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  • Spy LIfe Conspiracy... Good To Watch

    I liked it, twists are turns, plots, good characters... Good to watch...
  • JJ Abrams, the man!

    What word come to mind when it comes to JJ Abrams? LOST! Ok, Lost is a good show despite the lame ending (to say the least). But it all started with Alias, one of the best action series of this new century. Good plot, good acting and Jennifer Garner... Jennifer (sigh)!
  • compelling and oh so tight

    I just discovered "Alias" and really love the show. Jennifer Garner is hot, dangerous and so capable at walking the line between CIA and the rogue DS6 operation... tight script and great editing... I almost want to talk with Ben Affleck and tell him he is a lucky man to be married to such a great actress and total babe
  • I'm glad the madness is over

    I am not sure why this show is rated an 8.8 but I guess there are awfully a lot of clueless people in this world. I like action movies and shows. I was recently introduced to the show and since I got far to like season two I felt like I had to watch the rest but I must of admit the show was really pathetic and predictable. It's just not realistic. I hate the fact that Sidney always wins every fights. I hate the fact that Sidney talks to her superiors as if she's in charge. Like in real life agents don't have any of the authorities they portrait her to have. And for a computer engineer I feel stupid when they are in missions and they coming with these weird technologies. Their tech can hack to any system. He is do brilliant that he is knowledgeable in basically anything known to man kind. On top of that why can't no one of these people died. They get shot or stab but wake up in recovering. The bad guy gets shot but wakes up in the morgue. Next time as a producer you have some nonesense imaginary crap such as this fairy tail, please keep to yourself.

    GPS tracker in form of liquid. Transmit data over laser. Really? And please can someone tell me how Sydney found Vaungh and Anna in the basement when no one knew where they were. Please can someone tell me how Anna has an unloaded gun in her hands and about to shoot Vaughn and then realized it was empty. She's an agent. There is a weight differences between a loaded gun and an unloaded gun. This show was just a joke.

    If you someone like me who are into these kind of shows, check out Homeland.

    this is my favourite show in the world you should make another season or even a hole different series with her kids or maybe even a completely different serious sort of the same but different people you should mack one about a kid double agent that would be so good.


    this show is based on a double agent this tv show is great cause theres love and action and some times scary. you fall in love with the characters.

    i told all my friends about this show and now its there favourite show you should really watch ALIAS
  • Well...

    ...the first season was the best, for sure! Sydney's connection to her father, SD-6, and the death of her husband-to-be. Then the second season with the whole mother-story. Then the cliffhanger of the second season was mean! Sydney's all alone in an asian city! Then the fact, that she was passed out for about two years. Vaughn's married now and yeah..Then the third season wasn't as good as the 1st or 2nd. But the story with Lauren was interesting. Then the fourth season kinda started to bore me! The mission's were always interesting and cool to watch! But now it's annyoing! OK, the story with Nadia was okaay! Not more, not less. And I didn't even watch the fifth season, because I was soooo BORED! Maybe, I'm gonna watch the end at some other time! But for now, I'm through with ALIAS, which was great in its beginnings!
  • Good alternative to 24 however storylines are remain similar throughout the seasons.

    Gotta love Marshall he makes the show what is. It is an interesting show to watch and definetely one that gripped me. However, I was dissapointed to find that the same storyline kept coming back season after season after they had seemed to move away from it. I also would have prefered it if they had kept on sark a bit more as he was by far the best villian in the series. I like the mystery aspect and this is the factor that kept me tuned in. Overall I recommend this show to anyone. And it also helps that jennifer gardner is very attractive.
  • All the time in the world (2) Sydney, Jack and Vaughn must stop Irina, Sarke and Sloane from destroying the world.

    I really thought that with the amount of drama and time put into the Rambaldi Prophocies I thought that for the last episode things would all be explained. We only got about five minutes to reallise that in the end all Sloane wanted was to be imortal. Thats what he had been chasing all thase years.

    It also never explained who the old man was at San Cielo (the prison where Sydney gets the Rose) I mean when he says 'he told you would come'did he mean Rambaldi or just the guy before him waiting to see when Sydney turned up to give her the rose (it was a necklace used to find where Rambaldis endgame would be played).

    The last thing I have to say is that I'm sorry Nadia was killed it would have given Alias a more emotional deapth as at the end of the show it just shows Sydney, Vaughn, there son Jack and daughter Isabelle and friend Dixon walking off down a beach. What kind of ending is that. Normally there is somekind of voice over or something telling you what happened as I would have liked to know what happened to Prphet 5 and all the other terrorist organisations that where controlled by them. Where they brought down? Or just absorbed into other organisations?

    I give it a 5/10 as Alias is over and done with but in my opinion it wasn't ended well.

    luv emma
  • Im not here to slag this show off, it has some very good strong points, but there are substantial poor areas, which other similar shows such as 24 or prison break manage to do much strongly.

    I own the boxsets to all seasons, and there are areas which are deeply shocking and very entertaining, particularly with the earlier seasons. However, the outrageous plot is simply stupid in areas, particularly with irina and how one of her friends was genetically copied. These, although on the screen are shocking and entertaining, switching on a brain cell will tell you the main character/enemies will just be duplicated. This approach means the show generally leaves more questions open than it answers, which is an excuse to continually watch episodes, however represents generally little value, considering it is ultimately very predicable. Dont get me wrong there were some areas which i enjoyed substantially, the costume and special effects are on par with 24, and the location rendering is also interesting. Perhaps the biggest flaw of this programme, is that the fundamental purpose of everything was centred on ramboldi, who i had very little interest in.
  • Good argument with lack of military advisors

    I followed this show for some time and tried not to miss even one chapter. The argument was very good, really, with strange objects with some kind of powers, and Jennifer Garner had my attention all the time. Mostly with that changes of image and clothes.

    But when armed action appeared they committed absurd errors and behaved as true novices. If i were their boss they all, including Sidney, will be fired.

    That's the reason for the 6. Why don't they use someone for military advice? Why they do so good work with the argument and then fail so much with the action scenes?
  • So derivative that it actually hurts Is it La Femme Nikita? Is it Dark Angel? Is it Charlie's Angels? Is it Mission Impossible? Is it the conspiracy thread from X Files?

    No! It's the worst bits of all of the above. Although to be fair, it's overwhelmingly Nikita, even down to the angst ridden protagonist.

    What more needs to be said? Well, on the plus side, Alias has the courage to end on cliffhangers, which makes for an interesting change. That's about it though. The acting is sadly mediocre. The main character is bland and uninteresting, and (as with Dark Angel) the actress has clearly been cast to fit a preconceived look (collagen-lips-on-stilts in this case) and not for any particular acting ability. That's a damn shame, especially when you consider that X Files showed that you don't *have* to cast valley girls to attract viewers.

    The supporting cast demonstrates that you get what you pay for, although what John Hannah is doing slumming it in this mess is beyond me. The blaring score jars with the attempts at genuine tension and drama, and they are so keen to showcase the star's mediocre physical skills just because they can that they never pause to wonder if they *should*. Leave the kickboxing to Buffy, guys, it's essentially frivilous and fantastical and ruins the pretentions towards a gritty feel that you insist on putting on.

    Alias gives you no reason to care about its protagonist, other than the artificial Saturday Serial cliffhangers. On tha basis alone, it should be consigned to the archives as soon as possible. Unfortunately, audiences and critics aren't just tolerating it for being the least-bad of the current slew of Men In Black shows, they are rather sadly confusing least-bad with actively good. I guess that means that we get exactly the quality of show that we deserve. Sad, sad, sad.
  • The First Show I Have Ever Loved.

    "Alias" is a show about Sydney Bristow, a secret agent who believes that she works for a secret branch of the CIA called SD-6. After having her fiancé killed by them, she discovers that she is actually working for the enemy she thought she had been fighting and makes her personal mission to take them down.

    With different languages, locations and costumes in every episode, "Alias" is the first show I have been addicted to and the first I have ever loved. Even though it went downhill in its final seasons, "Alias" is action-packed, well acted and most of all, entertaining and (hopefully) will not disappoint you. The first two seasons are among the best I have ever seen and you will be addicted to it in no time. Keep your mind open for eventual plot holes and enjoy. :)
  • One of the best series about international spies and conspiracies of this decade.

    Sydney Bristow was recruited as an agent to work on the CIA... or at least, that's what she thought at first. In fact, she was working for SD-6, a terrorist organization controlled by the manipulative Arvin Sloane, who believes in the prophecies made by a man called Rambaldi. With the help of her father and a special team, Sydney now has to take the orgnization down, and find out how she is in fact related to the prophecies made by Rambaldi. The story of the series is very good, and it just proves the J.J. Abrams is one of the most gifted scriptwriter, producer and director of this decade. The cast is very well chosen, and the story is full of twists, in which you believe that everything is over, but in fact it's just beggining. Definitely one of the best works from Jennifer Garner, Ron Rifkin, Kevin Weisman and Victor Garber. In one word... Perfect!
  • Best spy show ever!! Sydney Bristow made a household name for herself.

    Syd made spies even cooler than they already are! The show had great story lines and awesome action. Season by season, things just got better and better. You really feel for Syd, who must work for someone she hates so much. Then watching the ups and downs of her relationship with her father. Most of all though, I really love shows where the 2 main characters love each other. You wait and wait for them to get together... and sometimes they do, but sometimes they don't. Proves to be great TV watching. The one thing that makes me sad: since Alias, I haven't found a show with enough espionage action, great individual characters, innovative spy gadgets and strong plot twists and turns.
  • this show is about sydney bristow who believes she is working and serving her american country but she soon finds out she is working for the bad guys who threatens america.its a very dark spy show.

    if your not watching this show you are missing out..

    i like the show because the acting is perfect,the fighting scenes is well done by jennifer garner b/c she is a dancer so she can pick up the fights very easily.its nice to see jennifer doing this stunts b/c she is very deciated to this show and jennifer said she dont like seeing a stunt woman,and i dont know how she pulls off the guns shotting scenes which are good...

    i love the twists and turns of this show.the show can leave you shock b/c you dont think a character would ever do something bad or something bad would ever happen to one of the characters of this show.

    the show does expose you to different cultures which is nice.jennifer speaks a different language and dress the way the cultures dress depending on the country or mission.every mission she goes on she looks and act differntly which is nice b/c you see jennifer acting ability.

    at home she looks like a normal woman and at work she looks very different.i love how they keep her home world and her work world apart..

    i would have given this show a 10 but sometimes the missions get so complicated i dont understand whats happening,and sydney deal with not being able to control her emotions can make her sometimes annoying.

    i say from season 1-5 when it ended this show was great, try this show b/c the acting good,and the twists and turns will have you speechless.each season keep the show fresh and not dull b/c of the plot,sydney dress and acts different every mission.the show can also make you smarter from the stuff you learn bout different places.

    i say watch this show its very good......
  • Sydney Bristow tries to manage a normal life while keeping her identity as a CIA agent a secret.

    Alias is amazing. When I first seen it, I couldn't believe how great it was. I was really amazed when I seen the Season One finale, "Almost Thirty Years." Season Two was even better because the CIA destroyed The Alliance, Sydney and Vaughn hooked up, Francie was doubled, and Sydney learns that she was left for dead while she was in a coma and Vaughn got married. Season Three was really good and entertaining to watch. Especially because of Lauren and Nadia. Season Four was an amazing season to watch. There were many entertaining episodes, including the finale, "Before The Flood." But Season Five was probably the best of all. "All The Time In The World" was a perfect finale. I wouldn't have had it end any other way.
  • Dam this show has everything, sex appeal, action, mind bending twists and turns, Jennifer Garner I love YOU!! LOL

    Every episode you can almost put your life on it that it will have a twist that you never saw coming, the ending of season four not only had a HUGE twist but mad me re-think the whole of the series, if what he said a big thing or is it just going to be a joke? Alias has got to be the best shows on TV to date, watch it one night and i can garentee you will be on the edge of your set all throughtout the episode.
  • A spy drama bound to catch the attention of all who enjoy crime, action, adventure, love, and more.

    Alias establishes a world in which crime, love, deceit, controversy, and more are a part of everyday life. Sydney Bristow is in the center of the action with her involvement in numerous agencies beginning with SD-6. The drama enters in through the past actions of her parents â€" a former KGB agent and a double agent for the CIA and SD-6 â€" are revealed through missions. However Sydney’s life is more than just action as she has regular friends and relationships like the rest of the world. Yet, she must lead a double life in order to keep her friends safe from the world of deceit in the pursuit of Arvin Sloane and his endearing agenda for Rambaldi artifacts. Her lifestyle reveals people’s true sides as they must prove on whose side they are one in order to exist in this world. In the end it only matters if those two worlds that Sydney lives in can coexist and if she will ever find peace.
  • Alias is about a woman named Sydney Bristow who was recruited into SD-6. She thought she was working for the CIA but found in the pilot episode that SD-6, had nothing to due with it. She now works as a double agent for the CIA. (Season 1)

    I found Alias to be one of the best shows I have ever watched. Since the 1st episode I was hooked. It has plenty of action, plot twists, and chemistry between characters. Some you love to hate, and others are just downright awesome. Sydney, the main character is a butt-kicking woman who works for the CIA, after finding the truth about SD-6. She has guts, brainpower, and the ability to speak her mind. She is strong willed and viewers will instantly feel a connection to her. other main characters include Jack Bristow, Michael Vaugh, Arvin Sloane, Marshall,and Dixon. (1st Season)Although the series is one of my favorites, I have to say that seasons 1 and 2 were the best. There are many character developments,and cliff hangers. You'll be surprised at what some of the characters are capable of. After a while in the later seasons, some of the "stunts" they pull are expected at times. Also, new characters are introduced so the show remains exciting (not that it wouldnt without them) Overall, anyone who is a fan of Heroes, 24, Buffy the Vampire Slayer ect..will fall in love with this show!!
  • A spy show from the great J.J. Abrams!

    Alias combines thriller, mystery, action, romance and drama. After the pilot I already knew that that was not going to be like anything I had ever seen before in my life. It was extremely exciting to see Sydney Bristow work as a double agent for the CIA and SD-6 and later for the black-ops division APO. But the great thing was that the stories were not just about agencies, but it had the underlying story of Milo Rambaldi, a fifteenth century prophet, who made prophecies about Sydney and other members of her family. Next to the action was also a very human part. There was the difficult relationship between Syd and her father Jack Bristow as well as the love story with her handler Michael Vaughn that had to face a lot of obstacles. Also very hard to handle was the thing with her mother, who killed Vaughn's father and her sister Nadia she never knew she had.
    This was a show where you had to watch every episode. Otherwise you wouldn't have been able to follow. But that was no problem since you couldn't stop, even if you wanted to! And it had some of the best cliffhangers ever!
  • A spy show with a rich cast of characters and cool, yet byzantine mythology.

    The fictionalized and completely glorified version of the CIA operates across the world with impunity, Sydney Bristow disabling (she rarely used a gun in the beginning) people as she pleases. She is tricked into to joining SD-6, a terrorist organization under the guise of the CIA. When her fiance is killed by them, she joins the real CIA, meeting Michael Vaughn. She acts as a double agent along with as she later discovers, her father Jack. The head of SD-6, Arvin Sloane, is obsessed with an inventor, Milo Rambaldi, a da Vinci like character who created magnificent with very limited materials and technology. This provides the backdrop for high tech infiltration and theft of these artifacts, and the discovery of these objects with unique properties.

    Sydney's coworkers at SD-6, her partner Marcus Dixon, and Marcus Flinkman, the tech guy, are oblivious that they are not working for the real CIA, and Sydney finds it hard not to tell them.

    To balance it out, her friend's Francie and Will both thinks she works for the bank Credit Dauphin, the cover for SD-6, so Sydney has to constantly lie to them about her whereabouts and activities.
  • klinssan

    I started watching this series 7 years ago. He liked me, that I "flew" to the TV when his show! Series is a disease! But I do not care, I love alias. J. J. Abrams cool dude, who made a lot of excellent shows such as "Alias", "Fringe", "Lost", "Avatar: The Last Airbender", "What About Brian" and "Six Degrees". He made his feature directorial debut in 2006 with Mission: Impossible III, starring Tom Cruise. He is also directing the upcoming 11th Star Trek movie. Abrams is also the producer of the 2008 monster movie, Cloverfield. His partnership with Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof is set to grow with the duo producing Star Trek together and also writing and producing an adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series of novels. In addition to writing and directing, he composed the theme music for Alias, the opening theme for Lost and co-wrote both theme songs for Felicity and Fringe.
  • Sydney and Dixon must face Sloane's intentions of reforming The Alliance.Sydney finds out that her father is in grave danger and Nadia rescues him.Sloane talks with Jack on the phone saying something which is really important.

    I think that this episode is really fantastic. It was full of exciting special effects which enriched the quality of this Alias episode. The Alias cast is superb for another time and they really keep us focused to the episode . Kai epishs to alias einai fovero ..kai mou aresei para ma para polu.. anupomonw na dw kai ta alla episodia ta opoia sigoura 9a einai gamata.. loipon eimai o The.passenger kai molis teleiwsa.. hahah dn 3r ti na pw re... ti allo na pw ?? pfff mpailtisa..pfff ..
    ainte na er9oun oi 100 counts g na teleiwsw.. yessss nomizw oti to petuxa. :)
  • great action, suspense and humor-all rolled into one. a must for those who love spies and counter intelligence.

    love, love, love this show. i got turned onto this show by my dad who gave me his dvd's. i watched the first 4 seasons in about a month. soooo addicting. the central character is sydney bristow, a normal all-american college student. but wait! she's a spy for the good old usa. but wait! the organization she works for is not the us, but the very people she thought she was fighting against. in comes her cia handler, michael vaughn and her dad, also a spy. she wants to work for the real good guys and bring down sd-6 and the alliance, but she needs the help of the last person she thought she would ever work with, her dad, whom she finds out not only also works for sd-6 and also a double agent for the cia. with the assitance of he handler, vaughn, she and her father bring down sd-6, the alliance, and the evil arvin sloane. here's a plus, sydney and vaughn obvioulsy fall in love and we follow their journey along with all the great missions and counter-missions. later on, we find out that her dead mom is alive and a russian spy named irina derevko. she and sloane are obsessed with rambaldi, a inventor/prophet from the 1500's (kinda like davinci), who holds the key to ruling the world. can we be really sure that she loves her daughter sydney? syd loses 2 years of her life and the love of her life, vaughn got married! of course, she's a double agent! and involved with julian stark, the hottest bad guy around. wait, sloane is a good guy now? he finds out he has a daughter and it changes him. get this, sloane's daughter is also syd's sister, their mother is irina. the sisters have an instant bond and work together to rid the world of all evil. does that include sloane? is he good or does he still have an end game? of course he does and sacfifices his own daughter and is suffering inside because of it. i'm in the middle of season 5 now, where all the questions are supposed to answered. syd and vaughn are having a baby, but he gets murdered. or did he really die? julian stark and irina are back and the rimbaldi's end game is revealed. this show is toatlly addicting!
  • Alias is a great, multi-layered show with extremely well-developed characters always worth watching.

    Alias is the show that changed my life, as silly as that might sound. The first time I sat down to watch the show, a rerun of the first season episode "The Confession," I was transfixed, and would remain as such for the next five years. I had never seen television do anything like that, where a woman was the hero and she wasn't afraid to use her intelligence, beauty, and strength. Jennifer Garner's performance as Sydney Bristow was the key to making this show a success, and she pulled through with flying colors. Her Sydney was a regular girl, who had problems balancing her work, social life, and school, and also happened to be a superspy double agent with a part in a quasi-supernatural prophecy of a 15th century inventor/mystic (Rambaldi). The most intriguing thing about the character was how she had to act within the character. Sydney was a master of her craft, deceiving and seducing in turn, while allowing the audience to see the real girl behind the façade. As much as Alias was a show about intrigue and the conspiracy plots, at its core it examined the relationship of a highly dysfunctional family. Victor Garber and Lena Olin as Sydney's father and mother (Jack and Irina) were extraordinary, and propelled Alias beyond just standard action fare. Olin in particular created a character that we neither liked nor trusted, but were fascinated by her every move. Her presence is what leads many fans, including myself, to label season 2 as the high point in the series. The interactions between Olin and Garber in that season crackle with the underlying tension and mutual respect that goes beyond a typical villain-hero relationship. Alias also benefited from extremely interesting and well-rounded villains. Other than Olin's Irina, Ron Rifkin's Arvin Sloane and David Anders' Julian Sark were just cavalier enough about their actions to allow them to be truly horrific. We can believe that while Sloane will easily destroy hundreds of people's lives in his quest to find the truth behind Rambaldi's prophecies, he genuinely cares about Sydney. The complexities and moral ambiguities of these characters is a large part of the reason Alias was my favorite show during the entire time it was on the air. As much as I love Alias, I can't pretend that it was a perfect show (close, but not quite). The later seasons suffered a bit from the transition to get rid Sydney and Jack's roles as double agents and some slightly bizarre plot twists. However, each episode was interesting and compelling drama, and I was incredibly emotionally invested in the characters. Even now, nearly three years after the show went off the air, I am waiting to be captured by a television character in the same way I was captivated by Sydney Bristow.
  • Show about a group of spies...

    Well, that was a pretty bland description XD Sorry, but I can't remember much of this show. I used to watch it with my family, but after awhile, we stopped watching it. I can't remember why. The last episode I saw was when Vaughn (Sydney Bristow's fiancee) told her his name wasn't really Vaughn. They got in a car accident right afterwards. This show was fun and exciting and adventurous, but hard to follow at times. I still don't know why her death was faked for 2 years and she couldn't remember why. I don't remember that question ever getting answered. One part about this episode that I couldn't stand were the torture techniques. Esecially when they had something to do with the eyes. I always had to turn away or leave the room. The fight scenes, on the other hand, were awesome! I loved them! XD
  • Totally addictive with a ton of action and suspense

    Alias is definitely one of the best television series ever made. Every episode has the quality of a movie, large attention to detail and superb plots.
    The show explores the world of espionage and has non stop action with lots of heart-stopping situations and stunts. Jennifer Garner is sensational as Sydney Bristow with the many disguises she uses while on missions, and her strong new age character brings enormous sex appeal to the show. Another thing that makes this series excellent is the quality of the villians. Sloan is so evil yet very fascinating, and has such an important and interesting role in the overall scheme of the best plots. Another bad guy is Julian Sark, played by David Anders who is absolutely outstanding
  • Every episode is thrilling, the characters make the show filling and I wouldn't change about the show.

    Alias is one of my personal favourites. I enjoy this show t the highest point, it never gets old. The missions that are included in each episode shows a new location and 90% of the time shows a new alias for the gorgeous Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner). Every character included in the storyline is an ingredient, the show couldn't continue with one missing.
    I won't say much but I will point out the one aspect that amazes me even today. The set throughout the show of various countries and secret bases are FANTASTIC! So much detail and effort has gone into every shot. Well done to the various set designers! =D
    Every show has it's ending where there characters live a happy ever after. This show did the same but with a sophisticated twist. Wonderful----> Characters are actually killed off!
  • Its about an agent Sydney.She finds out that SD-6,d agency she wrks for is actuli the enemy n then bcums an dbl agent 4 d real CIA. It shows how she deals w/ hr double lyf alng w/ lying 2 her 4ends.showz othr intrestin charactrs lk her dad n agnt v

    alias..its a relii gud show

    im onli on the second season ryt now..but i luv it

    its intense, kinda emotional, shows diff characters n how they deal w/ unqiue situations

    n there r reli gud kickass scenes.

    This show also deals w/ the theme of family.
    Syd thought her mom died in a car crash but its later found out that she survivd. she wz an agent for d KGB..she wz a bad guy hu killed lots of CIA agents including her friend vaughn's dad. After seeing her mom for the 1st tym in 30 years..thers no hug..or i missed u..theres a shot 4m her moms gun to her shoulder.
    she obviouli duznt trust her mom..but thn in tight situations her mom helps out nd i think shez lighter w/ her mom than w/ her dad.
    speakin of her dad..hes a gr8 sgent fav charactr
    but juz when u think their relationships gettin btr..sumthin hapens.
    jack saves syd's ass a lot of tyms n w/o him shed b dead by season 1..but she accuses him soo mny tyms in season 2 esp, n i feel sori for him..she cudd b like a LIL lightr on him.

    i dont wanna giv much away..but vaughn is the hot guy
    syd's CIA handler
    he obviouli cares bout her
    but u cant read her feelings in season1
    hes the onli guy she can trust w/ her double lyf

    will and francie are her normal friends
    being a reporter, will sumhow gets caughtup in2 her wrld..nd..ok imma stop cuz ill say 2 much

    francie's more of a her friend huz living the lyf syd cant. syd also shows alot of tyms how much she cares bout her 4ends

    lets not 4get the action..ther is lotz of ur nevr reli bord wachin it

    i definitli recommend it
    its a gr8 show
    u don wanna miss out on it ;)
  • 9.8
    loved the conclusion to this episode. Vaughn and Sydney have escaped the spy-life and are living (or hiding away) on a beautiful beach. Baby Isabelle is not about seven years old and they have a baby boy named Jack, in honor of Sydney's father, Jack, who was killed by Sloane in this episode. Although they have escaped their lives as spies, Dixon comes by offering them a job involving Sark, which shows how truly inescapable that life is. Likewise, Isabelle assembles the project Christmas puzzle that Sydney also assembled as a child, which is a great foreshadowing if they ever wanted to pick up the show in the future (although, unfortunately, I strongly doubt it).
    One of the weakest parts of this show was the way in which so many pivotal characters died (or didn't) so easily and in such unsatisfying ways. Although a new character, Tom Grace's death was too easy and anti-climactic. These people try every day to escape death, yet he sits in the subway as the bomb goes off, just giving up. I mean, it wasn't even as if he was sacrificing himself, he just gave up, even after Rachel said she would have gone out with him if he had asked. Jack is shot by Sloane, but doesn't even die immediately. His death is drawn out with Sydney crying about leaving him behind. The only bright spot to his death was when he went to the cavern underground and caved it in to trap Sloane. We finally see Sloane killed - yay! But wait, never mind, now he's suddenly immortal (but trapped under the earth forever?). I know she didn't die in this episode, but Nadia's death was too easy, and I know a lot of people say this, but why wake her up just to kill her right away. Then, they just have to bring back her ghost, which just seemed to discredit everything by making the almost completely unbelievable Rambaldi quest completely unbelievable. Another disappointing death - although this one was actually a death - was Irina's. Sydney and Irina fight (finally!), but she ends up just falling through the glass ceiling to her death. Anticlimactic much?
    All in all, this episode was very satisfying, especially the glimpse into the future where Vaughn and Sydney were finally happy and away from the spy life (for now). This series is truly amazing (I've seen the whole thing twice through now, and tons of episode many more times than that) and I would recommend it for everyone to watch!