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  • All the time in the world (2) Sydney, Jack and Vaughn must stop Irina, Sarke and Sloane from destroying the world.

    I really thought that with the amount of drama and time put into the Rambaldi Prophocies I thought that for the last episode things would all be explained. We only got about five minutes to reallise that in the end all Sloane wanted was to be imortal. Thats what he had been chasing all thase years.

    It also never explained who the old man was at San Cielo (the prison where Sydney gets the Rose) I mean when he says 'he told you would come'did he mean Rambaldi or just the guy before him waiting to see when Sydney turned up to give her the rose (it was a necklace used to find where Rambaldis endgame would be played).

    The last thing I have to say is that I'm sorry Nadia was killed it would have given Alias a more emotional deapth as at the end of the show it just shows Sydney, Vaughn, there son Jack and daughter Isabelle and friend Dixon walking off down a beach. What kind of ending is that. Normally there is somekind of voice over or something telling you what happened as I would have liked to know what happened to Prphet 5 and all the other terrorist organisations that where controlled by them. Where they brought down? Or just absorbed into other organisations?

    I give it a 5/10 as Alias is over and done with but in my opinion it wasn't ended well.

    luv emma
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