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  • this show is about sydney bristow who believes she is working and serving her american country but she soon finds out she is working for the bad guys who threatens america.its a very dark spy show.

    if your not watching this show you are missing out..

    i like the show because the acting is perfect,the fighting scenes is well done by jennifer garner b/c she is a dancer so she can pick up the fights very easily.its nice to see jennifer doing this stunts b/c she is very deciated to this show and jennifer said she dont like seeing a stunt woman,and i dont know how she pulls off the guns shotting scenes which are good...

    i love the twists and turns of this show.the show can leave you shock b/c you dont think a character would ever do something bad or something bad would ever happen to one of the characters of this show.

    the show does expose you to different cultures which is nice.jennifer speaks a different language and dress the way the cultures dress depending on the country or mission.every mission she goes on she looks and act differntly which is nice b/c you see jennifer acting ability.

    at home she looks like a normal woman and at work she looks very different.i love how they keep her home world and her work world apart..

    i would have given this show a 10 but sometimes the missions get so complicated i dont understand whats happening,and sydney deal with not being able to control her emotions can make her sometimes annoying.

    i say from season 1-5 when it ended this show was great, try this show b/c the acting good,and the twists and turns will have you speechless.each season keep the show fresh and not dull b/c of the plot,sydney dress and acts different every mission.the show can also make you smarter from the stuff you learn bout different places.

    i say watch this show its very good......
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