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    loved the conclusion to this episode. Vaughn and Sydney have escaped the spy-life and are living (or hiding away) on a beautiful beach. Baby Isabelle is not about seven years old and they have a baby boy named Jack, in honor of Sydney's father, Jack, who was killed by Sloane in this episode. Although they have escaped their lives as spies, Dixon comes by offering them a job involving Sark, which shows how truly inescapable that life is. Likewise, Isabelle assembles the project Christmas puzzle that Sydney also assembled as a child, which is a great foreshadowing if they ever wanted to pick up the show in the future (although, unfortunately, I strongly doubt it).
    One of the weakest parts of this show was the way in which so many pivotal characters died (or didn't) so easily and in such unsatisfying ways. Although a new character, Tom Grace's death was too easy and anti-climactic. These people try every day to escape death, yet he sits in the subway as the bomb goes off, just giving up. I mean, it wasn't even as if he was sacrificing himself, he just gave up, even after Rachel said she would have gone out with him if he had asked. Jack is shot by Sloane, but doesn't even die immediately. His death is drawn out with Sydney crying about leaving him behind. The only bright spot to his death was when he went to the cavern underground and caved it in to trap Sloane. We finally see Sloane killed - yay! But wait, never mind, now he's suddenly immortal (but trapped under the earth forever?). I know she didn't die in this episode, but Nadia's death was too easy, and I know a lot of people say this, but why wake her up just to kill her right away. Then, they just have to bring back her ghost, which just seemed to discredit everything by making the almost completely unbelievable Rambaldi quest completely unbelievable. Another disappointing death - although this one was actually a death - was Irina's. Sydney and Irina fight (finally!), but she ends up just falling through the glass ceiling to her death. Anticlimactic much?
    All in all, this episode was very satisfying, especially the glimpse into the future where Vaughn and Sydney were finally happy and away from the spy life (for now). This series is truly amazing (I've seen the whole thing twice through now, and tons of episode many more times than that) and I would recommend it for everyone to watch!
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