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  • Its about an agent Sydney.She finds out that SD-6,d agency she wrks for is actuli the enemy n then bcums an dbl agent 4 d real CIA. It shows how she deals w/ hr double lyf alng w/ lying 2 her 4ends.showz othr intrestin charactrs lk her dad n agnt v

    alias..its a relii gud show

    im onli on the second season ryt now..but i luv it

    its intense, kinda emotional, shows diff characters n how they deal w/ unqiue situations

    n there r reli gud kickass scenes.

    This show also deals w/ the theme of family.
    Syd thought her mom died in a car crash but its later found out that she survivd. she wz an agent for d KGB..she wz a bad guy hu killed lots of CIA agents including her friend vaughn's dad. After seeing her mom for the 1st tym in 30 years..thers no hug..or i missed u..theres a shot 4m her moms gun to her shoulder.
    she obviouli duznt trust her mom..but thn in tight situations her mom helps out nd i think shez lighter w/ her mom than w/ her dad.
    speakin of her dad..hes a gr8 sgent fav charactr
    but juz when u think their relationships gettin btr..sumthin hapens.
    jack saves syd's ass a lot of tyms n w/o him shed b dead by season 1..but she accuses him soo mny tyms in season 2 esp, n i feel sori for him..she cudd b like a LIL lightr on him.

    i dont wanna giv much away..but vaughn is the hot guy
    syd's CIA handler
    he obviouli cares bout her
    but u cant read her feelings in season1
    hes the onli guy she can trust w/ her double lyf

    will and francie are her normal friends
    being a reporter, will sumhow gets caughtup in2 her wrld..nd..ok imma stop cuz ill say 2 much

    francie's more of a her friend huz living the lyf syd cant. syd also shows alot of tyms how much she cares bout her 4ends

    lets not 4get the action..ther is lotz of ur nevr reli bord wachin it

    i definitli recommend it
    its a gr8 show
    u don wanna miss out on it ;)
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