Garner is one breathtaking actress, the find of the year, and the rest of the cast is also amazing) and smart scenarios(there's so much happening in the first episode alone it's unbelievable). Of course there are some of those cliche and over-the-top moments but it's all surpassed by Jennifer Garner and unexpected plot twists.
  • A great drama series

    I think Alias is one of the best drama series on T.V now, this show manages to have me at the edge of my seat. It has the best action, and great characters. Last season was ok, they kind of lost me, but then grab my attention again. I think I will continue to watch this show for a while until it bores me.
  • One of the best series about international spies and conspiracies of this decade.

    Sydney Bristow was recruited as an agent to work on the CIA... or at least, that's what she thought at first. In fact, she was working for SD-6, a terrorist organization controlled by the manipulative Arvin Sloane, who believes in the prophecies made by a man called Rambaldi. With the help of her father and a special team, Sydney now has to take the orgnization down, and find out how she is in fact related to the prophecies made by Rambaldi. The story of the series is very good, and it just proves the J.J. Abrams is one of the most gifted scriptwriter, producer and director of this decade. The cast is very well chosen, and the story is full of twists, in which you believe that everything is over, but in fact it's just beggining. Definitely one of the best works from Jennifer Garner, Ron Rifkin, Kevin Weisman and Victor Garber. In one word... Perfect!
  • Alias is about a woman named Sydney Bristow who was recruited into SD-6. She thought she was working for the CIA but found in the pilot episode that SD-6, had nothing to due with it. She now works as a double agent for the CIA. (Season 1)

    I found Alias to be one of the best shows I have ever watched. Since the 1st episode I was hooked. It has plenty of action, plot twists, and chemistry between characters. Some you love to hate, and others are just downright awesome. Sydney, the main character is a butt-kicking woman who works for the CIA, after finding the truth about SD-6. She has guts, brainpower, and the ability to speak her mind. She is strong willed and viewers will instantly feel a connection to her. other main characters include Jack Bristow, Michael Vaugh, Arvin Sloane, Marshall,and Dixon. (1st Season)Although the series is one of my favorites, I have to say that seasons 1 and 2 were the best. There are many character developments,and cliff hangers. You'll be surprised at what some of the characters are capable of. After a while in the later seasons, some of the "stunts" they pull are expected at times. Also, new characters are introduced so the show remains exciting (not that it wouldnt without them) Overall, anyone who is a fan of Heroes, 24, Buffy the Vampire Slayer ect..will fall in love with this show!!
  • A spy show from the great J.J. Abrams!

    Alias combines thriller, mystery, action, romance and drama. After the pilot I already knew that that was not going to be like anything I had ever seen before in my life. It was extremely exciting to see Sydney Bristow work as a double agent for the CIA and SD-6 and later for the black-ops division APO. But the great thing was that the stories were not just about agencies, but it had the underlying story of Milo Rambaldi, a fifteenth century prophet, who made prophecies about Sydney and other members of her family. Next to the action was also a very human part. There was the difficult relationship between Syd and her father Jack Bristow as well as the love story with her handler Michael Vaughn that had to face a lot of obstacles. Also very hard to handle was the thing with her mother, who killed Vaughn's father and her sister Nadia she never knew she had.
    This was a show where you had to watch every episode. Otherwise you wouldn't have been able to follow. But that was no problem since you couldn't stop, even if you wanted to! And it had some of the best cliffhangers ever!
  • A spy show with a rich cast of characters and cool, yet byzantine mythology.

    The fictionalized and completely glorified version of the CIA operates across the world with impunity, Sydney Bristow disabling (she rarely used a gun in the beginning) people as she pleases. She is tricked into to joining SD-6, a terrorist organization under the guise of the CIA. When her fiance is killed by them, she joins the real CIA, meeting Michael Vaughn. She acts as a double agent along with as she later discovers, her father Jack. The head of SD-6, Arvin Sloane, is obsessed with an inventor, Milo Rambaldi, a da Vinci like character who created magnificent with very limited materials and technology. This provides the backdrop for high tech infiltration and theft of these artifacts, and the discovery of these objects with unique properties.

    Sydney's coworkers at SD-6, her partner Marcus Dixon, and Marcus Flinkman, the tech guy, are oblivious that they are not working for the real CIA, and Sydney finds it hard not to tell them.

    To balance it out, her friend's Francie and Will both thinks she works for the bank Credit Dauphin, the cover for SD-6, so Sydney has to constantly lie to them about her whereabouts and activities.
  • great action, suspense and humor-all rolled into one. a must for those who love spies and counter intelligence.

    love, love, love this show. i got turned onto this show by my dad who gave me his dvd's. i watched the first 4 seasons in about a month. soooo addicting. the central character is sydney bristow, a normal all-american college student. but wait! she's a spy for the good old usa. but wait! the organization she works for is not the us, but the very people she thought she was fighting against. in comes her cia handler, michael vaughn and her dad, also a spy. she wants to work for the real good guys and bring down sd-6 and the alliance, but she needs the help of the last person she thought she would ever work with, her dad, whom she finds out not only also works for sd-6 and also a double agent for the cia. with the assitance of he handler, vaughn, she and her father bring down sd-6, the alliance, and the evil arvin sloane. here's a plus, sydney and vaughn obvioulsy fall in love and we follow their journey along with all the great missions and counter-missions. later on, we find out that her dead mom is alive and a russian spy named irina derevko. she and sloane are obsessed with rambaldi, a inventor/prophet from the 1500's (kinda like davinci), who holds the key to ruling the world. can we be really sure that she loves her daughter sydney? syd loses 2 years of her life and the love of her life, vaughn got married! of course, she's a double agent! and involved with julian stark, the hottest bad guy around. wait, sloane is a good guy now? he finds out he has a daughter and it changes him. get this, sloane's daughter is also syd's sister, their mother is irina. the sisters have an instant bond and work together to rid the world of all evil. does that include sloane? is he good or does he still have an end game? of course he does and sacfifices his own daughter and is suffering inside because of it. i'm in the middle of season 5 now, where all the questions are supposed to answered. syd and vaughn are having a baby, but he gets murdered. or did he really die? julian stark and irina are back and the rimbaldi's end game is revealed. this show is toatlly addicting!
  • Is he dead?

    This is one of my favorite shows, but I'm left a little jaded by it. I for one do not believe Vaughn is actually dead, especially since it seems no one ever dies in the world of Alias, so I feel like I'm not always totally invested. I'm looking forward to where this season goes, but would bet the farm on the fact that Syd and her dad have hidden Vaughn away for his own protection and he'll be popping up before the end of the season. He and Syd will probably then get married and ride off into the sunset together.
  • Can't believe it!

    I've just res on the access hollywood webite that Alias isn't coming back next year. The fifth season will end in may and then nothing! ABC cancelled it because on jennifer's pregnancy I think. I'm really sad because I really like this show. I can understand the fact that she's pregnant and that she'll want some time off to enjoy being a mother but couldn't they just be on 'hiatus' for a yeay and come back in september 2006 or january 2007? I assume they can't do that because they already cancelled the show, we'll see. I'm just wondering what kind of show will replace this great program!
  • The spy game at it's best! Jennifer Garner really runs the show. Strong Action, and Plot give the characters a chance to involve the viewers to a level on par with The Sopranos, Deadwood, Lost and Nip/Tuck. The First Three seasons are a must, with a seaso

    Alias Rocks! The first three seasons are really strong. The fourth season is the worst year. However just like The Sopranos, a 'weak' season doesn't make it bad. It just means that out of all the years on TV, compared to itself, it was the least impresive. Overall this show consistantly gives the goods, from acting, to plot point and 'guest' stars to clifhangers! All solid! I will follow J.J.Abrahms and/or Jennifer Garner anywhere. I can't wait for 'What about Brain' next season, after all I loved Felicity!
  • Alias changes personality, doesn't fit disguise.

    Rambaldi, SD-6, the Covenant, 47, CIA, K-Directorate, Project Christmas, the Alliance, doubles, the Prophecy, the Man, Khasinau, Laura Bristow, Sark, Sloane, and that was only the first two seasons. Alias, the high-tech, big fight, hot costume show on ABC has now finished its fourth season. Unfortunately, the plots and detail that could be named in a long list from past years could be summed up in one short sentence this year. It sucks.

    What made it good? The amount of detail, plots, and subplots made the show very unique and wonderfully interesting to watch. The episodes were told in a “to be continued” fashion every week. Viewers were always left wondering if the main character, Sydney Bristow, would survive until next week. At one point, Sydney had fallen from a ladder in a deep cavern. We were left wondering how she survived the fall until the next episode. Fortunately her fall was slowed by an outcropping branch and we got to see another hour of her undercover life.

    Sydney was a double agent working with the CIA and trying to bring down the crime infested SD-6. She was constantly pretending to like her SD-6 boss Sloane, who had her fiancé killed. Sloane was part of the Alliance, a group responsible for terrorist training and black market weapons trade. But after a year and a half, some intelligence fell into their laps which allowed Sydney to finally bring down SD-6. At this point the show made a drastic turn.

    Gone was the major premise of Alias. No longer was it about Sydney trying to take down SD-6, it was about her trying to deal with her “thought to be dead, but is actually alive and evil” mother. After years of thinking she was dead, Laura Bristow turned herself in to the CIA. This actually went extremely well for the rest of the season. The chemistry between Sydney and Laura was some of the best on television today. Lena Olin, who played Laura, was outstanding in portraying her character. We never really knew whether or not she was trying to change, or whether she was just putting on a disguise.

    Once she left at the end of season two, the show really started to break apart. Season three was decent, but not up to the high expectations of the past. The plot lines were different; the characters had changed and moved on in different ways. Things were not the same. Then there was a huge break between the end of season three and the start of season four. Fans waited an extra four months before Alias returned.

    When it did, everything was shaken up again. Granted, the changes were made to boost low ratings, but they were not very welcome to long time fans. The long arc type of episode was simplified so that each episode was self-contained. Another reason that the show turned sour was because they lost the complicated storylines. No longer was the show about deception and personal relationships, it was about a hot girl wearing many costumes and going on quick, semi-dangerous missions. This new format did bring in new viewers, as did its new time slot behind a brand new show called Lost, created by J.J. Abrams, the same person behind Alias.

    The problem is that show is no longer the same and it’s heading into deep water. There are no big plot twists, no depth to the stories, and no emotion in the characters. The amount of detail and intrigue that first stirred up a cult like following is no longer found. Now it will be sent to the 8 pm Thursday night “timeslot-of-death.” But the thing is, I no longer care. No matter what happens with the new timeslot, if Alias does not change back to its old ways soon, consider this viewer disavowed.

    this is my favourite show in the world you should make another season or even a hole different series with her kids or maybe even a completely different serious sort of the same but different people you should mack one about a kid double agent that would be so good.


    this show is based on a double agent this tv show is great cause theres love and action and some times scary. you fall in love with the characters.

    i told all my friends about this show and now its there favourite show you should really watch ALIAS
  • Best spy show ever!! Sydney Bristow made a household name for herself.

    Syd made spies even cooler than they already are! The show had great story lines and awesome action. Season by season, things just got better and better. You really feel for Syd, who must work for someone she hates so much. Then watching the ups and downs of her relationship with her father. Most of all though, I really love shows where the 2 main characters love each other. You wait and wait for them to get together... and sometimes they do, but sometimes they don't. Proves to be great TV watching. The one thing that makes me sad: since Alias, I haven't found a show with enough espionage action, great individual characters, innovative spy gadgets and strong plot twists and turns.
  • Dam this show has everything, sex appeal, action, mind bending twists and turns, Jennifer Garner I love YOU!! LOL

    Every episode you can almost put your life on it that it will have a twist that you never saw coming, the ending of season four not only had a HUGE twist but mad me re-think the whole of the series, if what he said a big thing or is it just going to be a joke? Alias has got to be the best shows on TV to date, watch it one night and i can garentee you will be on the edge of your set all throughtout the episode.
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