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  • I'm glad the madness is over

    I am not sure why this show is rated an 8.8 but I guess there are awfully a lot of clueless people in this world. I like action movies and shows. I was recently introduced to the show and since I got far to like season two I felt like I had to watch the rest but I must of admit the show was really pathetic and predictable. It's just not realistic. I hate the fact that Sidney always wins every fights. I hate the fact that Sidney talks to her superiors as if she's in charge. Like in real life agents don't have any of the authorities they portrait her to have. And for a computer engineer I feel stupid when they are in missions and they coming with these weird technologies. Their tech can hack to any system. He is do brilliant that he is knowledgeable in basically anything known to man kind. On top of that why can't no one of these people died. They get shot or stab but wake up in recovering. The bad guy gets shot but wakes up in the morgue. Next time as a producer you have some nonesense imaginary crap such as this fairy tail, please keep to yourself.

    GPS tracker in form of liquid. Transmit data over laser. Really? And please can someone tell me how Sydney found Vaungh and Anna in the basement when no one knew where they were. Please can someone tell me how Anna has an unloaded gun in her hands and about to shoot Vaughn and then realized it was empty. She's an agent. There is a weight differences between a loaded gun and an unloaded gun. This show was just a joke.

    If you someone like me who are into these kind of shows, check out Homeland.