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  • Im not here to slag this show off, it has some very good strong points, but there are substantial poor areas, which other similar shows such as 24 or prison break manage to do much strongly.

    I own the boxsets to all seasons, and there are areas which are deeply shocking and very entertaining, particularly with the earlier seasons. However, the outrageous plot is simply stupid in areas, particularly with irina and how one of her friends was genetically copied. These, although on the screen are shocking and entertaining, switching on a brain cell will tell you the main character/enemies will just be duplicated. This approach means the show generally leaves more questions open than it answers, which is an excuse to continually watch episodes, however represents generally little value, considering it is ultimately very predicable. Dont get me wrong there were some areas which i enjoyed substantially, the costume and special effects are on par with 24, and the location rendering is also interesting. Perhaps the biggest flaw of this programme, is that the fundamental purpose of everything was centred on ramboldi, who i had very little interest in.