Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2006 on ABC
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The entire APO gang is trapped inside the CIA offices and Weiss saves them. However, Weiss will not be returning to APO, he will just be helping the others on a mission to obtain information regarding Sydney.

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  • Will Sydney just give child birth already? I want my kick ass spy back!!

    Finally \'Alias\' returns after the four longest months I\'ve ever experienced. Previously on \'Alias\': We last left with Sydney being stuck on a boat sailing away in the middle of the ocean with Prophet 5 and evil Peyton who I can\'t stand even more every episode that goes by.

    So here we are. Okay I\'m just going to put it up front; this will be a short review. Because 1) I need to catch up on other reviews, 2)This episode didn\'t interest me that much, and 3)Lena Olin (Irina) doesn\'t make an appearance until the second hour and that\'s when things start to get interesting. So bear with me through this.

    Sydney is unfortunately still pregnant so there is not much she does for this episode except lying around looking glum. She faints on the boat, but not before sending a distress signal to A.P.O.(more on that later), and wakes up in a hospital bed looking up at her doctor who I believe made an appearance in \"The Horizon\". I\'ll have to check on that. So Sydney is shocked that her doctor works with Prophet 5, calls her a **** and her doctor tells her to relax. They need to perform a procedure on the baby and by moving she risks her daughter’s life. Sydney starts to cry as the doctor sticks a huge needle in Sydney\'s stomach to draw fluids from the baby. Outside the door Peyton is on the phone (with who I assume is Irina) where she is informed that the C.I.A. is on their way and that they need to move up the time table on the procedure.

    Now just how did the C.I.A. find out where Sydney was? Here\'s the answer...

    Meanwhile, while all this is going on with Sydney, back at the Apple Store the A.P.O. gang begins to suspect there is a mole in the C.I.A. because the distress call they received from Sydney had been deleted. They find out the call had been deleted by a agent with \"Alpha-Black\" clearance. \"What is that?\" Rachel asks. Jack informs her that only agents that are heads of tasks force receive that kind of clearance. Jack forms a meeting with all the heads of each tasks force and through another amazing device of Marshall, is able to read everybody\'s cell phones, figure out who made the order to delete Sydney\'s distress call, and then he tortures the traitor and receives the information that Sydney is in the middle of the Atlantic. Well that\'s mostly how it happened, my memories starting to fade on me now.

    So Sydney is rescued and Peyton once again manages to escape. What is interesting though is Jack informs Sydney that the procedure Prophet 5 performed on her baby saved the baby\'s life. Uh-oh...the dramatic music plays as we zoom into Sydney\'s face.

    All-in-all, it was a rather dull episode but it did have its moments. Will Sydney just give child birth already? I want my kick ass spy back!! And yes I do realize that this review was basically one big summary of the episode. I may come back and fix it later, I feel so burned out today.

    Final Rating: 2 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx

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  • Weiss is back!

    Loved this episode so much - it showed the true extent of the twleve and how they had also infilitrated the CIA! The conspiracy went much futher than they originally thought!

    Weiss came back which was exciting! He was a favourite character of mine so it was nice to see him back to save the team. Rachel trapped in the server room and Tom in Witsec.

    It was also nice to see Marshall out in the field again. In the later episodes we don't really see that much on him in the field with the exception of Reprisal.

    This episode to me, while still a serious episode, was more of a light hearted sort of episode in regards to the part where they were trapped in Langely. The episode was serious, for Sydney however, and it all balanced each other out.moreless
  • Review

    I miss my Julian Sark...I miss my Alias, to tell the truth. I wasnt feeling this episode at all - the plot seems to be stuck in a vice right now. Renee once again didnt appear in this episode, seems she isnt as involved in all this as the end of Prophet Five had me thinking.

    The boat scenes with Sydney and the team were boring, nothing cool or exciting happening there. They did something to save the baby, but once again...nothing that I thought was worth the on-screen time.

    The infultration into the CIA was cool - with Thomas going off on his own to do his own thing while the rest of the team (with the help of Eric) get information about the leak in the CIA. Jacks torturing in front of the seven men was cool too, getting the information he needed (In true Alais style - last second) to save Sydney.

    Kind of hard to put an endgame on season 5 right now. 7 episodes reamin and the theme seems to be Prophet Five, but with episodes jumping around like this I dont know. Sydney needs to have birth like - next episode.moreless
  • Use this "original" twist sometime.

    If you ever want to convince someone that your willing to shoot them while inside the bowls of a metal box (ship) put a finger in one ear and the shoulder of the arm that you're holding the gun with against your other ear and the target is bound to get nervous.
  • I was dissapointed!

    I have been watching Alias since season 1, and watching this episode was painful to watch! What was up with the phone with the pop out atenna like-camera thing, it looked to freakin' fake. The writing was predictable. Did Alias always have the stupid little puns in it, or did the puns just start annoying me??
Cate Cohen

Cate Cohen

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James Handy

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Kathe E. Mazur

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Number 47: (hidden) Allen Korman, the man whose profile is uploaded by Tom, was born in February 1959 which makes him, at the time this episode aired, 47 years old.

    • When the APO team arrives on the tanker to rescue Sydney they slowly approach the ship and land, instead of rappelling, or boarding the ship with speedboats, this made them excellent targets for any of the ship's security detail.

    • The shot of Irina behind the glass is actually recycled from season 2's "Trust Me", when Irina was seen in her glass cell.

    • Goof: When Sydney is communicating with Langley in the ship, she has this small crash where she pauses , and then restarts talking. However, when Marshall is hearing it, the pause is really smaller than the actual one on the ship, like there was no pause at all.

    • Goof: When Tom Grace uses Marshall's program to decrypt the data on his memory stick, they use the same footage to show the cracked encryption key, 132007479, as they used when the team was hacking into the hard drive stolen from Langley. It's highly unlikely that the encryption keys would be exactly the same in both cases.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Tom: Wait are you suggesting we break into the CIA headquarters?
      Jack: Yes.

    • Tour Guide: (giving a tour of the CIA and in front of an unbreakable code) Titled Krytos. This sculpture was designed in part as a monument to the code breakers who helped crack the German enigma cipher. In fact as you can see the sculpture is itself a code. Apparently a very big one. To this day no one has been able to decipher its message.
      Marshall: I got it! Sorry it just came to me. I play a lot of Sudoku.

    • Allen Korman: "Wie hast du mich gefunden?" ["How did you find me?"]
      Thomas Grace: "Hallo Karl." ["Hello Karl."]
      Allen Korman: "Peter, es tut mir Leid. Ich stand unter Befehlen. Du musst mir glauben." ["Peter, I'm sorry. I was under orders. You have to believe me."]
      Thomas Grace: "Deswegen bin ich nicht hier. Ich habe eine Nachricht für den Kardinal." ["That's not why I'm here. I have a message for The Cardinal."]

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: August 19, 2007 on Channel 7
      Slovakia: April 1, 2010 on Markiza

    • Elodie Bouchez (Renée) is removed from the opening credits, she is now listed as "Special Guest Star". Amy Acker (Peyton) joined the opening credits.


    • Marshall: I got it! Sorry it just came to me. I play a lot of Sudoku.

      Sudoku is a popular logic-based placement puzzle. The aim of the puzzle is to enter the digits 1 through 9 in each cell of a 9×9 grid so that each row, column, and 3×3 region contains exactly one instance of each digit. A set of given digits constrain the puzzle such that there is only one way to correctly fill in the remainder.