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  • great action, suspense and humor-all rolled into one. a must for those who love spies and counter intelligence.

    love, love, love this show. i got turned onto this show by my dad who gave me his dvd's. i watched the first 4 seasons in about a month. soooo addicting. the central character is sydney bristow, a normal all-american college student. but wait! she's a spy for the good old usa. but wait! the organization she works for is not the us, but the very people she thought she was fighting against. in comes her cia handler, michael vaughn and her dad, also a spy. she wants to work for the real good guys and bring down sd-6 and the alliance, but she needs the help of the last person she thought she would ever work with, her dad, whom she finds out not only also works for sd-6 and also a double agent for the cia. with the assitance of he handler, vaughn, she and her father bring down sd-6, the alliance, and the evil arvin sloane. here's a plus, sydney and vaughn obvioulsy fall in love and we follow their journey along with all the great missions and counter-missions. later on, we find out that her dead mom is alive and a russian spy named irina derevko. she and sloane are obsessed with rambaldi, a inventor/prophet from the 1500's (kinda like davinci), who holds the key to ruling the world. can we be really sure that she loves her daughter sydney? syd loses 2 years of her life and the love of her life, vaughn got married! of course, she's a double agent! and involved with julian stark, the hottest bad guy around. wait, sloane is a good guy now? he finds out he has a daughter and it changes him. get this, sloane's daughter is also syd's sister, their mother is irina. the sisters have an instant bond and work together to rid the world of all evil. does that include sloane? is he good or does he still have an end game? of course he does and sacfifices his own daughter and is suffering inside because of it. i'm in the middle of season 5 now, where all the questions are supposed to answered. syd and vaughn are having a baby, but he gets murdered. or did he really die? julian stark and irina are back and the rimbaldi's end game is revealed. this show is toatlly addicting!