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  • A spy drama bound to catch the attention of all who enjoy crime, action, adventure, love, and more.

    Alias establishes a world in which crime, love, deceit, controversy, and more are a part of everyday life. Sydney Bristow is in the center of the action with her involvement in numerous agencies beginning with SD-6. The drama enters in through the past actions of her parents â€" a former KGB agent and a double agent for the CIA and SD-6 â€" are revealed through missions. However Sydney’s life is more than just action as she has regular friends and relationships like the rest of the world. Yet, she must lead a double life in order to keep her friends safe from the world of deceit in the pursuit of Arvin Sloane and his endearing agenda for Rambaldi artifacts. Her lifestyle reveals people’s true sides as they must prove on whose side they are one in order to exist in this world. In the end it only matters if those two worlds that Sydney lives in can coexist and if she will ever find peace.